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Is The Purple Mattress Protector Washable

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Purple Mattress Protector Review – 2019 Update!

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1. LongevityDouble sided mattresses prolong the life of your investment. A mattress with a 10 year expected longevity is now DOUBLED to 20 years.

2. More Bang For Your BuckBouncing off of longevity, double sided mattresses save you money in the long run by not having to invest in a new mattress every 5-10 years due to breakdown issues.

3. Comfortable Weight DistributionDouble sided mattresses have comfort layers on both sides of the mattress allowing for even distribution of your body weight across the sleep surface. While most single sided mattresses have thicker, padded layers on the top, double sided mattresses have even distributions of comfort layers on each side of the mattress.

4. Increased ComfortWhen you flip your double sided mattress after using it for a year, you get the feeling of a brand new mattress with the new side. All the while, the side of the bed that you slept on before gets aququete time to recover its shape for continued use next time you flip it!

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Waterproof Allergy Protection Mattress Protector

  • Blocks 99.9% of household allergens -like dust mites, pollen, and pet dander â from collecting in your mattress
  • Waterproof protection prevents liquids from contaminating your mattress
  • Can be washed in hot water to kill germs and bacteria
  • Zippered closure fully encases your mattress
  • Includes one mattress protector
  • Fits Twin and Full mattresses up to 12â³ deep and fits Queen and King mattresses up to 14â³ deep
  • AllerEase Lifetime Warranty

The AllerEase Waterproof Allergy Protection Zippered Mattress Protector features a brushed polyester top for quiet comfort and is waterproof to protect your mattress from spills, stains, urine, and perspiration. The tightly knit fabric and durable zippered closure block out dust mites, pollen, pet dander and other household allergens that can trigger asthma and allergies from settling in your mattress. The AllerEase Waterproof Zippered Mattress Protector fully encases your mattress with a durable zippered closure that provides a six-sided layer of protection between you and the allergens that collect in your bedding, while preventing new allergens from entering.

FABRICTop and Side Wall Fabric: 100% Polyester

CARE INSTRUCTIONSMachine wash hot Non-Chlorine Bleach When Needed Tumble Dry Low Heat Do not Iron


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How To Get Stains Out Of A Mattress

Every now and then, despite your best efforts, you might end up staining your mattress. No cause for alarm there are actually several pro tips you can try to get rid of the stain. Its important to remember that you should never spray harsh chemicals like stain removers directly to your mattress.

To remove stains from your mattress, follow this easy guide:

Choose Your Cleaner The type of cleaning solution to use is directly related to the type of stain youre treating. For example, if your stain is biological think blood stains or urine stains then an enzyme cleaner like OxyClean is your best bet. An enzyme cleaner can break down proteins in biological agents. If you prefer a more natural approach, you can also mix up a DIY cleaner by combining liquid dish soap and water or by mixing equal parts cold water and hydrogen peroxide.

Blot Spray your cleaner on a clean, dry cloth and then gently blot the stain. Let it sit for at least 15 minutes. Then, take a separate clean cloth or a few paper towels, wet with cold water and continue to blot. Try to apply as little moisture as possible to get the stain to turn loose. Repeat with vinegar if necessary.

Dry Allow your mattress to air dry before adding your mattress protector and bed linens. You dont want to trap moisture between your mattress and any bedding, which could lead to mold and mildew or worse.

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How Often Do You Need To Wash A Mattress Protector

If you use your mattress protector often, you should wash it with a mild detergent every two months, although this might vary depending on how you use it. Take into consideration the following: An unfrequently used guest bedroom should have its mattress cover professionally cleaned once every three months.

Free Shipping & Warranty

Washable Bed Pad Reusable Adult Mattress Protector ...

At this time, there are no significant delays to our overall delivery or service, including the manufacturing of our Endy Mattress, which is made, warehoused, and delivered exclusively in Canada. We continue to offer free shipping to every Canadian province. Additional fees or exclusions may apply to the Canadian Territories.

Rest assured, our delivery partners have committed to extra health and safety measures during this time to keep you and your family safe. Happy sleeps await! Learn more about the steps we’re taking

Each Mattress Protector is built to last and backed by a 2-year limited warranty

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The Best Mattress Protectors In 202: Waterproof And Cooling Covers

ByBecks Shepherdlast updated 31 January 22

This year’s best mattress protectors to safeguard your bed from spills, stains, germs and bed bugs

The best mattress protectors safeguard against spills, stains, germs and allergens. Some full mattress covers offer protection from bed bugs, while most are designed to ward off dust mites. These thin sheets of hard-working fabric cover your mattress on the top and four sides, providing a protective barrier. Full mattress encasements cover the bottom too and are usually bed bug-proof.

