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Do Stomach Sleepers Need A Firm Mattress

Stomach Sleeping Weight Chart

Best Mattresses For Stomach Sleepers – Get The Support You Need! (UPDATED!)

To help folks that are stomach sleepers, we created a scale to help sleepers of different weights decipher which firmness is best for their body type. The important thing is to remain comfortable without sinking in or having your limbs pinned in discomfort. As you can see above, most stomach sleepers prefer firmer mattresses overall. For those that are heavier, ultra-firm mattresses may be best so that your back is properly supported.

Supportive And Luxurious: Stearns & Foster Estate Rockwell

*At the time of publishing, the price was $1,800.

Who its for: The Stearns & Foster Estate Rockwell should work best for stomach-sleepers who like a relatively firm mattress, with just a bit of quilted cushioning on top.

What it feels like: This classic innerspring mattress feels firm, but the pillow top pushes it toward medium-firm territory.

Why its great: Stomach-sleeping testers who liked the Stearns & Foster Estate Rockwell consistently praised its firm-yet-cushioned feel. The bed has a support layer of 1,160 pocketed coils, so it keeps your spine properly aligned while conforming to your bodys curves there are also 344 firmer coils around the perimeter, so you can sit on the edge without sliding off. A just-soft-enough pillow topfeaturing foam created by the designers of the Tempur-Adapt, one of our recommended foam mattressesenhances the beds cradle effect. This mattress has a similar heavy-duty feel to the Charles P. Rogers Estate SE, but its firmer and less plush. Its also less springy.

Tips For Stomach Sleepers

Use a flat thin pillow or nothing at all if you sleep on your stomach. Instead, you might choose to place a small pillow under your hips to give them a slight lift which relieves pressure on your spine. Laying in a prone position is the worst sleeping position for your neck. If you can train yourself to sleep on your side, it will be much healthier. Although changing from back sleeping to stomach sleeping does reduce snoring for most people.

Stomach sleepers are especially vulnerable to back pain caused by a sagging mattress. If your mattress is sagging badly enough, it may feel like you are sleeping in an inescapable crater every night. Your sleep will be disruptive and you will likely be waking up with aches and pains! Find out why your mattress is sagging and either fix the problem, or replace your mattress.

Summary: Tucking you in

When you get right down to it, picking out the right mattress is all about your body type and preferred sleep position. As a general rule, softer mattresses are better for those who sleep on their sides, while medium-firm mattresses work better for heavier sleepers and those who sleep on their backs or stomachs.

I don’t know about you, but all this sleep talk has me ready for bed! We are here for you if you experience insomnia or need help with getting on a better sleep schedule. As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments for suggestions at

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Benefits & Drawbacks Of Firm Mattresses

Firm mattresses have many benefits and support is chief among them. Firm mattresses are more supportive than soft mattresses and hold up the body, rather than letting it sink in too far. Lying on a firm mattress, most people will feel like they are sleeping on top of the mattress, and they should have no real issues moving around on the mattress.

This also makes firm mattresses cooler than soft mattresses. Lying more on top of the mattress, more of the body is exposed to the air that is moving around in the bedroom.

However, while firm mattresses offer great support, they arent the best when it comes to pressure relief. Side sleepers might feel some serious pressure on their shoulders and hips when they lie on a firm mattress. Also, while comfort is subjective, many people dont find firm mattresses to be as comfortable.

What Makes The Dreamcloud Premier Stand Out

Do Side Sleepers Need a Firm Mattress?
  • The pillow-top makes this a bed that you can lay on instead of sinking in.
  • The individually-wrapped coils and soft memory foam layers work together to make a comfortable, supportive, and responsive sleep surface.
  • The DreamCloud Premier includes temperature-regulating materials and a cashmere-blend cover to keep you cool while you sleep.

The support of a mattress can really depend on someones weight. So, while a mattress could be a good fit for someone of my size , it might not be supportive enough for someone heavier. If youre a heavier person who sleeps on your stomach, you shouldnt worry, because the WinkBeds Plus should be right for you, as its actually made with larger people in mind.

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Best Mattress For Motion Isolation

The Love & Sleep mattress from Nest Bedding supplies a high quality nights sleep at an incredibly competitive cost factor.

Its Energex foam helps support the body while preserving enough strength to prevent feeling embeded the bed.

The mattress model has a straightforward layout and is available in both Medium as well as Firm designs, and because of this, the Love & Sleep is an option for sleepers in any type of position.

It has actually made our choose the very best mattress for motion seclusion.

Mattress model Kind: All Foam Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers Memory Foam

Customer Ranking: 4.8 out of 5

Firmness: Medium and Firm

Trial Period for Returns: 100 evenings

To buy:

The Best Mattresses For Stomach Sleepers

  • Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers with Back Pain Leesa Hybrid

Leesa has reverse-engineered their mattress to suit the needs of stomach sleepers. The Leesa Hybrid is a medium-firm memory foam mattress that is designed with three layers of comfort for people suffering from chronic back pain due to their sleep position. First is a comfort layer of premium foam to provide pressure relief, and next, a recovery layer designed to contour to your body. Finally, a third support layer of pocket coils helps to support the torso and protect the lower back for stomach sleepers. So if youre looking for a mattress that gives pressure relief for your back and shoulders, while simultaneously offering proper support for your sleeping position, the Leesa mattress is an excellent choice.

