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How To Get Rid Of Dip In Mattress

Use A Good Foundation

How to Fix Dips in King or Queen Simmons Pillow Top Mattress DIY Style

Did you know that the best foundations have more than four legs? If you have queen-sized or king-sized mattresses, its important to have enough legs to properly support them. When you only have four-legged bed frames, the middle of the bed will tend to have a slight dip to it. Over time, this will lead to a saggy mattress.

Try to use foundations with a minimum of 6 legs. And the more legs, the better! Fortunately, most foundations that you shop for today take this into consideration.

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Other Questions To Consider

  • How old is your mattress? If its around 7-10 years old, it might be time to replace it. Invest the money you wouldve spent on a topper or reinforcements in a new mattress instead.
  • Are you using the right foundation? Innerspring mattresses often need a box spring to work properly. Memory and latex foam mattresses should not be used with box springs, but instead placed on a flat surface or a platform bed with slats. Many companies will specify in their warranty the exact type of foundation you should use with the mattress going against this recommendation can void your warranty, which you might need when your mattress starts sagging.
  • Do you need extra support? Sleeping on a sagging mattress can lead to backaches, neck pain, and other issues. At this point, you might be beyond a temporary fix. Look for a new mattress with built-in back support in the form of transition foams, pocketed coils , or gel foams.
  • How much are you willing to maintain it? Extending the life of your mattress can save you money, but it might cause more problems down the road. Consider how much you want to maintain your sagging bed will you have to keep flipping it and rotating it to get comfortable? Will you have to replace the reinforcements you installed every few years? Sometimes buying a new mattress is worth more than the time and money you save trying to restore an old one.
  • How To Throw Away A Mattress

    If none of the above options works for you, your last resort would be to throw away the mattress. This option is best suited for mattresses that are no longer usable, are excessively dirty, or have experienced bed-bug contamination. If your mattress is in an unsafe or unsanitary condition, disposing of it can reduce the risk of spreading this contamination elsewhere.

    While throwing your mattress away may seem like the easiest option, you’ll still need to follow specific procedures to dispose of the bed properly. For example, you may not realize that dumping a mattress is illegal in most cities. You can’t simply place your mattress in a dumpsterdoing so could leave you with up to $10,000 in fines or even incarceration.

    Instead, you’ll need to dispose of your mattress in one of four ways:

    • Taking it to a landfill
    • Setting the bed out on heavy trash day
    • Breaking it down and throwing it away in garbage bags

    Keep in mind that the availability of each of these options depends on your local waste removal regulations. You’ll want to be sure you understand your city’s policies before proceeding.

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    What Type Of Mattress Is Least Likely To Sag

    Mattress Type

    Can sag within the first couple of years

    Low-grade metal coils can rust and lose their agility quickly from continuous use.

    Up to 5 years

    Can sag within 1-3 years

    Contains heat-trapping chemicals that cause sagging and slow response.

    Up to 10 years


    Softens, but maintains its bounce and typically doesn’t sag for up to 10 years

    Slowly softens due to regular wear and tear. Natural Talalay latex lasts longer that Dunlop and synthetic latex.

    10-20 years

    AirFoam retains its pressure relief for the duration of its lifespan

    Our sag-resistant, high-resilience foam is free from the heat-trapping viscoelastic chemicals that degrade memory foam

    10+ years

    Replace The Mattress Foundation

    The Best Way To Remove Dip Nails At Home

    For memory foam mattresses, an incorrect or poorly made bed foundation is a recipe for mattress sagging. If there are slats within your beds foundation, ensure theyre evenly spaced out and that they havent been pushed to one side of the bed.

    Even a great mattress foundation will eventually wear out. If you replace your foundation, follow your mattress manufacturers recommendation for the type of foundation you should purchase for your specific mattress type.

    Just like your mattress should support you, your mattress needs support as well. Our Mattress Foundation gives your mattress the base support it needs for a good nights sleep.

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    Are Some Mattresses Worse Than Others

    There is no mattress that is immune to some degree of sagging. Foam mattresses, latex mattresses, and the padded comfort layer of traditional mattresses will all become softer with use. This softness will lead to compression and a lack of support. Even the springs in traditional innerspring mattresses will lose some of their coil tension the more that they are used. This results in less bounce back once you lie down, and over time, forms peaks and valleys that make a mattress incredibly uncomfortable.

    Firm mattresses and high-quality mattresses are less likely to succumb quickly because their materials are usually denser. This means that it will take longer for them to break apart and begin to sag.

    Mattress size can also come into play. Queen-sized beds and larger are more prone to saggy mattress troubles.

    Rotate And Flip Your Memory Foam Mattress

    Rotating or flipping your memory foam mattress remains one of the oldest tricks in the book on how to fix a dipping or sagging mattress. Every month, it is wise to flip the foam mattress to achieve evenness throughout while preventing sagging in an area.

