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How Many Coils In A Good Mattress

Spring Mattresses Vs Memory Foam Mattresses

Mattress Coil Types EXPLAINED by

Memory foam mattresses are made from polyurethane foam or low-resilience polyurethane foam.

The fabric is considered to be very durable and offers a great amount of support and pressure relief more so if it has a high density. In this aspect, memory foam mattresses are considered better than spring mattresses.

Spring mattresses begin to sag in a year or two and lose about 16% of their support. These mattresses, for this reason, fail to provide long-term support and pressure relief like memory foam mattresses can.

Since memory foams are more durable and long-lasting, they tend to be more expensive than spring mattresses.

Q: What Are The Materials Used In The Comfort Layers

A mattress will comprise of a comfort layer or two which affect its feel, comfort, and firmness options.

Polyester is one of the more common materials because of its comfort and ability to last for the long term. This material can also be produced in different levels of thickness and quality so you can find various mattress types that work for you. You may also find polyester combined with wool and organic cotton, which helps to keep a mattress warm in winter and cooler in the summer.

Memory foam is another popular material for a comfort layer. This is very responsive and heat-sensitive, so it moulds around your body contours for added comfort. The memory foam layer alleviates any pressure point pain, making it recommended for those who suffer from any back pain.

Longevity: Considerations For Long

A good mattress can last you years if you choose correctly based on your long-term plans and life trajectory. Though budget or space constraints may factor into your choice, brands that can live with you will maximize your investment.


Your choice of sides will depend on several factors, including how much space you have, your body size, growth expectations, and if you need to share it. Lets discuss each standard mattress size one at a time, but note that some companies may not offer every size. Height will also vary depending on which brand you choose.


Mattress height varies depending on which brand you choose, and more entry-level choices tend to be much thinner and simpler in their design that taller luxury matress brands that have more complicated comfort layers and support systems. If you have trouble getting in and out of bed, a mattress that is exceptionally tall may prove to be a problem.


Beware that price is not always an indication of quality, and some materials will naturally wear out faster than others, depending on how they are formulated and placed. In general, latex tends to last longer than poly foams, and tufting tends to endure natural wear and tear longer than adhesives. The longevity of coils will depend on their gauge and how they are attached to one another.


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Is It Time To Replace Your Mattress

Chances are good that if youre thinking you need to replace your mattress, you are probably right. A substantial portion of the population is sleeping on mattresses that are either out of date or ill-suited to their body. If youre still unsure, here is a list of questions you may want to consider.

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Winkbeds Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Astonishing benefits of coil spring mattresses!

The WinkBeds Luxury Hybrid Mattress is a memory foam mattress with three layers of support, a Euro-pillow top, and gel foam infused into the design. The mattress has a 100% natural Tencel cover.

This mattress uses WinkBeds 3-step back-relief system, an advanced support system that uses a blend of support foams and gel foam to provide a more balanced support system. Its made from a unique combination of foam and springs, which means its an excellent solution for a wide range of sleepers. But what makes WinkBeds genuinely unique is the fact that its one of the few mattresses on the market today thats made in America.

The WinkBeds hybrid mattress is the perfect solution for sleepers with sensitive backs, those who want a soft sleeping surface, and couples looking to reduce motion transfer. This mattress has an extra edge which helps the mattress retain its form. This is an excellent thing because it helps ensure that you are sleeping on the proper support levels. The bed is also a great choice for those who are looking for a cooling mattress.

What I Like:

  • The combination of three layers of foam and coils keeps the mattress from sagging and makes it ideal for couples.
  • The WinkBeds Luxury Hybrid Mattress offers the ultimate back support with an extra-edge anti-sag support system, which follows the contours of your body, so you sleep in perfect alignment.

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How Are Mattress Coils Made


When discussing the coils of an innerspring mattress, the word “gauge” refers to the thickness of the wire used to construct the coil. Somewhat counter-intuitively, the lower the number, the “heavier” the gauge, and the thicker the wire 12.5 gauge wire is thicker and stronger than 16.5 gauge wire .

Working Turns:

Another important factor is the number of “working turns” in each coil, a measurement of how tightly the coil is wound. Coils constructed with a higher number of working turns will result in both a softer and more durable mattress, since the work of supporting your body is spread throughout the spring. Working turns can be counted by tracing the wire with your finger each time your finger travels 180 degrees around the coil translates to one working turn.


Tempering is the process of heating and cooling the coils to ensure they retain their proper shape over time. A “double heat tempered” coil has gone through that process twice, ensuring increased durability.

