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How Fast Is Purple Mattress Shipping

Purple Mattress: Mattress Construction

How Does The Purple Mattress Fit In The Tube For Shipping?
Made in: USA

Purple is a combination foam and polymer hybrid mattress. By combining different material types, densities, and firmness levels with their top layer polymer, Purple has designed a configuration that offers reasonable comfort, cooling, and support.

In Canada, the Purple mattress is available only in one firmness option, with Purple adopting the one-size-fits-all approach often used by bed-in-a-box companies. In the United States, Purple also sells a hybrid mattress, though both products each have a single firmness.

Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress

With a hybrid construction, the Purple Premier provides superior comfort, support, and pressure relief. It’s offered in two comfort options where sleepers can choose from either a medium-firm 3 comfort layer or a medium 4 layer.

See our full Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Review for more information.

Purple Mattress Policies And Faqs

How does the Purple ship?

The Purple is a bed-in-a-box mattress, which means it will ship compressed in a box to your door. The Purple ships for free.

Does the Purple have a trial period?

Yes, the Purple has a 100-night sleep trial.

Does the Purple have a mattress warranty?

Yes, the Purple has a 10-year warranty.

What is Purples return policy?

You can return the Purple after testing it for a minimum period of 21 days and before the end of the 100-night trial to receive a full refund.

Do I need a box spring with the Purple?

Nope, you can place the Purple on any bed frame, including box springs, adjustable bases, platforms, and more.

Where is the Purple made?

All Purple mattresses are made in the USA.

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The Material Behind Purple

Between the seat cushion and the samples that are included with your bed. Purple is more than eager to show you the material that is used in their beds. Upon picking up and feeling this material suddenly brought a sense of Deja-Vu. This binturong has felt material like this before! It doesnt feel like a Dr. Schols gel pad as those are too rigid! You dont go through the anthropomorphic animal kingdom for 20 years and not know what this is! That this is something that only the most corrupt of minds such as ourselves would draw a conclusion to.

Extreme close-up shot to protect the innocent.

It feels like a Bad Dragon adult toy! Well! We almost like it! Bad Dragon toys dont peel when they get dry like in the Purple Sample Picture above! So in effect, the material used in the purple bed is roughly the same material used for making lower-quality adult toys. If you dont know what Im talking about feel free to Google Bad Dragon. Just dont forget to tighten those adult seat-belts prior to doing so!

In effect, what purple did IS revolutionary by taking a material that was used for the bedroom and re-purposing it for the actual bed itself. Also, if this is true then this can easily justify the cost as to why the Purple bed is a higher price point from 200 to 400 then other memory foam mattresses.

Purple Mattress Commercial & Marketing

Purple Hybrid Mattress Review: Honest Purple Mattress ...

If there is one thing about Purple that helps it stand out from its competition, other than its unique polymer grid, its their incredibly catchy marketing campaigns. Purple has used some very unique ways to showcase the qualities of their bed.

From the Purple Mattress egg test to the human dummy. And the characters that you wont forget, like the Purple Sasquatch and Goldilocks. There is one thing for sure, that the any Purple Mattress ad is sure to stand out, about as much as their mattress.

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Who I Dont Recommend The Purple Mattress For

  • I wouldnt recommend this bed to heavy people. I dont think the Purple has enough support for anyone over about 250 lb. If thats you, Id recommend checking out our best mattress for heavy people roundup, which has tons of super supportive beds.
  • This mattress isnt firm enough for strict stomach sleepers. These sleepers need a firm mattress to prevent their hips from sinking out of line with their shoulders.
  • Anyone after a traditional feeling bed isnt going to be happy on the Purple. Its grid layer has a squishy feel, somewhat reminiscent of a waterbed.