    On the other hand, rotating is also another option to try out when looking to maintain proper wear all-around the mattress. Its simple with the rotating involving the head and foot of the mattress.

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    Regularly Flip & Rotate Your Mattress

    Regularly repositioning your mattress is a surefire way to avoid sagging for longer. There are two ways that you can reposition it:

  • Rotate it: All mattresses can be rotated. You simply rotate it so that the head and the foot of the mattress are swapped.
  • Flip It:Flipping a mattress makes the bottom the top and the top the bottom. This isnt possible for many types of mattresses, including pillow top mattresses and layered mattresses. For example, a mattress that has a traditional innerspring bottom layer and a memory foam top layer isnt going to allow for flipping. Yet, many traditional innerspring mattresses and foam mattresses are the same on the top and the bottom.
  • How often should you reposition your mattress? That depends on the type of mattress.

    For mattresses that dont allow flipping, simply rotate it every 3-6 months. However, if you have one that allows for both flipping and rotating, you can stick with a schedule that allows for optimal longevity.

    To do this, flip your mattress every six months. During the following six months, you can rotate your mattress once at the three-month mark. This will allow you to sleep on a greater percentage of the mattresss surface during that 6-month period. All-in-all, this makes it so you are sleeping on four different parts of your mattress at a minimum, even if it is the only trick that you employ.

    Things To Do Before You Dispose Of Your Old Mattress

    How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs – Ace Hardware

    Before you throw your old mattress into the dumpster, you should also be aware of two key policies: your mattress’s warranty policy and your state’s mattress disposal policy. Both of these requirements can impact your next moves regarding if and how you dispose of your mattress.

    Most mattresses come with a warranty that details the types of problems the manufacturer will repair for free. Warranties often allow consumers to receive a free repair or replacement for any manufacturing defects that impact their mattress’s effectiveness.

    Similarly, each state has its own policies and procedures that dictate how citizens can dispose of their mattresses. For example, some states do not allow you to put your mattress out with the rest of your garbage but instead require you to take your mattress to a specific disposal facility.

    Here is some more information about these two essential policies.

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    How To Prevent Mold Growth In Your Mattress

    Mold needs dark, damp conditions in order to grow. The longer the area is undisturbed, the larger the infestation will become. The underside of your mattress is the perfect breeding ground as its protected from direct light and gives the fungi moister in the form of sweat. Your bed sheets should absorb most of the swear if you wash them on a regular basis. If your mattress touches the ground, it prevents air circulation. That, combined with body heat and sweat, are the perfect recipe for mold growth.

    How To Fix A Sagging Mattress

    Lauren Fountain, Certified Sleep Coach

    We regularly assess how the content in this article aligns with current scientific literature and expert recommendations in order to provide the most up-to-date research.

    Is your mattress not as comfortable as it once was? Have you noticed some sagging in the areas that you sleep on most? This article will discuss how to fix a sagging mattress, and when its time to buy a new bed.

    Sagging is one of the most common complaints from mattress owners. All mattresses will sag eventually, and this effect will have a significant impact on the beds feel and comfort. Thankfully, there are a few things that mattress owners can do to help minimize the effects of sagging.

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    Put A Pillow Under The Mattress

    Some homeowners found this solution successful when it comes to sagging mattresses.

    A small pillow between the mattress and the bed frame or box spring changes the pressure levels, making your mattress return to its original shape. Although this wont happen overnight, its a good and straightforward way to attempt to fix a saggy mattress.

    If just one soft and small pillow is not enough, use a combination of pillows and blankets. The more support you can add to your mattress, the better.

    Inspect Your Mattress Often

    Discover How To Remove Sweat Stains From Memory Foam Mattress

    At least once every month, make sure that you take a closer look at your mattress and scan for sags or bumps.

    Its better to identify a slight indentation and attempt to fix it instead of facing a more complex problem with your mattress. Use a ruler or something similar to check how flat your mattress is. If you discover deep angles, you need to fix them before they get worse.

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    Other Things Weve Tried To Fix Our Sagging Mattress:

    The Mattress Helper does help fix the sagging mattress issue somewhat

    After reading a bunch of reviews online, we also tried the Mattress Helper a while back. It was at the time on sale at Kohls, plus a coupon code, plus Kohls Cash back so again, watch for deals on the Mattress Helper there if you are interested in trying it out. The Mattress Helper did actually help lift the mattress back up along where it was sagging, but didnt bring it all the way back up. Our sagging mattress problem got better after placing the Mattress Helper under the places where the mattress is sagging, but it didnt entirely resolve the issue or our poor sleep issues. Its possible our mattress was just sagging too much for this to work, but the Mattress Helper is likely a nice option if your sagging issue is a bit less or your mattress is just too soft.

