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How Thick Mattress For Bunk Beds

Does A Bunk Bed Need A Special Mattress

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No, so long as your bunk bed mattresses are the right thickness, you can use whatever type of mattress you prefer!

Some popular types of mattresses for bunk beds include innerspring mattresses, hybrid mattresses, latex mattresses, and memory foam mattresses. Foam mattresses provide more cushioning for the hips and shoulders to relieve pressure points, while coil mattresses offer more breathability.

Choose An Appropriate Height Of The Mattress

In choosing a mattress for your bunk bed, you must consider how thick it is.

Just to remind you, the damage you may get from bunk beds if you fall off from them is worse than falling off from a regular bed.

It is crucial, especially on the upper frame.

In order to be safe, it is recommended that the bunk beds rails should not be less than 5 inches higher than the surface of the mattress. So the higher, the better.

However, for the lower portion, it would be good to use a mattress that is not too much thick to the point that it will lessen your headspace.

If you want a thick mattress for the lower portion, ensure a longer space between the upper and lower frame.

It will make the sleeper more comfortable because enough space can allow them to sit straight or enjoy other positions aside from lying.

Why Not Have A Mattress Made For You

There’s no reason you only have to be satisfied with what you find in mattresses that are already available. You can have a truly bespoke mattress made for you, tailored to your specifications and your needs. This will give you control over the dimensions of the mattress, the thickness of it, and the construction technique, allowing you to create a mattress that is literally tailor-made to fit your bunk beds. If you’re buying a bespoke bunk bed, you can have a completely bespoke mattress set made to fit it at the same time.

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Other Criteria To Consider

Though weve described a few essential criteria above, there are a few more important things to take into account when choosing a mattress for a bunk bed.

  • Safety should be your top priority. A safe bunk mattress is not just a thin and lightweight mattress. We also recommend taking a close look at the materials. They all must be certified – that will prove that only non-toxic materials are used. By the way, safe beds dont have that super-strong chemical odor, which is a good bonus for sensitive sleepers.
  • The reputation of the brand and customers feedback. Youll hardly become the first buyer of a mattress – someone did it earlier, and there is a good chance that they wrote a detailed review. Dont ignore other customers experiences – use it to learn everything about the beds pros and cons.
  • Price. There are tons of different mattresses on the market. Some of them are extra cheap , some are mid-range, and some are fairly expensive. The most important thing to remember is that you can find a good mattress in any of these categories.
  • Federal standards. Of course, this industry is also regulated by the authorities. Make sure that the mattress meets all the standards – feel free to contact support to ask questions if necessary.

Safety and comfort should be your top priorities. Yes, research will take some time, but its always worth it.

Is A 6 Inch Mattress Thick Enough

Single Size 31cm Thick Foam Mattress

For the greatest sleep, look for a mattress that has an at least 2-3-inch comfort layer and a foundation layer that is at least 6- to 8-inches thick, respectively. In addition, most mattresses have a transition layer that is 1-2 inches thick. This is the bare minimum in terms of thickness required for good comfort and longevity.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bunk Bed Dimensions

The bunk bed dimensions are based on the bunk bed you choose to buy for your kids. If you have never bought a bunk bed then you must be a bit confused about the bunk bed dimensions in feet or inches or cm. Moreover, you may not know if the standard bunk bed and single bunk bed dimensions are same of different. Here we provide some frequently asked questions about the bunk bed dimensions, you should go through these FAQs and their answers to know everything about sizes and twin bunk bed dimensions to get help in your purchase.

What Size Is The Bunk Bed Mattress

A bunk bed frame rests on another one. It allows for more than a bed to occupy floor space.

Using a bunk bed helps to economize space. You can find bunk beds on ships, in hostels, and in dormitories.

Bunk bed mattresses today are designed for individual bed styles.

Bunk bed mattress come in the following sizes:

  • Full size
  • Twin size
  • Twin XL size

You need to find out the mattress size first. Then, you can go ahead to make a purchase.

Typically, most bunk beds come with guard rails. Guard rails prevent sleepers from falling off. So, it is better to get a mattress that is 9 inches thick or less.

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How Can I Make My Bunk Bed More Comfortable

You can make bunk bed ladders more comfy by doing the following:

  • Install a tread cover on the rungs of the bunk bed ladder. Make your own pool noodle ladder cover with pool noodles. Install cushioned anti-slip tape on the rungs of the ladder. Cover the rungs of the ladder with high-traction ladder rung covers. Ladder cushions should be placed on all four sides of the ladder.
  • Q5 What Is The Standard Size Of A Bunk Bed

    Building A Beautiful King Size Bed – Part One

    The standard size of a bunk bed is 80 x 42 x 65 and the standard bunk bed mattress size is 75 x 39.

    Wrapping Up:

    The bunk bed size and dimensions are important to check for you to know if it will fit in your room of not. We have explained the twin bunk bed dimensions, twin over full bunk bed dimensions and all important information regarding bunk bed sizes. If you still have a query or doubt then you can ask us in the comment section, we will be happy to answer your queries.

