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How To Choose A Bed Mattress

What Are The Different Types Of Mattress Technology

Mattress Buying Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Mattress

There is no technology thats better than another. Each responds to specific habits, needs and morphology. Choosing between the spring mattress,the latex mattress, the foam mattress or the memory mattress will depend on your personal needs. Some manufacturers are combining materials, such as natural latex and cork granules. Read the description of each to see which suits you best.

Twils spring mattress

The springs mattress: this type of mattress is especially recommended for people who sweat a lot at night as they are naturally ventilated and cushion body movements. Here again, several types of technology come together: biconical springs, pocket springs and springs with continuous wire. Biconical springs offer dynamic and very progressive support. They are particularly suitable for people who are pregnant or who would like a dynamic comfort. For people who move a lot during their sleep, its best to go for the pocket springs because they contain a large number of springs, also known as coilseach spring reacts individually and they have differentiated support zones. The springs with continuous wire, suspensions made from a mesh of continuous wire, offer a firm comfort. But regardless of the nature of the spring, know that a high number of springs guarantees a better support.

dormiente latex mattress

Golden Night foam mattress

Golden Night memory mattress

Compare Mattresses And Read Product Specifications

Well-known brands and fancy words may sound appealing as you shop. However, you should always be sure to read the details of a mattress and its construction rather than choose a mattress for its name. The mattresss materials can give you good insight as to:

  • How well the mattress will feel
  • How long it will last
  • Whether its worth the price

Look at the thickness of each mattress layer, the type of materials used, and the mattress cover fabric. Most product landing pages give detailed descriptions of all the materials in their mattresses and how they work, so it shouldnt be hard to get an overview of whats in a bed. However, knowing all the details makes it easier to compare mattresses.

The overall mattress thickness is also important to consider. For maximum durability, we almost never recommend a bed under 10 inches for sleepers, although 8 or 9 inches can do in a pinch for budget shoppers.

With that, see if the mattress has any quality certifications by third-party organizations such as CertiPUR-US®, OEKO-TEX®, or Global Organic Latex Standard . These types of organizations rate a mattresss sustainability, chemicals, and whether or not its organic. While third-party certifications arent the only way to find a good mattress, theyre still useful.

Consider Your Weight As A Factor

On first glance, you might be asking yourself, what does weight have to do with choosing a mattress?

The truth is, support, hug, feel, sinkage and even cooling will depend on your body type and weight. Another harsh truth is that there is no best mattress for every one of us.

Lets take a look at the following guidelines how to choose an ideal firmness level based on your weight:

  • Light You will want a medium firm bed around 5-6 firmness that doesnt sink too much. If you are lighter than 150 lbs, you can even go with four since most beds are rated for average sleeper of 180lbs. If you want a softer feel or if you are a side sleeper you can opt for 3-4 firmness range. These are soft or plush options.
  • Average Like with the previous category you can choose industry standard of 5-7, providing perfect support and comfort. Some sleepers will want to opt for more softer beds, and thats perfectly fine, just go with 3-5 range if you sleep on your side and you are all set.
  • Heavier Person Heavier people can cause more pressure points on their back, and ideally you want to choose a firmer option to adjust for sinkage. If you are having problems with cooling, you ought to consider coil mattresses. Ideally, choose a thick or thicker bed. This will provide good support and soft feel.

Need more details? Follow our guide to top rated beds for heavy people.

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Should I Choose A Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are made of thermosensitive viscoelastic foam. Viscoelastic foam can cover all types of mattresses, whether they are spring, latex, or foam. This type of mattress reacts to body heat and adapts to the morphology of each sleeper. If you change your sleeping position, the mattress returns to its original shape and readapts. Memory foam mattresses are part of the top of the range of bedding, with prices that are often high. They are the subject of very strong opinions. They are praised for their incomparable enveloping properties, which ensure a good quality of sleep, or they complain about being cramped without being able to move.

These models are also sensitive to the ambient temperature. The foam can soften if its very hot, but it can harden if its very cold. The visco-elastic foam also makes it more difficult to ventilate the mattress. This type of mattress is therefore not recommended for people who sweat a lot at night.

We Have Mattresses Of All Sizes And Thicknesses

How to Choose a Mattress: Top Tips

Not all our mattresses are Swedish sizes. At IKEA, we have every size of mattress you could imagine. We have mattresses in Spanish sizes , and in standard European sizes .We also have mattresses of different thicknesses: you can choose between thinner and thicker ones. Now you’ve got no excuse for not choosing a good mattress to enjoy that comfort you need!At IKEA, you will find the best mattresses whatever your individual requirements. Some materials are better for those who feel the cold, others suit those who tend to feel warm, while others are great for restless sleepers.

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What Is The Best Type Of Mattress

There are a wide range of mattresses out there that all make very similar promises. How are you supposed to know which is the most supportive?

