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How Heavy Is Purple Mattress

Purple 3 Mattress Body Type Analysis

Original Purple Mattress Review: For big guys and gals 300lb edition
  • Petite Sleepers

    The Purple 3 will provide more than enough support for smaller-sized individuals. In all honesty, petite body types could probably save money and go with the flagship Purple mattress. The flagship model will still provide adequate support, yet youll still get the benefits of Hyper-Elastic Polymer.

  • Average Sleepers

    Average-sized sleepers will experience plenty of support from the Purple 3, but because of their lighter size, they may not feel as much of the pressure-relieving capabilities these beds can provide.

  • Heavy Sleepers

    We generally steer heavier sleepers toward beds with coils, so the Purple Hybrid Premier fits the bill.

    Coils are more durable and also provide more support than the dense foams a lot of online mattresses use for their support structure. Coils, as opposed to support foams, provide bi-directional support, which basically means the coils have some give but also push back against pressure. Beds with coils are better equipped to support all the extra pressure big folks exert on a bed.

    We think so highly of the Purple 3, it even made our list for the Best Coil & Spring Mattresses.

Will Purple Hybrid Work For Most Body Types

As it turns out, the answer is yes. We think people with lower body weight will be able to get comfortable, as can people with moderate or higher body weight.

The bed will appear firmer to people with lower body weight and soft to people with higher body weight, but as long as you know that, we dont have issues on the support side of things.

The 7.5-inch pocketed coils, combined with the Hyper-Elastic Polymer, offers a great deal of bidirectional support. Most people will feel as though theyre floating along this mattress. Its a unique but highly comfortable sensation.

What Does The Purple Feel Like

The original Purple mattress has a unique feel that is simultaneously squishy and firm. This is thanks to the mattresss proprietary hyper-elastic gel polymer grid, which collapses when enough pressure is applied and stays upright everywhere else . Theres no other mattress that feels quite like this one.

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Sleeping Positions For Purple

Whether you sleep on your side, stomach, or back or a combination of the three we think youll be just fine on Purple:

  • Side sleepers. Youll feel the pressure relief under your shoulders and hips, but the remainder of your body should feel as though its floating on top of the bed.
  • Back sleepers. You should get a weightless-like experience, where your body feels buoyant.
  • Stomach sleepers. Similar to back sleepers, you should feel buoyant, as though youre just floating there.
  • Combo sleepers. We really like Purple for combination sleepers for two main reasons. Firstly, its able to handle all the sleep styles. Secondly, it has such a responsive profile that rotating positions takes next to no effort.

Mattress Types & Materials

The Best Mattress for Heavy People 2020( Updated) I 33rdsquare

The most significant selling point of these mattresses is their scientifically-engineered Purple Grid, made from hyper-elastic polymer. The hyper-elastic polymer grid is advertised as the worlds first no pressure surface and is designed to increase airflow throughout the mattress, relieve pressure points, isolate motion, keep you cool while you sleep, and be resistant to allergens.

All of the materials used in their beds are CertiPur-US® certified, which means theyre free from harsh chemicals and low on VOCs.

In addition to the Original mattress, Purple has released a collection of hybrid mattresses containing a pocketed coil system. These new mattresses are called Purple Hybrid and the Purple Hybrid Premier The design of each of these mattresses does not vary drastically, but the firmness varies from bed to bed. Below, well break down the layers of each mattress.

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Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress Review Highlights

  • The T& N Adaptive foam is more responsive than memory foam, so you wont feel like youre sinking into the T& N mattress. The ease-of-movement is perfect for combination sleepers.
  • The Mint mattress is similar to the fan-favorite Tuft & Needle Original mattress, but with thicker comfort layers for a more luxurious feel.
  • The T& N Mint earned a 9.5/10 in spine alignment, ideal for sleepers with back pain.
  • With impressive scores in our edge support and motion isolation tests, the Mint bed is a good fit for couples who sleep together.

What Makes Purple So Different

The main feature that sets Purple mattresses apart from products made by other manufacturers is the Purple Smart Comfort Grid. This is a patented material that does a wonderful job at transferring weight from pressure points on the mattress.

The Specialized Comfort Foam is superior to the foam used by most bed in a box manufacturers. The breathable Plexus Side Panels and hypoallergenic cover help to keep you cool while you sleep.

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How Firm Is Purple Hybrid Mattress

The Purple Hybrid Mattress is a perfect balance of comfort and support. Its not too firm, but its also not too soft. Many people like to sleep on their stomach, side, or back for various reasons, so this mattress is excellent for all of those positions!

Its best suited for those who are large or on the heavier side because its got enough give to soften up some pressure points on your body. This mattress is ideal for people who are looking to try something new with their sleeping habits!

Does Purple Mattress Come In A Box

Pros and Cons: New Purple 2 Mattress Review

After being rolled up and wrapped, your brand new Purple Mattress will be shipped to you in a purple bag, rather than a box. This sturdy bag ensures a convenient and speedy delivery â which means it will get to you quicker. Be sure to keep this bag for future use â especially if the need to return the mattress arises.

