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Memory Foam And Down Pillow

Down Pillow Benefits And Drawbacks

What are the Different Types of Pillows, Memory foam, cotton, Latex, synthetic, Feather down pillows

With their feather filling, down pillows are designed to create a cloud-like cushion for every sleeper.

Although down pillows offer a soft cushion, they dont provide as much support as firmer options. Theyre also not hypoallergenic, so those with allergies might want to choose down alternative or other pillow types.

Down is best for

Down Vs Memory Foam Pillow

By Michelle Zhang, Wellness Writer

Natural down and memory foam are very different materials that create very different pillows. Down feather pillows are squishy, lightweight, and have tons of loft for people who love the look and feel of a thick pillow that scrunches down under their heads.

Memory foam pillows are supportive, contouring, and offer extra lift to those who need it . Below, well talk about the differences between these two pillow materials. We also discuss how to choose the right one for your needs.

Coop Home Goods The Original Pillow

  • Available sizes: standard, queen, or king
  • Pros: 100-night trial, washable cover
  • Cons: some reviewers mention strong odor, can retain heat

Coop Home Goods has designed a pillow that sleepers can customize to fit their preferences and sleeping styles. The fill is made of cross-cut memory foam and microfiber. It comes with a half-pound bag of extra fill so you can add extra volume .

Coop Home Goods claims the pillow works best for those who prefer a firmer feel, but since the foam level is adjustable, the pillow can really work for any kind of sleeper.

One of our editors has this pillow and praises it as one of the comfiest pillows shes ever owned.

The Original Pillow is made in the United States, hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free. It comes with a 100-night trial, 5-year warranty, and machine washable, breathable cover.

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How Do I Choose The Best Memory Foam Pillow For Me

The first thing to consider when choosing a memory foam pillow is what kind of sleeper you are, as many companies make pillows specifically for back or side sleepers, for example.

From there, consider whether you run hot at night. If you do, then narrow your search to cooling pillows. Lastly, decide what material youd prefer, such as a solid memory foam pillow, shredded, adjustable, or something with a polyester fill.

The Zoma Sports Pillow

Shungite Infused Memory Foam Hybrid Pillow with Down Alternative Cover ...
  • Type: blend of shredded foam and polyester fill
  • Available sizes: queen or king
  • Pros: 10-year warranty, doesnt keep heat
  • Cons: no trial period

This pillow arrives compressed, but it doesnt take long to expand to its full size.

Due to the seemingly lumpy texture of Zomas signature shredded foam, one Healthline editor was skeptical of this pillow at first. But once she put a pillowcase on it, she said she felt no lumpiness. The pillow is soft, fluffy, and works well for back sleepers.

Our editor also asked her partner, who snores at night, to test the pillow in order to provide a more diverse review. It altered the angle of his head just enough that he stopped snoring.

The pillow cover is made with a ventilated fabric and has moisture-wicking properties. With your purchase, youll get a 10-year warranty and free shipping.

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How Firm Should Your Pillow Be

The ideal firmness for a memory foam pillow depends on your preferred sleep position. The appropriate firmness usually corresponds to the appropriate loft, with both factors working together to keep your neck in the correct place for good spinal alignment.

The surface of a single-piece memory foam pillow softens and conforms to your body without compromising the cores firmness. Shredded foam pillows behave more like down pillows, though adjustable varieties may allow you to add or remove stuffing for a firmer or softer feel.

Sleeping Position What Firmness Do You Need?

Side Sleepers

A firm pillow is best for side sleepers, as it prevents the head from sinking too far into the pillow. A pillow thats too soft can cause tension in the shoulder closest to the mattress.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers should look for a pillow with a medium feel. The back of the head should sink into the pillow enough to ensure good spinal alignment, but the pillow should also be firm enough to support the neck.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers will likely enjoy soft pillows, which allow for good spinal alignment. However, a soft memory foam pillow that is too thick may feel uncomfortable even if it provides good support.

Combination Sleepers

Combination sleepers usually prefer a medium pillow. Shredded foam pillows that allow sleepers to adjust both firmness and shape are generally best, though some single-piece pillows may also work.

Verified Customer Reviews On Amazon

On Amazon, there are several shredded memory pillows with over 1,000 VCRs, while the highest for down and down/feather pillows is 466. On the surface this shows a large consumer preference for memory foam. A number of factors figure into this. First, many consumers are buying pillows to go with memory foam mattresses or innerspring and hybrid mattresses with memory foam top layers or mattress toppers. Second, memory foam pillows in general, and shredded memory foam in particular, are more available than down pillows. One reason for this is the limitation of the market for duck and goose meat, since down and feathers are a byproduct of this industry. Third, the reputation for allergies to down and feathers is greater than the reality. Most allergies are really due to allergenic impurities and dust mites.

The top shredded memory foam pillow with over 1,000 VCRs is the Body Pillow by Snuggle-Pedic, with a rating of 4.7 stars. The highest rated down pillow with 10+ VCRs is the Premium Quality European 800 Fill Power 100% White Goose Down Pillow by East Coast Bedding . If we raise the bar to 100 VCRS, it is the East Coast Bedding 100% White Down Pillow 100% Cotton Fabric 550 Fill Power .

