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Do I Want A Soft Or Firm Mattress

How Much Should I Spend On A Mattress

Firm Vs Soft Mattress – Which Is Best?

How much you spend on a mattress will depend on several factors like the mattress brand, mattress size, and mattress type. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect to spend based on the size of your mattress:

  • Twin and Twin XL Mattresses: $400-$600
  • Full and Queen Mattresses: $600-$1,000
  • King and California King: $1,000-$2,000

Does Mattress Material Affect Firmness

A mattresss material affects a lot of things, from feel to heat retention to durability to motion transfer, but it has little impact on how hard or soft your mattress is. All mattress types are available in all firmness levels, meaning youll be able to choose between firmness levels whether you buy memory foam, latex, hybrid, or innerspring.

Is A Firm Or Soft Mattress Better For Back Pain

The first question is what is better for a person with back pain, a firm mattress or a soft mattress

In general, want to look for something right in the middle

A medium-firm mattress with a balance of comfort and support, this will ensure that stay in proper neutral spinal alignment and wont exacerbate or add to that back pain

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How Can I Make My Bed More Firm

You can change the feel of a mattress by adding a topper. Memory foam toppers can be used to add softness or firmness to your bed. At Amerisleep, our Lift Memory Foam Topper comes in two different firmness levelsSupport and Comfort. If you are looking to add firmness to your current mattress, the Support topper has a firmer feel and helps create an even sleeping surface. The Comfort topper offers more cushioning for those looking to add softness to a bed.

How To Choose Between Soft And Firm When Sharing The Bed With A Partner

Firm Vs Soft Mattress

For many couples, choosing a mattress can be a nerve-wracking task.


Because often, two sleepers can have completely different comfort preferences .

For instance, there can be a side and a stomach sleeper, which means they need a softer and firmer sleeping surface. Finding a compromise can be difficult in a situation like this, and thats when a split mattress can save the day.

As the name suggests, a split mattress is divided into two smaller ones. This can give partnered sleepers a couple of options:

  • Buying a mattress that could be the middle ground for their sleeping styles and adding a topper for each side. For example, lets take a stomach and a side sleeper. They can buy a split medium or medium-firm mattress. Then, the side sleeper can add a thick plush topper to their side of the bed. This would allow them to get the needed cradling for the shoulders and hips when lying on one side. And the stomach sleeper can get a dense, firm mattress topper to make their side feel stiffer. In this case, they will be likely to receive the needed support when lying on the stomach.
  • Buying a split mattress that combines two comfort options. Some manufacturers allow shoppers to choose the comfort level of each side of the split mattress. In this scenario, each sleeper can pick exactly what they need, and no one has to settle. However, its worth mentioning that in this case, the number of options would be more limited.
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    Is A Firm Mattress Better

    Theres a longstanding myth that a firm mattress is better for your back, but some research has found that medium to medium-firm mattresses provide more relief for people with chronic, nonspecific lower back pain.

    Theres no single ideal option when it comes to mattress firmness. The best mattress for you depends on factors like your sleep position, body size, health needs, and personal preferences.

    How To Determine Which Mattress Firmness You Need

    The best mattress supports your preferred sleeping style, and will comfort any pain points so you can achieve better sleep.

    Side sleepers and those with lower back or shoulder pain might benefit from a softer memory foam mattress. Softer mattresses are also preferred by those who share a bed with a partner and avoid disturbing them at night.

    Someone who is a back or stomach sleeper with mild or no discomfort or pain while sleeping may get a good night’s sleep on a medium-firm hybrid or firm mattress with innerspring coils.

    It isn’t always easy to determine whether a soft, medium firmness, or firm mattress is the right mattress for you, especially if you’re simply resting on the options in the showroom.

    Trial periods and warranty options are beneficial for many who are looking to replace an old mattress. They’re meant to provide shoppers the confidence that they’ve made the right decision in their investment.

    Just like “The Princess and the Pea,” there’s no one right firmness for everyone. Invest in a good night’s sleep. At Mancini’s Sleepworld, we can help you find the right firmness.

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    Which Mattress Is Best For Back Pain

    The best mattresses for back pain are medium-firm. Too firm of a mattress could cause joint or muscle issues. Side sleepers who have back pain will be most comfortable with a medium mattress while those who need a little more support will prefer the medium-firm option. This mattress firmness level will also promote a neutral spine position, which will decrease back pain at night.

    Plush Vs Firm Mattress: What Is Better For You

    Can a Mattress Topper Make Your Bed Firmer? GoodBed Explains.

    Out of the two options, which is the best mattress for you? The firm vs. soft mattress debate has been going on practically since the beginning of time, or at least since the invention of high-quality mattresses, and will likely remain unresolved due to the subjective nature of sleep. So if youre asking yourself, Do I need a firm or soft mattress? the answer is neither.

