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Do You Use A Box Spring With Purple Mattress

What Is A Boxspring

Do You Need A Box Spring? – Everything There Is To Know!

A boxspring is a support for your mattress and is typically constructed from a wooden frame, covered in cloth with springs in the middle. It is usually built the same size as the mattress it will support and thats why you often are able to buy a mattress and box spring as a set when you buy a new mattress.

The boxspring fulfills three needs:

  • To raise the mattress higher off the ground so youre not stuck in your bed like a turtle on its back.
  • To absorb impact and reduce the wear on the mattress.
  • To give the mattress a strong, flat surface to sit on.
  • These days, the word boxspring is somewhat of a misnomer, because most dont use springs. The term foundation is a more apt description. This has changed in the past decade or two. Up until the early 2000s, most boxsprings used actual springs in them and acted as a shock absorber for the mattress. Now, most mattresses use foundations that are just sturdy, inflexible boxes that support the mattress. These can be made of wood or metal.

    How To Use A Bed Without A Box Spring

    Box spring is one kind of foundation that can provide extra support to the mattress you use in bed. It increases the durability of the mattress and also gives you comfort in sleep or rest. But lots of people have the question how to use a bed without a box spring. the use of a box spring with your bed is optional.

    In this article, we discuss various points of box spring and also give you some tips on how can you use the bed without a box spring. So, read our article attentively for enriching knowledge. Lets start:

    How Much Is A Purple Mattress

    The original Purple mattress keeps the entry cost at a low level on its two mattresses to ensure that apprehensive users can begin to appreciate the Purple differences with no harm in their pocket. For $599, you can enjoy their twin mattress shipped directly to your home. For bigger sizes, like King and Queen, you can expect to pay more than the $1,000 mark, with a specific figure of $1,199 and $1.499, respectively. Do You Need Box Spring With Purple Mattress

    If youre considering buying the Purple Hybrid or the Hybrid Premier, expect to pay around twice or even triple the prices of the original mattress. This puts the Hybrid mattresses a bit out of range for users with a tight budget, or for those who are still uncertain about purchasing from Purple. Do You Need Box Spring With Purple Mattress

    The best thing about Purple however, is that they include the option of a 100-night trial which can help you try out the mattress before fully making a decision to purchase. Make sure youre able to utilize your mattress for 21 consecutive nights in order to complete the break-in duration. If youre not satisfied in the mattress you may get a full refund at no cost. Simply contact Purple to get your purchase reversed.

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    Can You Put A Purple Mattress On A Regular Bed Frame

    PurpleMattressyou willbasecanbed frameitmattress

    Also asked, what kind of bed frame do I need for a purple mattress?

    Bed Frames for Purple Mattress

    Most Popular
    Zinus Demetric 14 Inch Elite SmartBase
    Sizes Available Full, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King
    Grey Black

    Likewise, does the Purple mattress come with a bed frame? Absolutely! The Purple Platform Bed Frame is a great, simple foundation for any Purple Mattress.

    Also know, can I put a purple mattress on my box spring?

    It just needs a sturdy surface to sit on, whether that’s a platform, slats , box foundation, an adjustable bed frame, or even the floor it all works just fine. Make sure your mattress won’t be on a sagging frame or foundation and you’re good to go!

    Can you use a purple mattress on an adjustable bed?

    Yes, in fact Purple is one of the best mattresses for an adjustable bed. So much so that you could get a split king base with a king mattress and be ok as long as one side isn’t drastically different than the other. That way you don’t have to sleep on separate beds but one person can be sitting up higher or lower.

    Best Box Spring for Purple: The Reviews

  • The Purple Mattress Platform Base.
  • Zinus 9-Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring.
  • CPS Wood Products Premium Easy Fit Box Spring Foundation.
  • Classic Brands Instant Foundation Low Profile 4-Inch Box Spring.
  • Zinus 8 Inch Profile Wood Box Spring.
  • Anunciada Ventayol

    Who Started Purple Mattress

    Best Box Spring for Purple mattress?

    Purple has a variety of imaginative names especially the brothers Terry as well as Tony Pearce, who are material and manufacturing experts and material experts, respectively. They used both their knowledge to create sophisticated versions of products they believed required more attention in terms of structure and comfort.

    The result was the creation of Floam which is a cushioning fluid used in various products including footwear and medical instruments. The issue with Floam lies in the fact that it was primarily available to institutions since the price to develop the tech was expensive.

    So the two brothers set out to design a lower costing Floam and later developed their patented Hyper-elastic Polymer. Soft, stretchy, and durable, the Hyper elastic polymer quickly became the primary element that is what makes the Purple mattress comfortable and supple at the same time.

