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Can You Use A Purple Mattress On A Box Spring

Suggestions That Can Help You Make A Rock

Do You Need A Box Spring? – Everything There Is To Know!

Our exhaustive reviews can give you the details that are necessary to make informed bed frame purchase choices with all of the confidence in the world. Beyond that, there are also numerous helpful suggestions that can do a lot for people who wish to steer clear of bed frame selection mistakes.

If you want to select a frame without any regrets, then there are certain things that you can do. Before you do anything else, you should consider the size of your mattress. This is vital for people who do not have bed frames that can be adjusted. You should purchase a bed frame that works in conjunction with your frame, plain and simple.

You should contemplate how much space you have to work with inside of your bedroom. If you have a particularly spacious bedroom, then it may naturally open you up to certain frame options.

Ask yourself whether you have special storage requirements. Although there are an abundance of beds that permit storage below, there are just as many out there that do not. There are some beds that come equipped with storage thats built-in.

Bed frames understandably often differ in the price department. Its easy to find high-end bed frames that cost a bit more. Its just as easy to find more basic ones that are a lot more economical as well. If you opt to buy a bed frame that has a straightforward and basic design approach, then it may be pretty inexpensive.

Is A Box Spring A Mattress Foundation

Sometimes, manufacturers will use the term box spring, sometimes spelled boxspring, interchangeably with terms like, foundation, mattress foundation, or bed foundation. This has led to some confusion.

A foundation is a raised platform, not a box. It is often made of wooden slats or metal crossbars. It is sometimes placed below a box spring for extra height, but most mattresses can rest directly on a bed foundation. Foundations provide even and study support for the thicker, heavier, high-quality mattresses available nowadays.

A box spring has springs inside, which allow it extra give or movement. This helps absorb and transfer movement from traditional innerspring mattresses and prevents sagging.

New mattresses made with higher quality materials, such as a Purple, have optimal motion transfer and no-pressure support built directly into the mattress. So, a box spring isnt necessary. All you need is a bed frame of your choosing.

Why You Shouldn’t Use A Box Spring With A Foam Mattress

If you have a new foam mattress you might have to buy a new bed frame to support it.

Decided to try one of the popular online mattress brands in lieu of a traditional spring mattress? Chances are that you now have a foam mattress which, in case you didn’t know, needs a different kind of platform than your typical spring mattress. In fact, most popular online foam mattress brands recommend that if you have a box spring supporting your older innerspring mattress, you shouldn’t use it at all with your new foam mattress.

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In fact, using a box spring or other foundation for your mattress that is not recommended by the manufacturer can often void your warranty, depending on the brand. Either way, choosing the right kind of support for your mattress is important for optimal support, comfort, and durability.

Oftentimes, if you buy a foam mattress from an online brand like Casper or Purple, you can buy a bed foundation from the company that’s made specifically to support your new mattress. But if the mattress company you buy from doesn’t offer one there are a few options for setting up your new bed without having to get rid of your entire old bed setup.

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Who I Do Not Recommend The Purple Mattress For

I wouldnt suggest this bed to heavy people. I dont think the Purple has enough support for anybody over about 250 lb. If thats you, I d suggest taking a look at our best mattress for heavy individuals roundup, which has tons of incredibly helpful beds.

This mattress isnt firm enough for rigorous stomach sleepers. These sleepers require a company mattress model to prevent their hips from sinking out of line with their shoulders.

Anyone after a conventional feeling bed isnt going to be happy on the Purple. Its grid layer has a squishy feel, somewhat reminiscent of a waterbed. Test Purple Mattress In Store

  • Cal King: $1,449
  • Split Cal King: $1,598

There are typically Purple mattress model deals to be found that include worth to the mattress. Test Purple Mattress In Store

Purple routinely offers away a free $99 sheet set with every mattress model purchase.

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Can You Put A Mattress On The Floor

Best Box Spring for Purple Mattress Reviews 2018

You certainly can. In many situations, there will be no significant negative effects. However, placing a mattress directly on the floor can result in the following:

  • Reduced airflow Since the mattress sits directly on the floor, it will not be able to expel air and breathe as easily as it could on a boxspring or platform bed.
  • Less hygienic Everything that gets on the floor can now more easily get on your mattress. This includes dirt, dust, allergens, or even bed bugs or mites.
  • More difficult to get back up If youre older or otherwise have trouble getting in and out of bed, having a bed on the floor can make getting in and out of bed more difficult.
  • Void your warranty Some mattress warranties dictate that the mattress must be on a boxspring or platform bed. If you want to stay protected, be sure to double check the warranty terms.

The biggest risk to placing the mattress on the floor is mold. If you live in a moist or humid environment, mold can be a serious issue and one that can ruin a mattress. To reduce the risk of mold, consider adding a mattress encasement to protect your investment.

US Box Spring offers natural wood foundations that will ship directly to your door. Click the link to head over to their site and learn more!