    Its not entirely about what you need, but what you want.

    There is no universal need for a plush or firm sleep surface. There are, however, special considerations to be made according to what a sleeper wants based on their body type, sleep position, and individual characteristics. Below youll find some general recommendations based on the science of sleep and mattress construction.1

    Consider choosing a firm mattress if:

    • Youre a back or stomach sleeperor like to switch it up just about every night.
    • You suffer regularly from lower back pain.
    • You need some added mattress thickness to avoid sinking too deeply
    • You run hot at night and are prone to night sweats.

    Consider choosing a plush mattress if:

    • Your preferred sleep position is on the side. You will benefit from the cushion and support of a softer surface.
    • Youre a petite sleeper who wont sink too deeply into a softer mattress.
    • You suffer from chronic joint pain and need help alleviating pressure and soreness.

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    Suitable For Lightweight Sleepers

    Whether resting on their side, back, or stomach, lighter individuals , will naturally experience very little sinking. If these individuals sleep on a firm mattress, tension can build-up near the pressure pointscreating pain and stiffness. Lightweight sleepers need a soft bed that will quickly respond to their body weight for adequate contouring.

    Advantages Of A Soft Mattress

    A softer mattress is usually recommended for those who are experiencing back pain on a standard mattress, or those who have pre-existing back problems. Theyre also recommended for lighter individuals as a harder mattress can end up not compressing for them at all.

    Softer mattresses are generally better for those who sleep on their side, as they better cushion the shoulders and hips. On the side, a softer mattress better aligns the spine, too.

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    Firm Or Plush Mattress: Which Should You Choose

    Squishy and soft or solid and firm? Thats the question that every sleeper has to answer for themselves when it comes to selecting the right mattress.

    Mattresses differ just as much as sleepers do and there is no singular degree of firmness or plushness that earns the top spot for Mattresses differ just as much as sleepers do. Theres everything from a memory foam mattress to an innerspring mattress. Yet, with all of them, there is no singular degree of firmness or plushness that earns the top spot for sound sleep. When it comes to finding a comfortable mattress its all about personal preferencethose who want to sink into their mattress the way they sink into a warm, welcoming hug will prefer the plush qualities of a soft mattress, while those who want to rest comfortably atop their mattress will love the supportive rigidity of a firmer bed.

    So, regarding the plush vs firm mattress debate: Which is the right mattress for you?

    Whether you want the soothing relief of our Nova Hybrid or the unwavered firmness of the Wave Hybrid, your mattresses got your back, literally.

    Is A Soft Or Firm Mattress Better For Back Pain

    Firm Or Soft Mattress: Which Is Best For You?

    People who struggle with back pain want to find a mattress that is not-too-firm and not-too-soft. A medium-firm mattress should ensure that they sink into the mattress just the right amount so that the spine stays in proper neutral alignment. Also, the mattress should feature good lumbar support, and this will also help prevent and alleviate back pain.

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    Find Your Local Mattress Warehouse

    Everyones heard of the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears the porridge, the chairs, and the beds. Skipping over the food and seats, we come to a dilemma that is relatable to a lot of folks. Sometimes a mattress is too soft. Sometimes a mattress is too firm. It all comes down to find the mattress that is just right. So, which is better for you: firm or soft mattresses?

    Right off the bat, it might sound like an easy question to answer. If you want a softer surface, you get a soft mattress. If you want something with a little more support, you go with a firm mattress. The problem is what you think you want and what your body actually needs in order for you to get your best nights sleep can often times be two completely different things.

    How Do I Know If My Mattress Is Too Firm

    If you are a side sleeper, look for the following signs to determine if your mattress is too firm.

    • You experience pain and stiffness near pressure points, such as your hips and shoulders.
    • Your arms quickly fall asleep with little pressure.
    • You frequently wake with back pain due to a misaligned spine.

    Back sleepers tend to benefit from a firmer mattress. However, if you can place a hand between the lumbar and the mattress, you may want a bed with a bit more softness, such as a medium-firm bed.

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    Pillow Firmness Vs Loft

    Its common to mistake pillow firmness for loft, as both concepts directly impact how supportive and comfortable a pillow is. However, firmness and loft shouldnt be used interchangeably because theyre entirely different descriptive terms.

    Loft refers to the height and thickness of a pillow. There are typically three categories of pillow loft: low loft, medium loft, and high loft. The higher the loft, the thicker and taller the pillow will be. Meanwhile, pillow firmness describes how easily a pillow gives when theres weight on it, as well as how well it conforms to the head and neck area.

    For example, a side sleeper will prefer a higher-loft to allow their neck to experience the optimal amount of alignment. At the same time, theyll want a pillow with more firmness because it will provide their head and neck area the best possible support.

