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How Long Do Mattresses Really Last

Mattress Myth 5 A Mattress Should Be Flipped Every Few Months To Keep It In Good Condition

10 Signs You Need a New Mattress AND How to Make It Last Longer!

Most mattresses today are made one-sided, which means they should never be flipped. So, how can you ensure maximum enjoyment of your mattress and reduce body impressions?

  • Sleep in a variety of positions and places on the mattress so the entire surface compresses evenly.
  • Rotate your mattress monthly for the first 6 months and quarterly after that.

Please note: when you first start sleeping on your new mattress, rotate every two weeks for the first two months. And remember that body impression is normal up to 1 ½ inch and not a structural defect. The upholstery materials are conforming to the weight and shape of your body, which is a good thing.

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Mattress

Beds don’t last forever, but how do you know when to get a new mattress? Learn how to go about buying a mattress replacement here.

Waking up with back pain? Yeah, it’s time…

Though every mattress has a different lifespan depending on the material, manufacturer and usage, the average lifespan of a mattress is about 7-8 years. Of course, you can continue sleeping on a mattress longer than that , but sleeping on a worn-out mattress can have real consequences on your sleep quality and overall health.

If you find yourself wondering why you can’t fall asleep or why your back hurts so much when you wake up, it’s probably time for a new bed. Continue on below to learn when to replace your mattress.

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Signs That Its Replacement Time

Even if you choose a great bed for you, time for replacement does inevitably arrive. There are some sure signs that you should get a new one. Knowing when to make that change will go a long way towards ensuring that you are as well rested as a baby in their crib.

If your mattress is over 10 years old, then it has probably reached its maximum life expectancy. This number may vary based on a few factors, such as body weight and usage, but on average a bed seldom lasts much longer than that. If yours is older than ten years, then its probably time to think about replacement.

If you often wake to find yourself sore, then you should choose to replace. Without healthy rest, youll spend a lifetime of groggy days and unrecognized potential. Listen to your body and replace your mattress if it has reached its maximum life expectancy.

Does your bed make squeaky and creaky sounds? If so, then its probably reached its maximum life expectancy. These noises can be indicative of worn out components. Replacement is more than likely going to be necessary at this point.

Do you notice that your allergies bug you when you wake up at morning? This could be caused by allergens trapped inside your mattress. If this is so, then you may want to think about replacement.

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Do Manufacturers Offer 10

As you can see, on average, mattresses last about 10 years. Do manufacturers have 10-year warranties? Simply put, yes, they do. The vast majority of mid-price and luxurious mattresses on the market have a long-term limited warranty. The good news is even the cheapest mattresses you can find in online stores or in local mattress stores also have a limited 10-year warranty.

In both cases, no matter what the price is, it warrants against the defects in workmanship, as well as in material, and doesnt cover transportation, modifications, improper use, etc. Some companies offer 5-year, 15-year, or even 20-year warranty, but a 10-year one is still the most common option on the market.

Here Are 9 Signs To Determine If You Need A New Mattress:

How Long Does A Mattress Last? Tips to Make them Last Longer

1) Your mattress is over 8 years oldThe age of the mattress is one of the first things to consider. Most people dont remember when they bought their last mattress. If you are not good at keeping files, you should write the date of purchase on the mattress label. Consumer Reports magazine recommends replacement every 7 to 10 years. This may be a shock to many people who have purchased a mattress with a 20-year warranty. You should know that the warranty is meant to cover certain parts and workmanship and not a mattresss overall comfort.

2) You dont feel rested when you wakeIf you get a good nights sleep you should wake up feeling refreshed and rested. If you find that you are waking up tired and feeling drowsy during the day it may be due to too much tossing and turning throughout the night. Your body is working overtime to find a comfortable sleeping position that does not exist.

3) You wake up with aches and pains and holding your back

Are you waking up stiff and tired every morning? If you are then chances are you need a new mattress. Old mattresses tend to gradually lose the ability to provide proper support and once the comfort zone has matted down you will get pressure points by sleeping directly on the springs. As the comfort layers lose their compression , your mid-section, which represents the heavier part of your body, will sag into the mattress.

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How To Extend The Life Of Your Mattress

Mattresses can last longer than expected depending on their use and care. Here are some preventative measures to extend the life of your mattress.

  • Use a secure baseWithout the right support, your mattress will sag prematurely. Use a proper foundation, such as a box spring, wooden slats, or a metal base.

But consider to purchasing a new base if yours:

  • No longer retains its shape
  • Has dents or sagging areas
  • Squeaks when you move around on the bed
  • Get a Mattress ProtectorDust, sweat, body oils, and lotion seep into the mattress and wear down its fibers.
  • Clean Your MattressIdeally, your mattress should be cleaned twice a year. Sprinkle it with baking soda and vacuum after 30 minutes.
  • Wash Your SheetsWash your sheets weekly to eliminate dust, body oils, and debris that collect. This will prevent the debris from leaking into the mattress.
  • Rotate Your MattressOveruse of the area that supports your body will cause your mattress to feel less comfortable. Rotating it every 3 months can eliminate wear and tear in one area.
  • Don’t Jump on the BedThis can cause wear and tear. For certain types of mattresses, you also risk damaging the springs.
  • Don’t Sleep with Your PetsYour pet’s oils, dander, and urine can leak onto the mattress.
  • Prevent Bed BugsAlways check your luggage and clothing for bed bugs when traveling. Getting bed bugs may require buying a new mattress altogether.
  • How often should you buy a new mattress?