Read our fullLeesa Hybrid Mattress Review to learn more.

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Best Mattress For Heavier Sleepers: Loom & Leaf

Dont be leery of its sticker price Saatvas Loom & Leaf gel memory foam mattress is an investment that yields a big return for years to come. Heavier stomach sleepers will be amazed at Loom & Leafs ability to maintain the natural curvature of their spines throughout the night.

Mattress Advisor experts found that test subjects of all different body types reported near-perfect spine alignment regardless of their size, earning the Loom & Leaf a 9 out of 10 in this category.

The Loom & Leaf high-quality foam construction also responds pretty well to movement, which is a plus if you tend to shift around or even change up your sleep position while you sleep. It scored an 8 out of 10 during testing for responsiveness.

The Loom & Leaf mattress has two firmness levels to choose from, either relaxed firm or firm. While the firmer option is better for heavier people who sleep on their stomach, the relaxed firm is still a good choice if you insist on something a touch softer.

  • Mattress Type: Gel Memory Foam
  • Customer Rating: 4.8 out of 5
  • Firmness: Relaxed Firm, Firm

Loom & Leaf Mattress, $1,899 for a Queen

Are Memory Foam Mattresses Good For Stomach Sleepers

Calista Extra Firm Mattress Review – A Good Fit For Stomach Sleepers?

Memory foam contours closely to the shape of your body. This takes pressure off of the back, shoulders and hips. The main concern with a memory foam mattress for stomach sleepers is if the foam is too soft. The mattress should be firm enough to keep the hips lifted. High-density foam is often more durable and supportive.

People who sleep in this position are more likely to shift or change positions throughout the night. If you sleep on your stomach, you may find that you turn your head from one side to another, or adjust your arms and legs to find the most comfortable position. Consequently, the more limited ease of movement provided by memory foam may be an issue. For those who share the bed, a memory foam mattress can minimize motion transfer and prevent sleep disturbances.

Another drawback to memory foam is that it is less breathable than natural materials like latex and wool. Since it responds to heat and pressure, it can retain body heat and restrict airflow throughout the mattress. If you want the conforming feel of memory foam without the heat retention, look for mattresses that use gel-infused or copper memory foam, or have aerated layers. A memory foam mattress is not for everyone, but for some stomach sleepers it can provide much-needed comfort and support.

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What You Need To Know About Sleeping On Your Stomach

Fewer than 10% of adults in the U.S. sleep on their stomachs, making it the least common sleeping position. This is due in part to the high potential for aches and pains. The stomach is a weight center for most adults, and sleeping stomach-down can place undue strain on the neck, shoulders, back, and hips if theyre pulled out of spinal alignment. Stomach sleepers may also experience discomfort when they crane their neck to one side.

However, for some, stomach sleeping is the most comfortable position. In most cases, these sleepers assume the freefall position illustrated below. Both arms are bent at the elbow and placed beneath the sleepers pillow and head, while the legs are fully extended or slightly bent at the knee.

Although many prefer sleeping on their stomach, the freefall position is generally not recommended because of the relatively high potential for discomfort. Many stomach sleepers report pain and pressure in their shoulders, lower back, and hips, as well as neck strain.

Fortunately, there are some notable benefits to stomach sleeping. Like side sleeping, stomach sleeping can help reduce snoring and alleviate the symptoms of acid reflux. Sleeping on your stomach can also minimize the development of facial wrinkles.

However, the freefall position is commonly associated with the following issues:

Final Considerations For Stomach Sleepers

We hope you found this article helpful in selecting the best mattress for your needs. As an added bonus, we have some useful tips to share with you to assist you in having the best night of sleep possible.


If youre a die-hard stomach sleeper and you cannot make pillow-less sleep work for you, we submit. But at least take a look at our best pillow guide so we can help you pick out something that might be a bit easier on your neck, or even more specifically, our best pillows for stomach sleepers guide. Youll want to stay away from thick or extra firm pillows. With these, your head will be forced upward and your neck will strain. For stomach sleepers, your pillow should usually be thin and soft. While not as sexy, these are the best option to keep the neck aligned with the rest of the spine. The flatter the pillow, the less angled your head and neck will be, and thats a good thing.

Sleeping Position Modifications

The main objective of the following exercises is to train yourself to sleep on your side. If youre open to making a few small modifications, we think it could really improve your sleep and lessen the likelihood of strain. For a comprehensive look, head over to our article on how to train yourself to sleep on your back. Or, if side sleeping interests you, read on.

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Buying Guide: Best Mattresses For Stomach Sleepers

  • 3 min read

Your personal ideal night of sleep involves a variety of different elements: the ideal temperature, the correct lighting and the coziest linens. And of course, the most important element of all: the perfect mattress.

There are a few different factors that go into choosing your perfect mattress, too. You have to choose a material: traditional innerspring, memory foam, or hybrid? Then youll want to consider your mattress size preference: twin, full, queen, or king? And finally, there is your preferred sleeping position: back, side, or stomach?

