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Does Coil Count Matter In A Mattress

Main Owner Complaint: Mattress Sagging

Sleep Tips: Mattress Coils Explained

Compared to other mattress types, innerspring mattresses have the most problem with sagging. Sagging is the loss of a level, supportive sleep surface. Sagging can include the development of body impressions, “sink holes,” and “peaks & valleys.” About 25% of innerspring mattress owners report the problem thereby making sagging the top innerspring mattress owner complaint.

* estimated to be at least 1.5″ depth ** partial estimate

A Guide To Buying A New Mattress

Next to air, shelter, water, and food, sleep is vital to life. As you’ll spend nearly 1/3 of your life in bed, sleeping on a mattress that’s compromising your sleep can be devastating. If it sleeps too hot or cold, isn’t comfortable, has you tossing, turning and waking up because of sleep interruptions, or you have health issues like arthritis, back pain, or shoulder, rib, elbow, knee or hip joint pain it might be time to look at replacing your mattress. Finding the ideal mattress can be challenging. An in-store Beducation® can take the confusion out of this process. There are several things to consider when making this important decision.

% Natural Arpico Latex

Eco Terra partners directly with sustainable farms in Asia, in order to source their high-quality Arpico, Eco-Institut Standard 100 Certified 100% natural latex that’s free of harmful substances. Since we only use single-origin latex, and don’t use synthetics or a latex blend ever, our latex is seamless, and eliminates the possibility of mattress breakdown. Plus, we don’t use any chemical adhesives, either.

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Do Mattress Coil Counts Matter

In short, yes. Mattress coil count makes a big difference in terms of comfort. But more coils doesn’t necessarily mean more comfort. Occasionally, coil counts can be taken to the extreme and become too firm, making them uncomfortable. But usually, the higher the coil count, the better the support of the mattress. Coil count also depends on the size of the mattress. A single mattress, for example, will require far fewer coils than a king-size. So when shopping for your next mattress, be sure to take into account the number of springs, the size of the mattress and how firm you’d like it to be.

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How Many Coils Should A Crib Mattress Have?

From day one, our mission has always been to offer high-quality luxury mattresses online without the luxury markups. It’s how we keep the middleman out and the overhead low, passing on those savings to you. We believe the best way to know if a mattress is right for you is by sleeping on itliterally. That’s why all of our mattresses come with a 180-night home trial and a no-hassle return policy. That way, you have a few weeks to decide from the comfort of your own home.

If you happen to be in New York City, our Saatva Manhattan Viewing Room Saatva Manhattan Viewing Room is located at 969 Third Ave. . This self-guided space allows you to experience our mattresses and bedding products in real life before starting your 180-night home trial.

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The 1st Camp Connected Coils

The old standby connected coil system. As the name suggests, this is the system where all the coils are connected to each other. Mattresses with connected coils were considered the most common, popular, and frequently bought products on the market for a really long time. Moreover, such coils are inside of the vast majority of mattresses produced today.

Connected coils encompass a few subtypes, which are:

  • Bonnel. The most popular and frequently used type of coils. These are hourglass steel wire coils laced by cross wire helicals. Mattresses with bonnell coils are very supportive and durable, but they also have shortcomings, in particular, pressure point discomfort and poor motion isolation.
  • Offset. This is another type of hourglass coil with flattened top and bottom surfaces. Mattresses with offset springs are super conforming and durable. They are not as good when it comes to motion isolation like all other connected coils, though.
  • Continuous. The system in which all coils are formed from a single super long wire. They are usually much cheaper than mattresses with other coil systems.

What Exactly Is A Mattress Coil

Mattress coils are traditionally made out of tightly-wound, high-density steel. Placing coils closely side by side forms the support system in a mattress. Though coils may look all the same at first glance, keep in mind that the best coils will easily flex to contour to your pressure points and will minimize motion transfer between you and your partner.

