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How To Get The Best Mattress

When To Buy A Mattress At Popular Retailers

How to Clean a Mattress – Best Ways to Remove Stains!

You don’t have to shop full price for your mattress. Here are the best sales to shop to get a good mattress deal.

CostcoCostco doesn’t have big sales around major holidays, except for Black Friday. Their deals are kept secret until they’re released in the monthly savings ad.

If you don’t want for the perfect deal, take advantage of their price adjustment policy. If your mattress goes on sale within 30 days, you can get back the difference with the receipt.


  • Macy’s One Day Sale: One weekend of each month
  • Semi-Annual Sale: January and July
  • Black Friday in July: Usually mid-July
  • Friends & Family Sale: Usually June-July and November-December

AmazonAmazon’s biggest and best sales happen during Prime Day in mid-July and Black Friday. Keep an eye out at the end of June for official Amazon Prime Day date announcements.

What Mattress Should I Buy: Types Of Mattresses

You might have noticed that in all of this time, I havent mentioned any details about the construction of the mattresses. Ive said very little about coils, types of foam, etc. Truth is, this is possibly the least important part of the guide, but its still good to know.

There are three basic categories of mattresses.

  • Specialty foam. These will usually be made of different types of foam. Two categories of specialty foam are latex and memory foam. .
  • Innerspring. These are the traditional mattresses with springs . They can be all tied together or individually wrapped.
  • Hybrid. In recent years, brands have come out with hybrid options for people interested in certain aspects of both foam and innerspring. They have features similar to a specialty foam mattress but on an innerspring support. You can read more about hybrids here .
  • Beyond these three major categories, youll find a few other types of mattresses. Some manufacturers make air mattresses, that use air chambers instead of coils for the support. Also, there are still some waterbeds around, in which water is used for the support. I honestly dont know as much about these two categories of mattresses, and they make up a small part of the mattress industry, so I wont go into them here. The biggest air mattress manufacturer is Select Comfort with their Sleep Number bed. There are several small waterbed manufacturers.

    See What Your Health Care Provider Thinks

    If you have a back or neck condition, talk to your doctor or physical therapist about what he or she recommends. You should aim for the neck and low back to be in a neutral position while lying on the mattress. This promotes good spinal alignment. While doctors are not mattress experts, they know your medical history and may have good advice from that point of view.

    See Tips on Buying a High-Quality Mattress

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    Mattress Shopping Tips & Checklist

    Now that youve learned all that factors that should influence your mattress buying decision, well simplify all that information down to the key questions you need to ask while shopping:

    • Am I ready for a new mattress?
    • Which material is best for me?
    • Is this mattress high quality in all the right areas ?
    • Are there any red flags I should avoid ?
    • Does this mattress accommodate my sleeping position?
    • What size mattress do I need?
    • How much can I spend on a mattress?
    • Where should I buy my mattress from?
    • How can I get the best deal on my mattress?

    What Makes The Dreamcloud Stand Out

    Top 10 Best Mattress Toppers in 2020 Reviews
    • Due to its high-quality construction, the DreamCloud suits sleepers of varying weights.
    • Lightweight people should feel the soft comfort layer, and heavier folks sink in to feel notice more support at the bottom.
    • With a 365-day trial period and lifetime warranty, youll have plenty of time to test out this bed.

    Read our full DreamCloud mattress review.

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    Best Mattress For Kids

    TL DR: Casper is a trusted company, and the Element comes at a great price, but its best for smaller and lighter bodies like children that wont sink quite so much into the soft foam.

    Construction: The Element is an offshoot of Caspers flagship model, the Casper Original. Its the brands most basic and affordable option. It contains three layers of premium foam, as opposed to the Originals four, with a firm bottom support layer, a middle layer made of responsive memory foam, and a soft breathable top layer. Its also thinner, at ten inches, as opposed to the Originals 11 inches.

    Firmness and Support: With one less layer of foam than the already-soft Original, the Element runs soft.

    Who Tested It: Lauren Ro, Strategist writer.

    How I Sleep: Back-to-side sleeper, who prefers a firm mattress.

    What Else to Know: 100-day trial | 10-year limited warranty | Free shipping to 48 states | White-glove delivery for $149

    Why You Can Trust Us

    Weve personally tested hundreds of mattresses, evaluating them for a wide range of performance metrics that can affect your sleep experience. These metrics include durability, pressure relief, temperature control, edge support, and ease of movement. We drew from these evaluations to determine the mattresses chosen for each category.

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    Determine Your Ideal Sleeping Position And Firmness

    Most of us have a unique way of sleeping every night. No matter if you sleep on your side, stomach, or back, or even if you switch throughout the night, you must consider your sleep style when selecting a mattress. The reason for this is that your favorite sleeping position will determine the ideal firmness of your new bed.

