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How Are Beautyrest Mattresses Rated

Beautyrest Black Performance For Couples

Beautyrest Harmony Lux Mattress Review (2020)

When sharing the bed with a partner, youll want to keep a few more things in mind while shopping for a new mattress. Features youll want to consider include motion transfer, performance during sex, cooling, and edge support.

Motion Transfer

Like pain relief, motion transfer is another factor that will play a big role in determining whether a mattress suits your sleep needs. Thats especially true if you sleep with a partner, pet, or child, because motion transfer is all about whether youll feel a sleeping partners movements if they shift around during the night.

To test out motion transfer on the Beautyrest Black, I dropped a 10 lb steel ball from 4 inches, 8 inches, and 12 inches. These heights mimic different movements, from tossing and turning, to getting out of bed, or jumping on top of it. Then I measured the disturbance caused by each of these drops: the bigger the lines, the bigger the disturbance!

Because this mattress uses coils and is firm and bouncy, I had pretty low expectations when it comes to motion transfer. So I was surprised and impressed with the results of my bounce test! The mattress actually does a decent job of isolating motion, so it could be a viable option for couples.



Edge Support

Beautyrest Mattress Material And Comfort

What are Beautyrest mattresses made out of?

Simmons only uses CertiPUR-US certified foams in its mattresses. The company states that it is committed to exceeding applicable safety standards.

What are the comfort ratings of Beautyrest mattresses?

The firmness level of most mattresses can be assessed by the following comfort ratings:

  • Extra firm: The firmest, least yielding level with the least amount of “”give””
  • Firm: Slightly more “”give”” than extra firm, but still provides extra support and firmness
  • Medium: Near the middle of the spectrum between the extra firm and ultra plush
  • Plush: Softer, more yielding but not as much as ultra plush
  • Ultra Plush: The softest, most yielding level of firmness, with the most “”give””

How many gauges of wire are available?

Traditional innerspring-type mattresses use coils to create the interior structure of the mattress. This is what gives the mattress its resistance or level of firmness. The coil’s gauge measures how thick the coil’s wire is. For most innerspring mattresses, coil gauge measurements range from 12 to 15. The higher the gauge number, the thinner the coil’s wire is.Thicker coil wires result in a firmer mattress, while thinner wires create a more plush mattress. As you might expect, lower coil gauge also means a more durable mattress, since thicker wires generally have a longer useful life.

Simmons Beautyrest Mattress Reviews: A Comprehensive Guide

This edition of our Brand Overview series looks at Simmons Beautyrest mattress reviews to see what consumers have to say about the brand and how it compares to others in the market. Simmons is one of the major companies in the industry, with a recognizable name and long-standing reputation.

However, name isnt always enough to determine how mattresses perform thus it is important for consumers to consider the good and bad qualities in order to decide if this mattress line may be a good option. Keep reading to learn about the brand and about the pros and cons consumers highlight in Simmons Beautyrests best mattress reviews.

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My Favorite Things About The Simmons Beautyrest Black Mattress

This should be a nice fit for most back or stomach sleepers. The mattresss firm support does a great job of preventing the hips from sinking too far into the mattress, which helps keep the spine aligned when youre on your back or stomach. This might also be a great choice for people who prefer to sleep cool. The airflow through the coils, combined with the breathable cover, does a good job ofdissipating heatand preventing the dreaded heat trap. Finally, this is also a good option for people who like an innerspring feel. The mattress is firm and supportive with a lot of bounce thanks in large part to its pocketed coils.

How Firm Is The Simmons Beautyrest Black Mattress

Beautyrest Recharge World Class Bemus Point Luxury Firm ...

First, a reminder: Firmness is subjective. Your body size, shape, weight, and personal preferences will affect how firm a given mattress feels to you and the same is true for me! So remember that when it comes to these assessments, your mileage may vary.

Personally, I rated the mattress at a 8 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The industry standard for medium-firmness is 6.5 out of 10, so this tells me the mattress is pretty firm. Take into consideration that since feel and firmness are subjective, some of my colleagues found the mattress to be closer to a 7.5 out of 10.

The contents of the mattress help explain why it falls on the firmer side. It only has a few very thin layers of soft foam on top of the firmer transitional foam layer and the supportive pocketed coils. While youll get a bit of pressure relief from the softer layers, youll mostly feel the firmness of the support layers.

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Sleeping Style And Body Weight:

Side Sleepers:Most side sleepers will find the Beautyrest Hybrid to be a very comfortable and supportive mattress. The combination of foam layers and pocketed coils mean that there is enough give to allow your shoulders and hips to sink into the mattress, but enough support to keep your spine aligned. Typically, side sleepers will find that this mattress provides good pressure relief, contouring, and support, resulting in a comfortable sleep experience overall.

Because of its medium firmness rating, the Beautyrest Hybrid will be best suited to side sleepers under 230 pounds. For those over 230 pounds, the mattress still scores well, but some individuals may be better off on a firmer bed.

