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Are There Mattress Sales On Labor Day

Labor Day Mattress Deals: More To Know

Best Labor Day Mattress Sales 2019

This years price cut promotions will take place in the week surrounding the holiday. For 2021, Labor Day falls on Monday, September 6. Many stores will start offering specials the week before. Almost all will have sales over the weekend and through Mondays holiday. Some sales will even continue until a few days afterwards.

When will we know more about the markdowns? Most stores release their promotions the week of the actual sale. So theres not as much information available far in advance. But here, we start collecting price cut previews as soon as retailers publish them. Many trends also tend to remain consistent from other recent holiday sales. This can be helpful because it gives you a good idea of what to expect.

Saatva: $200 Off Select Mattress Models

Did you think Saatva would be left out of the best Labor Day mattress sales just because theyre a premium brand? Never, and theyre even offering seldom-seen discounts on their most popular mattresses just to keep up with the Labor Day Joneses. From August 31 through September 13, shoppers will take $200 off all mattress orders over $985. That means just about all the premium mattresses Saatva sells in larger sizes will be offered at a discount. The brand also offers free in-room set up and will even haul away your old mattress for free so you dont have the hassle of wrapping and dragging your old one to the curb.

Early Labor Day Mattress Sales: Best Deals You Can Shop Today

This years Labor Day mattress sales are on! Do you have trouble sleeping because your old mattress is just plain worn out? A new mattress could be the answer. With a new mattress, you sleep better and more comfortably than ever before. Sleep isnt just about comfort, its an important element of good health. If youre shopping for cheap mattresses, the good news is that the major brands Labor Day mattress deals cant be beat. You may have specific needs, however. Some want to choose the best organic mattress for a greener sleep while others look for the best mattress deals for a good nights sleep to reduce your stress and increase your rest. Weve done the work and found the best Labor Day mattress sales from top brands. We also include tips on how to choose a mattress.

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What Is The Best Mattress For Sale

While our top recommendation is the Amerisleep AS3, we cannot definitively say that this is the best mattress for everyone. Its impossible to declare one bed the best mattress because there will always be someone who finds the bed unsuitable for their needs. Instead of gravitating toward the lowest prices, it helps to consider what mattresses match your sleep position.

For example, side sleepers often find medium to soft mattresses feel best because they have plenty of cushion for a body-hugging feel. Without this cushion, pressure points can build up into pain. Conversely, back and stomach sleepers benefit from sleeping on a medium-firm mattress or an even firmer bed. Firm surfaces buoy the body and promote a healthy spinal alignment.

Where To Shop For A Mattress On Labor Day

8 Best Labor Day Mattress Deals to Shop This Weekend ...

Visiting a brick-and-mortar mattress store offers certain advantages for shoppers. Most stores feature floor models that customers can lie down on and test out, which can help them narrow down the best options. Sales staff can also provide buying tips, answer questions, and assist you with your mattress purchase. These stores typically advertise Labor Day mattress sales through newspaper ads, TV and radio spots, social media accounts, and email newsletters.

However, visiting a mattress store this Labor Day may be problematic for some. While many establishments have put COVID-19 safeguards in place to keep customers safe, shoppers may be wary of the crowds that mattress sales inevitably attract. Establishments may also limit their hours of operation, meaning longer lines and wait times for customers. In some communities, mattress stores may still be completely closed.

In addition to COVID-related concerns, there are other reasons to purchase your mattress online rather than in a store. In the next section, well take a closer look at these benefits for mattress shoppers.

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Are There Good Mattress Sales On Labor Day

Yes, Labor Day is an excellent time to choose a new mattress and stock up on new pillows and bedding. However, what qualifies as a “good” sale can be subjective based upon your sleep needs and budget. That is why we recommend looking around to see what’s right for you.

You don’t have to jump on the first sale that catches your eye. Instead, take the time to examine what top mattress brands are offering and weigh your options against each other.

Ideal Mattress For Back Sleepers

Saatvas Zenhaven is flippable: One side is medium-firm, which interest back-sleepers that in some cases sleep on their side the other side is somewhat stronger, which is helpful for aligning the spinal columns of those who spend a lot of their time on their back.

Zenhaven is made with all-natural materials, so its no surprise its one of the very best natural mattress models on the market.

Along with its green appeal, the Zenhaven flaunts a long lasting construction and excellent 20-year guarantee.

Mattress Model Kind: Latex Lull Mattress Labor Day Sale

Client Ranking: 4.8 out of 5

Firmness: Medium-firm

Trial Period for Returns: 180 evenings

To purchase:

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Are Mattresses Cheaper On Labor Day

Yes and no. Most mattresses arent cheaper on Labor Day than they are on any other major US holiday. There are big mattress sales throughout the year, and we often see the best deals repeated on Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Labor Day and Black Friday – so dont expect anything special for Labor Day.

