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Are Gel Memory Foam Mattresses Hot

Heated Pad For Memory Foam Mattresses

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If you use a memory foam mattress, then youre probably already experiencing the pain-relieving benefits and enjoying a higher quality of sleep.

You may have even opted for a cool gel-infused memory foam mattress which uses microbeads to regulate your temperature and keep your body cool throughout the night.

In the hot summer months, this is a godsend. But what about now, as we come into winter? You may be worried about feeling too cold at night.

A good remedy is a heated mattress pad, but can this be used with a cool gel mattress? Many people are understandably confused about whether these two products can be used together.

Why Your Memory Foam Mattress Is Too Hot

Heat retention is a chief concern for memory foam mattress owners. Thankfully, there are solutions. Memory foam mattresses are now engineered with cooling technologies, which pull heat from the sleeper. Even though cooling mattresses are available, not everyone has the budget to get a new mattress just because theyre sleeping too hot on their current bed.

Simply changing your sleepwear, bedding, or placing your mattress on a foundation can better promote air circulation and prevent you from overheating.

In this article, well explore why memory foam mattresses feel hot and how to overcome heat retention by changing your bedding and sleep habits.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Memory Foam

Gromer says that memory foam products may retain body heat, which could make them less comfortable in warm weather. However, Arand has not heard this complaint from her patients. “In our culture, most people can adjust their thermostats or blankets for the appropriate season,” Arand says.

When new, memory foam can produce an odd chemical smell — a phenomenon called offgassing. To minimize this problem, the Sleep Products Safety Council, a sleep products trade group, recommends airing out the mattress or pad for at least 24 hours before putting sheets on it. “If you follow directions, the smell dissipates quickly,” Arand says, “But I’ve never heard of anyone having reactions to it.”

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Classic Brand Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Classic Brand Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress comes with a 1-inch cool gel level firmness. It has nine inches width that makes it one of the desired settings for firmness among sleepers. This bed is designed with standard cooling gel memory foam and base foam that offers superior comfort to the person. The above-average gel softness offered by the comfort system with its 2 layered foam support base offers remarkable spinal alignment. Its soft cushions offer comfort to the pressure points of the body. The entire mattress absorbs as well as reduces the transfer of motion effectively. The best part of this mattress is that it provides ten years of warranty to its users.


  • It is Original Cool Gel Refreshing Product
  • Luxurious Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Mattress
  • The High-Density Base Foam Supports Back and prevents Tossing and Turning at Night
  • High-Quality Memory Foam Cool Gel Regulates Temperature
  • Memory Foam is Naturally Hypoallergenic and Resistant to Allergens
  • CertiPUR-US Program Standards For Performance
  • Medium-Firm Feel and Adjustable Base Friendly
  • Mattress Ships Compressed, Rolled in a box
  • 5 Star Customer Service 7 Days a Week

The Best Memory Foam Mattress In 2021

Best Cooling Memory Foam Mattress for Hot Sleepers ...

Memory foam mattresses provide excellent pressure relief to help you feel supported yet comfy, and are the best choice for creating a cradling effect around your body as you sleep. As theyre made from high quality foam, theyre usually more durable than spring models, so we feel they offer better value for money in the long-term. Thats one of the reasons why there are so many of them in our best mattress guide. Not only that, lots of memory foam mattresses are hypoallergenic, making them safe for sleepers with allergies. Here weve rounded up our best picks for different budgets, with expert tips on how to buy the right one for you.

If you sleep hot and are worried that an all-foam option is a recipe for disaster, then rest assured that the very best memory foam mattresses offer plenty of cooling comfort. Thats because theyre designed with breathable foam that encourages better airflow and dissipates body heat, rather than storing it in the mattress. In fact, the worlds biggest mattress in a box brands are investing a lot of time and money into making memory foam mattresses more cooling, so you neednt swelter just to feel that magic pressure relief on your joints.

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Cool Gel Mattresses: Everything You Need To Know

While traditional memory foam mattresses have long been touted as a top choice for comfort, even fans say they tend to retain too much heat . One solution to this problem is switching to a cool gel mattress. In addition to helping hot sleepers, a gel memory foam mattress is also an excellent choice for body pain sufferers. Some consumers choose gel foam because, while it has the same features as a traditional memory foam mattress, it gives them additional support.

Memory Foam Vs Gel Foam: What Is Gel Memory Foam

Gel memory foam refers to foam that has been infused with gel microbeads. Gel-infused memory foam is included in mattresses and other materials to help regulate your body temperature and avoid trapping heat like traditional memory foam is known to do.

Gel-infused memory foam mattresses are a great option for people who want the pressure-relieving comfort of a soft foam mattress without some of the drawbacks like heat trapping.