Back Sleepers:The majority of back sleepers will prefer a medium or medium firm feel. This mattress falls at about a 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, which may or may not be firm enough for back sleepers. The support of this mattress should be sufficient for most, so much of this guidance comes down to personal preference on how firm you like your bed to feel.

Back sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds will likely feel that this mattress is plenty firm. Those who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds will find that the firmness is adequate to provide support, but some will prefer a firmer feel. For back sleepers of over 230 pounds, this mattress may not feel firm enough, and it may struggle to provide the support needed for proper spinal alignment.

Under 130 lbs.

Beautyrest Hybrid Mattress Review is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

  • People under 230 pounds, particularly side and back sleepers
  • Those who want a good blend of comfort, support, and responsiveness
  • Couples who are easily disturbed by movement


  • Sleepers over 230 pounds may find that this model is not firm enough
  • Some may find that this model sleeps hot on warm nights
  • Stomach sleepers may find that this bed has too much sinkage around the hips
Price Range:

The Simmons Beautyrest Hybrid mattress is a flagship product for the Simmons mattress company. Its a hybrid mattress, meaning it uses a combination of metal coils and foam layers to create a comfortable and durable design. Its a bed with a medium feel, around a 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The Beautyrest Hybrid is moderately priced for a hybrid model.

Simmons is one of the oldest mattress companies in the United States, with a founding date in the 1870s. They offer many different mattress models, but their flagship product line is the Simmons Beautyrest line. This Simmons Beautyrest Hybrid mattress review will focus specifically on the Beautyrest Hybrid model, although there are several quality mattresses under the Beautyrest name, such as the Beautyrest Black luxury hybrid.

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Beautyrest Silver Luxury Firm Pillowtop

If you prefer a high-end mattress that is both affordable and luxurious then the Beautyrest Silver is the product for you.

The key and obvious features of this mattress are its pressure-relieving and cooling technology foams.

When it comes to the build, this queen-sized bed has a pocketed coil support unit that also has 900 coils.

Moreover, it has added edge support due to a foam edge perimeter.

The pocketed coil technology has pressure-relieving properties as well as enhanced conformability for undisturbed sleep.

If you prefer your bed remains cool all night that youll love the dual cool technology this mattress has to offer.

It consists of layers of special material and gel memory foam that has multiple properties. This includes moisture-wicking, heat-wicking, and anti-microbial properties.

This dual cool memory foam technology conforms to your body and dissipates heat from the surface of the mattress.

The Beautyrest mattress has layers with different materials.

The surface layer has an open cell structure that is quite soft. It provides airflow and guarantees a long life for your mattress because it is durable.

The second layer is called the Aircool Foam that has been designed to enhance airflow throughout the mattress.

It also offers stability and support right to the edge.

The third layer is the Backcare Support, whose sole purpose is to give you comfort. The soft gel foam has exceptional conformability and gives your back the necessary support it needs.

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Which Beautyrest Mattress Is Right For You

Picking a mattress is almost an art. Sniffing out the fakes and outrageously overpriced stuff takes a keen eye.

Thankfully, Beautyrest is a well-known brand with a great reputation, so shopping isnt too complicated. It all comes down to a few key considerations:

  • Price. Some of Beautyrests mattresses get up there in price. Figure out your budget before you start shopping so you know where to start the Harmony is the cheapest of em.
  • Mattress type. Beautyrest only sells hybrid models on their website . Hybrids combine the supportive, bouncy feel of coils with the soft, plush feel of foam. They tend to be more durable than all-foam models.
  • Firmness. Beautyrest has a solid lineup of firmness options. Which one you should pick is a bit of a personal preference some people like to melt into their mattress, while others like to lie on it. Your sleep style comes into play, too. Sleep on your stomach or back? Firmer models may offer better support and spinal alignment. More of a side sleeper? Opt for something softer with a bit of give to prevent the mattress from digging into your hips and shoulders.
  • Upgrades. Do you need that $400 pillow top? If you like a plush feel, its a solid add-on thatll give you plenty of bang for your buck. Sleep hot? Consider a cooling upgrade. Just always read reviews to make sure the cooling features live up to the added price.

Beautyrest Mattresses For Support

Featuring the craftsmanship of an exquisitely-engineered structure, each Beautyrest mattress is built with advanced foams and coils for long-lasting orthopedic support. Materials and designs of Beautyrest mattresses include:

  • Energy foam
  • 16-inch profile height
  • Advanced Pocketed Coil technology

A Beautyrest mattress will provide the durability and strength you need for ultimate musculoskeletal tension relief. Whether you want to get back to sleeping pain-free or simply prevent future spinal problems , a Beautyrest mattress is made to help you experience uninterrupted slumber every night, for years to come.

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A Brief Introduction To Simmons

Simmons has been producing mattresses for over a century, so chances are, youve already heard of them before. If you love mattresses, then you love Simmons. Its as simple as that. Companies like this dont retain their reputation for over a century without good reason. Simmons is known for producing innerspring beds and has recently diversified into hybrid mattresses that combine their innerspring technology with different kinds of foam.

