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Can You Cut A Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Is The Mattress Pad And Mattress Cover The Same

Cutting open a gel-infused memory foam mattress see what happens

While reading the question, you might get to think that it isnt since it was two different names on it, right?

I will give you more things to avoid confusion and to clarify it out.

A lot of people make things complicated that they believe one piece of information is right.

A mattress pad is like a mattress, and it has some thickness on it containing some foam.

Or when you say mattress pad, it must be a topper for a bed to add in comfort.

People often use it to add bulk and thickness to ones mattress, feeling uncomfortable or no longer suitable for sleeping.

Mattress pads ensure that you will have a good sleeping surface. It stands as a temporary solution for a mattress that is losing its support.

It is not necessary to add a mattress pad to your mattress. And that is one of the things they differ on. A mattress cover is a must on your bed.

Your mattress wont be complete if there is no mattress cover on it. The mattress cover would serve as protection for the whole bed.

If you wish for a long-living mattress and something that could grow old with you, you have to make sure it is protected.

Dirt, fluids, and even the odour that create contact with the mattress can damage it slowly.

One thing that you can do is to avoid such by adding a cover to it.

It is up to you if you would like to purchase one.

You have to consider the purpose of it and the material of it. Bed covers are usually thinner than mattress pads.

Thats the truth behind everybodys confusion.

How To Cut A Memory Foam Mattress Topper In 6 Easy Steps

You should know how you want to customize or adjust your memory foam mattress topper, so do you know how to cut a memory foam mattress topper?

It is unusual to cut out your mattress topper but sometimes call you to be one desperate person. But then it may occur most unexpectedly.

One example is when your memory foam mattress topper does not fit your mattress. It better when you got a larger size than a smaller one.

Having the smaller size could mean no turning back, but then you can always find ways to make it fit when you got the larger one.

And thats cutting your mattress topper to be in one size of your mattress. Having that impact and perfectly fit-bed could result in a good nights sleep.

Who would not want to rest after a long tiring day, right but then having an oversized memory foam mattress topper could do you wrong.

It could be the reason for your worst sleep. Having a larger mattress topper could make you feel you have a larger bed which is wrong. It could make you fall hard.

You have to be very careful with this in which cutting it out to a reasonable size, and just right for your mattress is the best option you got.

What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Me

There are so many types of memory foam beds, hybrid beds and traditional ones. Do you want a mattress with springs? When youre choosing a mattress, there are so many choices, so its important you do your research, so you get the mattress for your lifestyle. When youre looking for a new mattress, consider size, comfort and support. When youre mattress shopping, start here. Leesa is here to help weigh the pros and cons of your options so you can make the right decision.

A memory foam mattress will give your body the support it needs while you sleep, without the creaks, squeaks and sagging a traditional spring mattress can have. While you sleep, a memory foam mattress reduces stress on your pressure points, including your shoulder and hip, cradling your body so that you get the rest you need.

Our hybrid mattress combines memory foam with individually-wrapped pocket springs for a luxury feel and superior support. The memory foam provides body contouring and bounce while the pocket springs adjust to your body type and sleeping style for a better nights rest.

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Potential For Mattress Damage

The Cold Climate Housing Research Center study that I referenced earlier said that its possible that foam that has absorbed moisture may become damaged by repeated freeze-thaw cycles although more research is needed to be sure.

So if youre exposing your memory foam mattress to freezing temperatures and then thawing it out on a regular basis then its possible that the foam may become damaged.

Im not exactly sure to what extent this would affect the overall feel of your mattress but its something to keep in mind.

How Long To Expand Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Can You Cut a Gel Memory Foam Mattress? How to Guide

Gel memory foam mattress how long to expand? Have you ever heard of gel memory foam mattresses?

If it does sound new, it is a type or a kind of memory foam mattress sold.

Memory foams are famous in the mattress industry. It is known as one of the best mattresses one can have. It has so many benefits to give out.

You might be familiar with composes a traditional memory foam mattress and how long it takes it to expand fully.

Some memory foam mattresses might be unfamiliar and odd for some people. But then these things exist.

Knowing that memory foam mattresses get sold out quickly and have a very friendly and sturdy foundation, many people look forward to one.

Gel memory foam mattress how long to expand?

Memory foam variants are found all over the world. Manufacturers may export it from one place to another.

And a gel memory foam mattress doesnt differ much from your traditional memory foam mattress. Lets say it is a better version of such.

I will give you a brief background about the gel memory foam mattress. It has the same materials as what used in the usual one.