The best mattress for you will largely depend on personal preference and factors such as your sleeping position whether you sleep on your front, back or side. However, the best regarded and most popular mattresses fall under three broad categories:

  • Pocket sprung: These mattresses are made from individually woven pockets of springs and are, broadly speaking, the most popular type. They tend to feel bouncy and supportive theyre also excellent if you share a bed as they provide individual support that means youre unlikely to find you both roll into the middle.
  • Memory foam: Some think that memory foam has had its moment and is now falling out of favour, as traditional memory foam mattresses tend to trap heat. However, new formulations of foam are specifically designed for better temperature regulation, so a memory foam mattress is still well worth considering. They consist of a base layer of supportive foam, usually topped with a second layer of softer foam which moulds to your body shape for comfort.
  • Hybrid: The best of both worlds hybrid mattresses contain both a layer of pocket springs and a layer of memory foam to provide improved comfort, support and temperature regulation.

What If You Choose The Wrong Firmness

Discomfort while sleeping on a new bed can signal one of two things: either the firmness level of the bed isnt right for you, or you have not gone through a full break-in period with your bed.

If you have slept on the bed for longer than the breaking in period and you are still experiencing discomfort, there may be options to adjust the beds firmness level to better suit your needs. To assess whether your bed is too soft or too firm, you can observe cues from your body. Certain sensations and pains can tell you what the problem is, and what you need to do to improve your comfort.

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Which Mattress To Choose If You Are Allergic

Finally, if you suffer from allergic reactions when you sleep on an ordinary mattress, it is highly recommended to choose a hypoallergenic or anti-dust mite mattress. This will help reduce the risk of allergies and provide you with a much better quality of sleep. In addition, this type of mattress is generally treated against dust mites.Once again, Maison de la Literie offers a wide range of hypoallergenic mattresses made with very healthy materials.

What Is The Best Month To Purchase A Mattress

How to Choose a Mattress

Many mattress retailers offer deep discounts around Presidents Day, which is celebrated annually on the third Monday in February. You can usually find some good mattress deals around Memorial Day and Labor Day, and sometimes around the Fourth of July. Generally speaking, you may see a few decent price drops during holiday shopping events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but they likely wont be the best deals of the year. We track deals on all of our mattress recommendations year-round.

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What Type Of Sleeper Are You

Sleeping Position

Everyone has their favorite position to sleep in. Different positions have different support requirements, so your ideal mattress will depend on whether you are a side, back, stomach, or combination sleeper.

In general, stomach and back sleepers prefer firmer, less conforming mattresses while softer or conforming mattresses are perfect for supporting side sleepers.


Heavier sleepers tend to sleep hotter and experience more sinkage on soft mattresses than their lighter peers. Most lighter sleepers tend to choose softer mattresses while heavier sleepers prefer firmer options. Supportive, less-conforming mattresses like innerspring and hybrid choices are also popular among heavy sleepers.

If you have a different preference than what is suggested for your weight group, make sure your mattress provides adequate support. For example, a heavier side-sleeper might choose a latex or foam mattress to avoid problems with pressure points. This is perfectly fine so long as it provides support and is not too difficult to move on.

Do you sleep cool or hot?

Some mattresses sleep warmer than others. For example, soft, conforming mattresses allow less airflow around your body and trap more heat than firmer options. Mattress material can also retain heat, like foam mattresses with solid support cores.

Dimensions Of A King Size Mattress

In Singapore, a typical king-size mattress measures 190cm in length and 183cm in width. Flat dwellers and those with little space in their homes may prefer our range of queen-size mattresses instead. It may be a good idea to steer clear of king-size beds, which can overwhelm a small room. Dimensions can vary between countries, so be wary if you shop for your bedding overseas!

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Which Mattress To Choose For A Child Or A Baby

It is often difficult for parents to make their choice even before the baby arrives. It is also not easy to know which models are the most suitable for each age of your children, which softness, which density. Mattress sizes can also be a source of questioning. For this, we are going to give you all our advice and trends to help you choose with peace of mind the mattress and the bed best suited to the needs of your children.

How Often Should You Buy A New Mattress

How to choose a right mattress without breaking your budget?

It can be hard to know when to buy a mattress, but it’s recommended that you should change your mattress around every eight years, to ensure you can always get the right levels of support. This isn’t always the case though, as it can often depend on how your mattress feels for you! If you take care of your mattress very well, then it can often last longer than this.

For more information on this outside of our mattress guide, check out our blog article on how often you should change your mattress!