Shredded Memory Foam Overall Ratings

Looking at individual models, one has a 4.7 average customer rating , two have 4.6, two have 4.5, five have 4.3, three have 4.2, and two each have 4.1 and 4.0.

Down and Feather Overall Ratings

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How Do I Wash My Pillows

The general rule is that as long as it’s not memory foam, you can shove it in the washing machine with the rest of your bed linens. This can vary for feather and down pillows, some of which are professional clean only, so do make sure to check the washing instructions when you get a new set.

For memory foam pillows, you should have to clean them less often anyway, as the material is naturally resistant to allergens and bacteria growth. But if you do spill something on one, just draw a bath, add some detergent and submerge the pillow, squeezing the water through it. Air dry or use a fan to speed up the process. Never use a heater to dry memory foam as its a serious fire hazard.

What Is Memory Foam

Cheap vs Expensive Memory Foam Pillows: Beautyrest vs Tempur-Pedic!

Memory foam is initially firm but softens due to pressure and body heat, meaning it molds around the contours. In terms of pillows, this means it cradles the neck and head during sleep, feeling firm but offering a lot of support. Memory foam molds around the contours of the head or body and has a slow response time.

It was developed to improve the safety of aircraft cushions, and the technology was soon adopted by hospitals, for use in wheelchairs or beds of immobile patients to reduce bedsores and help spinal support. It eventually made its way to the consumer market in mattresses and pillows.

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Who Is Best Suited To A Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillows are generally best suited to side sleepers, back sleepers, and anyone who suffers from neck pain or who prefers a pillow with a higher loft. While your best pillow will partly depend on your body type and personal preference, here are some general considerations for choosing a memory foam pillow according to sleep position and other factors.

  • Sleepers with Neck Pain: Many sleepers successfully reduce neck pain with a cervical memory foam pillow. Thanks to the moldability of memory foam, these pillows are able to cradle the natural curves of the neck and head to provide the needed support.
  • Side Sleepers:Side sleepers need a higher, firmer pillow that supports the head and eases pressure on the shoulders. Memory foam pillows fit the bill, especially firmer one-piece memory foam pillows, and can often be further customized according to individual preferences.
  • Back Sleepers: Back sleepers do best with a moderately lofty pillow that keeps the spine at a natural angle. The ability of memory foam to compress in response to pressure makes it a perfect candidate for many back sleepers, as it allows the sleepers head to sink in just far enough to be at a comfortable height with respect to the body.
  • Sleepers Who Enjoy High Loft: Most memory foam pillows are quite high, and shredded memory foam pillows can be stuffed to the brim to make them even higher. This makes them ideal for people who like a pillow with a high loft.

Who is not suited:

Memory Foam Vs Down Pillow: Differences And Benefits

One of the foremost factors in getting a good nights sleep is having the right pillow. Height, softness and support are all extremely personal preferences, and having things off can result is a lesser quality of sleep. Here are the differences between memory foam and down pillows, in order to help you choose the right one for your needs.

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Why You Should Trust Us

Our team has decades of combined experience in the sleep product industry. Weve researched the best memory foam pillows on the market by rigorously testing hundreds of the best-rated pillows available. Our sleep testers have a range of body types and sleep position preferences, allowing us to better understand what works best for a wide variety of sleepers.

Who Should Use A Memory Foam Pillow

RelaxGel Memory Foam Face Down Pillow for Travel, Home, or Office ...

Simply put, anyone can benefit from the use of a memory foam pillow. Given the amount of time the average person spends sleeping, having that extra support to ensure the body and neck are in proper alignment helps prevent aches and pains.

Some healthcare professionals caution against using memory foam pillows if you have asthma or are sensitive to smells, as new memory foam pillows might have a slight chemical smell or dust mites before theyre used.

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Sealy Memory Foam Contour Pillow

  • Pros: moisture wicking, washable cover
  • Cons: no clear warranty or trial period

One of our editors uses this pillow and says its comfortable for both side and back sleeping. Despite the soft, plush feel, she notes that it still provides plenty of support, as she doesnt wake up with neck pain. The contour design is meant to better align your spine to its natural shape.

The pillow cover can be removed and is machine washable. Its also moisture-wicking.

Memory Foam Vs Down Pillows: Take Your Pick

So, between memory foam and down pillows, which should you choose?

After considering the key differences between a memory foam vs. down pillow, youll hopefully be able to settle the debate once and for all. If youre still unsure, take a look through our in-depth guide on how to choose a pillow.

Once youve decided on the right pillow type for you, help get the sleep of your dreams by choosing from our high-quality Casper foam or Casper down pillows.

