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How Wide Is A Hospital Bed Mattress

Hospital Mattress Replacement Options

Refurbished Hill Rom Advance Series Hospital Bed

Our standard option shown on this page is 6 thick, foldable , and is made from 1.5 lb open-cell soy-based polyurethane foam hospital mattress with a fluid resistant Nylon cover.

Supportive Fluid-proof Easy to clean!

These medical mattresses are more supportive than other high density foams you may find with other manufacturers of hospital beds. This makes them more comfortable for patients who are bed-ridden.

If youve ever seen or experienced bed sores, you know that they are not something you would want to experience. Ouch! Getting the right mattresses makes a world of difference in preventing bed sores.

Other options:

Want to get more pressure relief for back pain? Get the best hospital mattress by adding a gel overlay, traditional memory foam, polyurethane foam, or latex to the comfort layer.

Want to make it more supportive and more durable? Ask about 1.8 LB density foam options and individually pocketed coils.

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How To Choose The Right Bed

In order to choose the right bed, one must determine which models provide the proper weight capacity for his needs. In addition to the patients weight, the weight of the hospital bed mattress, as well as any bed attachments and/or personal belongings should be calculated when assessing the weight capacity of the bed. Other things to consider are whether to purchase a fully-electric, semi-electric, or manual bed, as well as whether or not to get options such as bed rails.

Here at AvaCare Medical, we want to ensure that you end up with a model thats of the correct hospital bed dimensions! If you have any questions, wed love for you to give us a call at 1-877-813-7799 toll-free to speak with a customer representative during our business hours. Additionally, you can send an email to anytime!

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Hospital Bed Mattress Dimensions And Sizes

The size and the dimension of a hospital bed mattress play a significant role in influencing the comfort, health, and safety of the patient. In case the patient needs to spend the majority of time in their bed due to the diseases, it is best to buy a hospital bed mattress. One of the essential things that you need to consider is the hospital bed mattress dimension and size. There are different dimensions and sizes according to the patients body mass. It is crucial to get a clear idea of the patient before buying the mattress.

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What Kind Of Home Hospital Bed Do I Need

Full Electric Home Hospital Bed: This category encompasses home hospital beds that feature fully electric operation. A wired remote control operates the up and down motion of the bed as a whole. It also features controls for backrest angle – from lay down position to sitting. It also offers the ability to raise and lower the leg portion of the bed behind the knees. Vital Mobility offers fully electric home hospital beds and packages that are affordable and always in-stock.

Specialty Home Hospital Beds: Vital Mobility’s Specialty Home Hospital Beds include all the same as our more basic fully electric home hospital beds but add on several premium features. Depending on the bed, these include Trendelenburg position, a solid metal slat foundation, hydraulic systems and a higher bed height range.

Heavy Duty Home Hospital Beds: Our Bariatric hospital beds are perfect for individuals requiring a minimum weight capacity of 500 lbs. These beds feature extry sturdy construction and often come in larger widths to accommodate user needs.

Medical Mattresses By Mattress Insider

  • Safe & non-toxic for patients and healthcare workers. Your hospital bed mattresses will be made using Certi-Pur-US certified foams which dont contain any of those nasty chemicals.

    What does that mean to you? Theyre made without ozone depleters, no ammonium poly-phosphate flame retardants, no mercury, lead, or other heavy metals, no formaldehyde, and have a low VOC. Its safer experience than purchasing mattresses produced with unknown materials .

  • Passes all federal flammabilty laws. Every medical foam mattress needs to pass CFR 1633 and 1632 to be compliant.
  • Hypoallergenic due to the use of soy based high density foams and nylon covers.
  • Comfortable nylon hospital mattress covers which dont crack or overheat .

Other benefits of Nylon covers:

  • Wipes clean, making them water and stain resistant.
  • Bed bug and dust mite resistant because theyre stitched tightly.
  • Softer feeling, making time spent in your hospital or clinic more comfortable

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What Size Is A Hospital Bed

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If you are shopping for hospital beds, its important you find the right size for your specific needs.

But what size is a hospital bed?

There are many different sizes for hospital beds. Find out the various dimensions of hospital beds below!

Steinz Alternating Pressure Mattress Pad

Featuring a unique air bubble system, this alternating pressure mattress pad was specifically designed for patients who are bedridden. If your loved one has a physical condition that prevents them from moving much, they will struggle with ulcers, sores, and persistent discomfort. This product can help alleviate or prevent most of these issues that arise with low mobility.

It ensures that your relative feels sheltered, reduces their need to toss and turn, but also decreases the risk of them developing pressure ulcers and other related complications. Holding a maximum weight of 300 lbs, the mattress is easy to set up and fits a standard hospital bed.

