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Do Mattress Toppers Really Help

Are Crate Egg Foam Toppers Any More Expensive Than Other Pads

Minimizer Mattress ‘really does help my back’

Our research suggests that prices of egg crate toppers are comparable with memory foam and latex toppers and are in the price range of between $25-$200.

A lot of the eggshell toppers are made of similar material used to make high end mattresses.

With an egg crate topper you get to experience sleeping on a premium mattress but at a fraction of the cost!

What Is A Mattress Topper And What Are Its Benefits

Mattress Toppers can be as simple as a layer of foam or more complex hybrids of multiple materials. Image from .

Mattress toppers are available in a wide variety of styles, materials, and features. They can be as simple as a layer of foam or as complex as a variety of layers with a covering.

A mattress topper is a layer that lies directly on top of your regular mattress. It can add extra cushioning to improve the level of comfort of your mattress. A mattress topper can also improve the support a mattress gives your body and extend the life expectancy of a mattress by protecting it from wear and tear.

Mattress toppers come in different types of materials, such as memory foam, latex, wool, cotton, polyester, and feather. If you want a truly luxurious experience, you can even get mattress toppers that are filled with real silk. They vary in terms of thickness, density and firmness, price, heat regulation, durability, and extra features.

Mattress toppers offer many benefits. They protect mattresses from sagging and wearing out prematurely, prolonging their lifespan. Mattress Toppers can cover up the lumps on your mattress and provide a cushioning layer to make your old mattress feel like new. They can adjust the degree of firmness or softness of a regular mattress to best match your preferences and needs. They also accommodate and distribute your body weight evenly, allowing for a neutral spine alignment.

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Whats The Difference Between A Mattress Pad And A Mattress Topper

Mattress pads are relatively thin and are primarily meant to protect against spills and stains, whereas mattress toppers are usually several inches thick and are designed to change the feel of a mattress.Mattress pads often contain some kind of padding like wool, cotton, fiberfill, or down. While this can add some plushness to a mattress, this is not their main purpose.

Mattress toppers usually come in the same materials you would expect from a mattress comfort layer, such as memory foam, polyfoam, latex, wool, or down. A mattress topper cant fix an old, sagging mattress, but it can change the feel of a mattress thats too firm or too plush. This is a cost-effective way to obtain a different firmness level without investing in a whole new mattress.

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Mattress Topper Vs Mattress Pad

Despite how often these two terms are used interchangeably, the fact is that a mattress topper and a mattress pad are not actually one and the same.

Theyre similar. But there remain some key differences between the two.

A mattress topper, for example, is usually thicker than an inch. It provides comfort by adjusting either the firmness or the softness of your mattress.

Thats why certain mattress toppers can be used to soften up a firm bed, or they can be used to provide structure to one thats far too cushioned.

On the other hand, a mattress pad is typically thinner than an inch and is designed to add plushness only.

Most of the time, a mattress pad will also be contained within a fitted sheet. Mattress toppers tend to be standalone or have corner straps to hold them in position.

And last but not least, a mattress pad may also provide some protective qualities while toppers arent usually spill-resistant.

Add Your Mattress Protector

Does a Mattress Topper(s) Really Help?

While your mattress topper will provide some level of moisture resistance, you might want an extra layer of protection. Thats where a mattress protector comes in.

A mattress protector serves as a barrier between the rest of the world and your mattress.

It can help prevent spills from soaking into your mattress or topper. Plus, it can also help prevent the general wear and tear your mattress will go through over the course of its lifecycle.

If you use a mattress protector, you can stretch on top of your mattress topper before putting on your sheets.

You can skip this step if you arent using an additional mattress protector too.

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Do You Need A Mattress Protector And A Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers and mattress protectors can be used together or on their own to add a little comfort to old or uncomfortable mattresses. A mattress topper makes your bed feel brand new and adds height, depth, and extra cushioning to your mattress. On the other hand, as the name suggests, a mattress protector protects the surface underneath against dust, dirt, sweat, moisture, and spills. For more information, take a look at our article do you really need a mattress protector.

You need a mattress protector to protect your mattress against spills and liquids. However, you do not need a mattress topper if you are already happy with the comfort of your mattress.

The mattress protector will help prolong the lifespan of your mattress. Even a simple waterproof mattress protector like can add years of life to your mattress because it will limit moisture buildup and absorption into your mattress. Note that you will need to replace your mattress protector to maintain its integrity as well. Here’s a guide to how often you should replace a mattress protector.

If you are not satisfied with the cushioning or the firmness of your mattress, then you may want to adjust its comfort by adding a mattress topper.

A Gel Swirl Foam Mattress Topper That Looks As Cool As It Feels

Promising review: This is literally the most amazing mattress topper that I have ever owned . The thickness is just right to relieve pain . It is super soft and comfortable, and it is not easily moved by changing positions at night. It completely stays in place. In addition, I bought these pillows with my topper. The combination makes for a perfect nights sleep. I cannot recommend these two together enough. My sleep has been forever changed. Jessyca Hammonds

Get it from Amazon for $52.99+ .