Other Types Of Pocket Springs Cortec Revolution & Micro Springs

Update 2020: Recently the mattress market has seen a flood of new spring innovations which are all there to tempt you to certain brands mattresses. Spring technology has pretty much remained the same for over a hundred years. The simple spring mechanism works by compressing and extending based on a load applied to it, ie a sleeper loading the spring when they lie on a mattress. Theres only so much innovation you can do with a spring, such as changing its shape or size. It will have some influence, but is it enough to spend hundreds of pounds more on a new mattress? We take a look at a few of the newer spring types so you can make your own mind up.

Cortec Pocket Springs: Cortec springs by Harrison Spinks are an elongated pocket spring. That means they are thinner and taller than regular pocket springs. Cortec springs are not glued together but heat-sealed into rows meaning they are glue-free. So you dont need glue to bond them together as they can concertina together by being folded in their rows. Imagine a roll of paper labels and how each one can be folded back on each other or torn off. This is the same layout as the Cortec spring. They are still synthetic coated pocket springs and unlike our Calico ones are not vanadium coated so wont be as impervious to rusting over time.

John Ryan the most trusted bed retailer

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Whats A Vanadium Pocket Spring

Vanadium is used in the steel forging process and provides strength to the metal which assists when it is then formed into a pocket spring. It also has a low oxidisation value meaning it doesnt corrode as quickly as other metals. So these pocket springs dont rust.

We use Vanadium on our calico pocket springs that are found in the higher end Artisan models. Vanadium is often found in metal alloys and top-end tools to give strength and durability against corrosion. It is used within our springs to ensure they are of the highest quality giving an enhanced lifespan and longevity. Most manufacturers couldnt tell you what is in their spring wire, you will probably just get shrugged shoulders, but here at John Ryan, we can share with you the exact composition of our calico vanadium pocket springs.

Chemical Composition of Steel Wire C

Advantages Of Buying In A Store

Mattress Therapy Episode 1: How many coils does it take
  • You can try it in person. If buying a bed sight unseen makes you nervous and you prefer to feel the bed, stores give you the opportunity to do so.
  • There are decreased wait times and fewer shipping limitations. Most stores will have an onsite inventory of beds they sell onsite so you can take your new bed home the day you buy it. Because the store is local, you are assured that shipping is available to you.
  • Stores may offer an included delivery service. For large furniture items like mattresses, the store may offer delivery as part of their price, which is convenient for those worried about installing their bed.

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Foam Vs Spring Mattress: Which Is Best For You

Buying a new bed can be overwhelming. With so many types of mattresses available, it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for you.

In this post, well provide you with answers to one of the most common concerns on the mattress market: the memory foam vs. spring mattress debate.

Spring mattresses have been around for decades and are arguably one of the most traditional types of mattresses. They offer bouncy support in a variety of coil and spring types. On the other hand, foam mattresses are a lot more modern, with soft and dense features that have the ability to conform to the body and evenly distribute weight.

So how do you choose? Use our comparison guide below to weigh the pros and cons of foam vs. spring mattresses in order to choose the option best suited for your sleeping needs.

Main Owner Complaint: Mattress Sagging

Compared to other mattress types, innerspring mattresses have the most problem with sagging. Sagging is the loss of a level, supportive sleep surface. Sagging can include the development of body impressions, “sink holes,” and “peaks & valleys.” About 25% of innerspring mattress owners report the problem thereby making sagging the top innerspring mattress owner complaint.

* estimated to be at least 1.5″ depth ** partial estimate

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How Many Coils In Dreamcloud Mattress Must Know Info

If youre on the market for a encouraging mattress with incomparable comfort, suitable for all types of sleepers, then you need to truly check out the DreamCloud mattress. How Many Coils In Dreamcloud Mattress

With three high-end hybrid models to choose from, the DreamCloud collection has been particularly made with pressure relief and perfect spinal positioning thought about, in addition to relaxing coziness.

Continue reading to learn which DreamCloud model is suitable for your case.

Our Recommendation: Zoma Hybrid

4 Common Best Types of Mattresses

Our designers drew upon more than 20 years of mattress-making experience when creating the Zoma Hybrid. The hybrids blend of support and comfort can improve your sleep quality, leaving you refreshed and ready to face a new day.

The hybrids comfort layer is 2 inches of gel memory foam for a cool sleeping surface with pressure relief. We include triangular cutouts in the leg and shoulder areas as a way to keep sleepers cool.

These cutouts allows the bed to contour closer for more pressure relief. Plus, the cutouts increase airflow through the mattress, wicking away accumulated heat.

Next is 2 inches of Reactiv foam. Reactiv is a springy material we designed to limit sinkage, preventing you from feeling stuck in your bed.

Seven inches of pocketed coils support the Zoma Hybrid. We wrap all the coils in individual packets to promote independent reactions. That means that when you press down on a coil, it wont affect the coils around it, limiting motion transfer.

The mattresss base is an inch of firm foam. The stiff foam base provides a surface for the coils to push against, minimizing sagging.