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Do Purple Mattresses Sag

Although the Purple mattresses contain some sturdy materials and the company states the Purple Grid will stand strong after ears of use, its not impossible for the mattress to sag. The most likely reason for the mattress to sag is an unsupportive foundation. The warranty information states that mattresses are only eligible for coverage if they are used on a firm, flat, non-spring foundation.

I Test Beds For A Living And The Purple Mattress Successfully Relieved My Back Pain

As a mattress tester and certified sleep science coach, I’m intrigued by Purple mattress’s unique use of materials. Designed with back and side sleepers in mind, Purple claims that its original bed provides excellent pressure relief and helps maintain proper spine alignment. But how does it hold up in a testing environment?

I used a 14-point system to review the Purple mattress at Mattress Advisor‘s lab in Raleigh, North Carolina. Here’s my honest opinion of the foam bed.

To buy: Purple Mattress, $1,199 for a queen

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Sleeping Partners And Their Sleeping Preferences

If someone is looking for a mattress for their partner and them, they need to factor their weight and sleeping position into the equation.

If someones partner is close to their weight and sleeps in the same position as them, the decision could be easy. But if theyre a different weight and need a softer or firmer mattress, the decision will be more difficult. Both partners may need to find a middle ground where they each compromise a bit on the comfort and support they need.

Couples should also consider their total weight, as those extra pounds could put extra pressure on the mattress and increase wear and tear. Mattresses such as the Big Fig are made to hold up to 1,000 pounds, and there are also foundations designed to add more support for a mattress. In addition, make sure the mattress is large enough for both of you. Take a look at our best king-size mattresses for some good options for heavy couples.

Do Mattresses Have A Weight Limit

Purple vs. TempurPedic

Mattress made for individual sleepers are usually designed to hold up to 230 to 250 pounds. However, mattresses designed for more than one person person such as kings and queens, typically have a 500-pound weight limit, 25o pounds per size. Keep in mind that this will vary based on brand, model and mattress size. The mattresses on this list are meant for heavier weights and, as such, have higher weight limits.

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Lightweight Sleepers Under 130 Lbs

Lightweight back and side sleepers will probably find that the original Purple feels too firm because they wont be heavy enough to collapse the gel grid and enjoy pressure relief. The Purple should provide plenty of support for lightweight stomach sleepers. It is actually the best mattress for lightweight sleepers who prefer something firm.

The Original Purple Mattress

Compared to the new Purple mattresses, the original seems pretty basic now! They changed the cover and now instead of all white it has a ribbon of purple that divides between the white and the gray sides. Its thinner and not as high quality as the first Purple mattress. This is still a great mattress and value, but it doesnt really compare to the new Purple mattresses, as youll soon see.

The original Purple mattress has changed from when it first came out. Its only 9.25 thick instead of 10. And the cover material is thinner and not as high quality. Still a decent mattress but the hybrids are so much better, from the cover to the foam and materials inside

Heres The Original Purple mattress

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How Firm Is The Purple Mattress

Now that you have a pretty good idea of whether or not youd like this mattress, lets get into the good stuff: firmness. Firmness is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a new mattress. Keep in mind that firmness is subjective, and depends on factors like your body type and how you sleep. To give you the most objective idea of firmness possible, I averaged my firmness score with a few of my colleagues.

After spending some time rolling around on the Purple, we decided to give it a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. Since 6.5 is actually the industry standard for medium-firmness, this is a true medium-firm bed.

In addition to its firmness level, Id say this bed has a . Youre not going to feel yourself sinking deep into this mattress . Instead youre going to feel lifted up and out of the structure. This is a nice feature for anyone who worries about feeling stuck in their mattress.

The Purple Mattress Structure

Purple® Mattress – White Glove Delivery

Purple mattress is made up of a unique material It isnt memory foam and neither is it made of latex like many people are guessing . The mattress structure features 3 layers 2 Inches of hyper-elastic polymer, 3.5 inches of polyurethane and another 4 inches of heavier polyurethane. The first layer of the mattress is purposely made to improve cooling and comfort and also works to improve pressure relief. The layer is structured from a new technology which Purple calls the smart grid.

The second layer which is otherwise known as transitional layer works as the name suggests providing transitional support. The third layer which is made of 4 inch thick polyurethane is meant to provide a solid foundational base. The mattress also comes with a soft, stylish knit white breathable cover made of 27% viscose, 69% polyester and the remaining 4% being polyester-lycra.

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Who Is Purple Mattress For

-It is recommended for anyone looking for a mattress that helps in relieving pressure, offers good edge support and conforms well to the body. -Great for people sleeping in multiple positions whether you are a side sleeper, stomach sleeper or a back sleeper youll enjoy the comfort of lying on Purple mattress.

Note:- Some side sleepers have had mixed reaction about Purple and we recommend that if you are light weight and sleep on your side, you take advantage of the trial period to find out if the mattress is perfect for you. -Purple is recommended for anyone who desires a medium firm to mid soft feel. -For people who want a mattress that is cool The cover is also great in keeping off heat at night. -Good for people who like to get the best of both worlds: firm + soft, thanks to its unique smart-comfort grid cell wall that has specific weight and pressure threshold.