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A Memory Foam Topper With A Removable Cover That’s Made From Bamboo Viscose Because The More Layers Between You And The Foam Layer The Cooler You’ll Sleep

Because air has trouble circulating when you lay on the foam, this cover plus the mattress pad you’d put on top of it would both allow even more space for that air to move around. Made of 2-inch gel memory foam and a machine-washable bamboo cover.

Promising review: “I have fibromyalgia, and I can’t have too firm a bed or too cushioned a bed, and this is perfect. It rests on a firmer mattress and provides just enough give to make a huge difference in me not waking up with back pain. I also used to wake up every time I rolled onto my hip, but no more. If you are looking for an extremely cushioned difference for your bed , this might not be the product you want. It’s not thick enough to provide that much of a transformation. As for me, the last thing I wanted was to feel like I was sinking in quicksand every time I moved around in my bed. This is, as Goldilocks would say, ‘Just right.'” Professor

Get it from Amazon for $67.99+ .

Increases The Longevity Of The Mattress

Best Mattress Toppers – Which Is Right For You?

Considering the longevity of your mattress, it is essential to tackle this uncomfortable matter of sleeping directly on the mattress, which implies there is nothing there to battle the following enemies to your mattress:

  • Bacteria and Dead Skin: These will inescapably end up on your body, and by using a mattress topper, you can keep these away from the mattress. Latex, hybrid foam and memory foams must also have removable covers, so that you can wash them along with your bedding.
  • Body Sweat: Did you know your body sweats about 2 pints of moisture every night? Yes, this is through breathing, sweat and other fluids. And the only place for it to go is into the duvet, cover, and your mattress. That is when a topper comes into play and stops perspiration and sweat from reaching your mattress. Even though your mattress topper will absorb all the perspiration, it is way cheaper to remove and wash it, or even replace it instead of your mattress.
  • Unwanted Imprints and Settlement: Foam mattresses compress eventually due to the nature of their foam structure. So by using a mattress topper, you make sure that the top layer takes any sag instead of the mattress. In addition to this, it allows you to replace your topper should you require to, which implies that if your body weight increases pushing the original mattress towards its extreme.

The additional benefits include keeping your mattress newer for a longer period of time, and providing you with additional comfort.

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The Company Store Legends Hotel Down Alternative Baffled Featherbed

The best hypo-allergenic mattress topper


If you want the sheer luxury of a down mattress topper, but don’t want the real thing perhaps you’re avoiding animal-derived materials, or you suffer from allergies the TCS Down Alternative Featherbed is the perfect alternative. With four inches of TCS’s trademark Down-Free filling, you’ll get all the plush comfort with none of the downsides.

If you’re looking for a firm mattress topper, this won’t be right for you. But for sink-right-in comfort it’s a perfect choice. However, we’d highly recommend picking up a mattress protector alongside the Featherbed, because you won’t be able to wash or dry clean it if it gets dirty.

Reasons to avoid

If money is no object, then there’s no reason not to get an Eight Sleep Pod Thermo cover. Eight Sleep’s Pod mattress is excellent, and the Thermo cover essentially transforms any old mattress into a state-of-the-art bed right out of a science fiction novel.

With temperature settings ranging from 55-110°F separately adjustable for both sides of the bed even if you and your partner have drastically different sleeping styles, you’ll be able tailor your experience and rest soundly. You’ll also be able to track your sleep with the free app, plus it comes with a 30-day trial, during which you can send it back for a full refund.

Is It Worth Getting A Mattress Topper

When deciding whether a mattress topper is the best option for you, its important to consider several factors such as the age of your mattress, its condition, and how much money youre willing to spend on extra bedding.

A mattress topper may be worth it if your mattress is starting to sag and prevent a good nights rest. However, if youre on a budget and sleeping on a relatively cozy mattress, you might want to consider holding off until its absolutely necessary.

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How Do Mattress Toppers Differ From Protectors And Pads

This is a common question, but theres an easy way to tell the difference between these three main mattress accessories:

Mattress toppers, also known as bed toppers, are the thickest of the three and are designed to sit right on top of your mattress. They are usually anchored in place by thick straps that go over and under your mattress. You can buy toppers that are up to seven inches deep, and their goal is to make your bed more comfortable for your body. That could be by adding firmer support or quilted top softness, or even dedicated cooling gels to dissipate body heat.

Mattress pads are thinner and therefore make less of an impact than toppers. Some people choose them if they arent sure whether they need a full bed topper, but keep in mind that mattress pads wont add anywhere near as much comfort as a proper topper will. They are cheaper though and can add a layer of protection to help protect your bed from stains.