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    Which Bunk Beds Are The Best

    The Best Bunk Beds of 2021

  • Bedz King Stairway Bunk Beds.
  • Dorel Living Clearwater Triple Bunk Beds.
  • Max & Lily Low Bunk Bed.
  • Dorel Living Brady Wood Bunk Beds.
  • Meritline Convertible Dorm Loft Bunk Beds.
  • DHP Miles Twin Metal Bunk Bed.
  • Discovery World Furniture Mission Bunk Beds.
  • WE Furniture Wooden Twin Bunk Beds.
  • Latex For Less Mattress

    The Latex for Less Mattress is an ideal choice if you are looking for an organic bunk bed mattress. This double-sided bed gives you the option to choose from a medium or a firm side. If your firmness preferences change with time, simply flip the mattress to suit your needs.

    These organic mattresses are available in two thickness options, 7 and 9 inches, but the thinner mattress is meant for those who weigh less than 100 pounds. Ideally, they are good for children in the 6-10 age range. However, check the weight limit of your bunk bed because latex mattresses are heavier than other foam mattresses.

    The Latex for Less Mattress contains an organic cotton cover, a natural wool fire barrier, and natural latex foam harvested from the sap of rubber trees. The GOTS-certified cotton cover ensures the fabric is made with more than 70 percent organic fibers, which has been responsibly farmed and manufactured.

    The 100 percent natural wool fire barrier meets federal safety standards without using harsh chemicals. Organic wool also wicks away moisture, keeping sleepers cool in bed.

    Beneath the firm Dunlop latex layer lies the natural wool flame barrier and cotton cover layers, making it double-sided. That way, even when you flip the mattress, you still sleep on the cotton cover while experiencing the firm feel of the Dunlop latex layer. If you want to sleep on the medium side of the bed, flip it back so the Talalay layer lies above the Dunlop layer.

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    Twin Xl Bunk Bed Mattress

    Taller adults or teens are better off going with a twin XL mattress. This mattress measures 38 inches by 80 inches. Place your twin XL bunk bed in a room that measures 9 feet 6 inches by 10 feet 6 inches.

    Debating between a twin or twin XL? Our twin vs twin XL mattress guide compares the two in-depth.

    The Thickness Of The Mattress

    Giselle Bedding King Single Size 34cm Thick Foam Mattress

    Another vital point to consider is the mattress thickness. You may overlook this when using regular bunk beds. However, bunks have limits. You also need to look out for some safety precautions. Typically, a thin mattress is ideal for the bunk bed. A mattress that is 6 or 7 inches thick is a top choice.

    A mattress that is too thick may cover the rails. Using a thick mattress renders the guard rails useless. There must be space between the mattress top and the guard rail. This space should be about 5 inches. However, it depends on the beds design. Estimate the measurement of the bed to get the best fit.

    For bottom bunks, you may not be cautious about thickness. However, a thicker mattress gives less headroom. You might consider a thinner mattress for the bottom bed too. Note that a child would need space to sit up.

    Also, a thinner mattress protects sleepers. It ensures they dont hit their heads when sitting up in bed. Besides, narrower mattresses are lighter. Changing the sheets is, therefore, less stressful.

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    Difference Between Bunk And Loft Beds

    Show me a kid that doesn’t love one? Theyre fun and recreate the feel and atmosphere of a summer camp! They offer a child their own space to personalize and enjoy.

    Not only that, but they offer benefits to parents as well. Theyre space-savers and provide more room in the childrens room for other things when there arent two beds.

    However, if your child is pleading for this type of bed but doesnt have a sibling to share it with, what can you do? That bottom bed likely wont be utilized enough at the occasional sleepover to be worth it. Thats where loft beds come in!

    A loft bed is a single bed raised up high, allowing you to use the floor below for a whole myriad of purposes. In essence, loft beds are bunk beds with no bottom bunk. This gives kids the up high feeling and saves space at the same timetwo birds, one stone!

    The best loft beds tend to incorporate a storage area, desk, or play space separated by curtains into their designand if they dont, you can add those things yourself. If your loft bed is a simple, bare-bones raised bed, you can still make the most out of that space. Pick out a desk to create a study space beneath, or attach curtains to block off the space for storage or a hideaway play area.

    The principles for finding a loft bed mattress is similar to that of bunk beds. This means youll want to follow the same rules for considering the loft bed mattress size. Try to follow the same considerations for mattress height for bunk beds.

