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How To Make Foam Mattress

How To Build A Memory Foam Mattress Foundation

How to make Polyurethane flexible foam

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Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced one, whether you dont intend to use your best how to build a memory foam mattress foundation too often, have trouble keeping up with advanced best how to build a memory foam mattress foundation, and wish not to flaunt your inattentiveness every now and then there are plenty of options out there that will suit to everyones particular needs. The key thing is to choose the right one fitting your needs. In this article, we attempt to make what might seem like a complicated process a lot easier for you. Read on for some pro tips!

Why Does A Memory Foam Mattress Lose Its Firmness

You know its time for a new mattress when it begins to feel too soft, or you feel like youre about to sink in it.

A mattresss firmness is a significant factor in how well you sleep. Not to mention, the proper level of firmness provides the necessary support you need for your head, neck and back.

There are a few reasons why a mattress loses its firmness that includes

  • heavy usage,
  • temperature changes that cause the firmness to fluctuate, and
  • insufficient care and improper positioning.

Consider Getting A Mattress Topper

A mattress topper can be the ultimate solution for keeping the firmness of your memory foam mattress.

Mattress toppers come in a variety of materials. And since mattress toppers can add both softness or firmness to your mattress, you have to ensure youre getting one that will firm up your mattress.

Consider using compact wool or Dunlop latex topper to make the memory foam mattress firmer. For instance, here is a great Dunlop latex topper from the brand PureTree which is 100% organic and are certified by both USDA and GOLS:

You can learn more about this topper as well as check out its price over at Amazon here.

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Remove The Memory Foam From The Package

Once youve received your memory foam mattress, remove it from the package.

If you cant unpack it right away, dont wait more than 72 hours.

Dont use scissors or knives to unpack the mattress.

Take off the plastic wrapping with your hands. Sharp objects risk damaging the mattress.

Bring your mattress into a spare or unused room, or a large open space.

Gently unroll or unfold the memory foam mattress onto a flat surface.

The mattress will need time to expand and air out.

Make Your Room As Cool As Possible

Contura Comfort Temp 4"  Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper ...

One of the best things you can do is to try and cool yourself down. If you can manage to do this your memory foam mattress will not retain all this heat since it is being dispersed, thus preventing you from overheating.

We highly recommend turning on your AC unit if your current situation and climate allows for it.

Make sure the unit is set up properly so the hot air leaves the room, otherwise you risk simply wasting electricity and staying warm.

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Source Your Diy Mattress Materials

To build your mattress, youll need the following tools and materials:

  • Mattress cover
  • Foam for the base, comfort and/or support layers
  • Pocketed coils
  • Spray adhesive to glue the layers together

Start by measuring your bed frame or base. Measure the width and length. Most bed frames are sized to fit the common mattress dimensions, which include:

Also measure how tall youd like your mattress to be. Generally speaking, heavier adults find thicker mattresses to be more supportive, while lighter individuals may find adequate comfort from a shorter mattress.

Next, purchase your materials. We recommend Arizona Premium Mattress. Heres what youll need for each layer, depending on what type of DIY mattress youre building:

Opt For Breathable Sheets

The amount of softness and conformability you get with a memory foam mattress depends heavily on the amount of heat reaching the sleeping surface.

The type of sheets you use can significantly affect how quickly your mattress breaks in and become more comfortable. Its best to opt for extremely breathable sheets.

That will maximize the amount of body heat transfer and increase the foams chances of molding properly to your body and reaching peak comfort levels.

A good range to aim for is the 350 500 thread count range. These sheets offer significant levels of softness and comfort without blocking out too much body heat.

Our favourite breathable sheets are the BAMPURE 100% Organic Bamboo Sheets. They are perfect to use on memory foam mattresses:

You can read more about them over at Amazon here.

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Are All Memory Foams Equal

All foams are not created equally. That’s why from day one weve developed and manufactured everything that goes into the Ergoflex mattress in-house, ourselves. By controlling the production and specification of our foams we can ensure that our mattresses deliver a higher level of performance than those made by ‘off-the-shelf’ foam producers – delivering superior support and comfort while lasting longer. Indeed, in the majority of cases, the technical specifications of the foams sold to mattress brands by wholesale producers simply don’t come close to those achieved by Ergoflex.

Our decision to take the more complex route of creating our own proprietary higher density specification foams is one that every Ergoflex customer feels the benefit of every single night, for the many years that theyll be enjoying their mattress.

View our Ergoflex 5G Memory Foam Mattress and learn more about its materials here.

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Will Sleeping On A Memory Foam Mattress The First Night Inhibit Expansion

Install a 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress in 2 Minutes!