    How To Know If You Need A New Mattress

    Here are some telltale signs that your mattress may be past its prime:

    • You wake up feeling older than your age – One of the biggest signs that it’s time to replace your mattress is when you consistently get a poor night’s sleep. Pay attention to how often you feel worse upon waking than you do when going to bed.
  • You feel like the coils poke you in your sleep – This could be a sign of advanced wear and tear, depending on the type of mattress. It means you don’t have proper support and will likely affect your sleep quality.
  • Your bed has become noisy – You’ll want to make sure that the mattress’ base is secure and still supports the mattress. You may have to replace both at once, or just one at a time, depending on the level of wear and tear.
  • You just can’t get comfortable – Though an old mattress isn’t always the culprit of sleep discomfort, it should be one of the first things you check.
  • Sleeping aggravates your allergies/asthma – Some dust mites live in every mattress and pillow, but they can accumulate over years of time. In addition to dust mites, common allergens, including mold, can grow in your mattress.
  • Your mattress has dents or saggy areas – Depending on the mattress type, this can mean that the coils are damaged.
  • Overall, if you’re consistently waking up feeling unrested, it’s probably time to start shopping. You’ll likely be able to save some money instead of in mattress stores.

    What is the average life of a memory foam mattress?8-10 years

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    When To Replace A Mattress

    Knowing how long a mattress should last is useful, though ultimately, these are just guidelines. Figuring out when its time to replace your mattress is a personal decision that involves several factors. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

    • Are you sleeping well?
    • Do you find that you sleep better at hotels or when visiting family?
    • Does your mattress feel saggy or unsupportive?
    • Do you wake up with aches and pains?
    • Do you or your partner toss and turn through the night trying to get comfortable?
    • Do you feel your partners movements at night more than you used to?
    • Have you noticed an increase in allergies or asthma symptoms?
    • Has it been 7+ years since you purchased your bed?

    If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions, it may be time to replace your mattress.

    If youre still sleeping soundly, and your mattress appears to be performing well, then perhaps you can squeeze a few more years out of it. That being said, we recommend replacing your mattress regularly, as its absolutely worth the investment in your health and well-being.

    Before you go shopping for a new mattress, its worthwhile to check the warranty details for your mattress. If an issue you are having with your mattress is covered under the manufacturers warranty, its possible that you can get your bed repaired or replaced.

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    How To Prolong The Life Of A Mattress


    Even though each type of mattress has its general lifespan, there are things you can do to improve that lifespan. Dont simply go by the averages in how long should a mattress last. Instead be proactive and increase the life of your mattress by following the tips below:

    • Avoid jumping: Kids love jumping on beds, especially innerspring mattresses featuring bouncy coils. However, that causes unnecessary pressure and weight on the coils that could cause them to break down.
    • Keep your mattress clean: Vacuum your mattress at least twice annually to prevent the build-up of allergens, dust and sweat. A good way to vacuum is to do it seasonally when rotating your mattress. It is also a good idea to spot clean as soon as you see any dirt on the mattress.
    • Use mattress protection: Using waterproof mattress protection, like a zippered cover, keeps it resistant to spills and other mishaps.
    • Ensure proper support: If your mattress is not on a box spring, foundation or solid platform, it is unable to wear evenly. Check with the mattress manufacturer to make sure youre using the right type of support for your mattress type.

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    Tempurpedic Mattress Warranty Analysis

    The warranties mattress companies offer can sometimes be a dead tell for how long they expect their products to last. In TempurPedics case, they offer a 10-year full replacement limited warranty.

    A 10 year warranty is pretty standard in the mattress industry. Thats what most companies offer. There are only a handful of brands that actually go above and beyond the 10 year period. For example, Nest Bedding and Layla are two companies that back their mattresses with lifetime warranties.

    For the most part, the TempurPedic warranty is pretty straightforward and normal. It essentially covers any manufacturing defects for a 10 year period. For example, the warranty covers indentations more than 0.75, cracks and splits in the foam and defects related to the zipper. The warranty does not cover physical abuse such as burns, cuts, liquid stains or damage stemming from the use of improper bed frames. We recommend you check out all the details related to the warranty on the companys official website.

    The company also recommends you keep proof of purchase documents in a safe place. That way, you wont run into any issues in the event you want to make a claim.

    How Long Do Inner Spring Mattresses Last

    The inside of an innerspring mattress is made of, well, springs. A network of steel coils provides the majority of the mattress support some models rely 100% on a coil system, while others have upgraded the classic coil design with layers of memory foam, or ultra-plush pillowtops. On average, innerspring mattresses last between 5.5 to 6.5 years, but much of their lifespan depends on what type of coils they use.

