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Is Mattress Firm A Front

Product Description From Lucid:

Mattress Firm Conspiracy Theory – Getting to the Bottom of It

Restful sleep comes from two layers of memory foam on a supportive high density foam base. This mattress features three layers that work together to create a medium-plush feel. At the surface, a 3-inch layer of ventilated gel memory foam hugs the curves of the body to alleviate pressure points. Beneath that, a 2-inch layer of ventilated bamboo charcoal-infused memory foam provides support and temperature regulation. The ventilated design of the memory foam improves breathability and comfort. A 9-inch thick high density foam base creates the support needed for comfortable, restful sleep. The mattress is wrapped in a cozy Tencel blend cover that helps to regulate moisture at the sleep surface.

From the GoodBed Editors:

Product Description From Serta:

Company description from Serta:

Serta and its licensees together are the #1 mattress manufacturers in the United States. Serta’s product portfolio includes the Perfect Sleeper, which is the Only Official Mattress of the National Sleep Foundation, and the iComfort Sleep System, both named Consumers Digest Best Buys. Serta through its licensees also manufactures the iSeries Hybrid Sleep System and the exclusive Bellagio at Home mattress collection.

As the leading provider of mattresses to the hospitality industry, Serta partners with hotel groups such as Hilton Worldwide, Marriott International, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Choice Hotels International, Best Western International, Omni Hotels and Resorts, as well as Bellagio Las Vegas. Serta has 23 U.S. and four Canadian manufacturing plants. In addition, Serta is distributed internationally in more than 150 other countries. With its worldwide network, Serta is able to respond quickly to customers’ needs while still preserving strict control standards to ensure the highest quality. For more information, visit

The Counting Sheep

Serta launched the Counting Sheep national campaign in 2000 and it has been a success with consumers nationwide ever since. In 2008, the Serta Counting Sheep were selected by Advertising Week as the Advertising Icon of the Year. The reluctant brand icons were later immortalized in the Advertising Icon Hall of Fame.

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Firm Sleeping Surfaces Cause Back Pain

If firmer mattresses give you back pain, then memory foam may be a better choice because whilst you can certainly buy firm memory foam mattresses and toppers the memory foam itself tends to be more forgiving when compared to regular polyfoam and the other materials used in other types of mattresses.

But if you dont want to sleep on memory foam, then you can opt for latex foam or even polyfoam but in medium, medium-soft, or a soft level of firmness in order to alleviate the pressure points further.

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Is Mattress Firm A Front For A Large

Mattress Firm stores are everywhere.

Its not uncommon to see two or three in the same shopping center, sometimes even across the street from one another. And not just two different mattress stores to promote competition, but the same exact store: Mattress Firm.

On top of how many Mattress Firm stores there seems to be, there are also all the other brick-and-mortar mattress companies out there, such as Mattress World and BedMart.

In fact, there are currently more mattress stores than McDonaldsor Starbucksin the United States, most of which are Mattress Firms, according to USA Today.

Illustrating this point, 42.6% of Mattress Firm stores are within a one-mile radius of one another, according toBusiness Insider.

The average American only buys a new mattress every seven to 10 years. Plus, most millennials are having their mattresses delivered straight to their doors with bed-in-a-box services, according to USA Today.

So why are there so many Mattress Firms?

A conspiracy theory recently went viral on Reddit after a user suggested that Mattress Firm was a front for a large scale money laundering scheme. How could a company with such a slow-moving product manage to keep so many stores open, many Reddit users wondered.

Mattress Firm is some sort of giant money laundering scheme, one user wrote. I remember seeing four Mattress Firms all on each corner of an intersection once, and there is no way there is such a demand for mattresses.

But whats really going on?

You Have An Adjustable Bed

Sedona Luxury Firm

Memory foam mattresses work well with adjustable beds because the foam easily bends into shape whilst still providing a comfortable sleeping surface that can take the pressure away from your muscles, bones, and joints.

Adjustable beds are an excellent option if you have back pain because you can adjust the angle of the upper and lower sections of the bed to the exact point where your weight is distributed in a way that reduces any discomfort that you may have.