Steinz mattress pad promotes proper airflow and even weight distribution. Its sturdy base includes 130 air bubbles that do not only provide optimal support, but also ensure therapeutic treatment for unrelenting sores and skin maceration. The affected areas become relaxed and pain-free, without having too much force placed upon them. This is done through an ingenious system of alternating pressure each bubble cell is deflated and inflated every six minutes and the pressure oscillates between them. As a result, there is steady airflow and consistent support for your loved one.



  • the pump requires an electrical power supply
  • does not provide as much firmness as a memory foam model

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Choosing The Best Hospital Bed Mattress: Check Out These 5 Tips

There are around 3 million home care workers in America, excluding those who take care of extended family in the home while working full time. 75% of Americans over the age of 65 suffer from one or more medical conditions ranging from diabetes to dementia. Caring for a loved one at home can be hugely challenging, emotionally and physically. A hospital bed mattress could provide better sleep comfort to your loved one and make your caring duties a little easier. Lets talk about what to look for in the best hospital bed mattress, how it can help your loved one, and you.

Medical bed mattresses could offer better comfort and prevent bed sores and ulcers in those who are bed bound for 12+ hours per day

Q: What Size Mattress Goes On A Hospital Bed

What is Trendelenburg in a Hospital Bed

A: A regular-size hospital bed is 80 inches long and 36 inches wide, or the size of a twin XL mattress. But there are beds to accommodate larger frames for bariatric patients that range up to 94 inches long and 76 inches wide.

With so many options and design features, choosing the best hospital mattress for home use depends on the users health, what features will provide the most comfort and the budget. Thoughtful consideration will help you narrow down your options so you can find the mattress that is the best fit for the bed and the patient.

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Crib Size Bed Dimensions

27.25 inches by 51 inches

A crib size mattress is approximately 6 feet by 4 feet and only meant to fit inside a crib. The standard crib mattress size is regulated by the federal government for safety reasons, so its pretty easy to find crib size sheets that fit your mattress, as long as the one you choose is up to the current standards.

A crib size mattress should not be more than 6 inches thick. Ideally a crib size mattress should also offer a firm feel to support an infants body.

How Do You Choose The Bed Size You Need

Choosing the right bed size starts with considering the patient. First, one must select the best dimension according to the patients body-mass index, or BMI. A patient with a BMI of 45 or lower would need a mattress with a standard width of 36 to fit into the bed and be comfortable. Over this BMI, they will feel better on a bed 39 wide. Taller users can have easy extensions added that give extra length to the bed frame and mattress.

Other factors include the conditions that make the bed necessary. Does the patient have an illness, injury, or mobility issues where they will need a hospital bed that is wider or longer than the standard size? Are they prone to bedsores? These problems can make recoveries longer and more difficult, but a properly-sized hospital bed can accommodate conditions and prevent complicating situations.

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Standard Mattresses Do Not Fit On Hospital Beds

In order to fit a hospital bed, you need a 36-inch by 80-inch mattress. Twin mattresses are typically 39-inches by 75-inches. Twin XL is 39-inches by 80-inches. These extra three inches of width will interfere with the operation of the bed, possibly causing damage to the mattress and/or the bed. It can also create a dangerous situation for the patient if the side rails or other safety features cannot function as designed.

Q: Will Medicare Pay For A Hospital Bed Mattress

Supernal 5

A: Medicare will cover hospital bed mattresses for home use when there is a doctor’s order stating a condition exists that requires a hospital bed, and the bed itself qualifies as a durable medical device and meets any other Medicare criteria. Rehabmart doesnt accept insurance. Upon your request, we can provide you with an itemized receipt for you to submit to your insurance provider for possible reimbursement. Reimbursement is not guaranteed.

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Frequently Asked Medical Bed Mattress Questions

Q: What is the best mattress for a hospital bed?A: The best mattress for a hospital bed is one that is both supportive and comfortable. Patients will be laying on them for extended times, and they need a mattress that has both support and comfort factored into the construction of the bed.

Q: Ive heard about gel foam mattresses. Are they good for hospital beds?A: Unfortunately, this isnt a simple yes or no answer. In general, gel infused foams are designed to sleep 1-2 degrees cooler than typical memory foam. However, whether or not this is a good thing in mattresses for your hospital or clinic really depends on your unique situation. Please give us a call to learn more about the different kinds of gel pockets vs. gel beads in foam vs. gel infused foam.

Q: Can I use a regular mattress instead of a hospital mattress?A: Generally speaking, a regular mattress should not be used for a hospital bed. Many home mattresses do not offer the same support and many can cause pressure on uncomfortable places in the body. In some cases, this can contribute to bed sores. Ouch! Additionally, hospital beds often need a cover that is easily cleanable and fluid proof.

Q: Are hospital mattresses Twin or Twin XL?A: Hospital mattresses are usually 36 x 80, which is 2 less in width than a twin or twin xl size. However, we can make them in any size, and even shapes other than a rectangle, if you need something custom.

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Choosing Sheets For A Comfortable Fit

If you are using a hospital bed, or are considering getting a hospital bed at home, what should you do about choosing sheets for the mattress?

