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How Do You Ship A Mattress

Can You Strap A Mattress To The Top Of Your Car

How To Compress and Ship a Latex or Memory Foam Mattress

We dont recommend tying a mattress to the roof of your car when moving. Not only can this damage your mattress, but it can also damage your car. Its only feasible if you have a roof rack, and even then, you need to seal your mattress in a mattress bag to protect it from the elements. You also need to make sure you can still see your surroundings clearly.

If your mattress is not properly secured to the roof of your car or it appears to be blocking your front or back views, you may be pulled over by authorities.

Coordinate The Pickup Or Drop Off

If youre taking the mattress to a drop-off location, carefully move the box out of your home and into the vehicle youre using for transportation.

If the shipping company is picking up the mattress, make sure youre home at the scheduled time. Before they arrive, clear a path so that they can remove the bed from your home without damaging any other furniture.

For either drop-off or pickup, its important to get confirmation that proves that possession of the mattress was transferred to the delivery company.

How Long Does It Take For A Mattress To Adjust

In the short term, however, you need to give the mattress time to adjust. It is important to remember that if you have just received a memory foam mattress, it can take at least 48 hours to reach its peak. This is because most memory foam mattresses shrink during delivery to facilitate courier delivery.

Full foam mattress

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The Hybrid Alternative: Container Shipments

If youd rather avoid driving a moving truck across the country but are looking for a less expensive moving option than hiring professional movers or shipping your mattress through a service, container shipments are a great alternative.

A container shipment company, like PODS or 1-800-Pack-Rat, will drop a portable box at your home. From there, you pack whatever youre trying to transport in this case your mattress and bed frame just as you would onto a moving truck. Once youre done loading, the company will then pick up the container and transport it to your new home or a local service center, depending on your preference.

Tip: If you need to keep your bed in storage for a few weeks before you can move into your new place, this is the best option. Most shipping containers double as portable storage units.

Theres no need to lose sleep over the process moving across the country doesnt mean you have to part with your beloved bed and mattress set. Whether you are on a budget or a time crunch, you can move your bed from your old house to your new home with minimal hassle.

The 12 Luxury Plush Innerspring Mattress

Best Mattresses in a Box (2021)

This hybrid mattress, which means it provides both innerspring and memory foam support. A plush mattress option, it differs from the foam mattress, as the innerspring offers pressure-point support. The pressure-point support is attainable because the support from the coils will relieve some of the pressure of your joint pain. No matter which way you move in the bed, you wont disturb your partner sleeping beside you. Theres no transfer of motion, which means a longer and less interrupted sleep.

The plush innerspring mattress gives you the soft plush top with the comfortable surface, along with the expertly made pocketed coils, so it feels as though youre sleeping on a cloud while your joints receive the perfect amount of support. CRVE chose the pocketed coil spring instead of the open coil, offset coil or continuous coil because they believe the pocketed coil offers the most comfort at the best value.

The innerspring mattress is sensitive to temperature and features an open cell structure, meaning the mattress foam features tiny pockets of air that may be punctured. Individual cells have small openings in their cell walls, so air pressure can spread to other cells when the foam is compressed. An open cell structure promotes airflow throughout the mattress.

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Other Ways To Move A Mattress

Shipping a mattress isn’t the only way to move it from one location to another. A few other options include:

Rent a Truck to Move it YourselfIf you’re shipping the mattress a short distance, you can rent a moving truck from UHaul or other local companies. Make sure you properly wrap the mattress using the steps aboveâexcept for the box.

As long as you wrap the mattress well enough and lay it flat or on its side with nothing on top of it, it should move easily.

Hire Professional MoversYou can hire movers to move just your mattress or the entire contents of your home. It’ll cost more since they need to come to your home and physically move the bed, But this option leaves you little to do except get the mattress ready for moving.

Rent a containerA shopping container such as PODS is another great alternative. After you wrap your mattress in plastic and a protective case, you can move the mattress to the POD which should be right on your driveway.

Once the POD is filled, you call the company to move it to your destination. You can then remove the mattress from the container and put it in its new room.

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How Long Does It Take For A Memory Foam Mattress To Inflate

Manufacturers generally state that it takes 2448 hours to fully inflate a memory foam mattress. This period is not specified as each memory mattress is unique.

