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Tempur-cloud Cooling Pro Pillow Review

Whats It Like To Sleep On The Tempur

Tempurpedic Cooling Pro Pillow | Sleep Review

The cooling gel is visible through the cotton pillow case.

Ive slept on mattresses that claim to have cooling propertiesones with foam channels or perforations that supposedly improve airflow or layers of foam with gels that purportedly coolas well as a handful of other cooling pillows. But more often than not, those properties didnt pan out in my tests or our lab results. All that to say: Im not too keen on bedding products that claim to cool, because in my experience theyve never worked.

The Tempur-Cloud Breeze Dual challenged everything I once knew. Just kiddingbut it did dramatically change the way I think about cooling bedding, and upped my expectations and faith in these products.

After first opening the Tempur-Cloud Breeze Dual, I was shocked by just how noticeable the cooling sensation was when I placed my hand on the surface of the pillow. But I was still doubtful that the pillows cooling properties would transcend two additional layers of fabrica pillow protector and my cotton pillowcaseto have any affect on keeping my head cooler during the night.

Yet sleeping on the pillow was like having an external brain freeze. The chill somehow enveloped my head but, unlike a traditional brain freeze that you get on a hot summer day from eating ice cream too fast, this was incredibly comfortable and pleasant. Night after night, I noticed and enjoyed the pillows cooling sensation as I curled up in bed.

Best For All Sleeping Positions

Symphony Pillow

  • Who its for: combination sleepers who need ergonomic versatility

This double-sided pillow works great for stomach, back, and side sleepers because it combines two designs into one pillow. One side is arched to provide better support for back sleepers and the other side is flat and even, ideal for stomach sleepers.

This flippable design is good for anyone who tosses and turns or constantly changes their sleeping position. The cover of the pillow is 100 percent polyester knit that protects against moisture and also provides a soft surface.

While the pillow advertised is soft, some reviewers claim that it is actually medium firm. Overall, reviewers generally praise the Symphony Pillow for being supportive and comfortable and say its the best pillow ever.

Who Should Not Try The Tempur

  • Hot sleepers might find the TEMPUR-Cloud too toasty for their taste. The foam adapts around your head and neck by absorbing your body heat, so this pillow will naturally trap heat.
  • If youre looking for an ultra-soft pillow, which is what Tempur-Pedic advertises the TEMPUR-Cloud as, you may want to consider another pillow. I found the TEMPUR-Cloud to have more of a medium firmness than ultra-soft.
  • Additionally, if you want a king size or other non-standard size, the TEMPUR-Cloud may not be the best choice, as it only comes in one standard size.

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Cloud Pillow Sleeper Types

We see the pillow being best for petite and medium-size individuals that sleep on their back and side. You need to make sure that youre keeping proper spinal alignment and that your neck isnt out of whack, but for most people between 100 lbs and 200 lbs it will best for back/side sleepers. If you have a larger frame , you will probably be just fine as a stomach sleeper with this pillow.

My Final Thoughts About The Tempur


All in all, Im a pretty big fan of the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud pillow. I love the high-quality feel of the TEMPUR Material foam. Ive tested a lot of different memory foams and I felt that Tempur-Pedics foam stood out as especially slow-moving and thick. And it allows for really deep contouring, compared to other foams.

I also love that this pillow is versatile enough to work for every sleeping position and as a back sleeper, I thought it was exceptionally good for those of us who sleep on our backs! And I also appreciate that the pillow cover is machine washable.

But this pillow isnt the best choice for hot sleepers, since the memory foam naturally absorbs a lot of body heat. And the TEMPUR-Cloud only comes in one standard size, so if youre looking for a king size pillow or another non-standard size, it might not be the best option for you.

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Whats Not Great About The Tempur

The Tempur-Cloud Dual Breeze has a cotton encasement that’s removable and washable, but the pillow itself is spot-clean-only.

To start: the price. This pillow is far from budget-friendly, with a full retail price of $169 for a queen size. Whats more, its a high-stakes investment, given Tempur-pedics strict return policy. Once the pillow has been used, its yours.

Another bummer: The pillow isnt fully washableonly the outside cover can be machine-washed. This is a downside for allergy sufferers in particular, as pillow laundering helps prevent dust mites and other allergens from accumulating. Even non-allergy sufferers should aim to wash their pillow every so often. That said, if you use a protective pillow cover, you can prolong your pillows lifespan.

Finally, if youre a stomach or back sleeper, this pillow, which measures 6.4 inches tall according to the company website, may be too thick for your preferences and overnight needs. Im a hybrid stomach and side sleeper, and just looking at this pillow for anything other than side sleeping is hard to, er, stomach. Sadly, the company doesnt offer a thinner Breeze Dual pillow. The best bet may be the newer Tempur-Cloud Cooling Pro Pillow in the “lo” option, which is still 5 inches thick, but I haven’t tested to confirm its cooling capabilities.