Update December The 8th It All Finally Arrived

With much joy, everything finally arrived at this Binturong tree. This time around the FedEx delivery driver did not throw it into the garden but instead rang the doorbell and swiftly got into his van driving off before I could come downstairs! Carrying such things up to the second story was cumbersome. However, it wasnt impossible like a traditional frame and mattress. Even the sheet protectors arrived. It took a grand total of a month to finally receive everything which is faster than the estimated times in their posting. But still slower than the estimated times of other mattresses for similar products.

Welp, Lets get started with assembly

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Purple Mattress Review Breakdown

The Purple is an all-foam mattress available in one firmness level, which is medium-firm. Sold at affordable prices and delivered directly to your door, the Purple is a good option for customers seeking comfort on a budget. Through the use of Purple Grid technology, the Purple mattress provides sleepers a mix of contouring and responsiveness. Its available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, and split king sizes.

The Purples comfort layers are made up of 2 inches of Purple Grid on top of a 3.5-inch polyfoam layer. Its support core is made of 4 inches of high-density polyfoam . Combined, these layers excel at providing pressure relief to sleepers. The cover is made of a polyester-viscose blended fabric. Altogether, the Purple measures 9.25 inches in height, which is average and fits standard sheet sets.

The Purple Grid is a unique technology created by the Purple company that consists of hyper-elastic polymer molded into a grid shape. The Purple Grid contours to the body like memory foam, but feels more responsive. Spaces in the grid allow for airflow, making the Purple a cooling mattress. All-foam mattresses tend to trap body heat, but that isnt a problem with the Purple.


A Look At The Purple Mattress

Purple® Mattress – White Glove Delivery

The American-made Purple mattress is available in Twin XL, Queen, King, and California King, and is comprised of 3 layers that give sleepers core strength, pressure relief, cooling, and bounce. The layers all breathable so they will not absorb excess heat are:

  • Hyper-Elastic Polymer: This 2 top layer is a patented gel-like material molded in a grid pattern.
  • Comfort foam: The next 3.25 layer provides support and pressure relief, and adapts to all body shapes and sizes.
  • Support layer:The final 4 layer gives the mattress its strength and structure.
  • Other features include:

    • Food grade materials: All layers are made with non-toxic, 100% FDA-certified, food-grade materials that make the mattress hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and dust mite resistant.
    • Frame compatibility: Purple makes and sells its own platform base however, the mattress works just as well with a more traditional adjustable bed frame, a slatted base, a box foundation, or the floor.
    • Cover: The Purple mattress cover, made from viscose, polyester, and polyester-lycra, is patent-pending and is designed to maximize the feel and support of the Hyper-Elastic Polymer in the top layer.
    • Certification: All layers in Purple are CertiPUR-US®-certified.

    Purple has several videos online that illustrate how the mattress materials and features work in each sleeping position to relieve pressure points.

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    Purple Mattress Comfort Review

    The Purple mattresses unique feel make it unlike other mattress in the online mattress market. As seen above, the materials in this foam bed makes it a one of a kind option that may leave you wondering just how will it feel?

    The engineering behind the Purple mattress is very specific in its intent. This bed is made to create a more pressure relieving feel along with enough response and hug too. Thus, making it one of those mattresses for back pain you might want to check out.

    Not only the Purple bed unique in its feel, but it also has a universal comfort approach. Meaning there is only one comfort option available. This firmness level falls into the category of a medium to medium-firm feel. Roughly around a 5 to 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. With 1 being the lowest and 10 being firmest. This level of comfort will affect how each sleeper will adjust to the bed.

    What Type of Sleeper Is Best Suited for a Purple Mattress?

    Overall the Purple Mattress is a very different animal when comparing it to other foam mattresses. As well as latex mattresses and spring mattresses too. However, below you can see how it will more than likely work for you, depending on your preferred sleeping position.

    Purple Mattress Comfort Review Side Sleeper

    The polymer smart grid offers just enough response and resistance as well as give. Creating a good amount of balance and adaptability. It also offers enough buoyancy to easily move from side to side.