    The springs in an innerspring mattress can be connected or unconnected. Connected coils respond as a single unit to any sort of pressure, making it less than ideal for couples, but a good, affordable choice for single sleepers. If a connected coil mattress is shared between two or more people, it will start exhibiting wear and tear faster than if used by a single sleeper, lasting five years or less. Unconnected coils move independently, and are normally covered in foam or padding to provide additional support, as well as making the bed more comfortable. These are the most durable types of innerspring mattresses, and can last even longer than 7 years for many single sleepers.

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    How To Avoid Excessive Wear: Keep It Clean

    There are things you can do to diminish the excessive wear and tear on your mattress so that you can sleep on it for longer, and the main thing is to clean your mattress! While this may seem like a no brainer, this simple step can make a huge difference in a mattresses life.

    Make sure you vacuum your mattress once a month using the vacuum attachment. As you sleep and shed skin cells, it creates dust. Dust particles have sharp edges that create tiny cuts in the material of your mattress. By vacuuming these up frequently, you diminish these particles and keep the cuts to a minimum.

    Wash your bedding, sheets, and mattress protector often. These harbour bacteria, mold, and body oils. These can eat away at your mattress materials and make them less effective as time goes on. Most recommend washing once a week, but bi-weekly should also work well.

    Try not to eat or drink in bed. Of course, we cant tell you what to do, but the crumbs and potential for spills puts your mattress at risk. Most mattress warranties will be rendered invalid if the mattress has any stains. If you decide to eat in bed anyway, always use a mattress protector, wash it often, and vacuum any crumbs.

    Do your best to keep bed bugs out of your sleep space. These little insects mean the end of your mattress. The best way to keep bed bugs away is prevention. Use a mattress encasement, check hotel beds or anywhere else to sleep so you dont bring them home, and beware of used mattresses.

    Other Factors That Affect The Lifespan Of A Mattress

    How Long Does A Mattress Last

    Along with the type of mattress youre sleeping with, there are other factors that will contribute to its lifespan:

    Original qualityThe quality of your mattress when you originally bought it makes a difference to how long it will last. A very cheap bed is almost certain to wear out before a model made with durable materials.

    Body weight and sleep positionThose with a heavier body weight may find their mattress sags more quickly. If youre of a heavier build, its worth looking for a mattress made with stronger, durable materials alongside heavy duty springs.

    Frequency of useThis is somewhat obvious, but a mattress that sits in your guest room and is only used occasionally will last longer than the one you sleep on every night.

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    Other Types Of Mattresses

    While we promote memory foam beds as the best mattress type, other types of mattresses promote good sleep and pair better with some peoples sleeping needs.

    Innerspring mattresses last between six to eight years before they need replacement. They are known for their support and ability to keep the sleeper cool. They are made with coil cores, thin comfort layers, and some have plushy pillow tops to add comfort.

    Latex mattresses can last eight to ten years before they need replacement to preserve the bedrooms hygiene however, all-natural latex mattresses can maintain support for up to 12-20 years.

    Natural latex is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. Synthetic latex is made with a chemical compound to mimic the way latex feels, although it doesnt have antimicrobial properties. For those with latex allergies, synthetic latex is the best option.

    Blended latex is a mixture of natural and synthetic latex. It has antimicrobial properties, although not as powerful as natural latexs.

    We advise caution with synthetic latex mattresses because they may contain harmful additives. If you plan on buying a mattress with artificial latex, look for the CertiPUR-US® certification to ensure the materials are safe to use.

    A hybrid mattress can last between six and eight years. It is made with memory foam comfort layers and coils cores, which gives the bed great conformability, motion isolation, and air circulation.

    Why Is It Important To Regularly Replace A Mattress

    One of the most important reasons to get a new mattress – at least every decade – is to ensure you have the most comfortable sleep possible, with minimal aches and pains.

    But aside from that, getting a new mattress can also be important from a sleep hygiene perspective. The Sleep Matter Club at Dreams states that the average person spends about 26 years sleeping in their life, which equates to 9,490 days or 227,760 hours. Over this time, mattresses can accumulate an alarming amount of hidden nasties, including skin cells, dust, dust mites, hair, fur, bacteria, and mold. A study commissioned by Dreams and conducted by Microtech Services Ltd concluded that after eight years of sleeping on the same mattress, you could be sharing your bed with a whole host of unwanted microscopic guests, such as bacteria, yeasts, and molds that thrive in the material.

    University professor and environmental hygiene expert, Dr. Lisa Ackerley, said of the study, Most people would be rather surprised by the things you can find in an old mattress. Mold spores and bacteria build up over the years and although invisible, you could be breathing in these harmful spores at night. Due to the amount of human contact with the average mattress, its inevitable that microbes and unwanted guests will develop over time. People tend to focus on cleaning the things they can seepillows and sheetsbut the mattress itself can be a hot bed of potential illness.

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