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Make Me Surprise Pillow Reviews

Custom Gift For Any Occasion:

Best Pillow for Side Sleepers – Our Top Picks!!
  • Birthdays Surprise them with a custom birthday gift that’ll bring a smile to their face.

  • Anniversaries – Celebrate 1, 5, 10, 25 year anniversaries with a pillows shaped like an object they love most.

  • Holidays – Unique custom gift for holidays such as: Christmas, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, and Fathers Day.

  • Leesa Hybrid Pillow Review

    The Leesa Hybrid Pillow is the companys high-end pillow, similar to how Leesa Legend is Leesas premium mattress. Its not any better, per se, than the standard Leesa Pillow, however, it does incorporate more technology. In this post we will cover the pros and cons with the Leesa Hybrid Pillow, and well touch on their Premium Memory Foam pillow as well.

    Leesa Foam Pillow Price

    The Leesa premium foam pillow is available in both standard and king sizes. This pillow is a bit cheaper than the Leesa hybrid, understandably so, as it has fewer bells and whistles, but we still wouldnt consider this a budget buy. The standard size runs around $80 while the king size comes in at about $100.

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    The Best Pillow For Side Sleepers

    Weve updated this guide to reflect the redesigned Nest Easy Breather Pillow, which is now washable.

    Nothing highlights the importance of a good pillow like trying to sleep on a bad one, and people who sleep on their side, in particular, can have a tough time finding the right fit because they need more neck and head support. After more than 1,000 nights testing 119 pillows, weve found a number of options for side sleepers and think the Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow is the best for a range of side-sleepers.

    Our pick

    This pillow has a customizable and washable filling that offers firm support for back- and side-sleepers. What it doesnt have: the lingering chemical smell weve noticed in some other shredded foam.

    Buying Options

    *At the time of publishing, the price was $100.

    We recommend the Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow for both side- and back-sleepers in our full guide to bed pillows, and we know some stomach-sleepersthose who sleep half on their side, half on their stomachalso find it comfortable, and it offers neck support that doesnt cause pain.

    Many companies advertise their pillows for specific sleep positions, but in our experience their recommendations dont match up all that well. Overwhelmingly, our side-sleeping testers have preferred pillows with shredded memory foam because of its moldability.

    How To Do The Scandinavian Sleep Method

    Sweetheart Surprise Pillow

    Making your bed with two duvets instead of one may seem confusing, but its actually pretty simple. To set my bed up Scandinavian-style, I first removed my top sheet, or flat sheet, from my bed.

    Then I took my two twin size duvets and laid one on each side of the bed. I overlapped the duvets in the middle of the bed so that only about a quarter of the blanket hung off the edge of the mattress.

    I did this both to make the bed look neater and to ensure that each person would be in the middle of their duvet while sleeping you dont want half your blanket hanging over the edge of the bed.

    I also added a blanket to the end of the bed, folded in half. This isnt technically part of the Scandinavian sleep method, but I thought it made the bed look more put together. It also gave me the option of unfolding the blanket to add more warmth over our duvets.

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    Our Pick: Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow

    *At the time of publishing, the price was $50.

    In four years of testing, the Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow has consistently outperformed many pricier pillows, but in recent testing two of the four Xtreme Comforts pillows we tried had a strong chemical odor that made them unusable . If you get one that doesnt smell, its a great pillow that typically costs about half the price of our favorite shredded-foam pillow from Nest Bedding. It offers comfortable neck support without being too stiff, a problem with many loftier pillows. The breathable, micro-perforated cover, a bamboo viscose and polyester blend, keeps hot sleepers cooler, and the removable shredded-foam fill makes the pillow easy to adjust for your body. Although its lumpier than the Easy Breather, and the texture took getting used to for some of our testers, most of our back- and side-sleepers, as well as a few stomach-sleepers, have liked it over the years. This pillow gives much better support for my neck than any down/synthetic down pillow I have owned in the past, one side-sleeper told us.

    The Xtreme Comforts best surprise is its low price, half as much as that of the other shredded-memory-foam pillow we liked, our pick, the Nest Bedding Easy Breather. And despite the Xtreme Comforts popularity with our testers, it wont work for every body, so a 30-day return policy gives you the flexibility to try it without risk.

    Their Website Shows 2

    Their website shows 2-5 days for production and 5-10 days shipping. I ordered a blanket 26 days ago, I still do not know if or when I will receive this item. I have messaged customer service more than 10 times, all I keep getting is your package is on its way with different excuses every time. They refused to refund, I highly recommend not using this company

    Reply from Makemesurprise

    Hi dear, I’m so sorry to hear that. Since you are ordering a custom item, it takes 4-5 business days to produce. The shipping will takes 5-10 business days. International shipping information may not update so prompt. Could you please keep your patience and wait for a few more days? We will keep tracking for you, any news we will inform you asap.Your understanding will be highly appreciated.