    Need help? Visit our complete mattress firmness guide.

    Whats The Best Kind Of Mattress For Back And Stomach Sleepers

    How To Clean Mattress Stains – Say Goodbye To These Common Stains!

    Back and stomach sleepers need a little more support than side sleepers do. That means a firmer mattress that wont let your body sink in too much and knock your spine out of alignment.

    Hybrid mattresses are also a good choice for back and stomach sleepers because of the extra support they get from a base of spring coils. Coils can help keep the heaviest parts of your body from sinking into the mattress.

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    Any Time You Need One

    If your old mattress is getting in the way of good sleep, don’t wait for the next sale. Your sleep is so much more important than that. Consider your next mattress a great investment in your physical and mental health.

    Here are the average lifespans for the most popular mattress types:

    Mattress Type
    Pillowtop 6 years

    If your mattress is past its prime, it’s time to start looking at a new one. Your body will thank you in the long run. According to a study in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine, switching to a newer mattress reduced back pain, improved sleep quality and lowered stress.

    Here are some signs it’s time to retire your current mattress:

    • It has dents and saggy areas. Sleeping in the same position every night causes your mattress to wear down over time. Once it starts severely sagging, there’s no saving an old mattress.
  • You wake up with aches and pains. An worn-down mattress can’t properly support your body. This can cause a lot of discomfort when you wake up.
  • Sleeping aggravates your allergies/asthma. Old mattresses accumulate allergens over the years, including dust mites and mold. Since it’s impossible to deep clean the inside of your bed, it’s important to replace it.
  • You can’t get a good night’s sleep. As your mattress wears down, it can affect your sleep quality. You may wake up feeling tired in the morning.
  • Which mattress should side sleepers get?

    Whats The Best Kind Of Mattress For People With Back Pain

    A 2015 study found that medium-firm mattresses that are self-adjustable are ideal for people with back pain. Adjustable air mattresses tend to be a bigger investment than foam or hybrid mattresses because youre also paying for air pumps and electronic parts, but adjustability can be a major key for keeping back pain at bay.

    If an adjustable mattress isnt in your budget and youre dealing with nagging back pain, then look for a medium-firm mattress that same study found that medium-firm mattresses can help decrease back pain and improve sleep quality in people with chronic low back pain.

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    How To Shop For A Mattress

    So you are interested in buying a new mattress? Perhaps your current mattress is hurting you, or you wake up tired. Maybe you just want a bigger size. Maybe youre moving and dont want to lug your old mattress from place to place. Whichever is the case, my goal is to help you select the right mattress so you dont make a mistake and so you dont pay a penny more than you have to.

    A mattress is perhaps the most important piece of furniture in your home. If you get the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night, you will spend at least 1/3rd of your life in that mattress . That means if you keep that mattress for 9 years , 3 of those years will be spent on it. However, many of us dont think about our mattresses and how it impacts our lives every day.

    In this guide, I will go over the basics of selecting the correct mattress. Elsewhere on the site, I will go into more detail on each of these topics and more, but this will be enough to get you started. If you just want a recommendation, check out some of our top picks below.

    But if youd rather watch than read, we put together this comprehensive video guide on how to shop for the best mattress for you.

    Is It Okay To Buy A Used Mattress

    The Best High Density Mattress Toppers on Amazon

    Although you might be tempted to buy a used mattress for affordabilitys sake, we strongly advise against it. Its difficult to be sure of a used mattresss quality/ The bed could be saggy, ridden with bed bugs, or growing mold or mildew.

    Most used mattresses are past their prime. Even if you save money buying a used bed over a new bed, youll likely have to replace it sooner, ultimately costing you more money than youd planned.

    Another major issue with buying a used mattress is that it wont be covered under a warranty. Nearly all warranties state how the beds owner must not change for the bed to stay covered. Selling a warranty-backed mattress or gifting it to someone else voids the warranty so, if your used mattress sags or turns out to be defective, youll have to pay full price for any repairs.

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    How To Negotiate For The Best Mattress Price

    If youre married to buying a mattress from a store, then you can use some helpful tips on negotiating so you can be sure youre receiving the best price for your new mattress.

    The good news is mattress prices are negotiable at most retailers, but the main strategy is to try to play one seller off of another. For example, if you secure a quote from one store, you can take it to their competitor and see that they beat the price. You can continue this process on and on and on by taking that lower price to a different competitor, and negotiating that price down even further. Another option would be to find the mattress you want online, and then get the retailer to match the price you see online.