It is among the top 5 bedding businesses by sales and is known for its Beautysleep, Curv and Beautyrest product lines. Simmons can be regarded as a traditional mattress brand since it sells exclusively through retailers, as opposed to the direct-to-customer sales mechanism that many newcomers have adopted. So, youre going to have to go to an actual store and deal with actual humans if you want to bring home a Simmons.

Presently, both Simmons and its chief competitor, Serta are owned by the same investment group.

Beautyrest Black Original Construction And Design

Beautyrest Silver BRS900

If youre looking for a luxury hybrid mattress that also performs well in terms of pressure relief, edge support, and motion isolation, then look no further than the Beautyrest Black Original bed.

Lets talk construction. The Black Original from Beautyrest is a 13 mattress. Its a hybrid bed, so you get multiple layers of foam and a supportive pocketed coil base. Lets take a closer look at the layers that make up this bed:

  • T3 pocketed coils with edge support reinforcements: Each coil in the Black Original bed is individually encased. There are BeautyEdge reinforced springs around the edge of the bed that give it really durable edges.
  • 1/2 Plush Comfort Foam: The top layer of the Beautyrest Black bed is a plush layer of foam. When you lay on it, this layer cradles around you.
  • 1 Medium Comfort Foam: This layer is slightly firmer than the one above it, but it still provides ample pressure relief.
  • 1 1/2 Energy Foam: The polyfoam layer is specifically targeted to help distribute the weight of heavier sleepers.
  • 1/2 Beautyrest Gel Memory Foam: The layer of foam before the coils is a firm layer of gel memory foam. The gel is supposed to help move heat away from you while you sleep.
  • Antimicrobial HeiQ V-Block cover: Sadly, the cover of this bed is not removable. Youll need to spot clean as needed.

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Beautyrest Hotel 6 Eurotop Queen Mattress


Product Description

Extend the vacation feeling into your bedroom with this Beautyrest Hotel 6 Eurotop mattress. Let your body be held up by two layers of springs – one of Beautyrest pocketed coils and one of microcoils, which adjust to the small movements you make so your support won’t fade. ErgoComfort foam gently contours to your body, while the HotelLUXE memory foam provides additional airflow through your new bed. With four conforming layers of High-Density Hospitality foam ready to help relieve your sore spots, this Hotel 6 mattress makes every day feel special.

DimensionsWidth: 60″ Height: 16.5″ Depth: 79.5″

Shipping DimensionsWidth: 60″ Height: 16.5″ Depth: 79.5″


  • Four Layers of HD Hospitality Foam
  • HotelLUXE Memory Foam

Beautyrest Vs Sealy Mattress Comparison

In our Beautyrest vs Sealy mattress comparison, youll learn about the benefits, feel, build, and price points of 3 models from each of these US-based mattress industry leaders.

Sealy and Simmons Beautyrest are household names. Both Simmons and Sealy started in the 1800s in the United States, and they still manufacture their mattresses in the USA. Theyre two brands that youll often see when shopping at a local retailer, but now you can purchase their mattresses from the comfort of your living room.

In this review, were going to compare the Sealy Hybrid line with Beautyrests most popular mattresses. Well help you understand the differences between the companies and their mattresses so you can find the best bed for your needs.

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Where To Buy Beautyrest Mattresses

You can buy the five models listed above directly from the Beautyrest website.

Beautyrest also sells other mattresses , but youll have to check out their authorized third-party retailers to get your hands on one of those models.

When you buy online, you get access to a 100-night in-home trial along with complimentary white glove delivery and setup so you dont have to drag in a gigantic mattress inside on your own.

Beautyrest Recharge Simmons Luxury Firm Pillow Top Mattress

Simmons ComforPedic by Beautyrest Highest Approval Ratings and Mattress Reviews

Here we have is another luxury mattress from the Beautyrest series of high-end mattresses.

If you want a perfect combination of comfort and support, then you can certainly consider the Beautyrest recharge luxury pillow top.

The many layers of foam consisting of air-cool foam, air-cool memory foams, and gel touch each serving a different purpose.

For those who cant stand body heat at night, the AirCool BeautyEdge foam encasement improves airflow while giving you edge-to-edge support.

Furthermore, to increase independent support and improve sleeping posture, the mattress is provided with pocketed coil technology.

Coming to the gel-touch foam layer, its been specifically designed to give you a plush yet supportive surface.

It conforms to your bodys curves allowing you to relax completely.

This mattress is the ultimate heat removal product youve been looking for.

Its multiple layers of SurfaceCool Fiber and AirCool foam are all dedicated to maintaining your sleeping temperature.

Each layer tries to dissipate the heat from the surface all night, along with providing ample support.

This mattress provides you the luxury and plushness of a high-end quality mattress. You get an extra luxury feel due to the additional 2-inch of performance in the pillow top.

The pillow top layer not only gives you a cloud-like comfort but also gives your back extra firm support at the same time.

  • Sags a little after a while

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