A queen size Zoma Hybrid is $999 and includes a 10-year warranty and a 100-night sleep trial. Should you decide the mattress isnt the right bed for you after a month, we will offer you a full refund.

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Is A Pocket Sprung Mattress For You

Pocket sprung mattresses are so popular due to their immense flexibility to all sleeping requirements, with varying options designed to cater to a large market of people. Pocket sprung mattresses come in a range of firmness ratings, varying from soft to firm in order to provide the perfect sleeping space for all weights. The general rule when selecting firmness is the heavier the sleeper combination weight, the softer the mattress should be. Our firmness rating tool found on our mattress product pages allows you to input your weight to identify the perfect firmness for you easy!

Due to their high quality, pocket sprung mattresses are usually deeper than most, with the ability to flip and rotate the mattress for an even longer lifespan. Pocket sprung mattresses are considered a worthy investment, granting many people around the world with perfect comfort. With additional features such as orthopaedic and natural fillings, our range of Pocket Sprung Mattresses cater for all and make this form of sleeping solution perfect for all requirements.

Hybrid Vs Innerspring Mattress: Whats The Best

Hybrid mattresses have brought back the benefits of coils while negating the drawbacks of an innerspring mattress. Both hybrids and innersprings have a coil system as their base support structure.

Hybrid mattresses have brought back the benefits of coils while negating the drawbacks of an innerspring mattress. Both hybrids and innersprings have a coil system as their base support structure.

To enjoy body-contouring, plush memory foam, you dont have to give up on the bounce of coils. Hybrid mattresses combine the responsive support of a coil mattress, with the soft conforming feel of memory foam. On the other hand innersprings have a thinner comfort layer made of cotton, polyurethane, or memory foam.

Hybrids are, essentially, evolved innerspring mattresses, bringing to you a perfect balance of comfort and support.

In this post, we discuss the similarities and differences between hybrid and innersprings to help you find your best mattress.

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Few Cases Of Off Gassing

Off gassing is a chemical-like smell that some new mattresses emit. Most Kingsdown mattresses dont off gas. Only 6% of customers, according to Sleep Like the Dead, reported that their Kingsdown mattress off gassed most likely because Kingsdown uses high-quality and pure materials. The brand tends to avoid synthetic and toxic materials.

Reasons Coil Counts Matter

An inside look at the #1 mattress coil sold in the US

When I first got into this business, I worked for Stearns & Foster, which at the time was owned by Sealy but had its own sales force and product development team. We sold Correct Comfort products with 390 12¾-gauge innersprings. This was a problem because at the time, Sealy and other leading brands were selling mattresses with 660 coils, although the gauge of wire was much thinner. In training meetings with RSAs, we used to say, stronger wire, less coils is just as good as thinner wire, more coils it really is six of one, half-dozen of another. Then the industry moved away from any conversation around spec or coil counts with Nat Bernsteins Comfort Selling program, which we launched at Sealy. With this approach, we took as much focus off the components as we could and simply sold the comfort of the product above all else. It was easy. It was effective. It worked.

Times have changed. Consumers are not as easy to sell to they are more educated than ever with the Internet, they are sick and tired of the lack of transparency in our industry, and selling comfort only just wont get it done in many cases. All of that to say, COIL COUNTS MATTER! Yes, I work for a spring producer, so it wont surprise you that I am taking this position, but hear me out on my list of seven reasons to focus on the count and construction of the innerspring:

  • Look at Europe. Coil counts are marketed very successfully and it helps them drive consumer interest.
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    How Many Pocket Springs Should I Get In My New Mattress

    The minimum number of pocket springs you should be looking for in a kingsize mattress is 1000.

    • 1000-1500 pocket springs in a kingsize is the optimal amount for most mattresses
    • The maximum in a single layer of pocket springs is 2000
    • 600 is the minimum number of pocket springs in a mattress
    • Spring counts 2000+ means multiple layers of pocket springs

    Although 600 is the minimum amount, these springs will need to be significantly larger and less adaptive than the standard sized pocket springs to fit the same size bed. These larger springs offer a cruder level of support compared to regular pocket spring sizes found in 1000-2000 pocket sprung mattresses.

    You may see spring counts in the thousands and these should be taken with a pinch of salt. Usually the more springs you find in a mattress the smaller these spring are. Which at a certain point becomes useless as they are too small to function properly! Above this and its dual layers of springs or the dreaded micro springs.

    When looking for a mattress the number of springs you should expect for each price point are:

    Different Types Of Coils Used

    Coils are the basic elements of a mattress.

    Since they were first developed, many varieties of them have come about. They have gone through many changes and have replaced the older and less functional ones.

    Today, youll see that there are many different types of coils used in the design of a mattress. Here are all the types of coils discussed in detail:

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