Hospital bed mattresses are not the same size as a king size, queen size, full, or twin- size mattresses. Generally, a hospital bed mattress will measure 36 inches wide x 80 inches long. Some mattresses can be extended to 84 inches of sleep surface. There are wider mattresses for bariatric hospital beds, however. Before getting sheets, determine the mattress measurements.

You will soon find that twin sheets wont fit a twin hospital mattress, however. A twin-size regular bed mattress measures 39 x 75 inches typically.

You will have to use a twin XL sheet to fit a hospital bed mattress. They may also be called extended twin or extra-long twin.

Fitted for Hospital Bed Sheets

The measurement of the fitted sheet is most critical for fit on the mattress and comfort for caregiver and patient. It is impossible to stretch the fitted sheet if its too short. Using a fitted sheet that is too long means that it will be difficult to tuck in under the mattress on a hospital bed. Any sheet that is too long and drops to the floor can cause a trip hazard for everyone.

A twin extra-long fitted sheet commonly measures 39 inches wide x 80 inches long. Depth of the mattress also determines the fit of a fitted sheet. Most hospital bed mattresses have a depth of 6 inches, but there are some that are even thicker.

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What Is The Difference Between An Adjustable Bed And A Hospital Bed

A hospital bed adjusts head and foot heights, as does an adjustable bed, but the overallheight of hospital beds can also be raised and lowered. Very few adjustable beds have this hi-low feature. An example of an exception would be the Flex-a-Bed Hi Low 185 pictured below.

Hospital beds also have optional side rails in various lengths and styles for a more secure and safe set-up to avoid falls and injuries when patients get in and out of bed. Adjustable bed side rails are much more limited in styles and capabilities.

Finally, there are several widths to choose from in hospital beds.

For the larger patient, you may need a bariatric hospital bed. These come in widths of 42-inches, 48-inches and 54-inches and can accommodate patient weights from 500 to 900 pounds. Most bariatric hospital beds have full-electric capabilities.

The prices for these beds are higher than standard size hospital beds, so consider carefully as you determine if you need the extra width and weight capacity.

Adjustable beds use standard size mattresses only and are available in twin XL, full XL and queen sizes.

Best Hospital Bed Mattresses & Mattress Toppers

Hospital Beds for Sale

A quality mattress is one of the best investments you can make for your loved one to lead an easier life. Whether you want them to stay at home with you for longer or they are ill and in the hospital, ensuring that they get safe and restful sleep every night helps them and yourself tremendously. A hospital mattress does not only provide support and comfort for seniors, but it can also help prevent or heal different health complications that they are facing.

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Medline Vinyl Innerspring Mattress

Cooling and comfortable, the Medline Vinyl Innerspring Mattress, promotes better rest with its host of innovative design attributes. It easily takes the number three position on our list with its exceptional affordability, as well.

This mattress is latex-free with foam around coiled innersprings and has inverted seams for greater comfort. It will safely support up to 250 pounds and measures 80 inches in length with a depth of 7 inches. Its included vinyl cover is anti-static, antibacterial, and waterproof to protect the mattress, conform to safety and sanitation protocols, and to reduce wear and tear.

Olympic Queen Mattress Dimensions

66 inches by 80 inches

Minimum recommended room size: 10 feet by 10 feet

The Olympic queen mattress is six inches wider than the standard queen size and provides enough room for a couple to sleep comfortably, but is not considered to be a standard size. Even when found, its an ordeal to find bedding accessories like sheets to match this size.

The benefit of an Olympic queen size is that it provides a little extra space than the queen size, while not being as big as a king. If your room is not big enough to accommodate a king, but you need more space for sleepers, then this Olympic queen size fits the bill. The Olympic queen size is meant for RVs and camper trailers and are more commonly seen inside mobile homes.

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Hospital Beds Mattresses & Bedding Supplies

Whether its temporarily or over the long-term, spending time in bed should be a comfortable experience for your patient. You can help ensure they get the support they need for complete rest and recovery by choosing the right bariatric bed to suit their needs.

With so many options and features available it can feel overwhelming to choose the right one! But AgeComfort makes it easy to find the perfect option to meet your patients healthcare requirements.

Browse our complete selection of hospital bed models, mattresses, and related bedding and supplies, so you can easily determine which therapeutic bed will offer your loved one the utmost safety, support and comfort while also helping you care more easily for them. Explore some of the features and advantages of our homecare hospital bed, medical mattress and bedding/accessory collection, including.

  • Beds available in various widths and sizes

Small Single Size Bed Dimensions

Hospital Bed â 5 Functions Automatic â Shwe Myanma Thway

30 inches by 75 inches

Minimum recommended room size: 7 feet by 10 feet

Single mattresses and twin mattresses have the same dimensions, so these terms are often used interchangeably. However, the twin size is much more common nowadays, so if you have your eye on a single bed, a twin is just what you need.

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