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Can You Fold A Purple Mattress

How To Wrap The Purple Mattress In A Plastic Bag

Need to MOVE a MATTRESS?? Best Way to Package, Transport & Protect a Bed

This is where you might appreciate a little help. The first step to prepare your Purple mattress for the move is to fold it in half and stuff it into a large plastic bag. The latter is usually specifically sold as mattress storage bags at many retailers, in case you are wondering where to find a bag that is large enough.

Always be careful when folding and holding your Purple mattress down. While these mattresses are high-quality and tough cookies to boot, rough handling can damage anything. Even a good mattress. Slowly fold the mattress over and while holding the two sides together, slip the plastic bag over the folded mattress.

These are the best Emma brand mattress reviews.

Th Step Load It Onto A Truck Or Strap It On Your Car

There are two options here. Either load it onto a truck or strap it on the roof of your car. You have probably seen cars carrying mattresses on the roofs on the highway. It may have seemed funny or odd, but now its your turn. You will not need a truck or car if the mattress is being moved to another room.

With a wrap in place, you have got nothing to worry about. Load the mattress in the van and ensure its carried upright. Thats the best way to avoid compressing it. If you are moving the mattress using your car, set up the straps and secure the mattress. To ensure the bed is well secured, you can also use ropes.

When moving a mattress by car, its best to drive slowly. This applies more to mattresses that are being moved strapped to a car. The bed will receive a lot of resistance from the wind. You need to drive carefully. Avoid sharp turns since the mattress can lean to one side if its heavy. When you finally arrive at your destination, unload the mattress and carefully carry it to your new bedroom. It wont be an easy journey, but as you sleep on your Purple mattress, you will enjoy the rewards of your hard work.

Purple Bed Review And What You Need With Your Purple Mattress

Purple bed review

Ever since that spunky Goldilocks hit YouTube looking for the perfect mattress, the Purple bed has exploded in popularity. It was popular within months after its Kickstarter launch. Why? Purple took an otherwise boring topic of mattresses and like bed itself, transformed it into something hip and new. Their ads are infused with fun and positivity, not with scare tactics or pressure like you get from visiting a mattress store or from old school mattress sales.

After all their motto is: NO PRESSURE. Not on your joints, your pocket book or from mattress salespeople. You do the research, read the reviews and then have a chance to sleep on it at home before you commit fully. Too bad we cant do that with our spouse!! Ha ha!

Purple mattress ships to you free and has a 100 night return policy and 10 year guarantee. It has become a much loved brand so fast and is rated in the top 10 best foam mattresses by Consumer Reports magazine. Theres a reason its one of the best-known online mattress brands. Read on for a Purple bed review.

Note, the new Purple mattress is here but dont worry theyre keeping the original! They came out with 3 new beds in 2018 each with a higher profile , a redesigned breathable cover and springs.

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Whos Going To Love The Purple Mattress

  • Hot sleepers: The Purple is one of the coolest mattresses on the market that doesnt contain a layer of innerspring coils . Purple describes this mattress as temperature neutral, and our team agrees. Even the mattress cover is designed to be ultra-breathable for a refreshing nights sleep.
  • Back sleepers: The top layer of the Purple mattress collapses at areas like the low back, delivering pressure reduction in sensitive areas.
  • People with back pain: The Purple evenly distributes your body weight, which helps keep your spine in a healthy, neutral posture. Good sleeping posture reduces or prevents back pain, so we consider the Purple to be a good mattress for back pain sufferers.

Do Purple Mattresses Smell

Double Purple 4ft Wide Portable Folding Mattress with Carry Handles in ...

Purple mattresses consist of an elastic polymer grid layered over CertiPUR-US certified polyurethane foam. New Purple mattresses may have a very faint off-gassing smell that fades quickly. However, many consumers report no off-gassing smell at all. Tempur-Pedic offers a wide range of memory foam mattresses…. read more

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Should I Fold A Purple Mattress When Moving It

Folding a mattress is an excellent way for you to reduce its size and make it easier to move. However, Sleep Aim doesnt encourage the folding of mattresses. When you fold a mattress, you interfere with its structure. For instance, can you imagine what will happen when you fold the Purple hybrid? Folding mostly applies to memory foam mattresses. For instance, you can fold the Purple foam bed before moving. Its easier to move a folded mattress, but it has many disadvantages.

Roll It Up And Strap It

As soon as you compress the bed, you should roll it up and use ratchet straps to secure the mattress and stop it from unfolding. Ratchet straps are also called tie-down straps. They are cheap and you can get them in a market.

Ratchet straps will make moving the mattress easy and they will give you something sturdy to grab onto when you have to lift and carry your bed. These will also hold everything in place in case the tape and vacuum seal job doesnt hold up.