    We also still have the Mattress Helper under our mattress and use it in conjunction with the memory foam mattress topper, so they play really nicely together.

    This mattress pad helps, but doesnt fix the sagging mattress problem

    Most temporary fix for a sagging mattress

    • Note: If you use the firmer gel pillows, this fix will work better and last longer!

    What ideas do you have for fixing a sagging mattress?

    Why Do Mattresses Sag And Is It Really A Problem

    Sagging is generally the result of normal wear and tear and it doesn’t matter if you own a luxury bed or an affordable mattress, as when the materials in a mattress are exposed to pressure each night, sagging occurs at the points where our body places the most weight.

    The original quality of the materials within your material make a big difference to lifespan, but foam will gradually soften and not bounce back after use. Springs also loose tension over time, leading to less rigid support and more sagging.

    Why is this a big deal? Because a sagging mattress can play havoc with your body, causing back and neck pain and preventing you from sleeping properly. Numerous studies show that new mattresses increase sleep quality and reduce pain, so keeping your bed in tip-top condition is vital to your health.

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    How To Fix A Sagging Mattress With A Mattress Topper

    If your mattress is sagging only slightly, you may be able to improve your sleep with a mattress topper. Especially if you sleep alone or are a lightweight individual, a mattress topper can offer an extra layer to make your bed feel more supportive. Though, keep in mind that mattress toppers tend to make mattresses feel softer, so make sure you know your ideal firmness level before making the switch.

    What Is Mattress Settlement

    Use Baking Soda to Kill Bed Bugs ð? from Your Entire Home ð? !

    Mattress settlement is where the fillings of a mattress compress and settle into position. As you sleep in the same space most nights, mattress settlement tends to occur quicker in that space than in the rest of the mattress. Its like only sitting on one side of the sofa when you try the other side it may feel plumper or firmer.

    Mattresses with very soft layers such as Wool, Alpaca or Cotton, are more prone to settlement. Therefore, constant twisting and rotating of the mattress whilst new is extremely important to even out the wear pattern to reduce and prevent undue settlement.

    Even Vi-Spring, one of the premier mattress manufacturers, gives essential information advising that initial body impressions are not a fault of the mattress but an intrinsic part of the mattress bedding in period.

    In our experience, settlement can be a cause for unnecessary concern. It shows itself more in mattresses with a bigger span area, such as king-size or super king sizes.

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    Should You Flip A Memory Foam Mattress

    Unless its dual-sided, you should never flip a memory foam mattress. Memory foam beds are designed as a single structure. Comfort layers are meant to rest on top of the mattress, while the support layer is the foundation. Flipping a memory foam mattress when youre not supposed to will damage the comfort layers and may cause the bed to sag.

    Make Sure Your Mattress Is Supported

    Years ago, before I learned better, I slept on a mattress that was supported by some generously-spaced 2×4s under my mattress. Before that, my mattress had a home on the floor. Neither of these is a great way to support and care for your mattress, and without proper support, a sagging mattress will continue to get worse.

    Many bed frames these days come with slats rather than box springs for mattress support. While you may want to invest in a box spring once you have a new mattress, just ensuring that your bed is supported by slats with gaps 3 or less is a good first step.

    Alternatively, you can use a thin sheet of plywood underneath your mattress for added support. Keep in mind that this can make a bed less breathable. Over time, this can lead to things like mold, and youre likely to sleep hot. Because of this, plywood isnt recommended as a long-term fix.

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    What Causes A Mattress To Sag

    Sagging is typically the result of normal wear-and-tear to your mattress. The foam materials used in mattresses tend to soften over time, as they are exposed to significant pressure every night from the sleepers body. Over time, this gradual softening of foam leads to a feeling of sagging, and less even support.

    In innerspring and hybrid mattresses, sagging is also common. The metal coils used in these beds tend to lose tension over time while the comfort layers soften, leading to less rigid support in problem areas.

    Sagging usually occurs in the areas that are exposed to the most pressure. Typically, this includes areas that support the hips and shoulders.

    A sagging mattress will provide uneven support, which can significantly reduce comfort and sleep quality.

    How To Remove Blood Stains From A Mattress Protector

    Pin on TRUCK and CAR

    Blood is one of the hardest stains to get out. We reveal how to banish blood from your mattress protector in a jiffy.

    A mattress protector with a bloodstain needs to go through three stages. The bloodstain first needs to be treated with a clean-up as soon as it happens, the stain itself needs to be treated, and finally, the protector needs to be thoroughly washed in the washing machine.

    Leave a bloodstain for too long and it might never leave. But we show you how to get rid of the fresh and hours-old bloodstains with ingredients that are probably already in your pantry.

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