Sleeping on your new memory foam mattress the first night shouldnt damage it or inhibit expansion if youve allowed a few hours from the time of unboxing.

On the contrary, exposure to your body heat and weight may help to break the mattress in.

However, if the manufacturer says that you shouldnt sleep on your memory foam mattress the first night or within a certain time period then Id advise sticking to the rules so that you dont risk damage and/or end up voiding the warranty.

Thats why I said earlier that you should check the warranty/return policy BEFORE following the steps above.

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What Is In A Spring Mattress

The basic structure of spring mattresses include metal coils or springs for support, which is encased in foam, forming the support layer. This layer is topped with upholstery forming the comfort layer. The layered upholstery ensures that the sleeper doesnt feel the coils and springs directly under their body, Aug 24, 2021.

How Memory Foam Is Made

The production of memory foam is a true marvel of modern chemistry and industry. Memory foam is made by reacting different substances in a process similar to polyurethane, but with additional agents that create the viscous, denser properties inherent to memory foam. Here is the basic process involved in its production:

1. Polyols , isocyanates and reacting agents are mixed together right before production.

2. This mixture is then whipped into a froth and poured into a mold. An exothermic, or heat-releasing, reaction is the result, which causes the mixture to bubble up and produce foam.

3. The foamy mixture may be infused with gas or blowing agents, or vacuum-sealed to create the open-cell matrix. The amount of polymer mixture versus air correlates to the resulting density.

4. At this stage, the large chunk of foam is referred to as a bun. The bun is then cooled, and heated again after which it is left to cure, which can take anywhere from 8 hours to a few days.

5. After curing the memory foam is inert . The material may be washed and dried to remove lingering residues, and can now be inspected for quality.

6. Once the memory foam bun is finished, it is then cut into pieces for use in mattresses and other products. The mattress-sized pieces are now ready to be assembled into a finished bed.

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Mattress Firmness For Side Sleepers

Side sleepers should be aware of the firmness of their mattress. The ideal firmness level should be between five and seven. A mattress that is firmer on the edge will help support your side. For those who prefer a firmer mattress should opt for ones with softer edges. Its not a big deal if are a back sleeper. Side sleepers rarely have any problems sleeping on their backs.

Side sleepers can choose a firm or soft mattressdepending on their preferences. The level of firmness of a mattress can differ from person to person. Certain mattresses are more rigid while others are softer. Side sleepers should consider the mattress firmness. Additionally, a firmness score that is more than six out of 10 is ideal for a side sleeper.

In terms of the firmness of a mattress, it must be firm or soft. The number ILD is used to measure the firmness of the mattress. The mattress will be more soft if it has a lower number for ILD. A mattress that is soft is a comfy one. To prevent the back from becoming exhausted, it must be firm. However, a cushion that is firm can make a difference. The most popular option for a pillow-top mattress is the pillow-top option.

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Why we need experts?

Technology does aid in us in our everyday living but if its used for the wrong purposes it can prove to be a formidable opponent. Its best to leave the problem to the experts.

What Do I Do If My Memory Foam Mattress Is Too Soft

CoolBlue Memory Foam Mattress With Diagonal Corner Cut ...

If your memory foam mattress feels too soft, try adjusting your thermostat if it is hot to see if it makes any difference in your beds firmness. Another method you can do is flip the mattress since the other side will surely be firmer than the one you always use. However, this is only advisable for double-sided beds where you can use both sides.

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Get The Right Materials

Now that you have taken necessary measurements, you can get the materials you need to make your own futon mattress.

Usually all fabric specialty shops and craft stores have large sheets of foam rubber and other materials you will need, so finding the right material for your new mattress shouldnt be that hard.

Make sure you bring your measurements with you so the store staff can cut the sheet of your choice down to the size you need.

If you are looking for foam, make sure the type of foam you choose is very flexible as the the layers of foams that are too thick wont be able to bend in a manner that conforms to the shape of most futon framesand they wont be that comfortable.

Use the upholstery needle to tuft the foam sheets along the edges. If you have foam blocks thicker than 6 inches, you can tuft the layers together for a couple of time to avoid slipping.

You can also get the cotton batting and make the stacked layers of cotton and use them to make the futon mattress. Use an upholstery needle and sturdy thread to keep the batting from shifting during use and draw the thread through all the layers about every six to nine inches and knot it off underneath.

If you plan to make a higher futon mattress with many layers of cotton batting, you can tuft a few of them at a time and tack the adjacent layers together at the corners.

