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Can A Spring Mattress Be Used On An Adjustable Bed

Innerspring Mattresses & Adjustable Bed Bases

How can I tell if my mattress is adjustable base friendly?

An innerspring mattress is a more traditional style of mattress thats constructed of innerspring coils and a pillow top surface. These mattresses are known to create more pressure points due to the individually wrapped coils. These types of innerspring mattresses go well with any bed base and adjustable mattress. However, when youre looking for an innerspring bed for a split adjustable bed, generally a foam or hybrid is best.

What Makes A Great Mattress For Your Adjustable Base

Some of the most popular and best mattresses are the foam and hybrid styles. While latex hybrids also perform well, pure latex mattresses may be too stiff depending on the mattress model. We’ve listed some of the most comfortable with the highest reviews as favorites here for you.

#1 Dreamcloud

DreamCloud is one of the most exciting brands with 3 of the best rated hybrid mattresses available. The DreamCloud offers the highest value of any hybrid mattress, featuring ultimate support, balanced pressure relief, and a cashmere blend top. The DreamCloud Premier is a fluffy dream that doesn’t sacrifice support, great for all-around sleepers. Their DreamCloud Premier Rest adds a pillow top with a 16” profile for the pinnacle of sumptuous, plush comfort. Customers report deeper sleep with these mattresses and with ‘Buy Now and Pay Later’ financing through Affirm and a 365 day trial, this is one of the best luxury bargains anywhere.

Do You Have Asthma Or Allergies

If so, ensure to ask company representatives about possible irritants in the parts of the mattress. This could be the foam, the cover, the coil encasement, and other parts of your new bed. Likewise examine if a few of the reviewers complain about a strong smell. If so, such a mattress has the prospective to exacerbate your allergies or asthma.

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Zinus Italian Made 12 Inch Olive Oil Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress

This luxurious Italian-quality mattress features pocket springs and a soft, quilted cover for soothing comfort. Its made with 4 inches of memory foam that is infused with olive oil so you can wake up refreshed and ready to face the challenges of the day. The mattress also has an OEKO-TEX® certificate so you know your purchase is safe from harmful chemicals or toxins!

Olefin® Sleep sets Zinus hybrid mattresses apart from other hybrids on the market with its unique bioclimatic innerspring system in 8 zones. Comfort levels in all directions are provided by a combination of 5 times more springs wrapped in layers that provide unprecedented support, long-lasting durability, and peace of mind.

Single Vs Split Mattresses

What are the health benefits that you can get by using the ...

For the most customizability for your sleeping position and adjustable bed base, take a look at the major differences between split and single mattresses to determine which one is right for you.

Single mattresses are likely what youre used toa single mattress with a consistent material and firmness level throughout. When paired with an adjustable bed frame, head and feet move together as one.

However, a split mattress is essentially split down the middle into two separate mattresses.

This gives sleepers the flexibility of having two different firmness levels and materials in one bed. Its perfect for couples with different sleeping preferences who prefer to share the same bed. When paired with an adjustable bed frame, head and feet move separately for added customization.

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Last Things To Consider

There are a few additional considerations you should keep in mind when shopping for an adjustable bed. These considerations are especially important when shopping for a mattress online, and some are specific to shopping for a mattress for an adjustable bed. Compare warranty coverage, return policies, and pricing to get the best value.

Drawbacks Of Using A Box Spring

Although it’s popular, a traditional box spring foundation does have a few downsides.

  • A box spring can be bulky. If you’re after a minimalistic look, a box spring may not be the right foundation choice for you. A platform bed might be a better option if you prefer a minimalist style.
  • It might also make your bed too high, which is something to consider if you have mobility issues or don’t like the feeling of climbing” into bed. The optimal height off the floor for a new mattress is 25 inchesbut if you choose a standard 9-inch box spring foundation and pair it with a thick mattress and 7.5-inch metal frame, you could be looking at a bed that’s 30 inches or more off the ground. Low-profile foundations, which measure around 5 or 6 inches, work with especially thick mattresses or higher-than-standard bed frames.

If you’re choosing a box spring, always measure the distance from the floor to the top of the surface on which you’ll place the mattress so you know what you’re getting into.

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Test It If You Have An Opportunity

It is possible to evaluate mattresses at the display roomsof many mattress business.

If there is one near you, take advantage of this chance. Of course, simply pushing an innerspring mattress for a couple of minutes will not help you, but a minimum of this way youll get a concept of what a mattress in fact feels like.

How To Choose The Best Mattress For An Adjustable Bed

Sleep Comfort Adjustable Bed’s Hinge-Flex® Coil Spring Mattress Tutorial

With an adjustable bed you can find your best sleeping position pretty quickly. However, finding the best mattress for an adjustable bed or base could take a little longer. This guide will help you work through the various types of mattress and their features to find the one thats right for you.