Many high-quality adjustable beds have a zero gravity setting that allows you to be in a V sit position so that the pressure is removed from your lower back.

Raising the upper section of the bed can also help you to get in and out of bed if you have mobility issues, as well as being able to aid with better breathing to reduce snoring and also alleviate the symptoms of acid reflux.

An adjustable bed is an excellent investment if you have conditions like GERD, sleep apnea, COPD, blocked sinuses, back pain, or mobility issues.

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Are Mattress Stores Laundering Money

In 2018, a strange conspiracy began to spread on the dark corners of Reddit, spurred in part by this post from user Crazy_Potatos.

Mattress firm is some sort of giant money laundering scheme, they wrote. They are f***ing everywhere and always empty. I remember seeing 4 mattress firms all on each corner of an intersection once, there is no way there is such a demand for mattresses.

Other users chimed in, noting that Mattress Firms were absolutely everywhere sometimes less than a mile from one another. People dont buy mattresses very often the Sleep Foundation recommends switching out mattresses every 6-8 years, noting that many consumers hang on to their purchases for much, much longer. What was Mattress Firm doing? And what about all the other mattress stores? How do they stay in business?

Pretty soon, people werent just talking about Mattress Firm they were talking about every mattress store, and a theory formed: These mattress companies were running some sort of international money laundering operation. There couldnt be another explanation.

Except, of course, that there was another explanation, albeit a much less interesting and satisfying one.

Product Description From Tempur

Discover Tempur Love for Yourself. Tempur-Pedic owners love the body-conforming, pressure-relieving comfort of their mattress.

  • Its Like No Other Mattress. Thats because TEMPUR material is not typical memory foam. Our proprietary formulation changed the way the world sleeps. And it can do the same for you.
  • Precisely Adapts To Your Body. TEMPUR material responds to your bodys temperature, weight and shape for truly personalized comfort and support.
  • No More Tossing & Turning. As it conforms to your body, TEMPUR material minimizes pressure points that keep you awake.
  • Helps You Both Sleep Undisturbed. TEMPUR material dramatically reduces motion transfer so your sleep partners movement wont disturb you.

From the GoodBed Editors:

To learn more about Tempur-Pedic mattresses and choose the right one for you, check out these other helpful resources from GoodBed:

  • GoodBed’s overview of the 2019 Tempur-Breeze product line:
  • GoodBed’s overview of the 2019 Tempur-LuxeAdapt product line:
  • GoodBed’s overview of the 2019 Tempur-ProAdapt and Tempur-Adapt product lines:

For information about Tempur-Pedic’s earlier products, see GoodBed’s overview of the 2017 Tempur-Pedic line-up:

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Mattress Firmness For Stomach Sleepers

Front sleepers can put pressure on various areas of the body while sleeping, dependent on their position. Most front sleepers turn their head to the side which can cause neck pain and many others may bring a leg up slightly for added comfort, which can affect the spinal alignment while sleeping, causing back pain or discomfort.

For front sleepers, a firm, supportive mattress is best as it will ensure that the spine and body dont sink too far into your mattress, bringing it below head level and disturbing the natural alignment of the head during sleep.

A soft mattress will not provide sufficient support for front sleepers, as your body is heavier it will sink into a soft mattress, taking your torso out of alignment with your head, putting pressure on the arch of your back as you sleep, which can lead to back pain.

When it comes to mattresses, a lot of your decision will be based on personal preference, so weve rounded up some great mattress options for front sleepers below. Pocket sprung, hybrid and memory foam mattresses are all mattress types suitable for front sleepers and weve highlighted the benefits of each below.

The Mattress Firm Challenge

Plank Hybrid Mattress Review by Brooklyn Bedding (How Firm Is It?)

When our partnership with Mattress Firm began, they were looking for a solution that would help better organize and mature their content creation in order to help educate consumers about buying mattresses. They also sought to increase brand awareness, drive customers via SEO and paid distribution and create opportunities to test new content types and channels.