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What Is The Difference Between Purple 3 And Purple 4

In prior years, this model was called New Purple 3 and New Purple 4, as though they were two totally different beds. The reality is that the difference between Purple 3 and 4 was just the thickness of Hyper-Elastic Polymer on top. New Purple 3 had 3 inches and New Purple 4 had 4 inches of the material…. view details

Tip 4 Use A Dolly Or Cart To Prevent Damage To The Mattress

Packing a Purple Mattress for Moving

Whether folded, rolled, compressed, or flat, you can also safely transport your mattress to the car, truck, or to its next resting spot by using a dolly or cart. Just put your mattress onto a dolly or cart of the right size and transport it to the desired place.

Using a dolly, you avoid dragging the mattress on the floor or having it fall on the ground, dirtying it, and possibly tearing the material. This will be especially useful if it is a heavier and larger mattress.The right kind of dolly or hand truck ideal for moving your particular mattress is readily available to rent or buy from your local dealers. We like this panel cart from Amazon because it has panel bars that will keep the mattress in place whilst moving.

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How To Fold A Mattress

One of the biggest troubles is to move, fold or transport a mattress. No matter whether you are moving into a new house or you are just trying to move your bed upstairs, you wont be able to do it alone without bending or folding it.

But, if you bend, double or fold your mattress, will that damage it and what are other things you should be concerned about?

Read our article and find out and also learn what are the best ways to fold your mattress and what types of mattressesyou should avoid folding.

Purple Mattress Warranty Overview

The Purple mattress comes with a 10-year warranty that covers defects in workmanship or materials that arent expected with normal wear-and-tear. The warranty starts on the day that you purchase your mattress. If you receive a replacement mattress, the new mattress warranty is just a continuation of the original warranty.

What Is Covered by the Purple Warranty?

The Purple mattress warranty covers body impressions deeper than 1 and failed materials. Mattress failure is pretty vague, so were guessing that Purple will approve or reject related warranty claims on a case-by-case basis.

Purple will also replace defective mattress covers for the first two years of the warranty. Generally, broken zippers and split seams are covered, but again, Purple probably determines the validity of a defect on a case-by-case basis.

What the Purple Warranty Does Not Cover

The Purple mattress warranty doesnt cover changes in firmness over time. Changes in mattress firmness are normal, and so they arent covered by the warranty. If you order the wrong mattress size on accident, this is also not covered during the warranty however, you can request an exchange or return during the trial period.

Other Purple products each have their own warranties, and they arent covered by the mattress warranty. Finally, subjective flaws in the mattress, such as not enough pressure relief, arent covered.

What Would Void the Purple Warranty

Filing A Warranty Claim with Purple

  • at 1-888-848-8456 .
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    How To Move A Tempur

    Did you know that if you store memory foam mattresses on their side for long periods of time, they can crack down the side? While the mattress can be folded temporarily to pivot around stairwells in your four-story walk-up, its not designed to weather these conditions through a long drive to Dallas or for months of storage in a portable container. Your memory foam mattress must be shipped flat.

    What Things Do You Need For Moving A Purple Mattress

    Magshion 4 Inch Memory Foam Tri

    The type of equipment you need for moving a mattress depends on the size, weight, and type of your bed.

    As I said before if you are moving a small bed then you can do that alone without any assistance and tools but in these cases, you need to have proper tools and assistance.

    Things you need for moving king-sized or queen-sized bed include a large flat surface that will protect the mattress from boxes, tearing, packaging tapes and other things I will tell you in this session.

    These are the important things that help in moving a purple mattress.

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    Box Spring Vs Foundation Vs Platform Bed Vs Adjustable Bed

    The best practice for your mattress is to have some kind of base between it and the floor. You can lay your mattress directly on the floor, but it can lessen the life of your mattress. Floors dont provide the amount of stability, protection, and shock absorption mattresses need to last their intended lifespan. A mattress left on the floor could quickly lose its structure. This could result in a less comfortable nights rest and a sore body. Here are a few bases that will keep your mattress off the floor.

    Box springs:are usually made of wooden frames with springs placed inside and entirely wrapped in fabric. Although primarily used for older innerspring mattresses, some mattresses today still use them. Box springs help provide counter support to the springs inside these types of mattresses. If you have a newer mattress, be sure to check the warranty label to see if you are able to use a box spring or not.

    Foundation: consists of anything your mattress rests on. Foundations can be made of metal or wood. They can sit higher off the ground or lower. The main purpose of a mattress foundation is to provide protection from the ground and extra stability while you sleep.

    Adjustable Beds: are metal bed frames that you can electronically move up or down to deliver a better sleeping experience. You can lift your head up to help prevent snoring. You can set your adjustable bed into a more seated position, or even lift your legs up slightly, depending on your sleep preferences.

    Purple Mattress Review Highlights

    The Purple mattress is an original bed-in-a-box model from the unique brand Purple. Its one of the best mattresses for athletes and a close runner-up for our best hybrid mattresses. In this review, well answer your questions about the Purple, and provide you with pros and cons, customer reviews, and product specs like size and prices.

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    Purple Mattress Vs Nectar Mattress

    You can purchase Purple mattress on Amazon or on the official site. You can use a Purple mattress voucher to obtain a discount. However you would perhaps think about Purple Mattress Vs Casper or Purple Mattress Vs GhostBed prior to you make a decision. You need to also consider Nectar mattress, which transcends to Purple, Casper and GhostBed to name a few. Let us quickly check out why.