Whats Inside The Tempur

Every inch of the Tempur-Cloud Cooling pillow was designed with breathability and comfort in mind.

The pillows construction starts off with a single piece of Tempurpedics proprietary TEMPUR material thats designed to provide lasting support and cushioning to your head and neck. With a medium-firm feel, this TEMPUR material also creates a responsive feel that easily adapts to your movements. Within this memory foam pillow lies two layers of dual-sided cooling gel, which provides cooling comfort to both sides of the pillow.

To complete the masterpiece that is the Tempur-Cloud Cooling pillow, a stretchy high performance panel cover encompasses the outer layer of the pillow.

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How I Tested The Tempur Cloud Breeze Dual

I tested the Tempur-Cloud Breeze Dual during an overhaul of Revieweds best pillows round-up. The pillow was selected for side-sleeping, in particular. We believe in practical testing, so I used and slept on the pillow like anyone would. I spent several nights with it, during which I took note of its supportiveness, cushion, and more. And of course, I paid attention to whether its cooling qualities came through.

After the home test, I sent the pillow over to our lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where Julia MacDougall, our senior scientist, performed additional tests. Among them: checking for heat retention . To determine whether pillows retained or dissipated heat, she places temperature sensors between the pillow surfaces and a heated electric blanket for an hour, then cycles the blanket on and off in 15-minute intervals for another six hours, recording any fluctuation in temperature. A pillow doesn’t retain heat or is deemed “cooling,” if the temp goes down when the blanket is turned off.

How To Choose A Tempur

TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow Review – The Coolest Pillow?

Most Tempur-Pedic pillows are best for back and side sleepers looking specifically for foam pillows with good pressure relief. Theyre also best for folks that are willing to spend a pretty penny to upgrade their bedding.

But how to choose between all of the pillows Tempur-Pedic has to offer?! Heres what youll need to consider.

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What Is A Tempur

Tempur-Pedic pillows are made with a material that was originally developed by NASA to cushion astronauts during lift-off. This viscoelastic is a slow spring back foam that contains billion of open cells that are heat sensitive.

This proprietary memory foam contours to your head and neck, provides pressure relief, and is purported to help improve the quality of your sleep. Each pillow is purposefully designed with specific sleeping positions in mind, and the memory foam adapts to your body as you move throughout the night.

Pillow firmness makes a huge difference on your sleep quality and general comfort. Its important to get the right pillow pillows that are too flimsy or too thick may prevent the spine from aligning properly.

Best Pillow For Hot Sleepers: Tempur

The best choice for hot sleepers is going to be the TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling pillow! There are two main but important reasons for this choice the biggest one is the delightful cooling gel pads on both sides of the solid foam core.

These are seriously cold to the touch and after consistently using this pillow on a near-nightly basis for two years, I can still feel the cooling gel against my face when I sleep. I also love the simple cotton cover it provides a nice barrier from the core but allows me to feel that gorgeous coolness.

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Guarantee For Furniture And Headboards

At our absolute sole discretion we cover:

  • Structural defects in your furniture or headboard for 5 years, including:
  • Defects to frames caused by breakage or becoming warped
  • Peeling of the finish on solid wood
  • Cracking of solid wood furniture
  • Bending and breakage to metal components
  • Broken hinges, drawers, and drawer runners
  • Cosmetic damage to your furniture or headboard for 5 years, including:
  • Stains – caused by:
  • At our absolute sole discretion we will not pay the costs arising from:

  • Any damage , soiling or staining caused:
  • prior to or during delivery
  • during subsequent disassembly/assembly or in transit due to relocation of the Product
  • to Products used for rental/sublet or commercial purposes, or furniture in storage or transit
  • removal of stains caused by a build up of perspiration, hair and body oils
  • by any other cause not specifically mentioned under What is Covered in the full T& C’s.
  • Removal of odours even when caused by a stain
  • Stains & damage that are consistent with wear and tear or anything that happens gradually
  • Damage caused by insects, non domestic animals or wild birds
  • The use or application of cleaning substances or materials other than those provided
  • Fading, effect of sunlight or non-colour fast materials
  • Use of the product in a manner other than that intended by the manufacturer
  • What’s Inside The Tempur


    This pillow comes with three different profiles to best match the way you sleep. High, Low and Medium.

    The High Profile one is designed for side sleepers, or sleepers with larger frames. Its premium knit cooling cover is breathable and stretchy. It is also washable. On the inside you will find a single piece of TEMPUR technology. The proHi is great if you prefer your pillow with medium feel.