Consider Getting A New Topper

Is a memory foam mattress too soft? What to do? The easiest and one of the fastest ways to firm a foam bed up is to buy a mattress topper or a new firmer mattress topper if you already have one. There are various products on the market, and some of them cost less than $100much less than a new firmer bed.

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How Heat Transfer Is Promoted

To understand just how clever scientists developed this product to disperse heat, you have to take a quick look at how its made. Without making it too difficult to wrap your mind around, lets just say its made using tiny gel beads. These beads act to create an open-cell structure which helps encourage proper air flow.

While we often think of being warm and cozy in bed, our body temperatures actually decrease as we drift off to sleep, and sleep isnt achieved until this temperature is reached. Therefore, if youve found yourself tossing and turning at night, it very well may just mean that you need a mattress that offers better heat transfer.

Product Description Of Best How To Build A Memory Foam Mattress Foundation

How to Build Your Own DIY Hybrid Mattress – What the Mattress Companies Don’t Want You to Know
  • Protects Against Urine, Fluids, Perspiration
  • Cotton Terry Surface With Membrane Back Coating
  • Great For Those With Kids, Pets Or Incontinence
  • Will Not Change The Feel of Your Mattress
  • Fitted Sheet Style Design – Queen Size Mattress Protector 60″ x 80″ – Fits up to 18″ deep
  • THE LAST BOX SPRING YOULL EVER NEED – Unlike a traditional box spring, the smart box spring is made of solid steel that comes together in no time.
  • DURABLY ENGINEERED – Durable steel is used to construct the inside framework of this foundation Twin size supports a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds, while all other sizes can support up to 700 pounds
  • HIGH PROFILE DESIGN – A 9 inch height is perfect for shorter mattresses or for those who enjoy their bed higher off the floor
  • THOUGHTFULLY PACKAGED – All parts, tools and instructions are packed into one compact box that ships straight to your door
  • Worry-free 5 year limited warranty included Box spring only, a bed frame or platform bed is required to support this foundation and is sold separately

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Adding Plywood/wood/metal Board For Support

Adding plywood or wooden board to make your memory foam mattress firmer is another economical option. These boards give additional support to foam mattresses.

It is advisable to check with your mattress manufacturer for their recommendations. You also can easily slip or replace a piece of plywood or particleboard under the mattress to achieve extra firmness.

It is to be noted here that these boards provide firmness to your memory foam mattress, but they limit airflow and promote mold growth in the mattress.

Step by Step Process:

  • Step 1: Purchase plywood/wooden/metal boards with the exact measurements as your box spring and mattress.
  • Step 2: Place plywood boards under your mattress but over the frame of the bed
  • Step 3: Adjust those boards accurately with your memory foam mattress.
  • Step 4: Make sure the plywood untreated and has been sanded for smooth edges and sides
  • Step 5: Doing this will make your mattress feel firmer.

Tip: Buy moisture-resistant plywood and use a waterproof protector to nullify the downside.

Protect Yourself With A Sleep Trial

If youve yet to buy a memory foam mattress then I would suggest looking for one with a sleep trial of up to 100 nights and a good warranty that covers inflation issues even after youve opened and slept on the mattress.

This way, you can be sure that you can sleep on the mattress without running into problems when you need to return the mattress such as hygiene reasons.

But if youve already bought the mattress and youre having inflation issues, then the application of time, heat, and movement as described in the 5 steps above are your best solutions.

If that doesnt work you should try to return the mattress and get a refund or a replacement through the manufacturer or the retailer.

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Should You Stack Mattress Foundations To Raise The Height Of A Mattress

You shouldnt stack mattress foundations to raise the height of a mattress because it can be an additional cost and might make the mattress too high. Mattress foundations come in many different heights, so you should be able to find one that meets your needs without stacking them. However, if you really want to stack mattress foundations, consider stacking multiple bunkie boards or plywood platforms rather than box springs.

Stacking box springs is generally not recommended because theyre relatively expensive. Also, since traditional box springs are so tall, stacking two could make your bed quite high and possibly difficult to get into. However, if you have an extra box spring lying around, or if youre comfortable with the additional height and cost, you may want to stack them.

Bunkie boards are thin, flat mattress foundations that are commonly used as an alternative to box springs. If you really want to stack mattress foundations to raise a mattress, consider stacking bunkie boards or plywood platforms because theyre thinner, they will be easier to stack and less likely to make the bed too high. Heres an example of a 1.5 inch thick bunkie board that can be stacked. Since bunkie boards and plywood are less expensive than box springs, it wont cost too much to stack these types of mattress foundations. Make sure to take a look at our more detailed article about mattress foundations vs bed frames to find additional information.


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