    But if youre not keen on the idea of going back and forth between mattress stores, youll be happy to hear that online prices are typically the best. All you have to do is find the mattress that fits you best, and then find the comparable model online.

    How To Choose A Mattress

    Daniel Noyed, Certified Sleep Coach

    Our dedicated team rigorously evaluates every article and guide to ensure the information is factual, up-to-date and free of bias.

    Experts agree that getting good sleep is one of the single best ways to maintain and improve our health. A mattress is a huge factor in our ability to sleep well, yet many people overlook its importance and keep using a mattress that fails to provide enough support and comfort.

    A new mattress can be a sizable investment, but taking this step can unlock your ability to sleep better. As with any major purchase, you want to make sure that you choose wisely.

    To help you get a handle on how to choose a mattress, we break down the key information piece-by-piece. With this guide, youll have the knowledge to find the best mattress with the right firmness and features to suit your needs and deliver great sleep night after night.

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    Avocado Green Mattress With Attached Pillow Top

    Best for side sleepers

    Needle-tufted by hand, this 100 percent certified organic mattress is naturally cushioning and cooling so its soft and luxurious as well as eco-friendly. Although its pretty perfect by itself, the attached European-style pillow top adds two plush inches of GOLS organic certified latex rubber foam, creating a 13-inch-thick oasis for side sleepers.

    One reviewer compares it to sleeping on a high quality cloud, writing, Just received our new king size pillow top Avocado yesterday and I slept better last night than I have in years. Another reviewer writes, My back, hip, and knee thank you!


    Other Important Considerations When Choosing A Mattress

    Best Mattresses(Top 8 Beds!) – Which Mattress Is The Best For You?

    A mattress is often a significant investment. Once you find the mattress of your dreams, you might hesitate before committing to the purchase. What if it doesnt quite measure up to the description, feels uncomfortable, or doesnt stay cool?

    The good news is, most mattress brands understand your dilemma and offer some options to help give you peace of mind.

    Whenever possible, consider the following before you click the Complete Order button:

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    Finding The Best Mattress For You

    Related Reading

    Defining the ideal mattress is extremely subjective. Every sleeper has their own idea of the perfect firmness level. Optimal support and bounce can depend on a persons sleeping position and body weight. The right mattress can also vary based on whether someone shares a bed, whether they sleep hot, and of course, their budget.

    Given all these factors, its impossible to say that theres one single best mattress. For that reason, weve broken our top picks into individual categories so that you can find the best bets among specific mattress types and aspects of mattress performance.

    For an in-depth look at how to choose a mattress, visit our guide here. We also have every piece of information youd need when learning a mattresses in our mattress information section.

    Also remember to contact us if youd like a personalized mattress review from our product review staff.

    Where To Purchase Your Mattress

    A vast majority of people now buy their mattresses online rather than going to a brick-and-mortar physical location. Thats because online shopping offers greater convenience, and many brick-and-mortar mattress stores can be confusing when it comes to models, pricing, and firmness scales.

    While people cant try out an online mattress the way they can in a mattress store, brands often include generous sleep trials. These allow people to try out the mattress for a few months and return it if theyre unhappy.

    Many online mattresses are more affordable than their in-store counterparts. This is because they have less overhead and cut out the middlemen, passing savings directly to the consumer. Some companies own their own factories, allowing them to keep prices even lower. There are even a few hidden-gem companies out there that spend very little on marketing. They pass on the savings to the customer in the form of a lower price.

    Some companies make their mattresses overseas, which allows them to cut down on costs and pass the savings directly on to the consumer.


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    Where Is The Best Place To Buy A Mattress In Canada

    While the online mattress industry is growing rapidly, there are still abundant options for in-person mattress shopping. For some shoppers, going to a physical store is still an important part of the buying process.

    That said, there are some decided benefits to shopping online. The selection tends to be greater, and prices are generally more customer-friendly. When buying online, you can shop at your own pace and without a salesperson applying pressure to make an on-the-spot purchase. In-home sleep trials for online mattresses allow you to test out a mattress for months with the option to return it for a full refund if you arent satisfied.

    Given the convenience, quality of options, and competitive pricing, our list of the best mattresses in Canada focuses on brands with a major online presence.

    How To Sell A Used Mattress

    Saatva vs Tempurpedic

    The first thing to know about selling a used mattress is that its not necessarily legal in every state, and even if it is, there may be serious cleaning requirements. Your state health, consumer affairs, agriculture or licensing departments will have the most updated information.

    Youll have the best luck selling on a website like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace with an ad detailing factors like how long you used it, whether you have any pets or if youre a smoker. Another option is to post on social mediaif friends or acquaintances are in the market for a new mattress, they may prefer to purchase from someone they know and trust at a discounted price.

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