    Whos Going To Love The Purple Mattress

    • Hot sleepers: The Purple Grid comfort layer and mattress cover are both ultra-breathable, stopping excess body heat from collecting along the mattress surface. The Purple sleeps much cooler than most foam beds.
    • Back and side sleepers: The Purple Grid collapses at areas like the hips and shoulders, delivering pressure reduction in sensitive areas.
    • People with back pain: The Purple offers a floating sensation and even weight distribution, which helps support healthy spinal alignment for side and back sleepers who weigh less than 230 pounds. These people may find decreased back pain thanks to excellent alignment.

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    Trial Period & Returns

    Purple offers an industry-standard 100-night sleep trial period for all its mattresses. If you decide your new mattress isnt for you, Purple will pick it up and issue a refund with no pickup or restocking fees. Purple tries to either donate or recycle used beds.

    Purple requires customers to keep the mattress for 21 nights prior to starting the process for a return or exchange. They say this allows for your body to adjust to the proprietary Purple Grid, a material unlike any other in the mattress industry.

    See: Purple Mattress Return Policy

    What Reasons Make Shipito The Go

    Pin by Bella on Bedrooms

    When it comes to shipping forwarders, Shipito is one of the longest and inexpensive services in the industry. Its been more than 10 years since Shipito started offering its services, which has ensured its position in the industry as the most dependable and cost-efficient shipping forwarder service.

    They use a no-hassle, easy-to-use process, allowing people to order from any USA online store and have it shipped anywhere in the world. When it comes to quality service, you cant get much better than Shipito.

    If youre having trouble placing an order on Purple Mattresss website, dont worry! Shipito can place an order with Purple Mattress on your behalf, thanks to their superb concierge service. Give them the order details, theyll place the order, and then once it arrives, theyll ship it to you.

    Shipito handles everything for you. They have plenty of different options for different types of buyers, no matter how often you order from online stores!.

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    Comparing Purple Mattress Alternatives

    Given that Purple mattress competes in the online space, technically, all of the mattresses that weve reviewed are competitors. That said, heres a quick list of their major head-to-head competitors.

    • Purple vs. Casper

      Purple and Casper both have medium firmness levels making them ideal for all sleeping positions. However, they feel completely different. Casper has a safe foam feel, while Purple has a unique, gel-like feel that makes you feel like youre floating. See our full Casper vs Purple comparison.

    • Purple vs. Leesa

      Leesa foam mattresses are similar to Casper but typically with a lower price tag. Theyre much different from Purple beds, so take a look at our Purple vs. Leesa comparison to figure out which one is right for you. Leesa has a soft neutral-foam feel, while Purple is unique.

    • Purple vs. Tuft & Needle

      If Casper is the foam mattress, Tuft & Needle is the budget mattress online. Serta Simmons actually owns Tuft & Needle, which produces affordable soft neutral-foam beds. See how Purple stacks up to Tuft & Needle in our comparison guide. It mostly comes down to price and feel.

    Where Can I Check My Order Status

    Orders usually go out the same or next business day, sometimes taking two business days to ship. You should receive an e-mail from us when your order is first placed and another when your order goes out within 1-2 business days. If you don’t see those e-mails please check your junk mail folder. We nearly always include a tracking number to help you follow your shipment’s progress. If your order happens to ship via USPS, we use Delivery Confirmation but please keep in mind that it’s not minute-to-minute tracking and sometimes shows much less shipping progress than there actually is!!

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    Purple Hybrids Unboxing And Off

    Purple Hybrids all come in a box, but are actually packaged in bags! Purple offers complimentary white glove delivery for Hybrid Premier models. These beds are heavy. Although the original Purple Hybrid is a little easier to lift than the Premier models, I would recommend having a friend help you unbag it. A perk of these mattresses is that they do not have a very strong off-gassing scent when compared to other bed-in-a-box models. Any scent should disappear in a matter of hours.

    Lets get to the bottom of this review. After reviewing every detail, its time now to make the decision about which mattress is best for you. Although I cannot make that decision for your, I can offer some suggestions to help you.