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How To Cool Down A Hot Memory Foam Mattress

By Sarah Anderson, Certified Sleep Science Coach

There are many benefits to memory foam mattresses. Pressure and pain relief, motion isolation, not to mention theyre one of the best types of mattresses for side sleepers.

However, theres one well-known drawback memory foams tendency to hold onto body heat. If youve woken up sweaty and hot in the middle of the night, it might be from your memory foam mattress.

Its not good to lose sleep from overheating, but there are steps you can take to cool down your mattress. Your bed frame, bedding, and bedtime routine can all help you achieve a cooler night of sleep.

Does Gel Memory Foam Have A Problem With Off

Cool Gel Memory foam mattress review after 2 years

All memory foam mattresses are prone to off-gassing, or releasing harmful gasses called volatile organic compounds into the air. Thats why you get that unpleasant new mattress smell from a lot of memory foam mattresses. While this smell doesnt normally mean your mattress is emitting dangerous levels of VOCs, it can still give some people mild symptoms like nausea or headache.

To ensure off-gassing is minimized, youll want to buy a mattress with a CertiPUR-US® certification. The CertiPUR-US® certification deals specifically with how memory foam is processed, manufactured, and stored. It regulates levels of toxic compounds used in the manufacturing process, including VOCs. CertiPUR-US® often demands VOC levels be much lower than legally mandated limits.

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Stay Cool As Snow With Casper

If the question youre still asking is, are foam mattresses hot, then the answer is still yes. But the real question to ask is, do they have to be? Because the answer to that one is a resounding no.

Our Casper Cooling Collection allows you to benefit from a mattress thats as comfortable as a memory foam but is as cool as snow. Made with our Snow technology, you can have a bed setup thats cool to touch, has innovative features that prevent overheating, and has breathable layers that allow air to move through.

With Casper, you can sleep cool without compromising on comfort.

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Should I Get A Memory Foam Or Gel Mattress

There are so many different mattress options out there, so how do you choose the bed thats best for you? The best mattress type for you depends on your personal preference, your body type and the way you sleep. Each type has pros and cons, so you should take some time to learn about the different mattress types and their benefits before you decide.

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Memory Foam Vs Gel Memory Foam Mattresses: Whats The Best

By Sarah Anderson, Certified Sleep Science Coach

Memory foam beds are a popular mattress choice as they provide full-body support and pressure relief, isolate motion, and can last up to a decade. Theres more than one type of memory foam mattress, however, and you might find yourself debating between memory foam and gel-infused memory foam.

In this article, we discuss the similarities and differences between memory foam and gel foam. We also give other bed options you can consider and answer a few frequently asked questions at the end.

Use A Pillow That Doesnt Contribute To The Problem

10"  Full Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress with CertiPUR

Something often overlooked by people when considering how to decrease the temperature is their pillow. Your head releases a lot of the bodys heat and if you use a pillow that traps this in, it will keep you unnecessarily warm.

Pillows made out of feathers, natural or synthetic down, cotton, buckwheat, and bamboo are known to sleep the coolest. A gel one can also sleep cooler than most but be careful when choosing this option. They may still retain small amounts of sweat. You can read our reviews on the different types of pillows to learn more.

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Get An Active Cooling System

Pads and toppers are passive cooling systems. They use materials like latex, wool, and gel foam to improve ventilation or absorb body heat away from your skin.

They work great for most people. But if you sleep extra-hot or live in a hot climate, a mattress pad may not be enough to cool your memory foam mattress.

We recommend an active cooling system instead.

These cooling systems actively cool you down using air or water. They are, obviously, more expensive than mattress toppers, but they are much more effective at keeping you cool.

Active cooling systems, especially those that use air, are also great for sleepers who sweat a lot at night. The cool air quickly evaporates sweat before it pools in your bed.

Some cooling systems have a dual function. They can cool you down as well as warm you up. They are great for all-year comfort.

The best active cooling system is the BedJet V3. It is an air-cooled system that you control using a remote control. You can select a specific temperature and even set a silent alarm that warms the bed gradually to rouse you in the morning.

BedJet V3 is available with a dual comfort option for couples. The dual system allows couples to control the temperature on their side of the bed.

One downside of the BedJet V3 is the price. If you are looking for a cheaper option, try the water-based Chilipad 3.0.

For other alternatives, see our round-up of the best cooling systems for your bed.

Jingwei Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

If you were looking to buy a reliable, easy to use and maintain gel memory foam mattress for yourself and are planning to buy it from a reliable brand, the JINGWEI Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress would be an ideal choice. With a perfectly made layers and high-quality CertiPUR-US certified foam, this is an ideal choice for the buyers looking for a durable mattress for their home. JINGWEI Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress is made in the USA and has a 25-year warranty and perfect gel beads make it one of the best options available in America. Available in 5 different sizes with 3 types of inches .