So if you have invested in the best mattress for your sleep, protecting it from the start helps it last longer. This is especially important for any bed still within its trial period, as you may not be able to return it for a refund if its stained. But even older mattresses benefit from a good mattress protector, and there are plenty of different types, many of which are right here in our guide to the best mattress protectors.

Youll find waterproof mattress protectors , cooling mattress covers for hot sleepers and warm weather use, and mattress protectors made from organic and natural materials including organic cotton and bamboo. The best mattress protector for you neednt cost the earth either – some of our top-rated picks from Coop Home, Bedecor and Linenspa cost less than $30.

How To Clean Your Purple Mattress

Though it may have taken a rocket scientist to invent the one-of-a-kind technology that is Purple, you dont have to have an engineering degree to clean the mattress when messes happen.

The first seven steps outlined above will work just fine for cleaning any Purple mattress. Do not flip your Purple mattress, though. Its solid and supportive enough to not need flipping.

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Do The Dust Mite Mattress Covers Really Work

Dust mite covers really work. You can find dust mite covers for mattresses, pillows, and box springs at mattress and allergy supply stores in a variety of materials, but ask the dust mites cover supplier for the certification before buying a dust mite cover to assure you to have a good quality cover.

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How Often Should I Rotate My Purple Mattress

Purple Mattress Protector Waterproof Test

Purple mattresses, on the other hand, are manufactured with high-quality materials that are meant to last for years without the need to be turned. Each mattress is backed by a 10-year guarantee that ensures its high quality. Purple mattresses are all one-sided and should not be flipped over to the other side. You may, however, switch them out every three months or so if you like that method.

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How Often Should You Clean Your Mattress

Assuming you regularly wash your sheets and can avoid spills, you can likely get away with a deep cleaning of your mattress every three to four months. But of course, feel free to clean it more frequently if it helps you sleep better. Be sure to give your mattress a deep cleaning every six months if you have pets and children.

What Is Animal Dander

Dander is made up of tiny pieces of skin left behind by cats, dogs, rodents, birds, and other furry or feathered animals. Like us, dogs and cats need to change their coats when the weather warms up, for example in spring or summer. Many pets with a thick coat of fur do this by shedding a lot and releasing their protective undercoat of hair, thus releasing their dander into the air. Additionally, proteins found in the saliva, urine and feces of cats, dogs and other pets can cause allergic reactions. Dried saliva can loosen from an animals fur and be carried away in the air, and dust from dried feces can be suspended in the same way.

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Can You Wash Mattress Protector With Sheets

You may wash the protector with any other bedding or towels, as long as they are all capable of withstanding the same high temperatures as the protector. While the length of your wash cycle may vary depending on your washing machine, at these temperatures a one-hour cycle should be sufficient. Following the completion of the wash, it is necessary to dry it.

What Is The Best Mattress Protector 2021

Conni Mate Reusable Absorbent Bed Pad 37"  x 33 ...

From our research, the best mattress protector you can buy is the Purple Mattress Protector. Priced from $79 at Purple, this stain-resistant and waterproof protector will keep your mattress safer for longer, and has an impressive user review rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, generated by over 7,200 user reviews.

For smaller budgets wed recommend the SafeRest hypoallergenic waterproof mattress protector. This cheaper option may not have all the trimmings offered by the Purple, but it will still keep dust and particles from escaping your mattress during sleep.

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How Do I Choose The Best Mattress Protector

The best mattress protector for you might not be the best for someone else, and the first thing to consider when purchasing is what you actually need it to do.

Are you buying a protector for a toddler’s bed, or perhaps you have a couple of dogs that can’t help but leap on right after a muddy walk? In that case, you’re probably going to want a waterproof protector.

If you’re looking for a little more luxury and less intensive protection, a thicker protector like Woolroom’s or Avocado’s might be just what you need. Others protect from dust and bedbugs, while others still provide a a quick and easy way to remedy your night-time overheating.

If you need to find anything else out, we’d certainly recommend reading user reviews on Amazon or the company’s site, as these can be quite elucidating in terms of real users’ experiences.

Best Mattress Protector : Waterproof Cooling And Zipped Options Compared

The best mattress protectors keep your bed clean and safe from spills, sweat, urine and allergens. These clever fabric covers act as a guard between you and your mattress, helping it to stay in better shape for longer.

So if you have invested in the best mattress for your sleep, or you have an older bed that needs some TLC, a mattress protector will come to the rescue. You can buy waterproof ones, organic and hypoallergenic ones, plus full mattress encasements to keep bed bugs at bay, and, if you’re moving, mattress covers with zippers.

A reliable mattress protector doesnt have to cost a lot, and we have included plenty of affordable yet hard-working options here. When choosing the best mattress protector for you, think about the main issues facing your mattress. If its a kids bed, look for waterproofing to safeguard against bedwetting. If you have night sweats, choose a cover that offers cooling and sweat-wicking.