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    What You Dont Know Could Void Your Warranty

    The point about voiding your warranty is no small consideration. Many newly designed options, especially among the memory foam and latex varieties, require you to use something beneath the actual mattress and even list the types of bases and frames that comply with or void the warranty.

    Why? Because bases that do not support your mattress will cause it to deteriorate prematurely. And that would be your fault. And the fact that you caused the wear and tear beyond normal use, you yourself will have voided your own warranty.

    Using A Box Spring For A Foam Mattress

    So why exactly can’t you use your old box spring? According to Casper, the slats on older box springs are too far apart to support the weight of a foam mattress, and that lack of support can cause it to sag. Instead, you need a platform with slats that are much closer together.

    Casper’s redesigned box spring, “The Foundation.”

    Casper sells The Foundation, a redesigned box spring that’s made to sit on a normal bed frame. It has slats that are closer together to support the Casper mattress.

    Some other mattress companies, like Nectar, suggest that you actually can use your existing box spring to support a foam mattress, as long as it is supported by a metal bed frame, like this.

    Another important thing to keep in mind is that most companies will encourage you to buy their brand-specific product to support the mattress, which of course, is advantageous for their bottom line.

    Even if you’d rather skip buying another product, it may be worth considering getting a new platform because of the warranty issue. To be safe, check the warranty on your new mattress and verify with the company that the platform you decide to use will not void the manufacturer’s warranty.

    Buying a new foundation from your mattress company isn’t the only way to support your new mattress. You can also create a flat surface with a bunkie board or a piece of plywood. Nectar has step-by-step instructions on how to do that.

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    Where Can I Try The Purple Mattress

    The Purple Mattress is available to try at the Sleep Sherpa mattress showroom. You can try the Purple Mattress at our Minneapolis Minnesota and Chicago Illinois showrooms. We have 3 models of the Purple mattress available which are the Purple Original, Purple 3 and Purple 4 mattress. Below are the addresses and contact information of our Nectar mattress showrooms.

    Should You Put Your Purple Mattress On A Box Spring

    Purple 3 Mattress Review

    Purple mattresses are HEAVY. A queen size original, for example, is 100 lbs plus any additional weight . You need something with enough support so your mattress doesnt develop sags.

    Heres what Purple mattress says you should put your mattress on:

    The Purple Mattress will work great on any flat, sturdy foundation. Whether you put it on the Purple PowerBase or Platform, slats, box foundation, adjustable bed, or even the floor, your Purple Bed will sit pretty in any room.

    Why would you even want a box spring or what we use today, a foundation? It adds height and looks nice on your bed. Not having anything means a shorter bed. Also, our frame only has a cross section of wood its not nearly strong enough to support the weight it needs to. We could add wood slats across the bed and then it would work, but we wanted the extra height and none of the extra work .

    There are links in this article to shop Purple mattresses and we highly recommend that you do . We may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

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    Ways To Use A Bed Without A Box Spring

    To be honest, in the modern period most of the beds are designed without box spring features. In future companies will become forth from the making of box spring beds. There are many alternatives to box springs are available in the market. You can easily add them with your bed to use instead of box spring.

    Now come to the main point of our article. Our purpose in todays article gives you some ideas that might be helpful for you to avoid box spring. For this reason, we find out some of the alternatives to it. In below, we will give brief information about some of them that may be an option for you instead of box spring:

    Using A Box Spring Voids Your Warranty

    Mattress warranties are mainly to cover mattress defects from manufacturing or shipping. Or if your mattress breaks down. You have to prove significant indents for almost any warranty. Companies dont want to take back a used mattress. So we HIGHLY recommend that you use a mattress protector.

    Heres a quote from the warranty:

    Mattresses are covered by warranty only if they are used on a firm, flat, non-spring foundation sufficiently strong to remain flat and firm under the weight of the mattress and its users, from the date of delivery onward to the date of the warranty claim without interruption otherwise the warranty is void. Other placement of the mattress, including but not limited to foundations of other description, a storage facility in any orientation, or use of a non-sufficient frame beneath the foundation, voids this warranty.

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    How Is Motion Transfer And Sinkage

    If youve seen any of the Purple Mattresss advertisements, youd probably easily recognize the raw egg test they show on the mattress.

    For those of you that havent seen it, the ad focuses on how the Purple Mattress is able to cradle and support raw eggs without breaking them when a weight is dropped on them.

    It makes for a unique selling point and even more interesting commercial!

    With that being said, sinkage is pretty balanced when someone is sitting or lying on this mattress.

    Typically, the grid is able to hold the sleeper up in order to keep them from sinking low into the bed.

    As a whole, motion transfer is also very limited.

    Because the grid is able to flex and move without interfering with other aspects of the mattress, couples should not have an issue with waking each other up when turning over at night.