Certain mattresses work best for certain sleeping positions, and if youre sleeping on a mattress that’s the wrong fit for your particular sleep preferences, your comfort levels and sleep quality will likely suffer. Today we’re continuing our sleep position series with the best mattresses for one of the least common positions: stomach sleeping.

If you are a stomach sleeper, chances are you’ve heard that its not the most beneficial position and can be hard on your back. But dont worry, that doesnt mean you need to switch it up and give up your favorite position! All you need to get the optimal nighttime support and comfort is the right mattress.

Keep Your Legs Down At A Natural Angle

5 Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers

Stomach-sleeping is also known as the freefall position, because many people hitch their legs out to the side while lying on their stomachs. But this can cause your spine to get even more misaligned. For better spinal alignment, you should try to keep your legs down and straight or let them splay out just a bit.

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Why Does My Back Hurt After Waking Up

If your back hurts upon waking, its probably due to your sleeping position. If your spine falls out of alignment or is arched throughout the night, youll wake up with aches, stiffness, and soreness. Try side sleeping with a body pillow to remain in alignment all night. Over time, you should begin to wake up feeling pain-free.

Ideal Firmness For Stomach Sleeping

Many stomach sleepers wonder about the best mattress firmness for their sleeping posture. Since stomach and back sleeping require less contouring , usually a firm mattress is a good match. However, firmness needs vary based on your weight and preferences. It may be something you need to experiment with. Many of our top-pick mattresses come with two sides and/or risk-free trials and the ability to return the mattress if the firmness isn’t right.

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Issues With Stomach Sleeping And How To Address Them

Regardless of sleeping position, all sleepers should be trying to sleep in a neutral spinal alignment, where all areas of your spine are in a natural position, with minimum tension, twisting, or flexion. This is particularly challenging for a stomach sleeper, but heres what you can do to address the common issues:

Ultimately, its best to try and transition to another sleep position, such as sleeping on your back or side. Both of these positions make it much easier to obtain a neutral spinal alignment.

Best Mattress For A Side And Stomach Sleeper

Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers – Our Top 10 Picks!

As much as I’d love to sleep on my back because researchers say it is the healthiest sleep position, I tend to be a side and stomach sleeper.

If you are a side and stomach sleeper, it’s important that you choose the right mattress that will cradle your body yet offer support your pressure points.

While it might be tempting to go with a mattress that has a firm feel thinking it will offer more support, choosing the firmest mattresses can leave you with aches and pains if you sleep on your side, in addition to your stomach. If you’re solely a stomach sleeper, a supportive mattress of medium firmness will work great to avoid sinkage that does not support your midsection.

Back sleepers enjoy the benefits of good spinal alignment at night and fewer wrinkles. So, what about those of us who are set in our ways as side and stomach sleepers?

It’s not all bad news, in fact, recent studies have shown that side sleeping, especially on your left side, has some benefit after all.

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Logan And Cove Mattress

Our runner-up for the best firm mattress in Canada is the Logan and Cove Mattress, a luxury-style mattress with a competitive price. This is a pillow-top mattress featuring a cloud-like topper for extra comfort no matter the firmness you select. You can pick between Medium Plush , Luxury Firm depending on your preference and sleep position. If you are a hot sleeper and suffer from night sweats, you will love the gel foam upper layer of the Logan and Cove mattress. Plus, the cover material is made from soft Tencel® and filled with silk, adding further cooling, heat-dissipating properties.

This is a more complex mattress than the Novosbed as it has 6 layers, including gel foam, polyfoam, and a layer of wrapped coils. The combination of foam and coils means that movement remains at the site of the person moving, and will not disturb the other sleeper. Because the coils are wrapped with foam, the entire surface of the mattress is supportive, right to the edges. This gives you more room on your side and keeps you steady when sitting on the edge of the bed.

Best Flippable Mattress For Stomach Sleepers: Plank Mattress By Brooklyn Bedding

Many stomach sleepers question how firm a mattress they need to sleep well. If youre unsure how firm a bed you need, the Plank Mattress from Brooklyn Bedding is an excellent way to experiment. One side feels firm while another side feels extra-firm.

The Plank Mattress has four layers. From the firm side down, the first layer is a 1.5-inch quilted layer that ensures a minimal loft for an unyielding feel. The flat, firm surface promotes a neutral spine alignment.

The next layer is 2 inches of TitanFlex comfort foam, a transition layer to increase the mattresss compression and contouring. This foam ensures responsive pressure relief while still delivering a firm feel.

The third layer is the main support core, 7 inches of high-density base foam. The final layer is 0.75 inches of a quilted top, establishing the reverse sides extra-firm feel.

Shoppers can add on a cooling panel top on each side of the mattress. This top includes premium phase change molecule fabric to promote a cool-to-the-touch surface throughout the night.

The Plank Mattress comes with a 120-night risk-free trial and a 10-year warranty.


  • Extra-firm and firm sides for different comfort preferences
  • Low prices excellent for bargain-hunting stomach sleepers
  • Optional cooling top panel for a more temperature-neutral surface

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