But it is usually a little cheaper to buy a mattress on Labor Day than it is in a regular sale. And its a lot cheaper than buying a mattress at full price. Youll also find more mattress offers to choose between on a major holiday than usual.

For context, last year we saw many of the mattress sales on Labor Day repeated two months later in November on Black Friday, and then again on Memorial Day, and again in the 4th of July sales. These discounts were generally between $25-$100 more than the typical discounts found at other times of the year, so they were good value, but you didnt need to wait until Labor Day for those discounts – they popped up regularly throughout the year.

Who Will Have The Best Labor Day Mattress Sale

Best Labor Day Mattress Sales & Discounts of 2020!

We predict that leading online mattress maker Nectar will have the best mattress sale on Labor Day. Nectars been offering a phenomenal $400 discount plus $399-worth of free sleep accessories on all its mattresses for the last 12 months – and we think this deal will continue into Nectars Labor Day sale. After all, its the biggest offer the company has ever run, and Nectar didnt change it for Black Friday or Memorial Day.

With it, the price of the flagship Nectar Memory Foam mattress drops from $1,298 to $899 for a queen size. That makes this 12-inch, mid-range mattress very competitively priced – but Nectar mattresses also come with two free cooling pillows, a sheet set and mattress protector worth $399. Plus, Nectar gives you a year-long risk-free trial, and theres a forever warranty. That’s exceptional value for money.

So thats our top pick – it isn’t a unique offer for Labor Day, but wed be surprised to see another brand beat it for value.

Where else will you find the best Labor Day mattress sales? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a very cheap mattress, on budget options over the long Labor Day weekend. Walmart will have some good budget mattresses on sale too.

Just be aware that because these mattresses are classified as clearance merchandise, you wont be able exchange, return or receive a price adjustment on them, and theyre not covered by any warranties for existing or future damage.

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Where Can I Try Out These Mattresses

You can try out most mattress brands at different mattress retailers. Some online mattress sellers have some select locations where you can try out a mattress, to ensure that youre choosing the right bed. You may also be able to enjoy your new bed the same day you purchase it, instead of waiting for it to be shipped to your home.

Labor Day Mattress Sales: Quick Links

Where else will you find the best Labor Day mattress sales? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a very cheap mattress, on budget options. Walmart has some good budget mattresses on sale too.

And if you dont mind choosing an older model, Macys always has a strong selection of closeout deals on some of the major brands, including Sealy and Serta. When it comes to the biggest price cuts, the retailers Labor Day mattress sale is usually one of the best – it isnt unusual to find discounts of over $1,000.

Just be aware that because these mattresses are classified as clearance merchandise, you wont be able exchange, return or receive a price adjustment on them, and theyre not covered by any warranties for existing or future damage.

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Find Great Labor Day Mattress Deals At Amerisleep

Well cover a ton of sale ground in this article. But first, we wanted to mention our recommended mattress brand. Amerisleep is a relatively new online manufacturer whose plant-based memory foam beds are making big waves. And you can save up to $200 on their mattresses over the holiday weekend.

Amerisleeps product line of firm, medium-firm, and soft beds offer something for every sleeper. But our recommendation would be Amerisleeps AS3. The models medium feel surface is especially versatile. Its a great choice no matter what your sleep style. In fact, Allure magazine rated it as the best mattress you can buy online. It doesnt get much better than that.

Wed encourage you to start your bed search with the AS3. Here are some more things that make Amerisleeps products some of the best on the market:

Best of all, these high quality beds are offered with a risk-free, 100-night sleep trial. If youre not completely satisfied, just let Amerisleep know within 100 nights of your purchase. The brand will issue a full refund. Theyll also work with a local partner to pick up and recycle your mattress. So you dont have to worry about re-packing it or sending it back.

Best Luxury Mattress: Purple Hybrid Premier

Nectar is having a can


  • Most sleeping styles seeking an upgraded mattress
  • Hot sleepers interested in a cool, soft bed
  • Curvier sleepers who want to feel hugged by their mattress

Mattress Highlights

  • Thick top layer of flexible Purple Grid material
  • Side panels ventilated to increase airflow through the mattress
  • Pocketed coils bolster Purple Grids dynamic support

If youre a shopper who wants to go big with your purchases and sleep on a luxury mattress, our recommendation would have to be the Purple Hybrid Premier. While many of our mattress recommendations offer luxury-minded features, its difficult to top the innovative nature of the hybrids comfort material.

Every Purple mattress relies on a top layer of Purple Grid, an alternative to memory foam made with a temperature-neutral gel material. As the name suggests, the Purple Grid consists of square-shaped channels that form a grid.