    Sign Up For Your Free Us Address From Shipito

    Purple Hybrid Premier 4 Mattress Delivery and Self Setup Review

    If you need a US-based address for your order, claim your free one through the Shipito website. Sign up for an account and receive an address you use when ordering online with American companies.

    Order from Purple Mattress as normal, but under shipping address, enter the Shipito address. Your order will then turn up at their facilities, The nice thing is that Shipito will automatically let you know your goods have turned up.

    The items are processed pictures taken and package consolidation and then shipped out to you.

    Shipito will include extra protection to ensure products are safe in transit.

    The last thing to do is select which carrier you want to use for delivery to your International Location. There are several options for delivery times, so choose one that fits your budget and speed.

    Thanks to the Shipito service, living outside the United States no longer hinders you from buying from Purple Mattress or any other US-based company.

    Shipito ships to almost all countries in the world. Click the button below to check if they can deliver your country.

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    Who I Recommend The Purple Mattress For

    I think this mattress is a particularly excellent option for mix sleepers. It has a truly bouncy, resilient feel that makes changing positions easy.

    Hot sleepers must be rather happy on this bed. The Purple Grid allows for great deals of airflow, which helps keep you cool throughout the night.

    Shoppers on a budget plan will like the truth that this mattress is extremely cost effective compared to equivalent beds on the marketplace.

    The Purple has a pleasant, medium-firm feel. How Fast Does Purple Mattress Ship

    Who Buys A Purple Mattress

    Purple says their flagship mattress is based on 20 years of research, but they have not implemented any eco-friendly technologies into the product. Instead, they have instead chosen to implement a polymer material that never breaks down. Before buying a Purple mattress, an eco-friendly shopper could consider a greener option.

    Customers looking for a full-size or double mattress should be aware that the Purple does not match industry standard sizing, but may still accommodate oversize bed sheets.

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    Are Purple Hybrids Good For Light Sleepers

    Light Back Sleepers The Hybrid Premier 3 I think is a great choice for light back-sleepers. It fills in their lumbar regions to provide good pressure relief. And it is supportive enough for those with lighter bodies. These sleepers could also benefit from any of the hybrids.

    Light Side Sleepers-The Premier 4 is the ideal choice for these types of sleepers. It provides great pressure relief which is essential for side sleepers.

    Light Stomach sleepers I would recommend they stick to the original Purple Hybrid. They should have their hips aligned with each other. How Fast Does Purple Mattress Ship

    Purple Mattress Return Policy

    Purple Mattress Unboxing

    You have 100 days from the date of your Purple mattress delivery to return your bed. They require a minimum trial of 21 days to try the mattress out before you initiate a return. You can call Customer Care at 888-848-2305 to initiate a return and once your eligibility for return is confirmed, a Purple specialist will help facilitate the process. You will be refunded for the full price of the mattress minus any shipping charges.

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    What If My Package Doesn’t Arrive Or The Wrong Items Arrive

    Some important legal stuff: We love our customers and, to make sure we stay in business, we have to limit our liability and our promises to what we can control. We will do our best to ship packages quickly and on time and are proud of our track record of quick, accurate shipments. Mistakes do happen, though, and occasionally a package can be mis-packed or mis-shipped. We do our best to correct those orders immediately. It’s also possible for a carrier , a 3rd party seller, or dropship supplier to fail to deliver a package on time or as requested. To reduce fraud, if a carrier is at fault or package tracking shows the shipment was delivered but is not found on the receiving end, The Purple Store will not be responsible for replacement or any costs incurred because of the package not being received . Be sure you’re providing us with a safe delivery location! Or contact us to make specific arrangements for another location or requiring a signature . When the carrier or another party is at fault, we will do our best to help customers resolve the situation or locate the package. Additionally, our liability in any case is limited to the cost of the item ordered. All sales are made under these terms and purchases are made under these terms.


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