Many types of coils exist, but individually wrapped coils typically take the cake due to their superior flexibility and durability. At The Bed Boss, we are big fans of using pocketed coils in our hybrids and innerspring beds for their multi-directional movement, which enhances support and longevity.

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Does Coil Count Matter In A Mattress

Mattress Coil Countcoilsmattresscoil countsmattressmattressescoil countscoil countmattress

. Considering this, what is a good coil count for a mattress?

Generally, full mattresses should have at least 300 coils, queen mattresses should have at least 400 coils, and king mattresses should have at least 380 coils. However, mattresses with coil counts much greater than the minimum level of coils may not actually offer a substantially higher level of comfort or support.

Also Know, do more pocket coils make a better mattress? Mattresses with a higher coil count often claim that they offer more support than those with a lower count. But as the number of coils increases, naturally the size of each individual coil decreases. In other words, the more coils there are, the smaller they have to be. The size of the bed matters, too.

Considering this, what Does coil count mean in a mattress?

Coil count refers to the number of coils in the mattress. Most queen innerspring mattresses have a coil count of 450-900 with 725 being about average. Mattresses with a higher coil count are more expensive than mattresses with a lower count, all other things being equal.

Does the number of springs in a mattress matter?

The spring count is now used by many bed and mattress manufacturers to give the impression that their mattresses are more superior than others. The fact is, that a good quality 1000 pocket sprung mattress can be far superior to one that has 2000 or more.

What Are Mattress Coils

The Differences Between Coil Spring & Pocket Spring Mattresses

Mattress coils are metal springs that support the mattress and form a durable surface on which to sleep. Theyre designed to flex in response to pressure and movement, providing progressively firmer support as more pressure is placed on the mattress.

Most mattress coils are constructed with tempered steel. This process utilizes repeated heating and cooling to improve the coils resiliency and enable it to keep regaining its original shape despite prolonged use.

Coil-based mattresses tend to be responsive and fairly durable. As the coils leave room for airflow, they also sleep cooler than all-foam mattresses. Coil-based mattresses may be more or less supportive depending on factors such as the coil type, gauge, total coil count, and overall mattress design.

The four primary types of coils used in mattress support cores include Bonnell coils, offset coils, continuous wire coils, and pocketed coils. Some mattresses also use microcoils, nanocoils, and minicoils in the comfort or transitional layers. Within the major types of coils, there may also be slight variations in design.

Well discuss what you can expect from each type of coil to help you choose the best mattress for your sleeping style.

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Coil Type Or Kind Can Affect Mattress Coil Counts

Most people havent a clue what type of coil is in their mattress. Problems arise comparing coils. Example: pocketed coils, Marshall coils, fabric encased coils, encapsulated coils etc. All similar coils that are very comparable coils, yet as similar as they are, each is different. Some are taller, some are shorter. Others have been heated tempered once maybe even double tempered to ensure coils shape over time through heat treating and cooling. Others claim such a process is unnecessary if you use significantly more wire to make the coil.

Continuous wire coils have been known to quote their coils systems by the number of inches, coil counts, while putting no focus on the number of turns a coil has from top to bottom a once widely used comparison method. Being made from one piece of wire, one coil flows for stability into the next positioning coils closer or further apart for less or more support where needed.

Tall coil springs: Coil height may be one of the biggest factors to determine mattress life and today theyre thick. The trick being cheaper shorter steel coils can replace taller ones by using less expensive foam to make up the height.

Compare Individual Pocked Coil Counts

Reasons Coil Counts Matter

When I first got into this business, I worked for Stearns & Foster, which at the time was owned by Sealy but had its own sales force and product development team. We sold Correct Comfort products with 390 12¾-gauge innersprings. This was a problem because at the time, Sealy and other leading brands were selling mattresses with 660 coils, although the gauge of wire was much thinner. In training meetings with RSAs, we used to say, stronger wire, less coils is just as good as thinner wire, more coils it really is six of one, half-dozen of another. Then the industry moved away from any conversation around spec or coil counts with Nat Bernsteins Comfort Selling program, which we launched at Sealy. With this approach, we took as much focus off the components as we could and simply sold the comfort of the product above all else. It was easy. It was effective. It worked.