Somehow, what makes it better is that the producers of gel memory foam mattresses infused the mattress with some gel beads, specifically the cooling gel.

That doesnt change the fact that they are both memory foam mattresses, and they both serve the same purpose.

A gel memory foam mattress, like any other memory foam mattress, does expand at the same time.

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Why Does It Matter Anyway

Materials like polyurethane foam one can use to make synthetic mattresses, including your toddler and baby mattresses.

Such a material emits VOCs or volatile organic compounds. Aside from the odour, these compounds can also cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

Formaldehyde present on the adhesive that holds the mattress parts together is another chemical that can bring potential harm.

But as for the smell, the main culprit behind this is the flame retardants required in almost all mattresses.

These retardants cause the chemical fumes we often smell on new mattresses.

Unfortunately, almost all mattresses, including the all-natural ones, contain this particular ingredient.

Not unless the packaging or tag states otherwise.

Can A Gel Memory Foam Mattress Freeze

  • Image Attribution and Licencing
  • A gel memory foam mattress is made from viscoelastic polyurethane foam that has gel beads which are often semi-liquid in their resting state infused or mixed into the memory foam, or added as a separate gel layer.

    And whilst theres some debate as to whether or not gel-infused memory foam mattresses actually sleep cooler than regular memory foam you might be wondering if your gel memory foam mattress is at risk of freezing in colder temperatures due to its semi-liquid properties.

    If additional moisture is able to seep into the foam and the temperature drops below 32°F your gel memory foam mattress could freeze. In the absence of excessive moisture, youll likely find that the average gel memory foam mattress or regular memory foam mattress feels hard and uncomfortable at the same temperature.

    If you plan on using your memory foam mattress in your RV or living space in a cold climate then keep reading to find out exactly how your mattress will feel at different temperatures.

    Alternatively: if youre in need of a new memory foam mattress then I highly recommend the Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress because its super comfy and keeps me well supported

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    When Should I Use A Mattress Topper

    Although in a general way its use serves to improve the adaptability of our old mattress as well as to reduce its wear and tear due to its daily use, toppers or mattresses are a particularly recommended option in the following cases:

    We can use a mattress topper when the mattress we have does not adapt enough to our way of sleeping, and we consider that it is not yet time to change the mattress, or we do not have a very comfortable budget to do so. When we notice that when sleeping on the side, the shoulder and hips receive high pressure, or when sleeping on the back, we feel that the lower back does not receive the welcome we need for greater relaxation, it is an excellent time to place a mattress on our bed.

    The main goal is always to try to find the best possible back alignment. In this way, we will not only be investing in greater comfort, but we will also be preventing future injuries due to poor posture when sleeping.

    It is also a good investment in rest if our temporary rental houses mattress or our vacation accommodation is too rigid or firm, and we will be there for a long time. Still, we do not want to make a large investment by buying a new mattress that we cannot take later.

    Can You Cut Up A Mattress

    How to cut memory foam

    Categories Mattress

    Getting rid of your mattress responsibly is not necessarily easy. Mattresses are heavy and bulky, making them difficult to move, so they are often left on the sidewalk or illegally dumped. However, can you cut it up?

    You can cut up a mattress when the right tools are used and specific steps are followed. However, there are a few things to consider before you decide that cutting up your mattress is the best way to get rid of it since there are more options to think of.

    The rest of this article will discuss what to consider before you start, how you can cut up your mattress, which tools you will need if you decide to proceed, other ways to get rid of your mattress, and things to keep in mind before you make your next purchase.

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    What Is The Best 4 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper

    The 8 Best Memory Foam Mattress Toppers of 2020Best Overall: ViscoSoft 4-Inch Gel Mattress Topper at Amazon. … Runner-Up, Best Overall: Dreamfoam Bedding Memory Foam Topper at Amazon. … Best Gel Memory Foam: Advanced Sleep Solutions Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper at Amazon. … Best Cooling Memory Foam: … Best for Back Pain: … Best Hypoallergenic: … Best High End: … Best 1-Inch:

    Measuring And Marking The Mattress Foam

  • 1Remove the zip cover and any lining on the mattress foam. Most mattress foam comes with an outer covering that protects the foam inside. To remove it, simply unzip the cover and pull it off. If theres additional lining underneath the zip cover, use a pair of scissors to cut and remove it. Be careful as youre cutting so you dont cut into the mattress foam with the scissors.XResearch source
  • You can dispose of the zip cover and any lining after you take it off since it wont fit your mattress foam anymore once you cut it, or you can try altering and sewing it so you can reuse it.
  • If you toss out the old zip cover, you may need to buy a new one depending on what youll be using the mattress foam for.
  • 2Use measuring tape to determine where you should cut the foam. If you want to cut your mattress foam in half, measure from one side of the foam to the other and then divide that number in half to figure out where youll want to make the cut. If you know how wide or long you want the piece of foam youre cutting to be, measure that distance with the measuring tape and use a marker to mark the mattress at that point so you can reference it later.
  • Try not to press down on the foam while you’re measuring it so you don’t distort the size and shape.
  • Measure 2 or 3 times so you know that your measurement is accurate.
  • If youre cutting the mattress foam to fit a smaller bed frame, youll want to draw a straight line from one short end of the foam to the other.
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    Is Adding An Egg Crate Mattress Pad Necessary

    For some people, indeed it is. If you are confident enough about how comfortable and cool your mattress is, you do not have to.

    It only applies to those who want to add something more to make their sleep better and feel like sleeping on the clouds.

    Egg crate mattress has benefits that can help you, as mentioned.

    It can relax your body well, it gives a message-type feeling, and its bumps give off satisfaction.

    If you have extra money to buy one, I suggest you buy one.

    When you cannot sleep well due to warm temperature and uncomfortable mattress, this is made for you.

    You are your hero. Do what makes your situation better. Working hard to get good things for ones self is never selfish. Treat yourself to doing a good job.

    Foam Mattress Cutting Services

    Novilla Bliss 12

    Did you know that there is a company called Foamite? This service offers foams that have a different feel to the touch, densities, and different shapes. All you have to do is pick the right density and dimensions.

    $4.89 $71.74

    Please, note that they offer a memory foam cut to size instead of cutting your own old mattresses.

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    Can You Cut A Gel Foam Mattress Topper 2021 Online

    Looking for Can You Cut A Gel Foam Mattress Topper

    The Puffy mattress is among three all-foam beds offered by the Puffy business. It rates medium, or 5 out of 10, on the firmness scale, making it a good option for lighter sleepers. The Puffy is their most cost effective model, cost price-points that are about half of the cost of the Puffy Lux, and less than half of the Puffy Royal.

    All of the Puffy mattresses are made in the US and come with a lifetime service warranty. The significant distinguishing feature amongst them is the distinction in mattress height, which is because of differences in comfort foam layers. The Puffy procedures 10 inches thick, whereas the Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal measure 12 and 14 inches respectively.

    As an all-foam mattress, the Puffy offers sleepers with a soft, cushiony feel. Sleepers who delight in deeply contouring memory foam will like this mattress. Because of its memory foam convenience layer, the Puffy gives sleepers the sensation of being hugged by their mattress. Individuals will seem like they are sleeping in the Puffy, instead of resting on top of it.

    The top comfort layer of the Puffy is gel-infused Cooling Cloud memory foam. The gel infusion is planned to assist lower the quantity of heat caught by the mattress.

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    How To Cut Memory Foam Mattress Topper

    Memory foam is a prominent material used for mattresses and pillows because it is comfortable and matches your body. If you have too large a memory, you can easily cut it at home with an electric razor. Be sure to check your dimensions before making your cut, so you dont make a mistake. When youre done, youll have a piece of memory foam thats perfect.


    Remove the cover if you cut a memory foam mattress. Many new memory foam mattresses have a sliding cover on top for extra protection. Find a zipper around the edge of the mattress and unpack it as much as possible. Once the zipper has been removed, peel off the mattress sliding cover edges and remove it. As you cut the mattress, you can either throw away the cover or use the material to create a new body.

    • Either throw away the cover or use the material to create a new cover.
    • If there is no zipper around the edge of the grinding deck, you may need to cut it off with a knife or scissors.


    Check the dimensions you need and add them. Use a tape measure to check the height, width, and depth of foam you need for your project. For example, you can measure a mattress if you cut a memory foam top or find a pillowcases dimensions if you make a pillow. Add to each measurement you take, as cutting through the foam may remove some of the material.



    Double-check your dimensions to make sure they are correct otherwise, you may make a crooked cut.






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    Materials Typically Mixed With Memory Foam

    You should also know that some memory foam mattresses have other materials besides memory foam. They can affect the cutting, and they include gel and fiberglass. Since memory foam tends to retain heat, manufacturers add gel to help keep it cool.

    On the other hand, some mattresses have fibreglass as a fire retardant. Be extra careful with this material, significantly when cutting. Always wear protective gloves and glasses to keep debris away.


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