Egg crate mattress topperDo mattress toppers really work? Yes, you know that mattress covers work because so many satisfied customers have told them so. No matter how hard, soft or saggy your bed is, with the right mattress topper it becomes an oasis of sleeping comfort.What is the purpose of egg crate foam toppers?Egg foam mattress covers provide a breathable surface while you sleep. It is ideal for burnt or bedridden patients to preve

How Does It Compare To Other Bed Mattress

How to Return or Ship a Latex Foam or Memory Foam Mattress

Ghostbed is an online-only mattress business that ships its mattresses directly to the clients home. Ghostbed deals a special combination of materials in its construction, consisting of latex and memory foam. This combination is created to supply great assistance and pressure relief. The company offers non-standard sizes, including Twin XL and California King.

Ghostbed mattresses are 10 inches thick, comparable to most other online-only bed mattress business. However, this is thicker than the industry requirement of 7-8 inches. Other business that use memory foam or latex include Casper, Leesa, Tuft & Needle

The Ghostbed mattress has a medium-firm feel, which must be ideal for many sleepers. The business also provides an extra plush bed mattress that is readily available at a more affordable cost point, which need to be appealing to those who are on a tighter spending plan.

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The Ghostbed mattress utilizes memory foam as its top layer and latex as its bottom layer. Memory foam conforms to the sleepers body and creates pressure relief, while latex is responsive and avoids heat retention. The result of the combination of products is an overall good feel for most sleepers, including those on a tighter budget plan.

Ghostbed bed mattress are made in the USA by Natures Sleep, which utilizes environment-friendly procedures to produce its items. Additionally, Ghostbed deals free shipping and returns, along with a 101-night trial duration.

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How Long Does A Mattress Last

How long a mattress lasts depends on what type of mattress it is:

Do you have a mattress more than 5 years old, and youre debating if its worth the costs of shipping it? You might be better off just buying a new one.

How Long Should You Wait Before You Sleep On Your New Mattress

You have installed your new memory foam mattress, but the mattress manufacturer recommends that you wait at least 24 hours before sleeping on it. Do you sleep on an old mattress or even on the floor the first night?

Best bed for bad backWhat are the best beds for back problems? Memory foam beds are an excellent option for preventing or reducing back pain. Memory foam conforms to the shape of your body, especially higher density foams, and offers different levels of firmness, including soft, medium and firm support.What is the best mattress for back issues?Memory foam and latex mattresses are considered the best combinat

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How To Pack Your Mattress And Box Spring

Packing your mattress and box spring correctly ensures a damage-free delivery. Heres how to pack your mattress and box spring for shipping:

  • Measure. Note the width, height, length, and weight of your mattress and box spring. For reference:

  • Twin

    Weight varies by mattress type.

  • Remove bedding. Pack sheets, quilts, duvets, mattress pads and covers separately.

  • Bag it, box it and wrap it. Wrap your mattress and box spring in plastic covering, or place in a protective mattress bag to keep your mattress and box spring safe from moisture and dirt. Once bagged, place your mattress or box spring in a box. Fill excess space with packing peanuts to avoid shifting during transit. Once the box is taped tightly along all seams, shrink wrap it to ensure stability. Note: mattress bag, box, tape, and shrink wrap are all included in the price ofTSI’s turnkey solution

  • Choose White Glove or turnkey service. The most affordable and fastest option is TSI’s turnkey service, where you prepare the mattress for shipping and we provide curb-to-curb Economy service. Or, for more convenience, enjoy inside pickup and delivery by professional movers with our White Glove service.

  • Unpack. Upon delivery, unpack your mattress and box spring. Be careful when using a knife or scissors to open the box – you dont want to tear a hole in the mattress or box spring.

  • Sleep soundly. Take a well-deserved nap on your safely delivered mattress and box spring.

  • Diy With A Pickup Truck Or Similar Vehicle

    Buy Luxury Hotel Bedding from Marriott Hotels

    If youre shipping mattress across country, renting a pickup truck or large vehicle could be an option. Although, consider the costs involved in renting a truck. Youll need to pay for the rental, insurance, gas, possibly take time off work, and move all the items by yourself. Although, the freedom you have using a rented vehicle could outweigh the costs involved.

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    Remove Bedding And Disassemble

    Before doing anything, you should remove and separately pack your comforter, pillows, sheets, and whatever else you have on top of your bed. Then, disassemble the frame and put any small hardware pieces in a ziplock bag to keep important parts from going missing. Make sure to keep all the components of your frame or foundation together also, so you dont have to scramble to put everything back together later on.