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What Is Sleeping On Purple Really Like

Sleeping on a Purple mattress is very different to sleeping on a traditional spring coil mattress. It will take some time for your body to adapt to changes, so patience is required when trying one for the first time. Most people are used to the mattress after a couple of weeks. The most noticeable benefits obtained from using a Purple mattress include:

Better spine alignmentThe softness and support provided by the Purple mattress helps to keep your spine naturally curved as you sleep. It works well for both back sleepers and side sleepers.

Suffer from back pain? A mattress can really help and Purple especially. Pair with the Purple adjustable base for even more relief. Just put in zero gravity and it’s like you’re sleeping on a Lazy Boy but you actually have room to move around .

Extremely comfortableThe breathable top layer, Purple Smart Comfort Grid and supporting layers make it very soft and comfortable to sleep on. The unique thing about Purple mattresses is that they are both soft and firm simultaneously, thanks to the way that the smart comfort grid distributes weight.

Motion isolationThis is another feature that many people love. The Smart Comfort Grid helps to isolate you from other people who are moving in the bed. That means you are less likely to wake up if your partner gets out of bed or your dog jumps onto the bed. It has very low motion transfer the flexible comfort grid seems to absorb movement.

Purple Mattress Pain Relief Performance

How well a mattress alleviates pain depends on whether or not it can relieve pressure, especially at sensitive pressure points at the hips, shoulders, and lower back.

To measure pressure relief, I used a handy pressure mat. I placed the mat on top of the mattress and climbed aboard. The mat created a map of how much pressure my body exerted on the mattress in different positions. The map turns blue to green for low pressure, and yellow to red for high pressure. Youll see those graphics below.

Back Pain I think this is a nice mattress for back pain. The map is all blue at my back in each position, which shows theres low pressure there. However, if you have severe back pain I might opt for a slightly firmer bed, which will help keep your spine in a straight line.

Shoulder Pain I like the Purple for shoulder pain. The grid offers some great pressure relief and should cradle sore shoulders well.

Hip Pain I also like the Purple for hip pain. Again, that grid layer does a great job cradling the body. However, if youre a side sleeper with severe hip pain, Id go for a softer mattress that will give you even more pressure relief.

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Purple Mattress Do You Need A Box Spring

Its simple to choose any random mattress and then call it a day. Sure, youll save some money and probably youll save some time researching, but spend enough nights on a mattress that you dont know about before you start to wonder why you wake up more tired and unrested compared to the night before.

Purple Mattress aims to solve the problem by studying the factors that make a great sleep more enjoyable with unique technologies like their Purple Grid Layer, which makes the mattress experience that is distinct from other mattresses on the market. This article will look over whether Purple Mattress is a good choice to make your next mattress purchase.

Before you continue, you may want to watch this video by Mac Dingle on YouTube that gives a quick review. After, you will want to read the rest of our article for a more comprehensive review of Purple Mattress.

Purple Bed Review And What You Need With Your Purple Mattress

Do You Need A Box Spring?

Purple bed review

Ever since that spunky Goldilocks hit YouTube looking for the perfect mattress, the Purple bed has exploded in popularity. It was popular within months after its Kickstarter launch. Why? Purple took an otherwise boring topic of mattresses and like bed itself, transformed it into something hip and new. Their ads are infused with fun and positivity, not with scare tactics or pressure like you get from visiting a mattress store or from old school mattress sales.

After all their motto is: NO PRESSURE. Not on your joints, your pocket book or from mattress salespeople. You do the research, read the reviews and then have a chance to sleep on it at home before you commit fully. Too bad we cant do that with our spouse!! Ha ha!

Purple mattress ships to you free and has a 100 night return policy and 10 year guarantee. It has become a much loved brand so fast and is rated in the top 10 best foam mattresses by Consumer Reports magazine. Theres a reason its one of the best-known online mattress brands. Read on for a Purple bed review.

Note, the new Purple mattress is here but dont worry theyre keeping the original! They came out with 3 new beds in 2018 each with a higher profile , a redesigned breathable cover and springs.

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Box Spring Vs Foundation Vs Platform Bed Vs Adjustable Bed

The best practice for your mattress is to have some kind of base between it and the floor. You can lay your mattress directly on the floor, but it can lessen the life of your mattress. Floors dont provide the amount of stability, protection, and shock absorption mattresses need to last their intended lifespan. A mattress left on the floor could quickly lose its structure. This could result in a less comfortable nights rest and a sore body. Here are a few bases that will keep your mattress off the floor.

Box springs:are usually made of wooden frames with springs placed inside and entirely wrapped in fabric. Although primarily used for older innerspring mattresses, some mattresses today still use them. Box springs help provide counter support to the springs inside these types of mattresses. If you have a newer mattress, be sure to check the warranty label to see if you are able to use a box spring or not.