  • It has cooling memory foam
  • The mattress comes compressed and rolled in a box
  • Comes with 25 Year of Limited Warranty.

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Benefits Of A Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam mattress may suit people with back conditions.

Memory foam mattresses offer spinal support by forming the shape of the persons body and distributing the weight evenly. This can reduce stress on the body and relieve back pain.

A memory foam mattress may benefit people with pressure ulcers. A 2017 study found that adding a memory foam layer to hospital mattresses reduced pressure injuries in patients with severe illness.

A memory foam mattress may also suit people who feel the cold or sleep in cooler climates. The mattress retains heat well.

What Is Gel Foam

Sleep Comfort’s 13″ Memory Foam-Cool Gel Mattress Tutorial

Gel foam is an alternative to traditional memory foam thats specifically designed to keep you cool. When memory foam first became popular, it tended to trap heat on your body while you slept. Memory foam has come a long way since then however, gel foam beds are still going to sleep cooler.

Gel foam beds are made by either adding a gel layer in the beds construction or adding gel beads into the memory foam. If youre a particularly hot sleeper, you might want to opt for a gel foam bed. The type of gel foam in each mattress will depend on the brand some use phase-changing materials or a thermal gel inside. Gel foam is cooling to start however, some beds will be better at cooling than others. Beyond just mattresses, there are gel-infused mattress toppers and mattress pads.

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Lucid Hybrid Mattress Bamboo Charcoal & Aloe Vera

  • 100 Nights Risk Free Trial
  • Warranty 10 Years

The 12 mattress has three foam layers and pocketed support coils. It has 2.5 bamboo charcoal and aloe vera-infused memory foam and offers excellent pressure relief and body shaping. It is a much breathable mattress. For heat dissipation and ventilation, the top memory foam is impregnated with bamboo charcoal, and the motion isolating springs encourage airflow throughout the mattress.

The top layer of memory foam is blended with aloe vera, which has anti-inflammatory and relaxation qualities. A soothing layer of bamboo charcoal and aloe vera helps disperse heat well.

Why Is Memory Foam Hot

If youve got a memory foam mattress too hot to handle, there are a few things you want to know. There are reasons why this foam is so comfortable but so hot, lets take a look.

The airy structure of the foam is there to hug out body and contour to our shape. That reason is why so many people turn to this type of mattress. Many people who deal with back or neck pain will use memory foam because it helps them sleep better.

The problem with something hugging you while youre sleeping is that sinking into the mattress is what causes us to get so hot. The porous foam has tiny little bubbles, and when you combine them, the mattress becomes quite dense. Since the bed is so compact, its not breathable.

If we compare this to a box spring or innerspring mattress, there is a lot of space in the mattress for air to move around. When you sleep on an innerspring, your body heat can flow down into the bed and make its way out.

Since the mattress is dense and it only becomes denser when you lay on it, there is nowhere for that body heat to go. As a result, the mattress itself becomes hot, you become hot, and everything becomes a big sweaty mess.

However, the best mattresses available, whether memory foam or some other material, have found ways to combat sleeping hot. There are gel-infused memory mattresses and plant-based memory foam mattresses. Whatever type of bed you end up shopping for, just check to make sure the company has addressed the sleeping hot factor.

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Which Is Best Memory Foam Or Gel

Besides choosing based on your personal preference, both memory foam and gel mattresses provide different things. For example, a memory foam mattress provides full body support and little to no motion transfer, whereas a gel mattress might sleep a little cooler than a foam mattress. Below, were talking about the pros and cons of each type of mattress.

Gel Memory Foam Vs Standard Memory Foam

Novilla Bliss 12

First developed by NASA researchers in the 1960s, memory foam is designed to react to body heat and conform to a sleepers body, forming a cradle-shaped impression that helps align the spine and relieve pressure points. Memory foam is made from conventional polyurethane foam that has been treated with chemicals to increase its viscosity and elasticity. For this reason, memory foam is often called viscoelastic foam.

Memory foam has certain advantages over other mattress types. The material is virtually silent, and, when used in mattresses, can effectively minimize motion and isolate to certain areas of the bed these two factors can significantly reduce nighttime disruptions.

Memory foam is also light in weight compared to other mattress materials . However, many memory foam users complain the material retains an above-average amount of body heat, which causes the foam to sleep excessively warm or hot. By comparison, other mattress mattress materials sleep cooler.

To address the heat issue, some mattress manufacturers offer models constructed with gel memory foam layers. This trend first gained popularity in the early 2010s. Gel memory foam layers are infused with tiny gel particles or beads. Some feature thermal gel, which is cold to the touch, to help lower the temperature of trapped body heat. Other models are infused with phase-changing gel, which transitions from a solid to a liquid when body heat is detected and essentially cools the mattress from the inside out.

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