Mattress protectors are the thinnest of the three but they play a very important role: they are designed to keep spills, dust, urine, dust mites and pesky bed bugs away from your mattress. We always recommend placing a protector over your mattress topper for maximum hygiene, and to help all of your accessories last longer, giving you more value for money in the long-term.

Can Mattress Toppers Cause Lower Back Pain

Does a Mattress Topper Really Help?

Waking up with lower back pain can really be a pain. The worst thing is that sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint the reason for this pain that you are suffering from.

When it comes to whether mattress toppers are a good solution to back pain, the reviews are fairly mixed. While some people say that mattress toppers help solve their back pain, others blame their mattress toppers for causing lower back pain.

Toppers can be great because they can make a firm bed a little more comfortable and a soft bed a little firmer. The idea is that we want to avoid extremes, because a bed that is too firm wont support your spines natural curves, which over time can lead to pain and discomfort. On the flip side, a bed that is too soft will cause you to sink in and wont protect those curves either.

The most common cause of back pain is in your lower back.

The secret is to strike a happy medium between the two. The best material to sleep on is the type that molds to your shape, like memory foam. This allows you to keep your spine and head well aligned while you sleep, therefore reducing the chances of pain and injury.

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When A Topper Isnt The Answer

It seems that many of us grow attached to our mattresses probably because we spend so much time on them. But an old, unsupportive mattress can have serious health implications, causing back pain, muscular aches, sleep deprivation and more. If any of the following is true about your mattress, then its time to let go:

  • It has a lumpy, uneven surface
  • Exposed springs/ interior

Whats The Difference Between A Mattress Pad And Topper

If youre looking for a cooling addition to your bed, you will find both pads and toppers. A mattress pad is the thinner option of the two. Think of it as a mattress protector with cooling properties. Mattress pads are usually less expensive than mattress toppers. They are easy to remove and machine washable. Because they have less cushion, cooling mattress pads are better for people who like a firm bed.

Mattress toppers are thicker than mattress pads. Many add a more plush feel to a bed, although foam mattress toppers can also add an extra layer of support for a firmer feel. Mattress toppers are usually too big to launder in a home washer and dryer, making them difficult to clean.

Both of these options go under a fitted sheet. Be mindful of this when buying sheets for your bed. You will need to account for the extra height in order for your sheets to fit.

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Should I Buy A Mattress Topper

If you’re looking to rejuvenate your mattress and enjoy a more comfortable sleep, then we recommend that you invest in a mattress topper. It can give you luxurious comfort, protect your mattress and help to extend its lifespan.

But, if your mattress is looking worn down and lumpy, you should buy a new mattress rather than a topper. This is because your topper won’t be able to give you the same support as a brand new mattress. Read our guide on when to change your mattress.

If you feel like you need a little bit more from your mattress, then a topper is a great investment. You’ll be able to feel the benefits immediately.

What Are The Most Comfortable Mattress Toppers

Choosing a Mattress for Back Pain

There are a variety of toppers to choose from and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, so here are factors to consider when shopping for your most comfortable mattress topper:

  • Thickness: A good topper should be at least two inches, but a thicker option will offer more support, especially when it comes to foam toppers. If youâre just looking for a small upgrade, opt for a thinner model.
  • Softness: If your mattress is too firm, adding a down or fiberfill topper can give you plush comfort so it won’t feel as hard.
  • Support: If you’re feeling pain when you wake up, adding a foam topper can increase firmness or give you you pressure relief around your joints.
  • Temperature regulation: Some mattresses can cause night sweats because they trap heat around your body, so you can opt for a topper with cooling features.
  • Care: Many mattress toppers aren’t washable, especially ones made of foam. If this matters to you, check for one that you can launder in a washing machine.
  • Certifications: To make sure there are no harmful levels of chemicals in the materials, look for labels like CertiPUR-US on foam toppers. For down toppers, check for the Responsible Down Standard , which ensures the ducks and geese receive humane treatment.

Best Overall Mattress Topper

$399.00 $319.20

Best Value Mattress Topper

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Do I Need A Mattress Topper

People often interchange the terms mattress pads and mattress toppers however, they are not generally the same thing. They are actually two different products with specific functions.

To put things in perspective, pads are generally used to give protection to your mattress and a marginally extra level of comfort or softness.

On the other hand, toppers are designed specifically to enhance the level of comfort of a mattress. So, although they make look like to be the same thing, they are designed for different purposes.

When you buy a mattress topper, you are basically paying for a higher level of comfort. Toppers are relatively expensive while pads are much cheaper. The defining difference is the thickness quotient. Mattress toppers are way thicker than pads. A topper provides only reasonable protection for your mattress while pads are excellent at that job.

Lets summarize it one last time to make it as clear as possible:

You buy a PAD to simply protect the mattress at a very low price.

You buy a TOPPER to enhance you mattress comfort level, at a higher price.


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