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Do I Need A Special Mattress For My New Adjustable Bed

The short answer is yes. There are many mattresses that can work with adjustable beds. However, there are some mattresses that wont be compatible with this bed type. In general, all memory foam, latex, and any other non-innerspring mattress will work well with adjustable beds. In addition, if you have an innerspring mattress with individual pocketed coils, this could be compatible with your bed as well. Just ensure the mattress isnt too firm.

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The Solution: A Selection Of Spring Mattresses For An Adjustable Bed

I have made a research about the problem. As a result, I compiled a list of the most suitable mattresses for your needs. Our guide covers our top picks for innerspring mattresses for an adjustable bed to help you find the best mattress for you. Furthermore, in this article, you can also look for answers to your questions by consulting our guide. If youre still unsure of which model is best for you, check out the following pages for more information on different options. Please, spend half an hour of your time to find whats the best innerspring mattress for adjustable bed in your case!

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So Do You Need A Special Mattress For An Adjustable Bed

In most cases, no! If youre looking to step up your sleep quality for health reasons or otherwise, consider The Yaasa Adjustable Bed or The Yaasa ONE Adjustable Bed as two of the best options of adjustable frames. Compatible with most mattresses, Yaasa adjustable beds are a huge step above a standard bed frame with incredible special features like USB ports, wall sliding technology, under-bed storage, a one-touch flat sleep preset, and a backlit wireless remote system. They also have a Zero-Gravity preset that can be adjusted to perfectly suit your body. Restful sleep doesnt require counting sheep when you have a high quality Yaasa adjustable bed!

Revive Gel Springs Medium Mattress

SMIAOER Adjustable Bed Base Frame Smart Electric Beds ...

Adjustable Base Compatible Memory Foam Individually Wrapped Coils

CoolTouch Gel Memory Foam, a secret ingredient from Revive, offers a ventilated, open-cell design, making the foam 12 times more breathable than other brands. Other superstars of this powerhouse of a mattress include a wrapped coil system that eliminates motion transfer and a foam encasement design targeting extra support in the three areas where you place the most weight. Best of all, its compatible with any adjustable base, so you can kick it up while winding down.

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What’s The Best Mattress For An Adjustable Base

Adjustable beds continue to increase in popularity, leaving many to wonder what’s the best mattress for an adjustable base? In the past, hospitals primarily used adjustable beds for patients, but the convenience of being able to adjust the height of your head and feet up to 70 degrees with the touch of a button is now available for in-home use.

Can Any Mattress Be Used On Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds come with a motorised mechanism, helping individuals who suffer from sore joints and mobility issues to find a comfortable sleeping position.

However, if youve never had an adjustable bed you might be wondering: Can any mattress be used on adjustable beds?

In this article, we will cover some key information about adjustable beds, including whether any mattress can be used on adjustable beds.

Keep reading to find out more.

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What Do Users Like About Nolah Evolution 15

We asked some people who use this mattress. They said that its the perfect mattress for side, back, and combo sleepers. It is extremely comfortable in all positions. Its cushy and soft, but still supportive in the right places. Moreover, the mattress is like a cloud and is a truly comfortable mattress. It has great cooling technology and maximum edge support and technology.

Which Mattress Is Right For Your Adjustable Bed

How do you know if a mattress is adjustable base friendly?

by Robert | Dec 6, 2014 | Uncategorized

Having talked about sizes available for adjustable beds I thought it only sensible to mention some of the different types of adjustable bed mattresses that you can select from when purchasing your new adjustable bed and hopefully you will find which is best for you by using this information.

Remember that mattresses and the adjustable beds on which you will use them are all 6 6 in length whatever the width.

If you are disabled or have a long term or terminal illness then it is possible to purchase these products excluding VAT, see our VAT disclaimer form before purchasing, but if you are suffering from something like a broken leg then you must pay the VAT on them.


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Memory Foam And Latex

We understand that everyone has their personal preferences. Odds are youre either a pocket sprung lover or a memory foam advocate. We provide pocket sprung mattresses that work with our adjustable beds for the people who prefer pocket sprung mattresses and need that extra firmness.

However, to gain the ultimate support and comfort of an adjustable bed whilst also having a mattress that lasts even longer, we recommend latex or memory foam mattresses. When it comes to memory foam, it is virtually flawless. There are no moving parts, making it super flexible and therefore, longer-lasting.

You cannot beat them on comfort, durability and support. They are flexible enough to match the curves of adjustable bases, without compromising on comfort and support. They are also designed to relieve your pressure points and pain because the foam curves to the shape of your body and evenly supports your weight.