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How We Chose The Best Memory Foam Pillows

To find the best memory foam pillows, heres what we considered:

  • Real-world testing. Our writer and the Healthline editorial team tried out some memory foam pillows and picked the best of the best.
  • Sleep styles. We made sure to test the pillows in various sleeping positions so you can find a comfortable pick no matter your preferred sleeping style.
  • Warranties and company policies. Finding the perfect pillow may take some trial and error. We included pillows with good return policies and warranties to help alleviate any testing concerns.
  • Variety. We included both solid and shredded memory foam pillows on our list.

How To Handle Off

Best Memory Foam Pillows – Our Top 5 Picks!

New memory foam pillows sometimes have a new pillow smell, which is caused by volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. While generally considered harmless, VOCs can have an unpleasant chemical scent when theyre first unwrapped. Those sensitive to strong smells may want to leave their new pillow a well-ventilated place with good airflow until the odor is gone. Sunlight can also help, though prolonged exposure may damage the memory foam.

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Synthetic Pillows: Pros And Cons

Synthetic pillows, typically filled with polyester stuffing, are the most common type of pillow. They’re generally cheaper than down, as well as being firmer. Many can be machine-washed , which means they can be a more practical option for allergy sufferers. The downsides here are that if you go for a cheaper synthetic pillow, it’ll likely become flat and lumpy over time, which means they can prove to be a false economy. Some can also trap body heat.

Which Memory Foam Pillow Sizes Are Available

Memory foam pillows typically come in the following sizes, although the exact dimensions may vary by manufacturer:

  • Standard : Standard pillows are the smallest and most commonly used size, and can be used on any size bed.
  • Super Standard : Super standard pillows are relatively rare. With a length halfway between the size of a standard and a queen pillow, they may be suitable for any mattress up to a queen.
  • Queen : Queen size pillows are commonly available as an alternative to standard pillows. They give a little more playing room to people who move around during the night, or who like to sleep with their pillow folded or scrunched up.
  • King : In addition to providing plenty of room while sleeping, king pillows are also one of the most comfortable sizes to lean against while sitting up in bed. Most online bedding companies offer king size pillows.
  • Body Pillow : Body pillows are long and skinny, meant to be cuddled against. These are most frequently used by side sleepers, who tuck them between the legs to keep the hips aligned and reduce strain on the lumbar area. Body pillows may also be an invaluable sleep tool for pregnant women, and can be a comfortable backrest when sitting.

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Will A Memory Foam Pillow Work For You

Whether a memory foam pillow is suitable for you depends on your personal preferences as well as your preferred sleeping position, budget, and need for support.

Memory foam pillows are usually more supportive than traditional down or down alternative pillows. They also tend to avoid causing neck strain, which can be a problem with traditional pillows, which have a lower loft.

Down pillows tend to have a longer lifespan than memory foam pillows, but down alternative pillows have a shorter lifespan.

Memory foam designs are among the most popular nontraditional pillows. However, pillows made of other materials are also available.

Latex pillows are similar in design and price to many memory foam pillows, but they are made of natural rubber foam rather than synthetic polyfoam. These pillows generally sleep cooler than memory foam but conform less around the neck and shoulders. Latex pillows may be made with shredded fill or a single piece of latex.

Pillows made of buckwheat or synthetic beads can offer as much pressure relief as memory foam pillows. However, they tend to feel different than a traditional pillow, making them less appealing to some sleepers. Additionally, while they sleep cooler than memory foam, buckwheat and bead pillows can be noisy compared to memory foam pillows, which are completely silent.

Pros and Cons of Memory Foam Pillows

Memory Foam Benefits And Drawbacks

Sleep Innovations 2

Since memory foam is designed to conform to your unique sleeping position, it can help relieve stress on sensitive joints, injuries, and pressure points. The customized shape can provide your head and neck with the support you need.

While memory foam comes with its benefits, some sleepers may prefer the softer feel of alternatives, like down. In addition, foam pillows cant go in the washer, so cleaning them can require a bit more effort.

Memory foam is best for

  • People who prefer a firmer cushion
  • People who sleep on their back
  • People who need more head and neck support

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Tips For Picking The Right Pillow For You

When making a decision on which pillow to buy, its important to focus not just on other peoples reviews but your own lifestyle and preferences. If you snore or have a partner that does, for example, memory foam may be a brilliant choice and save your sleep. If you prefer soft pillows or tend to run cold, a down pillow could massively improve your sleep experience. Taking your own lifestyle into consideration is key to making the best pillow decision for you.

Check out our full guide to buying the right pillow for your needs.

Which Type Of Pillow Is Better For Hot Sleepers

Down evolved to offer birds insulation from the freezing cold of northern winters and high altitudes. That means its literally designed to retain heat. Despite its warmth, down is surprisingly breathable. Many hot sleepers might find they can get away with sleeping on a down pillow because it keeps air flowing.

Meanwhile, traditional memory foam is notorious for retaining body heat. Most modern memory foam pillows offer open-cell technology to increase breathability. However, the hottest sleepers will need to go even further with a gel memory foam pillow to stay cool throughout the night. Memory foam with gel infusions or microbeads is a fine option for people who sleep hot.

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