How Firm Is A Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattressâ several inches of hyper-elastic gridding is supported with a layer of polyfoam. This gives it a medium-level firmness. The combination of these materials gives average-sized sleepers, side sleepers, and back sleepers the ideal spine support. Itâs just the right amount of firmness to enjoy the feeling of the soft and cloudy gel grid.

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Analysis Of Sleeping Positions And Body Types

The short story here is that you should be just fine in any sleeping position on Purple Hybrid Premier. Its an accommodating bed with a firmness profile that doesnt really alienate anyone:

  • Side sleepers. No problem on either Purple 3 or 4.
  • Back sleepers. Highly supportive bed that should work for you just fine, but you should know that its not firm. Its in the middle on firmness.
  • Stomach sleepers. Same comment as for back sleepers. You should feel plenty supported, but be aware that its not as firm as Awara or some of the models from Saatva.

Purple Hybrid Premier should work for people with lower, moderate, and higher body weights. Remember, it has pocketed coils for support.

What To Look For In Purple Bed Sheets

Best Mattress for Heavy People: The Top 9 Beds for Plus ...

Finding Purple bed sheets that you like can be challenging, especially when there are so many choices available on the market. When youre shopping online, even more so, since you need to rely on the pictures instead of touching the sheets in person. So what should you look for in sheets for a Purple mattress?

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Purple Vs Purple Hybrid

The Purple Hybrid features the original Purple mattresss comfort grid but adds responsive support coils at the core for improved airflow, responsiveness and durability. The Purple Hybrid is a slightly firmer mattress, which leads us to recommend it for stomach sleepers.

The original Purple is more affordable and does a better job dampening motion, which makes it a better choice for most budget shoppers and light sleepers who share the bed. However, the springy feel of the Purple Hybrid is excellent for adult activities.

Does It Feel Any Different

It does not. In fact, all Purple beds feel mostly the same because they use the same comfort layer . Youll notice a difference in firmness for the beds, but feel will be almost exactly the same.

It will basically feel as though youre sleeping on a giant silicone ice tray thats flipped upside down. That sounds weird, and it is, but we think Purple Hybrid is an incredibly comfortable mattress.

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Nectar Vs Original Purple Comparison

The Nectar and Purple mattresses have very different constructions and materials, which is most evident in their comfort layers. The Nectars comfort layers feature multiple layers of memory foam, while the Purple features a hyper-elastic gel polymer.

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These materials create different feels. Thanks to its memory foam, the Nectar has a slow-moving feel that offers plenty of pressure relief and body contouring. Once again, the Purple is bouncy, responsive, and simultaneously squishy and firm.

The firmness ranking for these mattresses will depend a bit on the weight of the sleeper in question, but we ranked both of these beds around a 6.5/10.

The Nectar and Purple are also very similar in terms of price, although the Purple costs around $100 less.

Who Should Get The Nectar?

  • Folks who like a memory foam feel
  • Lighter-weight sleepers
  • Side sleepers who need plenty of body contouring

Who Should Get The Purple?

  • Heavier-weight sleepers

Purple 3 Mattress Overview

PURPLE Brand Weighted Blanket, Mattress Protector, Sheets, Duvet, Mattress & Pillow Review!

The flagship Purple Mattress has become increasingly popular over the years thanks to its uncommon yet very comfortable Hyper-Elastic Polymer design. Now, buyers have the opportunity to purchase extra supportive and comfortable Purple Hybrid Premier mattresses , which have thick Hyper-Elastic Polymer top comfort layers and a supportive pocketed coil base.

This review will be centered around the Purpler 3 hybrid Premier mattress. Still, well also touch on how it compares to different beds like Purple Hybrid Premier 4 and the base Purple Hybrid model. Ready to learn what all the hype is about when it comes to this Purple 3 mattress? Lets get into it!

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Sonoro Kate Sheets Super Soft Microfiber

With the Sonoro Kate Sheets Super Soft Microfiber sheets, I got exactly what I wanted. These sheets are so soft and silky, and they practically feel like your mattress is wrapped in a cozy cloud. I love how the fitted sheet stays put on the corners of the mattress, and the elastic holds everything in place.

After trying many different options, I have finally found a set of bed sheets I love. The Sonoro Kate Sheets Super Soft Microfiber is far and away from the best I have ever used. They are made with the softest microfiber I have ever felt, yet they are still durable and dont wrinkle easily. The sheets are also resistant to fading, staining, shrinking, and wrinkles, which is a huge plus. Overall, Sonoro Kate Sheets Super Soft Microfiber is an excellent set of sheets for any sleeper type.

The Sonoro Kate Sheets Super Soft Microfiber Bed Sheets Set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases.

What I Like:

  • Sonoro Kate Sheets Super Soft Microfiber is a luxury product in every sense of the word. The sheets are super soft and comfortable. Its a very nice-looking product. It is very well made. I use it as the top layer of my bed over my Purple mattress.
  • I wash my sheets every week, and they havent faded or shrunk. They come out of the dryer very warm and wrinkle-free. I really love it!


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