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Making The Final Decision

Finding a comfortable mattress should be much easier once youve chosen a firmness level that suits your needs. When shopping in retail locations, keep in mind that a showroom shopping experience might not necessarily be a good indicator for which firmness level you require, because floor model mattresses are often already broken in and will feel softer than a brand new mattress. New mattresses, particularly ones made with high density foam, can take up to 30 days to break-in. On the other hand, shopping for a mattress with a good online retailer will provide you with a sleep trial, a break-in period, and any additional information youll need to find a mattress that youll love for years.

Consider The Your Budget And Cost

Many individuals will base their choice on the price of the mattress. Therefore it is essential to consider your budget and evaluate the costs of various mattress choices. However, do not base your option only on price since you need to ensure that the mattress you buy is both excellent quality and reasonably priced. Remember, not all costly items are the most durable.

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What Is Your Sleeping Position

Now that weve got the age question sorted, its time to think about you, the sleeper. While well be digging into a lot of different factors that have to do with you and your unique slumber style, the first thing to figure out is what position you sleep in.

Though a majority of folks tend to toss and turn between different positions in the night, most people favor certain positions over others. Maybe youre someone who likes to start off on your back and roll over to your side. Or perhaps you spend most of the night on your side and then finish things off on your stomach while hitting snooze in the morning. If youve never really thought about your preferred sleeping positions before, Id encourage you to pay extra close attention to how you sleep over the next week. Youll likely find that youre either a back sleeper, side sleeper, stomach sleeper, or some combination of the three.

This information is important because all mattresses endear themselves to different kinds of sleepers. Below, Ill walk you through the types of beds best-suited for each position group.

What Is Sleeping Independence

Best Mattress Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Mattress

Sleeping as a couple is not necessarily easy. Indeed, it is estimated that nocturnal awakenings linked to the movements of ones spouse are around 80 per night. What justifies this feeling of fatigue that remains even after a long nights sleep! Which mattress to choose in these conditions?

This is why, when you choose a mattress, you must pay particular attention to the sleeping independence it offers. It makes it possible to dampen the movements of the members of the couple, in order not to disturb each other. Some suspension technologies, such as pocket springs, favor it more than others, as you will discover by reading our article dedicated to sleeping independence.

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How To Choose A Murphy Bed Mattress

Murphy Beds have long been a clever space-saving option, and picking the right one for you is probably an involved process. While youre picking out the best Murphy bed for your family, you might also be wondering what mattress is recommended for a Murphy bed. After all, with a bed thats so unique, there must be special considerations that go into selecting a compatible mattress, right?

The truth is that virtually any mattress can be used in a Murphy bed so long as it conforms to three key considerations:

  • Mattress thickness
  • Mattress weight
  • Mattress Thickness

    Thickness dictates whether or not a mattress will fit within the dimensions of the Murphy beds cabinet once it is in the upright position. This is where height plays a major role when you consider your purchase.

    Each Murphy bed cabinet can accommodate a specific maximum thickness, which is listed in a product description. Keep in mind that youll also be storing linens and possibly pillows, which may increase the thickness of your mattress by an inch or two. The Lori Wall Bed can accommodate any mattress that is 12 inches tall or less. If youre not familiar with mattress size in terms of inches tall, that is OK.

    Mattress Comfort and Firmness

    If the guest using your Murphy bed is concerned about back issues, according to Very Well Health, a firm 12-inch mattress that has several layers will provide extra pressure relief for the shoulders and lower back.

    Mattress Weight

    Decide What You Want From A Mattress

    When looking for a new mattress, its worth making a list of what you want and dont want from your next mattress. This will help you narrow down your options so you dont get overwhelmed by the countless mattress options on the market today.

    Try asking yourself the following questions:

    • What do I like about my current mattress?
    • What do I dislike about my current mattress?
    • Is the mattress for me or someone else?
    • What must my next mattress have?
    • Do I need to buy any accessories for my mattress?

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    Make Note Of What You Want First

    Mattress preferences tend to be quite individual so when looking for your perfect match, the number one consideration is you!

    Before you even start shopping, it can be very helpful to make a list of what you want in a bed in order to better focus your search. Dont forget to include your partner in this also, if applicable.

    Here are a few good questions to ask yourself:

    • What do I like most about my current mattress ?
    • What do I like least about my current mattress ?
    • What type of surface do I usually sleep best on? Hard as the floor, soft as possible, just enough softness, etc?
    • What are my must-haves for my next mattress?
    • What am I interested in trying or researching?
    • What are my biggest concerns or questions when I start browsing?
    • How long do I expect to use my next bed?
    • Do any accessories also need to be replaced?

    These answers help you get a better idea of what to look for. Some may seem obvious, but writing your preferences down and brainstorming really is useful, especially later on when you are trying to narrow down the field of potential candidates.

    For some shoppers, this may still be a lot to consider. Well try to simplify things real quick by talking about two of our top mattresses:

    As a reminder, all of our mattresses are backed by a 100-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty.


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