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Best Soft Pillows For Back Sleepers

How To Shop For A Pillow For Back Sleepers

Best Pillow for Side Sleepers – Our Top Picks!!

A person can shop for pillows either in-store or online.

Many different stores sell pillows, including dedicated sleep stores and grocery stores. An advantage of shopping in-store is that a person can feel the support, firmness, and loft of the pillow before committing to a purchase.

Purchasing a pillow online may be more convenient for people who do not have the time to shop in-store or those who know what type of pillow they require. However, a person should always check a companys return and warranty policies to ensure they can return the pillow if it is not suitable.

Body pillow 20 x 54 in

A person may also purchase pillows that do not come in standard sizes. The following pillow types may be suitable for certain sleeping conditions:

  • Wedge pillows:This pillow type angles the head up during sleep, providing more support for those who sleep on their backs. Using a wedge pillow may also help reduce snoring.
  • Cervical pillows:These pillows are often rounder in shape and may help ease neck and shoulder pain. Learn more about cervical pillows.
  • Sleep apnea pillows:These pillows may suit those who have continuous positive airway pressure machines. The pillows have a cutout to accomadate CPAP tubes and help keep the head elevated.

Find The Right Mattress

Back sleepers dont just need the right pillow they also need a mattress that supports their sleeping position.

In general, avoid a mattress that is too soft or firm, especially if you are prone to low back pain. The ideal mattress will provide a medium level of firmness to keep your body in a supported position.

If possible, seek recommendations from a sleep or mattress expert who can help you choose a mattress with the right firmness and pressure points.

Best Pillow For Back Sleepers Prices

Gel memory foam

What is the best pillow for back sleepers with back pain?

Everyones different, but we do like the Tuft & Needle pillow in particular for back sleepers because it has a good balance of loft and firmness.

What is a pillow with adjustable fill?

Both the Layla Kapok and the Helix Adjustable have inserts that can be removed to adjust the loft and firmness.

What is the best pillow firmness for a back sleeper?

Typically back sleepers do well with a medium firmness level but that can vary based on your size.

What is the worst kind of pillow for back sleepers?

Back sleepers are actually uniquely fit to sleep on just about any pillow. The worst pillow for you is one that puts your spine out of alignment or gives you any neck pain.

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How We Choose Products

Medical News Today chooses products that fit the following criteria where possible:

  • Shape: MNT chooses products that are available in various shapes that may suit different sleeping styles.
  • Materials and fill:MNT selects products made from different materials and fills, such as memory foam and latex, to suit a range of sleep and lifestyles.
  • Budget: MNT features products that are available in a wide range of budgets.
  • Loft:MNT selects products that have different lofts, which may help lessen symptoms of sleep conditions, such as snoring.

Some additional factors to consider when purchasing a pillow include:

  • Price: Various factors may influence a pillows price, including the fill, the size, and the shape. People should consider their budget before purchasing a pillow.
  • Support and firmness: Pillows may offer different firmness feels. Companies may recommend a certain firmness for different sleeping positions. It is also important to research the areas a pillow supports to ensure it fits a persons requirement.
  • Loft: Pillows come in different heights or lofts. Pillows with a higher loft may reduce snoring. However, higher lofts may also increase neck pain if the skull is raised too high above the spine.
  • Shape: Pillows may come in different shapes. For example, wedge pillows are thinner at the bottom and thicker at the top, resulting in a gentle head incline.

Why Trust Verywell Health

The Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers Review

An experienced health writer, Brittany Loggins understands how important it is to have a comprehensive understanding of the products she’s recommending. All of the products found in her pieces have either been tested by her first hand or have been recommended by trusted medical professionals.

Additional reporting to this story by Stephanie Valera

Stephanie Valerahas written and edited articles for Mashable, Everyday Health,, HuffPost, and, among other publications. She was previously editorial director at the environmental organization NRDC, content director at Ziff Davis, and deputy editor at The Weather Channel Digital, where she covered breaking weather news and reported, wrote, and edited features on climate, environment, health, travel, and lifestyle. She has also held editorial positions at CBS, NBC, and BBC America.

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Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow


The best-selling pillow on Amazon right now is the Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow. It boasts over 166,000 customer reviews, with over 70,000 of those user reviews rating it a full 5 out of 5 stars. What’s so special about the Beckham Hotel Collection pillow? It features a gel fiber fill that feels as plush as genuine down, but at a fraction of the price.

A minor caveat is that you can only buy this pillow in pairs, but you can always reserve the second pillow for a guest room or a replacement down the line if you only sleep on one and it isn’t the right pillow for your partner. Another drawback is the lack of a warranty, but a 30-day money-back guarantee still applies.

Given the thick and plush build of the Beckham Hotel Collection gel pillow, we aren’t surprised to see that many of its 5-star Amazon reviews come from side sleepers who find it supportive and comfortable. Considering how affordable it is, it holds its shape well, even with regular use.