    Why Do You Need A Special Mattress For A Bunk Bed

    Not many people consider this when buying a bunk bed, but buying a mattress for a bunk bed is an entirely different process than buying a traditional mattress. You need to take several things into account that you wouldnt otherwise, and also disregard some factors that you might give more weight to if you were shopping for a traditional mattress. Most notably, youll want to make sure that you get the correct size for your bunk bed mattress. Bunk beds are thinner both in height and width to fit into a standard bunk bed. The reason that you need a thinner mattress for a bunk bed is that there are often height restrictions when using a bunk bed. You want to leave as much space as possible between you and the next bunk up or the ceiling. Having a mattress that is too tall can limit that space and make getting in and out of the bed cumbersome or even dangerous late at night when theres a hazard of hitting your head. Youll also need to make sure that you get the correct size bed. Most bunk beds or camper beds have twin-sized mattresses, but you still need to check the specifications to see if you need something that is a custom size. Having a mattress that is the incorrect size for the frame can be uncomfortable and defeat the purpose altogether. In summary, bunk beds are much different than traditional mattresses and these are the things that you should consider when choosing the best bunk bed mattress.

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    How Long Are Standard Bunk Beds

    Standard bunk beds are about 80 inches long as assembled and can accommodate standard mattresses 75 inches in length based on the table above.

    Shorty bunk beds are also about 80 inches long since a shorty bunk bed will still utilize a single, twin or standard sized mattress thats 75 inches in length even though it is several inches closer to the ground.

    Can You Put A Regular Mattress On A Bunk Bed

    How to Build a Bunk Bed

    To come with the bunk bed and its fine, yes you can just use a regular full size mattress for the bottom bunk and a single size mattress for the top bunk. As long as the mattresses are the right size for the bunk bed that is all you will need, no box springs. You can use a regular mattress without the box spring.

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    Air Mattress For Camping

    If youll be transporting your bed by vehicle, you dont have to worry about weight. You can jump right to thinking about how much support youll need!

    Two factors determine how much support an air mattress will offer. The first factor to consider is thickness.

    The taller the mattress, the more air that will lie between you and the ground. If you like a lot of support, youll want a taller bed.

    The second factor is the amount and type of support columns that are inside. Internal supports anchor the top of the mattress to the bottom, preventing movement. They also hold the air in place to keep it from redistributing when you lay down.

    Examples of internal supports include grids of cubed chambers, rows of fiber cording, dual mattress chambers with I-beams, air coils and diagonal strips of material that provide corner support.

    Height Of Triple Bunk Beds

    The triple bunk bed means three beds are arranged in a stack as one over the other. We all know that the stack of three beds is always taller than the stack of two beds. Therefore the height of triple bunk beds is higher, it is between 70-inch and 77-inch. Some triple bunk beds may go beyond 77-inch height, so you should check the height of the bunk bed at the time of purchase. You must have a higher ceiling in a room to use a triple bunk bed comfortably.

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    Can Adults Sleep In Bunk Beds

    Theres no age limit on bunk beds however, adults should look for heavy-duty or high-capacity bunk beds if they want to sleep on a bunk bed regularly. Heavy-duty bunk beds have between a 250 to 800-pound weight capacity for the top bunk, while child-specific bunk beds only have a 150 to 220-pound weight capacity.

    A larger bunk bed size is ideal for adult sleepers so they have enough space to stretch out and enough legroom for comfort. Also, a bunk bed should have enough overhead clearance so an adult can sit upright comfortably on the top bunk.

    When sleeping on top bunks, keep in mind that top bunk mattresses are usually quite thin . Thin mattresses likely thin foam comfort layers and wont properly relieve an adults pressure points or cushion their spine and hips. An adults weight may also impact a thin mattresss durability, causing any coils or foam to break down and require repairs or replacement.

    Standard Bunk Bed Length And Width

    Twin size 4

    The standard bunk beds are the most popular bunk beds for kids as they are compact and comfortable. So, you want to know how long are standard bunk beds and the answer is, the standard bunk bed dimensions are 75-inch x 39-inch x 65-inch. The standard bunk bed dimensions in feet are 6.25-ft x 3.25-ft x 5.4167-ft. These size dimensions are applicable to all standard/single/twin bunk beds with twin over twin design.

    According to the size wise bunk bed table above, the standard bunk bed length is 80-inch and width is 42-inch. With such length & width, it can accommodate a standard/single/twin size mattress that is 75-inch long and 39-inch wide.

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    Understanding The Dimensions Of Your Bed

    When you’re shopping around for the right mattress, it’s important to know the dimensions of your bed. If you already have an existing bunk bed you’re buying for, be sure to thoroughly measure it to give you the measurements you’ll need to find a great fitting mattress. If you’re interested in investing in bespoke bunk beds, it’s also important to keep track of any measurements, especially if you have the beds made in non-standard sizes.

    What Kind Of Mattress Is Best For Bunk Beds

    When it comes to mattresses for bunk beds, innerspring and foam are the widely popular ones. Innerspring mattresses offer a familiar feeling as many people have grown up using them. In addition, they are breathable, sturdy, and long-lasting. Foam mattresses on the other hand have a different set of benefits. They are conforming and supportive. Some even come with a cooling gel to keep you from running hot at night. However, theres no right answer to which of these two is the best. Youll want to consider your sleeping position and personal preference to make that decision. After all, comfort is subjective and theres no thumb rule to it.

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