    The products were amazing but i have reached out several times with a question about a new order and no one has responded. But i see i get this reminder for a review.

    Reply from Makemesurprise

    I have not received my order still!,May 19th is my birthday, I had no deliveries on that day?

    Reply from Makemesurprise

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    If I Knew This Was A China Based

    Best Pillows Of The Year! – Our Top 10 Pillow Picks!

    If I knew this was a china based company I would never have ordered here it is a month after my order was placed and I still havent received my pillow nor an estimated delivery date. I had to show my 5 year old a picture of it for Christmas. Very disappointed considering it states a 5-10 day delivery window. I would not order from them again.

    Reply from Makemesurprise

    Hi Sarah, Since you are ordering a custom item, it takes 4-5 business days to produce. The shipping will takes 5-10 business days.

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    Ms44816 My Father Is In Hospice And I

    MS44816 My father is in hospice and I ordered this for him 8 business days ago. I paid priority to make sure it was completed in the 4 to 5 business days. It still shows processing on the website. I tried to respond to an email to see if I could get some information and they and blocked me. I’m already under great stress with my father dying and then to be blocked on a $100 order that I’m just concerned he will be able to see as well as a gift for my anniversary. Very disheartening.

    Reply from Makemesurprise

    Hello, We are very sorry about that. We have not blocked you and have been in touch with you via email. Please don’t worry, we will be responsible for every customer. Your order will be shipped out within 2-4 days. Please feel free for any other questions via email!

    Item Never Received And Blocked

    I placed an order on 3/10. After tacking for several weeks with no delivery I determined that the shipper listed the incorrect zip code for my mailing address. I reached out to customer support on 4/21 with request to correct the address. 4/22 I was advised that the package was delivered. When attempting to pick up the package on 5/9 I was advised by USPS that it had been processed for return to sender. On 5/11 Makesmesurprise asked for me to contact USPS myself to resolve. USPS did not and pointed me back to the shipper. On 5/12 Makesmesurprise advised that the return item would be destroyed and that I could purchase another for $30. In seeking to reply, I should know better, but now Im attempting to reply to request a reorder, my emails are now BLOCKED from the Makesmesurprise support team.

    Reply from Makemesurprise

    Hi dear, We checked your order, it shipped out on March 21st. Before we shipped out, we did not receive any message for you want to change the shipping address. When we sent the order confirmation and delivery confirmation to you via email, you did not put forward any request for changing the address. According to the shipping policy, once your order has been shipped out, the address cannot be changed. And we received your message on April 21st, but the address can’t be changed. In your case, the parcel delivery failed because you left the wrong post code. We can remake your order and send it to you for half the price.

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    Ordered A Cushion For My Son A Month

    Ordered a cushion for my son a month ago. Invoice MS39734. Even paid for the VIP service. A month later and it says its out for delivery – in America. Im in Australia. Contacted the support email and they said the label was damaged but only the section with my address on it funnily enough. They said click a link to take me through a portal to have it resolved and redirected to Australia before it gets sent back to China. The fine print at the bottom of the $3.99 fee says I will be subscribing to a $60 a month service to receive products and offers. I highly doubt now I will even get my pillow let alone see my money again. Very disappointed. Should have read the reviews first as it seems 99% of people are having the same experience.

    Reply from Makemesurprise

    Hi dear, We have checked your order, It being handle by the local couier PFL . Your order out accroding to the shipping address you provided . More detailed information has been sent to you via email. Please let us know if you have any questions.

    Pros Of The Scandinavian Sleep Method

    Phi Mu Sorority Appliqued Pillow 2015
    • Cocooning in your blanket: This ended up being my favorite aspect of the Scandinavian method. As I said before, I love to wrap myself up in my blanket like a cocoon and its just not something you can do when sharing a blanket. My boyfriend said he liked this factor as well, saying it was nice to be able to cozy up in his own blanket but not be completely separated from each other.
    • No stealing the blankets: Because we could each cocoon ourselves in our individual duvets, there was significantly less blanket stealing. Having my own blanket meant I could yank it over to my side of the bed as much as I wanted without worrying that I was leaving him blanket-less. Weve both been notorious blanket thieves at one point or another, so this was a huge success. My boyfriend actually said this aspect was the biggest pro for him!
    • Adjusting for differences in temperature: My other big reason for wanting to try the Scandinavian sleep method was that Im a very cold sleeper and my boyfriend is the complete opposite. As I hoped, having our own duvets allowed each of us to moderate our temperature without affecting the other I like to keep my blanket up to my chin to prevent any cold air getting in, so it was nice to not have to worry about him moving my blanket and letting any cold in.