The Daily Doze blog was a powerful content tool but the back-end management made the front-end a siloed experience. That meant it could be difficult to drive engagement from one topic to the next. In addition, their ability to create new pages on the main site was hampered by the fact that they had to hard-code every new page, meaning they had to engage development resources simply to promote new deals.

The company also needed a solution that would integrate with a wide variety of existing partners, from data to e-commerce. Finally, they were limited in their ability to feature blog content alongside e-commerce promotions on their homepage. This meant they were unable to target top of funnel and middle funnel content to the audiences to whom it was most relevant.

The Brightspot solutions for Mattress Firm

Our work with Mattress Firm continues and we look forward to partnering with them in their mission to provide America the value of a good night’s sleep.

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Bear Bed Mattress Characteristics

As you embark on your bed mattress shopping experience, there are numerous things to think about and you do not want to neglect a feature that could be a dealbreaker! Thats why I want to supply you an extensive guide that covers everything that you need to be knowledgeable about prior to you make your decision.

Who I Suggest The Botanical Bliss Bed Mattress For

Combination sleepers ought to really like the bouncy feel of this bed. Latex is naturally taut and buoyant-feeling, which makes it actually simple to change positions throughout the night. Hot sleepers should likewise like this bed. The all-natural latex is fantastic for temperature level policy, ensuring that you wont overheat during the night.

And finally, natural buyers ought to actually like the all-natural building of this bed. Its one of the best organic bed mattress of the year.

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Dfi Recommends: Pocket Sprung Mattress

The pocket sprung mattress contains hundreds of individual springs, each sewn into its own pocket of fabric.

The advantage of this is that the springs within a pocket sprung mattress operate independently of one another, respond to your weight, shape, movement and sleeping position and providing effective weight distribution, which means it is the best mattress for stomach sleepers as it helps keep your spine in alignment by ensuring your head and the rest of your body are in line.

The ability of the individual springs to adjust to the contours of your body can help to provide relief for back and joint pain and also offers stability for front sleepers by providing a firm even surface.

Why is a pocket sprung mattress best for stomach sleepers?

  • Pocket sprung mattresses provide even distribution of weight, relieving pressure points, ideal for front sleepers
  • Responsive to movement and shape
  • Come in a variety of firmness options, firmer being better for front sleepers

We believe that a Pocket Sprung Mattress, such as the DFI Sensation is the best ,mattress choice for stomach sleepers.

Option 2: Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress provides the support system of a pocket sprung mattress system with the comfort and pressure relief of a memory foam topping layer.

Why is a hybrid mattress good for front/stomach sleepers?

Option 3: Memory Foam Mattress

Why is a memory foam mattress good for stomach sleepers?

How Firm Is A Firm Mattress

Beautyrest Black Madison Tight Top Firm Mattress

Just to add to your confusion, you need to realise that There are no universal standards of firmness in common usage in the UK . What that means is that one companys firm mattress could be the same as another companys medium mattress. Its a bit like buying three large t-shirts and finding that only one of them fits you. Helpful, eh?

So what should you do?

Ideally, you should either try a mattress in a shop, or buy one with a home trial period which allows you to swap it or get a refund if you arent happy.

Weve picked out five UK mattresses which are good for people who sleep on their front or stomach. They all get good reviews or have won awards. Prices are for double mattresses. Prices and review scores are correct at the time of typing.

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Upkeep Protection Care And Guarantee

If you do decide to purchase, I want you to very first felt confident that there is a ten years limited service warranty that covers any flaws such as imprints of more than one inch, fractures or splits of the foam, or issues with the zipper. Failure to take proper care of the item can result in this warranty becoming voided. For that reason, there are some upkeep and care pointers you need to employ to ensure your mattress remains in good condition. These include:

People Are Convinced Mattress Firm Stores Are A Front For A Massive Money Laundering Operation


If you spend too much time on the internet, youve probably stumbled across a number of batshit conspiracy theories that suck you into a rabbit hole you didnt even realize youve gone down until you snap out of a trance four hours later questioning whether or not Finland actually exists. Unfortunately, some people are unable to find their way back to reality including Kyrie Irving, whose led to him latching onto the Flat Earth movement and claiming dinosaurs never actually roamed the planet.