    Casper has 4 foam layers, GhostBed has 3 and Purple has three. Nectar has 4. Casper and Purple are thinner than Nectar. Casper, GhostBed and Purple have firmness ranking of 6 to seven, 6 and a half to 7 and six to six and a half out of ten respectively. Nectar has a lower firmness score, hence offering more convenience without compromising on stability and support. Nectar has the least motion transfer amongst the 4. It is likewise the most inexpensive. Queen Casper costs $950, Queen GhostBed costs $795 and Queen Purple costs $999. Queen Nectar bed mattress is tagged at $795 but you would get a $125 discount so you pay $670. Nectar has life time service warranty. Casper and Purple have ten years. GhostBed has twenty years. Casper and Purple have a hundred nights trial while GhostBed has a hundred and one nights. Nectar has three hundred and sixty five nights of danger totally free trial.

    How To Move Purple Mattress: A Step

    Purple Mattress Review – AFTER 3 YEARS (Honest Opinion)

    Relocating a mattress, whether to another room or to a new home, can be a time-consuming process. The amount of effort you’ll have to put in will be determined by the type of bed you have.

    A regular toddler’s mattress, for example, may be readily relocated without the use of other persons or tools. Larger, heavier purple mattresses, such as a queen size mattress, will necessitate more effort.

    Assuming you’ve already selected where you want your bed to go, it’s time to learn how to move it properly.

    If you haven’t made up your mind yet, we recommend taking measurements of your bed and the potential new locations ahead of time to ensure it will fit.

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    Can You Vacuum Bag A Purple Mattress

    The Purple mattress came rolled up in a large purple bag. The Hybrid Premier King Size mattress was very heavy to get out of the bag so it was definitely a two person job to get it out and onto the base. It comes vacuum sealed so once you cut the plastic it takes its shape and expands…. view details

    Fold Up Your Mattress

    Folding up your mattress will make it easier for just one person to move, especially if youre moving a larger mattress like a queen, king, or California king. In fact, folding is probably one of the best tips we can give you for how to move a king-size mattress. Folding it will reduce the height and width so that its less flimsy.

    Folding a mattress will probably only work if you have an all-foam mattress thats medium to thin in thickness . We dont recommend that you try to fold a mattress thats thicker or that has coils. You could ruin your mattress and void the warranty.

    With that said, heres how to fold a mattress:

  • Bend it width-wise, not height-wise
  • Keep the side of the mattress that you sleep on facing inside, so it doesnt get dirty
  • Make sure the top and bottom of the mattress base are touching
  • Once folded, reinforce it with straps or ratchet tie-downs, so it doesnt open
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    The Downside Of Buying The New Purple Mattress

    The downsides include:

    CostThe new Purple® mattress is more expensive than many other bed in a box mattresses but its a steal when compared to other showroom mattresses. Of course, you get what you pay for! Cheaper mattresses tend to use low quality materials and do not have the same technologically advanced features as a Purple® mattress.

    Heavier people may need a thicker mattressPeople who weigh more than 280 pounds may need to purchase the more expensive Purple2, Purple3 or Purple4 to obtain the same level of comfort.

    Base selectionPurple says that you should not use this mattress on a box spring base. They recommend using the floor, a platform bed, an adjustable or foundation base. Purple sells a foundation, basic metal frame and an adjustable base. Whatever base you get, it must be able to support a lot of weight you, your mattress and anyone sleeping on your bed. This mattress base supports up to 1,600 lbs or you can get the one from Purple. Purple also has an adjustable bed called the Purple Powerbase.

    Our verdictThe new Purple mattress is a remarkable mattress. The incredible technology used by this bed makes it one of the best beds on the market. And its one of the few truly unique beds because of the comfort grid. Of course, the cost is higher than some other bed in a box mattresses, but you really do get what you pay for with this bed.

    How long is the warranty on Purple mattresses?The warranty is 10 years and

    How long is the Purple Sleep Trial?

    Purple Orignal Mattress Vs Lull Mattress

    Foldable Mattress Folding Mattress Guest Mattress Spare Bed 195x80x10cm ...
    Hot Sleepers Couples, or those who co-sleep

    The Lull is a memory foam mattress with a similar medium-firm firmness level as the Purple. The Lull has a softer, more cuddly feel that falls between sleeping on and in the surface, while the Purple contours to the body and offers a floating sensation. Both mattresses are best for average-weight to lightweight folks, although we think the Lull is slightly better for stomach sleepers and the Purple for side sleepers.

    The Purple sleeps much cooler than the Lull and is better for hot sleepers. Both beds dampen motion transfer and are easy to move around upon, making them good for couples. They have a similar price point, so its best to consider what type of feel and sleeping experience youre looking for.

    See our full Purple vs Lull mattress comparison to learn more!

    If youre not sure the Purple Mattress is for you, check out our Purple Alternatives to find comparable mattresses.

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