Times have changed. Consumers are not as easy to sell to they are more educated than ever with the Internet, they are sick and tired of the lack of transparency in our industry, and selling comfort only just wont get it done in many cases. All of that to say, COIL COUNTS MATTER! Yes, I work for a spring producer, so it wont surprise you that I am taking this position, but hear me out on my list of seven reasons to focus on the count and construction of the innerspring:

  • Look at Europe. Coil counts are marketed very successfully and it helps them drive consumer interest.
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    Are Saatva Mattresses Made In The Us Expand/collapse

    Yes! Every Saatva mattress is made to order and handcrafted in America with care and pride, using only the highest quality, consciously sourced materials. We could have settled on cheaper materials and produced our products elsewhere for higher profits, but we’ve never wavered in our commitment to quality. We believe it’s the right thing to do for our customers, our American workers, and our economy.

    Innerspring Mattress Coil Types And Comparison

    Does Coil Count Really Matter?

    Seemingly endless types of coils exist, but almost all of them fall under one of the four types below. Each coil type has its own pros and cons.

    1. Pocket. These are individual coils wrapped in fabric and appear to be the most widely used mattress coil type. They provide mostly consistent distribution of support and at least fair motion isolation. Pricier mattresses often feature a more advanced pocket coil design. Consumers seeking a highly bouncy mattress may want to avoid this coil.

    2. Continuous. This coil type is likely second to pocket coils in popularity and use. A continuous coil system consists of coil rows made of continuous wire that run head to toe. This coil is often present on low- to mid-priced mattresses. While it is durable because each coil gets support from ones next to it, the system tends to not be especially supportive or quiet. In addition, because the system consists of one integrated piece, it tends to provide below average motion isolation making it a less-than-ideal choice for couples.

    3. Bonnell / Open. This coil is hour-glass shaped and has a simple design. They are used in mattresses of various price points. Durability is often fair or better, but support is questionable and motion isolation is average at best.

    4. Offset. Offset coils are sometimes used in mid- to high-priced mattresses. They are similar to Bonnell coils but have better spring action and support. Some variations have good motion isolation and noise control.

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    Different Types Of Mattress Support

    When we think of a mattress, we often pay the most attention to how soft or firm it is. When we lie down on a mattress, we may describe it as either, “comfortable” or “uncomfortable.” With so much attention to the comfort a mattress provides, we often don’t stop to think about the support inside.

    The support a mattress gives will have the most impact on not only our quality of sleep but also how we perform during our waking hours. Support is the most important factor when considering which mattress is going to be the best for you.

    In innerspring mattresses, support comes from the coil system. In a foam mattress, however, there are no coils, so the support systems consists of a foam core at the center of the mattress, and other foam layers. We will discuss the types of coil systems as well as foam cores and latex cores.

    What Is A Coil Count Gauge And How Does It Impact Mattress Comfort And Support

    The mattress coils gauge number indicates the firmness of the mattress. the lower the mattress coil’s gauge number is, the thicker the coil. So, the lower the gauge number, the stiffer and firmer the mattress is, providing a harder mattress surface.

    A mattress coil gauge tends to range anywhere from 12 to 15. If you’re searching for a mattress that’s forgiving, a good coil gauge number is about 14. But, if you’re searching for a mattress that provides more firm support, a good coil gauge number will be around 13 or lower.

    A mattress with a lower coil gauge usually will last longer because the thicker wire tends to wear out over time slowly. But, most people replace their mattress before the mattress coils have time to wear out, regardless of what the gauge is, and so gauge numbers shouldn’t be considered too heavily in regards to durability.