From our experience and research, a mattress protector can be placed on your bed in the same way as a fitted sheet, or it will have elasticated straps for anchoring at all four corners. These covers come in a range of sizes from crib to Cal king, and in fabrics such as bamboo and organic cotton.

You dont have to give up your beloved mattress topper either, as these fabric covers can be simply placed over them. Scroll down for our full list of the best mattress protectors, plus advice on how often to wash yours.

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How To Wash A Mattress Protector

Mattress protectors should be washed every two months on average, but this changes depending on how often you use your mattress protector, whether you have been sick, and if you have allergies. Lets take a closer look at these scenarios now to help you decide if its time to pop yours in the wash.

If you have allergies, aim to wash your mattress protector once or twice a month. This may seem like a lot of laundry, but it will help prevent allergens from building up inside your protector.

If you have been ill, wash your mattress protector as soon as you feel better to banish any remaining bugs from sneezes, coughs and other mucus.

If you have spilled drinks or food, spot clean the worst of it, then pop your mattress protector in the wash. Dont let that stain sink in!

Guest bedroom mattress protectors can be left a little longer, unless you have had a long-term guest staying with you.

Mattress protectors should be washed and dried as per the manufacturers instructions on the care label. Using a mild detergent is best, and avoid using bleach or any other chemicals that will damage the protector.

Should You Buy The Purple Mattress Protector

baby Children purple mattress protector sasquatch Infant Waterproof Cotton Changing Pads Washable

I would recommend the Purple mattress protector to sleepers who:

  • Want a quality mattress protector the Purple mattress protector passed my spill test with ease. There was no liquid penetration through the protector, it did not change the feel of my mattress, it maintained a cool sleeping environment, and it contains a very strong build quality.
  • Want an ultra elastic protector the high percentage of spandex in the cover results in an ultra elastic feel. For a mattress such as the Purple, or virtually any other mattress that has a higher degree of hug and contour, this type of elasticity can help to ensure your mattress performance is not inhibited.
  • Want a cooler protector the ultra thin design helps this protector breathe extremely well. At no point in my sleep test did I ever feel warm.
  • Want an excellent deal at $59 for a Queen, the Purple mattress protector is one of the best valued protectors I have tested to date. For the quality and performance youre receiving, the price is hard to beat.

Looking for more information on the Purple mattress protector? Check it out over at

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Egg Crate Mattress Pads

Egg crate mattress pads have nearly the same texture as a foam mattress pad, but are lighter and have crevices. For brands not designed to be machine-washed, you can use the same spot cleaning technique for foam mattress pads. Just make sure you vacuum the crevices efficiently.

If the egg crate mattress pad is machine-washable, you would need an oversized or commercial-type washing machine and then follow these steps:

  • Put cool water in the machine and add a minimal amount of mild detergent.
  • Swish to mix
  • Soak your mattress pad, set the washer to a gentle cycle, and then start.
  • Rinse and then dry using low heat.
  • Leave the mattress to air dry.
  • Who Should Use A Mattress Protector

    • You bought an expensive mattress – You want to protect your investment and make sure you dont inadvertently null your warranty by allowing the mattress to become stained.
    • You have kids or pets Children and animals are the most likely culprits for introducing stains to your mattress. Blood, urine, vomit, pet dander, food and drink they bring it all.
    • You use your guest room a lot Do you have frequent visitors sleeping on a guest bed? You can make them feel a whole lot better about the hygiene of their sleeping area if you use a mattress protector to help keep your mattress clean.
    • You suffer from allergies Dust, mold, mildew and other environmental allergens can often find an ideal home in mattresses. By using a mattress protector, you put up a barrier against these kinds of substances which can help keep your bed healthy and allergen-free for a good nights sleep.

    Still have questions? Ask a Sleep Expert:

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    Vinyl And Cotton Mattress Pads

    These mattress pads usually have the same washing instructions, and bleach should not be used on both. For cotton pads, you may use fabric conditioner, but for vinyl, it should be avoided since it can damage the fabric.

    Here are the steps you should follow rigorously:

  • Fill your washing machine with cold or warm water.
  • Add the right amount of mild detergent.
  • Swish the water-detergent solution to ensure theyre adequately mixed.
  • Place your mattress pad, ensuring its submerged fully.
  • Set your machine settings to a gentle cycle, and then wash for about 30 to 40 minutes, depending on when the last time you washed it.
  • If the label says you can machine dry the pad, add tennis or dryer balls and then tumble dry using the low heat setting.
  • If the manufacturer recommends air drying, hang your mattress pads with the vinyl facing up. Once dried, flip the pad over to dry the other side completely. It is best to hang the pad on a clothesline and fasten with a clothespin. If not possible, just make sure the pad drapes so that the water drips.

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