    The best way to remember the difference is to associate loft with height and firmness with support.

    Cooler For Those Who Sleep Hot

    Should I get a firmer mattress or a softer mattress? | Ultimate Mattress Buying Guide

    If you tend to feel hot at night, a firmer mattress may provide more cooling relief over one that tends to hug your body. If youre looking for a mattress that helps keep you cool and comfortable all night long, check out our cooling collection, complete with mattresses with temperature regulating features, a key dimension of Casper 4D Sleep Technology.

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    Suitable For Side Sleepers

    When side sleeping, the hips and shoulders bear the brunt of the body weight. Resting on a firmer mattress can cause pressure to build up near these sensitive areas. This tension could force you to toss and turn to find comfortresulting in lost hours of sleep. We usually recommend soft mattresses for side sleepers because they will keep the body cradled and supported to alleviate tension.

    Since some soft mattresses tend to promote sinking, be sure to select one that has enough responsiveness to keep the torso lifted, so the spine remains neutral.

    Plush Vs Firm Mattresses: Weight Considerations

    As Ive mentioned before, its important to consider your weight when looking at the plush vs firm mattress comparison. One model would have a different feel when used by sleepers of various body types.

    Let me give you an example. Lets say we have a mattress that the manufacturer rates as Medium-Firm . When an average user sleeps on this mattress, they would probably agree with this rating. However, if the same mattress is used by a lightweight sleeper , they would perceive it as a Firm bed and rate it around 8 or even 9. Just like that, heavier folks would consider the same mattress Medium .

    This happens because of the pressure different body types can apply to a mattress surface. Heavier users cause more compression of the mattress materials and experience more sinkage, which makes their bed feel softer. This often causes larger sleepers to search for the best extra-firm mattresses that offer more support and less sagging.

    Just like that, petite sleepers dont sink that much and dont experience much cushioning. Therefore, some mattresses may seem firmer to them, especially the ones using bouncier materials .

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    Do Side Sleepers Need A Firm Or Soft Mattress

    Side sleepers usually need a medium to medium-soft mattress to make sure the shoulders, hips and spine are properly aligned. If youre a heavy-set sleeper who sleeps on your side, you can get away with a firmer mattress since it will give a little more under your weight and keep your body in the proper position.

    Buy A Softer Mattress Topper

    How Can You Tell if Your Mattress Is Too Soft?

    Investing in a mattress topper is the most popular and immediate solution to make your firm mattress softer. Toppers sit on the surface of your mattress and can provide extra comfort for your mattress.

    A topper with a softer firmness rating will instantly make your mattress feel more comfortable.

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    Account For Body Size

    The body size of the sleeper is an important factor in determining how soft or firm a mattress should be. Smaller people may prefer softer mattresses because they may not weigh enough to create much give on a firmer mattress. People who have heavier builds may be uncomfortable as they sink into a soft mattress. For them, a firmer mattress may give way as much as a softer one does for a smaller person.

    Invest In A Softer Mattress

    If you think your mattress is too firm for any of these steps to provide long-term results, it might be time to invest in a new mattress.

    Ideally, your mattress should be replaced every seven years so you can always get a great night’s sleep. However, if your mattress is damaged or lumpy or is too uncomfortable to sleep on, investing in a softer mattress is the best option.

    If you’re looking to replace your firm mattress, check out these options:

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    Who Should Choose A Soft Mattress

    • Side sleepers. Anyone who sleeps on their side wants to find a mattress that will relieve pressure on their shoulders and hips. Soft mattresses usually feature superior pressure relief, so side sleepers should keep that in mind.
    • People with pain issues. Soft mattresses can be a good match for those who struggle with joint or hip pain. A soft mattress with memory foam can reduce and alleviate the pain felt in those areas.
    • Those who like to sink into their mattress. Soft mattresses really allow sleepers to sink into the mattress. Anyone who prefers to sleep in their mattress should prefer a soft mattress.
    • Couples. Softer mattresses, especially those that feature memory foam, handle motion transfer better than firm mattresses. When one partner moves around on the mattress, they have less of a chance of disturbing the other partner on a soft mattress.

    Check out the best soft mattresses, or see our top plush mattress pick below:

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    Saatva Mattress Review – Is It The BEST Innerspring Mattress???(UPDATED!)

    In fact, any bed that curves and deforms the body, any bed that provides too much stiffness or too much dipping will not benefit side sleepers. If sleeping on such a foundation, they will deal with tense muscles, back and joint pain, and many restless nights. Thus, if you wish to enjoy a healthy sleep, remember that your best option is neither soft, nor firm, but a medium to soft firmness and a mattress which has all the features I described.

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