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    How Long Do Innerspring Mattresses Last

    The basic techniques and materials used to make innerspring mattresses date back centuries, and are time-tested. Assuming you buy a good quality innerspring or pocketed coil mattress from a reputable brand and retailer, your new mattress should last in the neighborhood of 8 to 10 years. It could be more or less depending on your circumstances, sleep style and body weight, but a quality innerspring mattress should hold up well and resist body impressions as well as newer-technology memory foam.

    Pros And Cons Of An Innerspring Mattress

    Dreamland MY Timothy 2.0 Epi 1 – 49% More Coil Count

    The coil layer makes innerspring beds cooler, but they transfer motion causing sleep disruptions.


    • Innerspring coils promote airflow and cool the mattress
    • Value optionavailable in a vast range of prices


    • Most coils transfer motion causing sleep disruptions
    • Thin comfort layer cant conform to the natural curvature of your spine
    • Coil tension may decrease causing mattress sagging

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    Does Coil Count Matter Expand/collapse

    Generally speaking, coil count is a good indicator of the overall comfort, support, and durability that a mattress offers. The number of coils in a mattress depends on its size. Typically, the standard for queen innerspring mattresses is 800 coils. The queen size of our Saatva Classic Innerspring Mattress features 884 individually pocketed coils that responds to your movements and limits motion transfer.

    Cons Of An Innerspring

    The drawbacks of an innerspring mattress include a tendency to transfer motion and provide inadequate pressure relief. Innerspring mattresses are also likely to sag and collect allergens as they age.

    Carries Movements

    The average innerspring mattress lacks a coil system designed to prevent motion transfer. So when you shift or get out of bed, your partner will likely feel your movements across the mattress.

    Insufficient Pressure Relief

    The coils inside an innerspring mattress often create a firm surface that cant completely conform to the sleepers body. When paired with an innerspring mattresss thin comfort layers, many people find they wake up sore after lying on an innerspring mattress.

    This limited amount of pressure relief is why we dont recommend innerspring mattresses for side and petite sleepers.

    Prone to Sagging

    Innerspring mattresses tend to sag faster than other types of mattresses. As we mentioned previously, a sagging mattress is one of the main reasons why you might wake up in pain.

    Allergen Trap

    The thin comfort layers dont do a good job of keeping out pollen, dust, dirt, dead skin cells, and other allergens. The coils inside the mattress also leave plenty of room for debris to settle and accumulate, so allergy-sensitive sleepers may notice an uptick in their morning symptoms if theyre sleeping on an innerspring mattress.

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    Are Your Representatives On Commission Expand/collapse

    No. Its part of our pledge to be honest and transparent about what youre buying. Saatva is committed to giving you honest guidance, even if it means directing you to another mattress brand thats a better fit for you. In a retail store environment, a commissioned employee makes more money when they sell you a particular brand, so you may get pressured into a choice thats not right for you. Thats just not the Saatva way.

    Pocket Sprung Vs Open Coil: Which Is Best

    Mattress Coils: Considerations When Purchasing a Mattress ...

    Generally, pocket sprung mattresses are of higher-quality and offer better support. Although a premium open coil mattress may be more comfortable than a low-quality pocket sprung. When mattress shopping, you should always choose what the best option within your budget is. So if a good quality open coil fits your budget best, opt for that. Whereas if you have more to spend, a premium pocket spring style might suit you better. The key difference between the two is the durability. A pocket sprung mattress should last longer than an open coil. Because of this, you spend less money in the long run replacing but more money initially. Pocket sprung styles have added benefits like no transfer of movement. Making them a great choice for couples. Although, if you sleep alone, this may not be a feature you need. Ultimately, you should choose whatever style best suits your budget a sleeping needs.

    If you need any help when choosing your new mattress, feel free to contact one of our friendly sleep experts. They will be more than happy to answer any of your questions. We have plenty of helpful buying guides on our advice hub to help you decide what mattress or bed is right for you. You can shop our full range of mattresses, here.

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