    Is A Box Spring A Mattress Foundation

    Do You Need A Box Spring? [The Complete Home Guide]

    Sometimes, manufacturers will use the term box spring, sometimes spelled boxspring, interchangeably with terms like, foundation, mattress foundation, or bed foundation. This has led to some confusion.

    A foundation is a raised platform, not a box. It is often made of wooden slats or metal crossbars. It is sometimes placed below a box spring for extra height, but most mattresses can rest directly on a bed foundation. Foundations provide even and study support for the thicker, heavier, high-quality mattresses available nowadays.

    A box spring has springs inside, which allow it extra give or movement. This helps absorb and transfer movement from traditional innerspring mattresses and prevents sagging.

    New mattresses made with higher quality materials, such as a Purple, have optimal motion transfer and no-pressure support built directly into the mattress. So, a box spring isnt necessary. All you need is a bed frame of your choosing.

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    Can I Use My Box Spring With A Casper Mattress

    the Casper Mattressbox springdothe

    The Casper foundation works like a standard box spring meaning you can put it on an existing bed frame or platform base.

    Furthermore, can you put a Casper mattress on a regular bed frame? Yes, you can absolutely use your Casper mattress on an adjustable bed frame! As long as the base is solid, flat, and compatible with foam mattresses, it will work just fine.

    Keeping this in consideration, can you use a box spring with a memory foam mattress?

    The good news is, you can definitely use your box spring under your memory foam mattress. Make certain your box spring is in excellent shape with no broken slats. The reason is because memory foam mattresses are heavy. The way the foundation is constructed allows the memory foam mattress on top of it to breathe.

    What do you put under a Casper mattress?

    The platform bed does not require a foundation or box spring. For a more traditional bed setup, the Casper foundation pairs with our metal bed frame for extra height and seamless support. Our foundation can also be used with any standard-size bed frame that requires a box spring or foundation to support the mattress.

    Box Spring: What Is It

    Box springs are an older type of mattress foundation that has been around for several decades. The spring technology used in the manufacturing of box springs provides sleepers with shock absorption and moderate support while promoting an even weight distribution. Some newer box springs dont contain a coil support system.

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    How Much Do Box Springs Foundations And Other Bed Bases Cost

    Like mattresses, the cost of a box spring, platform bed or adjustable base will vary by manufacturer. Its important to note that some mattress brands price their foundations by height, while others price according to size.

    The table below features the average price for box springs, foundations, and different bed base types. Please note its priced for Queen-size beds, the most commonly purchased type of bed.

    Bed Base Type
    Raised bed base that uses slats or lattice-structure to support bed without a foundation
    Adjustable bed $900 to $1,500 Bed base with adjustable head and foot that can raise or lower the body into multiple positions

    Purple Vs Purple Hybrid

    Do you really need a box spring or foundation for your new mattress?

    The Purple Hybrid features the original Purple mattresss comfort grid but adds responsive support coils at the core for improved airflow, responsiveness and durability. The Purple Hybrid is a slightly firmer mattress, which leads us to recommend it for stomach sleepers.

    The original Purple is more affordable and does a better job dampening motion, which makes it a better choice for most budget shoppers and light sleepers who share the bed. However, the springy feel of the Purple Hybrid is excellent for adult activities.

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    What Type Of Mattress Is The Purple Mattress

    The Purple is a one-of-a-kind, featuring a grid made of a special rubber with unique elastic properties.

    It is more responsive than memory foam and allows for unconstrained air circulation, which means almost no heat build up.

    If you want an affordable mattress that is great for back support, the Purple Mattress is a wonderful option to consider.

    The Purple Hybrid from the same manufacturer is a slight step up in terms of quality and price.

    If you want the highest quality possible from this manufacturer, the Purple Hybrid Premier is the best option to look at.

    Do You Need A Box Spring

    Box springs and mattresses go hand-in-hand, right? That may be what your parents told you, but its not true anymore! Still, many people arent sure if their mattress requires a box spring. What are box springs for? And do you really need one? Heres what you have to consider before you buy a box spring.

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    Purple Mattress Mattress Durability

    This mattress comes with a 10-year warranty that covers any defects.

    With that being said, however, we havent seen much evidence of there being anything frequently wrong with the mattress itself.

    When paired with proper maintenance and protections like mattress protectors, a Purple Mattress should be durable enough to stick around for longer than the warranty period.

    Who Is This Best For

    The Best Box Spring for the Purple Mattress

    Mattress experts often suggest certain types of cushioning for different types of sleepers. If you dont know what type of sleeper you could be, you can simply look at the posture you generally get into during the evening. You can generally be characterized as one of three kinds that include Back, Side and Stomach Sleepers. Whats the Purple mattresss performance for each of these categories?

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