Copper bedding is designed to wick away body heat and stop the growth of bacteria on your skin, among other benefits. If you’re keen to try a copper-infused pillow to help keep you comfortable and fresh, then the best pillow for you is the very popular Layla Kapok Pillow.

Choose from standard size or king size to suit the size of your bed, and take your pick from either soft, medium or firm feel.

Are Memory Foam Pillows Good For Back Sleepers

Memory foam pillows can be a great option for back sleepers the natural contouring and pressure-relieving properties that memory foam provides can help support the neck and the head and keep it in the right alignment, all without falling flat or changing shape overnight. The key is to find the right support level and height for a persons body type – not all memory foams are created the same in terms of feel or support.

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Caring For And Cleaning Your Pillow

The Leesa Pillow is encased in a machine washable cover, though the foam itself can’t be thrown in the machine.

Experts recommend getting a new pillow every one to two years, depending on the material and a handful of other factors. However, theres plenty you should do in the year or so that you have your pillow to keep it at its best.

Regularly washing your pillows can help prevent the build-up of dust and allergens, and may prolong a pillows lifespan. People with allergies should wash their pillow frequentlyevery four weeks, McKeon says.

Cleanability is another place where material comes into play. Solid foam and down can be great fills for sleeping, but theyre often more difficult to wash than down-alternative and shredded-foam pillows. Still, many pillows come with a washable cover, which helps matters some, but in general its best practice to keep all pillows encased in zippered protective covers and clean the covers frequently.

Consider purchasing a protector made with a tightly woven fabric to prevent dust mite and dust build up in pillows. Microfiber is one option, because the weave is inherently tight given the tiny circumference of the yarn and high-quality microfiber weaves can block allergens. You can also shop for products that advertise allergy and dust mite control qualities. The American Allergy and Asthma Foundation certifies products and can be a good resource for pillow protectors to keep sneezes at bay.

German Design Award Winner

Best Pillows For Side Sleepers – Our Top 6 Picks! (2022 UPDATE)

Of je nu op je rug, buik of op je zij slaapt: dankzij de twee verschillende gevormde kussenzijdes en de hoogteverschillen is het kussen voor elk slaaptype geschikt en kanje je ligpositie op het RECOVERY PILLOW naar jouw behoefte variëren. Precies zo, hoe het voor jougoed aanvoelt.

Het is daarbij belangrijk om de ergonomisch gevormde nekboog, die aangepast is aan het lichaam, naar onder te richten. Zo worden schouders, nek en alle spieren en fasciale structuren in dit bereik goed ondersteunt en dankzij de halfronde vorm ontzien. Zo blijven spanningen buiten de deur. Afhankelijk van welk slaaptype jij bent, raden we het volgende aan betreft de verschillende kussenzijdes:

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A Side Sleeper Pillow That Checks All The Boxes


Fill: Shredded memory foam, kapok fibers | Trial period: 120-night trial period | Adjustable: Yes

In a nutshell, the Layla kapok has it all: softness and support, sustainability, adjustability, washability, hygienic and cooling features, and of course, great customer reviews. Its stuffed with a blend of kapok fibersa responsibly-sourced, natural plant material with a down-like feeland body-molding memory foam for a mix of cushiness and support. The cover is infused with copper, known for its hygienic and cooling properties and the fill can be removed or added to customize your comfort level. According to Layla, its the only pillow youll ever need, and thousands of 5-star reviewers agree.

What the reviews say: Without doubt, the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever used, says one buyer. I love the fact that I can remove or add the filling as needed. Somehow it manages to be soft, firm and cozy at the same time. It’s also malleableyou can press it into a shape that it will retain until you change it.

Why Would You Want A Thinner Pillow

If youre a back sleeper, thin pillows should be a go-to for your sleep comfort needs. As mentioned above, they provide the proper alignment needed for these positions, as well as neck support to allow a more restful, relaxed night.

Of course, not all thin pillows are made the same, and for back sleeping youll want one that conforms to your neck without elevating your head too much. Youll also need to ensure your head doesnt sink too far back, which will compress your vertebrae. For stomach sleepers, look for a pillow that keeps your head level with your shoulders and again, wont lift your head too high to avoid stress to your upper and lower back.

Side sleepers should avoid thin pillows as it will make your head angle downwards, placing strain on your spinal column and creating compression and strain on the soft tissues of your neck.

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The Fibergel Down Alternative Pillow

The FiberGel Down Alternative Pillow is another fantastic down pillow for back sleepers. As our first down alternative pillow, this hypoallergenic option isnt actually a gel, but rather a polyester fiber spun as thin as a strand of hair. Our down-alternative pillow provides far more support than most traditional retailers pillows of similar densities. The interior fibers allow it to sleep thicker and heavier than down filling. This pillow comes in soft, medium, firm, and extra-firm densities and with a 30-night comfort guarantee.

How Often Should I Buy New Pillows

Best Pillows For Back Sleepers

Experts at the Better Sleep Council recommend swapping out your pillow approximately every three years. But if youre waking up with back, neck, or shoulder pain, or your pillow looks a little flat, you may be due for a change. On the flip side, if your pillow has retained its shape past three-ish years, you might be in the clear for a little longer.