Therefore, although we do provide a pocket sprung mattress for your adjustable bed if this is your preference, we highly recommend choosing a memory foam because it will ultimately last much longer.

Benefits Of Using A Box Spring

A traditional box spring foundation is one of the most popular mattress support systems. Here’s why:

  • They provide adequate support for your mattress and are usually the least expensive option. You can typically find a box spring for $200 to $500.
  • A high-quality box spring foundation should support your mattress for the entirety of its life.
  • Box springs are made with a breathable fabric that promotes air circulation throughout the night. This is great for hot sleepers.

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Considerations When Choosing A Mattress For Adjustable Bed

If your mattress is older than 7 years or you are looking for something more supportive to accompany your adjustable frame, here are some criteria to keep in mind:

  • Thickness: Is the mattress thick enough that you wont need an additional mattress pad? A good option will have multiple foam layers for support.
  • Size: Make sure that the mattress fits the bed frame.
  • Temperature control: A mattress with a temperature control feature, like the Quilted YaasaCool Cover, will keep you much cooler while you sleep, which will help you sleep more peacefully and boost wellbeing.
  • Motion Isolation: Motion isolation is particularly important if you sleep next to a partner who moves around a lot. Your mattress should absorb the movement so that you are not disturbed.
  • Trial Period, Warranty, and Return Policy: Take a look at the mattress warranty and return policy. You should be able to try the mattress out during a sleep trial period and be covered in case you encounter any difficulties.

Do You Tend To Sleep Hot

Can A Continuous Coil Mattress Be Put On An Adjustable ...

If the response is yes, an innerspring mattress would be a great choice for you. However, pay attention to the convenience layer. Choose the models with a latex or gel topper. Memory foam retains your temperature, which will certainly keep you sleeping warm.Will you be sharing your bed with a partner?

It would help if you remembered that innerspring mattresses are not that good at movement seclusion. So, if you are sleeping with a partner, you must get an innerspring mattress with a foam topper. The foam will efficiently soak up motion while the bed remains helpful, thanks to the coil system below.

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Why Get An Electric Adjustable Bed

The benefits of having an adjustable bed are that at the touch of a button it can be bent and moulded to the shape of your body, giving you the proper comfort and support you need to get a good nights sleep. Did you know that sleeping flat is not the best sleeping position? When sleeping flat, your joints are not supported properly. The ultimate sleeping position is in a semi-contoured state it supports your legs, hips, lumbar region and neck. This is especially important if you have breathing problems, spinal conditions, joint pain or circulation issues.

How Long They Last

The typical lifespan of an innerspring mattress is seven to 10 years, though better quality models can last longer . Air beds can last for eight years or more, but because they contain mechanical components, you may have to replace one or more of the moving parts. That’s both good and bad: On the one hand, repairs can be inconvenient or costly on the other hand, the fact that parts can be replaced or repaired means you can get more total years out of the mattress. Air bed warranties last for 10 to 30 years, but usually only the first two to three years are fully covered after that period, owners are often required to pay a percentage of replacement part costs.

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Can I Use A Regular Mattress On An Adjustable Bed

Yes, you can use a standard mattress with an adjustable bed. The critical thing to keep in mind is that you need the right mattress. As we said previously, we dont recommend using an innerspring mattress or even a hybrid mattress because of the coils. These coils do not flex well and will cause an uncomfortable night of sleep, and theyll wear the mattress down.

If you choose to use a regular mattress that you purchase separately from the adjustable base, consult the manufacturer to make sure they think it will be compatible with the base. In some cases, you may even void the warranty by using the mattress on an adjustable base unless they state otherwise.

Adjustable Bed Mattress Questions

Can I use any bed with adjustable mattress/boxspring?
Can any mattress be used on adjustable beds?
All memory foam, latex and other non-innerspring mattresses can be used as adjustable bed mattresses. Innerspring mattresses with individually wrapped coils will also be compatible with an adjustable base as long as theyre not too firm, as a spring mattress that is too firm can cause too much strain on an adjustable beds motor.
Do adjustable beds ruin mattresses?
No. If youre using a compatible mattress, an adjustable base will not ruin the mattress. However, using an adjustable base may shorten the lifespan of the mattress due to the extra pressure placed on certain parts of the mattress.
Which mattress is right for your adjustable bed?
Many mattresses are compatible with an adjustable base, but if you want to be certain that youre buying the right one, you should buy a mattress from a company that also sells adjustable bed bases. Pairing the right mattress with an adjustable base will help prolong the life of both pieces. Many brands, like Craftmatic and Easy Rest, include a mattress standard with their bed frames. The best mattress for an adjustable frame will depend on your unique needs. Many brands offer personal consultations to match you with the best model.

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