Foundation: consists of anything your mattress rests on. Foundations can be made of metal or wood. They can sit higher off the ground or lower. The main purpose of a mattress foundation is to provide protection from the ground and extra stability while you sleep.

Adjustable Beds: are metal bed frames that you can electronically move up or down to deliver a better sleeping experience. You can lift your head up to help prevent snoring. You can set your adjustable bed into a more seated position, or even lift your legs up slightly, depending on your sleep preferences.

What Is Purple Mattress Purple Mattress Do You Need A Box Spring

The Purple Mattress, or simply The Purple, is a mattress made of all foam, which means it does not have springs, and uses Purples exclusive grid layer that makes use of the term hyper-elastic polymer. The layer, also known as the Purple Grid Layer, is comprised of a comfort core and a support layer made from polyfoam.

The Purple mattress is available in only one firmness level- medium-firm and is sold in different sizes directly to your door. This follows the increasing popularity in DTC mattress manufacturers which use less overhead to improve the quality of the mattress the mattress itself.

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What Exactly Are Bed Frames Anyway

If you cant clearly define the concept of a bed frame, then you most likely wont be able to identify it on your own. Bed frames, in a nutshell, are the components of beds that are used for foundation and mattress positioning purposes.

These frames for the most part are produced using either metal or wood. If you purchase a bed frame, it will come with side rails, a foot and, last but definitely not least, a head. Bedstead is another common name for it.

Bed frames are nothing brand new at all. The concept of the bed frame has basically been around since people have been going to sleep. People have wanted bed frameworks for superior relaxation levels basically since the beginning of time.

In the beginning of the Neolithic age, people may have simply dug holes in the ground to accommodate their beds. They may have been been more elaborate by elevating stones for the same exact purpose.

Once that era was complete, it didnt take long for people to test out wooden frames that were equipped with ropes for support. They started to gain significant traction in all different parts of the globe. This paved the way for bed frames that are a lot like those that are readily available in stores in this day and age.

How Much Is A Purple Mattress

Do You Need A Box Spring? With a Platform bed? 10 pg ...

The original Purple mattress keeps the entry cost at a low level on its two mattresses to ensure that apprehensive users can begin to appreciate the Purple differences with no harm in their pocket. For $599, you can enjoy their twin mattress shipped directly to your home. For bigger sizes, like King and Queen, you can expect to pay more than the $1,000 mark, with a specific figure of $1,199 and $1.499, respectively. Do You Need Box Spring With Purple Mattress

If youre considering buying the Purple Hybrid or the Hybrid Premier, expect to pay around twice or even triple the prices of the original mattress. This puts the Hybrid mattresses a bit out of range for users with a tight budget, or for those who are still uncertain about purchasing from Purple. Do You Need Box Spring With Purple Mattress

The best thing about Purple however, is that they include the option of a 100-night trial which can help you try out the mattress before fully making a decision to purchase. Make sure youre able to utilize your mattress for 21 consecutive nights in order to complete the break-in duration. If youre not satisfied in the mattress you may get a full refund at no cost. Simply contact Purple to get your purchase reversed.

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What To Expect From Your Purple Bed

Heres what you can expect from your Purple

Super Comfortable

Cradle your body and cushion your sharp points . Theyll be cushioned like eggs in an egg carton. Purple is the color of kings and queens and Purple will help you sleep like one.

Body Alignment

You need to align your back and not disrupt the natural curve of your spine while fully supporting your back. Purple helps do this. If your mattress is too soft youll sink on your hips and shoulders. If its too firm your shoulders will be too high compared to the rest of your body, throwing off your alignment.

Give it 30 Days

As mentioned before, it may take your body some time to adjust to Purple. Thats normal. Youve probably been sleeping on old style spring and foam mattresses so this will feel different. It took me about 12 days and my husband less than a week. We kept the old mattress in the hall just in case. Thankfully we found a new home for it in the dumpster!

Box Spring Vs Foundation Vs Platform Bed

Most mattresses require something between the mattress and the floor. While many beds actually function just fine when placed directly on the floor, this restricts airflow and can lead to unsanitary conditions. So, most people will want to use some sort of foundation whether thats a box spring, a foundation, or a platform bed depends on the type of mattress you choose, as well as personal preference.

A box spring is a simple support consisting of a wooden/metal frame, filled with metal coils/springs or a metal grid, and wrapped in fabric. They are primarily used for innerspring mattresses. Typically box springs are designed to sit on top of a bed frame.

A foundation is another type of support system that usually consists of wooden slats or flat solid frames. They function similarly to box springs, but they dont actually contain metal springs. Foundations offer a very firm surface for mattresses to rest on, making them a good choice for foam beds. Most foundations are designed to be used with a bed frame, although some companies offer free-standing versions.

A platform bed combines both a foundation for your bed as well as a frame to keep it off the ground. Most have wooden legs to elevate the frame, while some include storage drawers reaching down to the ground level. Platform beds offer an all-in-one solution, but they can be pricier than other options.

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