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How To Choose A New Pillow

Pillow preference will be dictated by a few things including how you sleep, what firmness you have become used to and what kind of fillings/materials you want or can afford within your bedding budget. There is a lot of choice, after all, so we have broken down the options and spoke to industry experts from Levitex, Slumberdown and Wool Room to help you decide.

“We dont all wear the same size shoe so what we lie on at night shouldnt be one size fits all either. Choosing the right pillow for you is ensuring the best possible sleeping surface for an optimised sleep posture” claims James Leinhardt, Sleep & Posture Expert and Founder of Levitex.

Choosing A Pillow For Back Sleeping

The perfect pillow for sleeping on your back is all about pillow thickness and neck support. A pillow that is a good match for your body will give you the best chance of a good night’s rest. While back sleeping is an excellent sleeping position that has numerous benefits over stomach or side sleeping, its still a position that you can get wrong. Beyond thickness, there are other things to consider like the shape, materials its made from, and price.

We recommend sleep products to our readers. We may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site – Learn More

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How Often Should You Buy A New Pillow

Using a worn out pillow could inflame health conditions, since pillows can harbor allergens like dust mites, Neomi Shah, MD, associate professor of sleep medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, previously told SELF. Plus, a super old, ineffective pillow can mess with your neck and back.

Its smart to buy a new pillow every two years , according to the National Sleep Foundation. Even if your old pillow feels pretty good, its still smart to switch it out in order to avoid any negative health consequences that can creep up over time.

How To Choose The Best Pillow For Neck Pain

Best Pillows for Combination Sleepers 2020 – My Top 7 Picks!

Neck and shoulder pain pillows are normally on the firmer side. They are designed to hold your head in a healthy position while relieving pressure on your neck, shoulders and spine. So what you dont want is a super-firm pillow that creates new pressure points. Again, adjustable pillows come to the rescue here, as you can customize their fill to make them as close to perfect as possible for the support and comfort your neck needs.

The best pillow materials for neck pain includes memory foam, which offers a cradling, contouring feel. Buckwheat is another good choice because it naturally holds its shape well, so it wont spread out too much inside the pillow during sleep. That means it will hold its shape well throughout the night to keep your neck properly supported.

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This Affordable Premium Pillow

Fill: Shredded memory foam | Trial period: Lifetime replacement and warranty | Adjustable: Yes

Finding a pillow with the right amount of support is critical for side sleepers. Made with the brands trademark shredded memory foam, the DreamyBlue pillow allows sleepers to add and remove foam until they achieve their ideal feel, ending their days of stacking pillows. Plus, the pillow case is breathable and Certipur-US certified so you can sleep cool without worrying about harmful chemical exposure.

What the reviews say: Shoppers appreciate how the DreamyBlue has minimized aches and pains that are often caused by low-quality pillows. I have serious back problems that can also impact my neck and I am in chronic pain pretty much 24/7….but not anymore, one shopper says. Stiff neck? Gone! Neck pain? Gone! Twisting and turning all night? Completely and totally gone! raves another.

How To Pick The Best Pillow For Side Sleeping

Side sleeper pillows have a medium to high loft than back and stomach sleeper pillows. Thats because they need more material to plug the natural gap that forms between your head and shoulders when you sleep on your side. How far your sink into your mattress also determines how much loft you need from your pillow when sleeping on your side. Why? Because if you sink into your mattress, you may need a low-loft pillow even in a side sleeping position.

For people who switch between side sleeping and other positions , wed advise choosing an adjustable pillow so that you can customize the loft to suit your body better. Customizing the loft means removing or adding as much fill as needed to best plug the gap between your head and shoulders. Generally speaking, the broader your shoulders, the more loft you need. An adjustable pillow will help you create the perfect loft.

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Zo Zacht Als Een Wolkje Maar Niet Te Zacht

Hoe kan dat? Dit komt omdat de Cloudpillo is gevuld met versnipperd memory foam, ook wel traagschuim genoemd. Het grootste voordeel van traagschuim is dat het zich volledig vormt naar jouw lichaamshouding en deze vorm ook een flinke tijd vast kan houden.Naast het volledig aanpassen aan jouw lichaamshouding, bieden onze kussensook een stuk meer weerstand. Dit terwijl het tegelijkertijd ook zo zacht aanvoelt als eenwolkje. Het beste van beide werelden dus!

Best Overall Pillow For Back Sleepers

The Best Knee Pillows â 2021 Reviews and Buyer

Parachute Down Pillow

Price: $$$

The Parachute Down Pillow is made with European down for luxurious support.

With three densities including soft, medium, and firm you can pick the perfect pillow for your preferred sleeping style. For back sleepers, the medium-density pillow offers softness with a moderate amount of fluff to keep your spine properly aligned.

Hundreds of self-proclaimed back and side sleepers praise the pillows comfort and support in both positions.

This pillow comes with a 3-year warranty but no trial period. It can be dry cleaned or machine washed.

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