These squares flex under pressure, allowing the mattress to cradle the body in multiple positions. The grid is quick to reshape as you toss and turn, adapting to your needs. Plus, the channels boost airflow through the mattress. Shoppers looking at the Purple Hybrid Premier can choose whether they want a 3-inch or 4-inch top layer of Purple Grid.

The Purple Hybrid Premier ships free and comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

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Who Has The Best Labor Day Mattress Sale

If you’re looking for value, Nectar has the best Labor Day mattress sale right now. Nectar is taking $399 off all mattresses and bundling a free $399 sleep bundle with every purchase. The bundle includes two pillows, a sheet set, and mattress protector. We especially recommend this deal because the Nectar mattress is our top overall favorite mattress.

Why Shop For Mattress Deals On Labor Day

End-of-summer discount events are a big deal in the mattress and furniture industries. That means you can often find offers that rival Black Friday during this time of year. Why? Retailers are looking to clear out summer inventory thats starting to get stale.

They also know that many people have extra time off over the weekend to go shopping. Add it all up, and its no wonder that prices end up getting slashed this time of year. Because of all this, you can find some really incredible deals.

In fact, Labor Day weekend is one of the best times of the year to buy a new mattress. You dont have to deal with the Black Friday mania, which can sometimes get a little overwhelming. In other words? You can get all the money-saving benefitswithout the hassle.

Of course, you probably want to take some time to relax over the long weekend. Dont worry, you wont have to work too hard to find a great new bed. Weve done much of the sorting for you.

If youre ready to pounce, heres a look at some of our recommended models. Theyre guaranteed to come in at great prices during the long weekend.

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Best Mattress Sales For Labor Day

Its finally Labor Day Weekend! While not everyone gets an extra day off or can head to the beach, everyone can take advantage of Labor Day sales. And while there are lots of them out there, its a particularly good time to pick up a new mattress at a discount. This years Labor Day mattress deals feature top brands like Casper, Tempur-Pedic and Tuft & Needle, and weve rounded up all the best mattress deals we could find below. Whether youre looking for a pressure-relieving memory foam mattress, an all-natural hypoallergenic latex model, a super-comfy hybrid mattress or a customizable adjustable mattress set, theyre all here.

If youre ready to take advantage of a mattress sale but arent sure which mattress is right for you, most online mattress companies offer an at-home sleep trial lasting from a few months to a full year. If youre not happy with your purchase, theyll provide you with a full refund and even pick them up either free of charge or for as little as a $99 transportation fee. You really cant lose.

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If you need help making an informed decision, check out our article on how to buy a mattress online, as well as our lists of the best mattresses you can buy online and the best air mattresses. And if youre in the market for a pillow or new sheets, weve got recommendations for those, too.

Brooklyn Bedding: 25 Percent Off Sitewide

Best Labor Day Mattress Sales of 2020!

If you tend to run hot while you sleep, then you definitely want to check out Brooklyn Beddings new Brooklyn Sedona Hybrid. This luxe bed is topped with a knit panel woven with advanced cooling yarns. This fabric actually pulls heat out and away from your body to maintain ideal surface temperatures. Three layers of elastic foam sit atop an eight-inch base of coils for a very cool and very comfy sleep experience. All of their products are made in the USA, ship for free, and you can try them out for 120 nights risk-free. Take advantage of this 25 percent off deal from August 27 through September 6. In case you were wondering, heres what else goes on sale for Labor Day.


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What To Know About Mattress Kind

Should you purchase a trendy online-only foam mattress model or a more-traditional innerspring?

Just how around a so-called hybrid?

What about latex? Lull Mattress Labor Day Sale

In this guide on mattress model types, we unbox the pros and cons of whats inside that shrouded rectangle so you can select the bed thats right for you.

Best Labor Day Mattress Sales

Universal medium comfort level that cushions and protects the joints $1399
Plush foam top layer and a base of pocketed spring coils offer a slight bounce $2299
Gel-infused memory foam top layer that draws heat and moisture away from the body $799
Foam comfort layer and spring coil base provide a balance of cushioning and support $999
Two foam layers with an natural elasticity that allows the spine to rest in a neutral position $599
Pocketed spring coil base ensures even weight distribution to prevent uncomfortable sinking $699

21 leading sales brandsdozens of company promotions and deals15 hours on research, writing, and revision

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When Will The Labor Day Mattress Sales Start

Labor Day 2021 takes place on Monday September 6, but early deals are already running from several major mattress brands, including Nectar, Casper, Amerisleep, and Zinus.

We expect to see most official Labor Day mattress sales live at least a week in advance – as soon as they launch, youll find the full details here first. These are our favourite early Labor Day mattress deals so far:

5. Zinus Green Tea mattress :


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