If you want to get way too deep into conspiracies, theres no better place to go than Ask Reddit, which seemingly has a thread devoted to the topic every day. On Monday, someone asked people to list the theories they fully buy into, and one user managed to convince a sizeable chunk of the internet that a major mattress retailer is actually a front for a massive money laundering front.


Mattress Firm is some sort of giant money laundering scheme. I remember seeing 4 mattress firms all on each corner of an intersection once, and there is no way there is such a demand for mattresses.

Multiple users uploaded photos of areas with a suspicious concentration of stores, including a stretch of Mattress Firms along a road in Illinois:

Another poster spotted a suspect cluster in Dallas including two locations just a couple of blocks away from each other:

Google Maps

Us looking at our mentions like

Mattress Firm

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Product Description From Lull:

Lull’s premium foam mattress perfectly balances comfort and support with contouring memory foam and proprietary support layers for a sleep experience like no other. Our mattress was designed for all body types and sleeping positions to offer one perfect mattress for everyone.

Lulls three layers of premium foam offer cooling comfort, therapeutic pressure relief and exceptional support. A perfect combination to ensure a great night of sleep for everyone.

  • TOP: Cooling Comfort No more tossing and turning. Our 1.5″ gel-infused, viscoelastic memory foam top layer contours to your body, providing pressure relief for your joints, neck and lower back. Our cool flow technology provides enhanced air flow which draws heat away from your body to keep you cool all night long.
  • MIDDLE: Therapeutic Support For a healthier you. Our 1.5″ transition layer utilizes a proprietary blend of premium foam which supports your body, providing healthy spine alignment and even weight distribution – The perfect level of support so your body can truly rest throughout the night.
  • BASE: Lasting Durability Better sleep for years to come. Our 7″ core support layer is made of high-quality polyurethane foam. This layer adds strength, durability and structure to the mattress. No sagging here. We use only the best foams to ensure your mattress provides an exceptional sleep experience for years to come.

From the GoodBed Editors:

Best Mattresses For Stomach Sleepers

Talking Sleep with Simone Biles

Do you sleep on your stomach, lying on your front? Youre not alone! In our Big Irish Sleep Survey 2020, sleeping on your stomach was the second most popular sleeping position after sleeping on your side .

Sleeping on your stomach can be very comfortable for some, but its important to recognise that sleeping on your front can put pressure on your neck, back, shoulder and hips, so ensuring you have the best mattress for this sleeping position will help you to continue sleeping on your stomach with maximum comfort, minimising aches and pains.

As a detailed extension to our Mattress Buying Guide, weve recommended some information and best mattresses for stomach sleepers below.

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Product Description From Nectar:

The Bed of Your Dreams

At Nectar, we’ve aligned all our efforts around one simple promise: The best sleep of your life, guaranteed.

  • COOL AND COMFORTABLE SLEEP: Nectars top layer of quilted memory foam stimulates air flow beneath your body, while the Tencel fabric wicks away unwanted heat and moisture.
  • IDEAL SUPPORT FOR ANY POSITION: Nectar gives you the support of a firm mattress while pampering you with the comfort of a pillow top. Premium materials ensure it perfectly contours your body.
  • DUST MITE PROTECTION: Specially designed materials mean youll never have dust mites

We’ve taken the recent advances in mattress and fabric technology and run with them. Our 4 layers of flexible foam meet the CertiPUR-US standards for being free from ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP, mercury, or lead. Having figured out the optimal levels of firmness, coolness, breathability, and comfort – we put them all into one mattress, making it the best mattress you’ve ever slept on. Period.

  • TENCEL COOLING COVER: Helps circulate air and wick away heat while you sleep.
  • QUILTED GEL MEMORY FOAM: Contours perfectly to your body while providing loft and increased air circulation.
  • GEL MEMORY FOAM: Distributes your weight evenly, offering cool, contouring support.
  • ADAPTIVE HI CORE MEMORY FOAM: Supports your body, as only recovery foam can, providing crucial rebound and bounce.
  • BREATHABLE BASE LAYER: Reinforces the contouring and support layers, giving you a stable, breathable foundation.


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