    Ghostbed Adjustable Base How Do You Ship A Ghostbed Mattress

    The Ghostbed adjustable base is a terrific addition to the Ghostbed bed mattress. The base enables you to adjust the bed to various positions, which can help improve your sleep. Furthermore, the base is really easy to use and its a fantastic value for the cost.

    If you are trying to find a new bed mattress and adjustable base, the Ghostbed is a fantastic option. The combination of the Ghostbed mattress and adjustable base will supply you with a comfy, restful sleep.

    Comfortable, Restful Sleep

    The Ghostbed mattress is perfect for anyone who wants a comfortable, restful sleep. The mix of the Ghostbeds memory foam and latex layers supplies fantastic assistance and convenience. Furthermore, the bed mattress is CertiPUR-US accredited, which suggests it has actually been checked and approved for safety and quality.

    If you are looking for a brand-new bed mattress that will give you the very best sleep ever, the Ghostbed is an excellent choice. The Ghostbed bed mattress has been independently checked and accredited to make sure quality and safety. In addition, the memory foam and latex layers provide terrific comfort and assistance.

    Enhanced Sleep Quality

    Everyone wants to get the best, most restful night of sleep possible, but not everyone can attain their goal. Bad sleeping practices and practices make it challenging to go to sleep and remain asleep throughout the night. Furthermore, some bed mattress materials do not provide the support they need for a good nights sleep.

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    What Size Mattress Fits In A Truck Bed

    It depends on what the truck beds dimensions are. A truck bed may be under 6 feet long or 8 feet long, and between 7 to 8 feet wide. Twin, full, and even queen mattresses will probably fit in most truck beds as is. You might be able to squeeze in a king mattress so that it leans against the side of the truck bed, instead of laying the mattress flat.

    Prepare Your Mattress For Shipping

    How to Return or Move a King or Queen size Foam Mattress Part 1

    At last, its time to get your mattress ready for travel. Bubble wrap, shrink wrap, and packing foam are good tools for this. Wrap your mattress up, as well as your box spring and disassembled bed frame, if youre also shipping those. Then, place your mattress inside a mattress encasement. If you dont already own one of these, you can see our top picks in our Buyers Guide to the Best Mattress Encasements.

    Mattress encasements zip on like a mattress cover, except that theyre much more protective and cover all sides of your mattress. Made from waterproof vinyl or cotton, theyre actually designed to keep out mold, bacteria, allergens, and pests like bed bugs.

    These protect your mattress from stains and damage, and essentially allow you to extend its lifespan to the fullest, so you can keep on using it once your mattress arrives at its new home. Theyre a good investment and very affordable, costing $25 to $100 for a Queen size mattress.

    Put everything inside a cardboard box. Fill the inside with packing peanuts or more bubble wrap or bubble envelopes. Then tape it up and reinforce the edges with packing tape.

    If you are shipping a foam-based mattress, also include a note that the mattress should lay flat as often as possible during shipping. When kept in a vertical position for long periods of time, the integrity of the foam can be affected.

    Thats it! Now you ship your mattress and patiently await its arrival.

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    Shipping A Mattress: Top Questions Answered

    When choosing a mattress, it is important get questions answered about different methods of shipping to make an informed decision.

    Whether shopping for a bed in a brick and mortar store or online, there will always be questions about shipping a mattress. Purchasing your new memory foam mattress can fulfil dreams of finally getting that wonderful nights sleep. While shopping for your dream bed you will be seeking answers to questions regarding memory foam mattresses to purchase the exact sleep home that will match your needs. Once you have narrowed down bed choices you will want to consider shipping choices such as mattress free shipping as well as how much does it cost to ship a mattress.

    How Long To Wait To Sleep On Memory Foam

    It is recommended to wait 2448 hours before going to bed on a new memory foam mattress. To wait or not is the consumer’s decision. The downsides won’t be so obvious until the expansion process is complete, but the expansion shouldn’t slow down because you slept on your new memory foam mattress. The short and simple answer is nothing.

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    How To Move A Memory Foam Mattress

    Most memory foam mattresses should be transported flat. Use a light, breathable mattress bag, or use cloth sheets to wrap the mattress. Heavy plastic can trap moisture which could damage a foam mattress, especially if the move will take longer than one day. Load the mattress into the truck, and keep it flat. Do not allow other items to rest on top of the mattress. If possible, load the mattress after most of the other large pieces have been loaded, and secure it on top of other items on the truck where it could lay reasonably flat for example, on top of a table or supported by the tops of a few rows of boxes.


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