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    My Experience Trying The Scandinavian Sleep Method

    We tested the Scandinavian sleep method for about two weeks to get a good sense of what we liked and disliked about it, as compared to sharing one larger blanket. After the initial night of testing it out, we were already finding things that we liked about each having our own duvet and the longer we tested it, the more those things were really cemented.

    Overall, both my boyfriend and I ended up really liking this two-duvet system! My boyfriend even said he was pretty much converted to the Scandinavian method. But to give the full picture, I came up with a list of pros and cons based on our experience with this new style of sleep.

    When I Ordered My Package The Website

    When I ordered my package the website advised 3-5 days delivery. Ordered it on Monday without a confirmation of my order being shipped or a tracking number i emailed and I asked for the ETA of my order and I got an email back: You ordered to late, it may not arrivers before July 3.Sincerely Is this considered as customer service or accepted anywhere in the world????

    Reply from Makemesurprise

    Hi dear,On behalf of the Makemesurprise team, I sincerely apologize that you had an unpleasant experience with our company. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this feedback. The frustration you encountered is understandable and your shopping experience with us is unexpected.Since you are ordering a custom item, it takes 4-5 business days to produce. So it may not reach to you within 3-5 days.Thank you for your underedtanding.

    I ordered this blanket on 6/23/22 for the little guys birthday that is tomorrow and still no blanket.No blanket, no email, nothing!!NOT HAPPY!!

    Reply from Makemesurprise

    Hi, your package has already shipped out, and it will be delivered very soon. We sent you the order information and shipping information via email, which you left in our website when you placed this order. Didn’t you receive our email? Please check it at your convenience.

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    I Ordered 15 Different Dolls For All

    I ordered 15 different dolls for all the kids in my life a d every single one was perfect. I can’t eait for the kids to get them. Very different. Very soft. Their faces were just as clear as the photo I sent. I’m very very pleased. Also love how they were packed. Little packaging.

    Reply from Makemesurprise

    Hi Michelle, Soooo happy to see your comment here. This is the best gift for us regarding we put a lot of weight on working hard for our customers. What a lovely family you have by the way. 🙂

    This place is a scam . Placed an order and paid the extra charge for priority handling . Still haven’t received my order and keep getting the run around

    Reply from Makemesurprise

    Hi John, Sorry for make you unhappy on this order. Hot season made everything went to heavy load so that the logistic were not punctual as usual. but we are very upset to be called a scam because of we do make product for every customers as the preview on our website and ship every order out. I believe you received your order on Dec 19 and it’s arrived in time for a Christmas gift.

    Excellent Pillow Better Than Expected

    Best Travel Pillows – Our Top 5 Picks For Sleeping On Airplanes!

    I have been on the look out for the right pillow for me for a long time, I had almost given up. I came across Latex Pillows as an option late last year but after reading the reviews it seemed that the quality of the main brands kept changing. I also struggled to see how I would find the right density etc if I couldn’t try one first.

    I came across the TLC brand while reading through the reviews and I noticed that they allowed you to return the pillow if it didn’t suit. So, toward the end of January 21 I decided to email them to try and get a…

    I originally bought this to replace my pillow but found it was slightly too high. My partner wanted to give it a go and said it was the best pillow ever! Much better than the memory foam he had been using and thought was great until he tried TLC The Bigger! He is amazed at how much better he sleeps.TLC were fantastic through the entire process and firmly stood by their warranty of replacement. For my part i was disappointed The Bigger wasn’t for me, it’s obvious what a fantastic quality TLC latex is! No burning rubber smell and the bouncines…

    • Date Purchased


    • Date Purchased

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    Great View Comfortable Pillow

    As titled, friendly and warm staff too. Thanks to Matthew who facilitated in the seemless checking in and out. Will come back again. Location as it’s situated inside Sentosa cove, it’s limited to only accommodation guest and residence. Great for a quiet getaway.More

    Dear DrewSG2020,Thank you for your comment on TripAdvisor following your recent stay at ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove.We are delighted to read your remarks for Matthew which are truly appreciated. Notwithstanding the situation, our colleagues aim is to deliver the services to all our guests with utmost care ensuring that they depart with an unforgettable experience. We are indeed very grateful for your kind comments and will certainly share your compliments with the team.The team & I look forward to welcoming you back soon.Best Regards,

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    Highly recommended with nice restaurants Around the area. Theres a nearby Cold Storage and a 7-eleven store nearby within 5 minutes wall. The counter staff and the Bistro restaurant staff are very friendly and nice

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