    The Low Profile Pillow is designed specifically for stomach sleepers or small frames. Same amazing high end cooling cover. On the inside you will find their Exclusive TEMPUR Micro Cushions. Their job is to give you great personalized support. The ProLo is known for its extra soft feel.

    And finally the Medium Profile pillow designed for back sleepers. Micro cushions on one side and supportive TEMPUR technology on the other to delivers personalized comfort and support. It adapt to your head, neck and shoulders. The ProMid falls right in between the Hi and Lo and has that soft feel, which is just right.

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    Whats Great About The Tempur

    The Tempur-Cloud Dual Breeze is remarkably good at keeping you cool overnight.

    Of course, the cooling feature of this pillow is what makes the Breeze Dual shine. But there are other upshots.

    I thought the pillow had a great balance of supportiveness to give, and overall comfort. I have a narrow frame, and tend to prefer adjustable-fill pillows as I can remove fill to customize the pillow to my frame and preferences. The Tempur-Cloud isnt adjustable, but provides comfort and support by adequately cradling and compressing to support the head, neck, and shoulder for side sleeping. I didnt find it too thick , which makes me confident that most side sleepers will find it suits their needs and fills the space between the upper body and mattress for optimal spinal alignment.

    The pillow also wasnt accompanied by the strong, and sometimes even noxious, new-foam smell that products made of this material are plagued by, which I appreciated. I let it air out for about a day, but it didnt require the same extended airing-out period as other pillows I tested and was ready to sleep on more or less immediately.

    What Makes It Unique

    These are a few of my favorite Tempur-Cloud Pillow features:

    • Responsiveness: The Tempur material that makes up the bulk of the pillow is highly resistant to compressions. Some memory foams hold onto your bodys impression long after youve moved. The foam in the Tempur-Cloud pillow moves when you move, so you dont feel like youre rolling back into the place where your head used to be.
    • Pressure Relief:Pressure relief is at the top of my list when reviewing the most comfortable pillows on the market. The Tempur-Cloud offers a combination of cushion and snug support. On this pillow, youll have great spinal alignment and less neck pain, particularly if youre a back or stomach sleeper.
    • Travel Size Pillow: This is a pillow you can take anywhere. It easily compresses and rolls up for storage, and then inflates back into its original shape when needed.

    Keep reading for specifics on the Tempur-Cloud pillow warranty, return policy, and pricing.

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    A Look Inside The Tempur

    Tempur-Pedic sells pillows that feel like youre sleeping on a cloud. The giant mattress company makes pillows like they make mattresseswith care.

    But to the size and selling power Tempur-Pedic enjoys, the company actually helped to make it popular to use memory foam in pillows. Their line of pillows shows they also learned to adapt those techniques to help a lot of sleepers.

    Customers really like Tempur-Pedic pillows. They trust the company, can find versions for their sleep position and can find specialty pillows for more specific needs, like a body pillow, the TEMPUR-Neck pillow or the models that come with cooling gel.

    There are several, one-piece foam pillows that are shaped to help prevent or alleviate neck pain. The shaped pillows can also provide pressure relief in the neck and shoulders. Most are made of TEMPUR material, which is the companys proprietary memory foam.

    If You’re A Hot Sleeper The Tempur

    Tempur-Pedic Pillow Review (2020 UPDATE) – Is the TEMPUR-Cloud the Best Pillow?

    The relationship between your body temperature and getting a good nights sleep is something we probably dont talk enough about. But maintaining the right ambient conditions overnight can drastically improve your sleepjust think about how hard it can be to doze off on a hot summer night. A variety of things, from lacking air conditioning to health concerns, can leave you feeling over-baked, but sometimes even a small change can make a huge difference. Thats where cooling bedding may come in. If youre searching for new ways to keep yourself cool overnight, this pillow may be the find of the year: the Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow. In our testing, the Tempur-Cloud Breeze Dual pillow proved itself the most effective pillows for keeping cool all night long. Many others claim to regulate temperature, but none we tested stacked up against this one.

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    Other Tempurpedic Pillow Models

    Heres a quick look at the main pillows offered by TempurPedic.

    • TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow This is the companies most popular pillow. It has a medium feel and is filled with a soft slab of memory foam.
    • TEMPUR Breeze Cooling Pillow Made specifically for hot sleepers. They offer several cooling options that really are cold to the touch.
    • TEMPUR-Neck Pillow This is basically the original TempurPedic pillow. It has a curved design meant to cradle the head and neck.
    • TEMPUR-Symphony Pillow Double sided pillow thats able to work for strict stomach sleepers as well as back and side sleepers.
    • TEMPUR-Cloud Pro Pillow Un upgraded version of the standard Cloud Pillow. Available in three heights .
    • TEMPUR-Down Precise Support One of very few down pillows that they sell. Meant to give you that traditional feather pillow feel.

    Review team

    What Is The Tempur

    The Tempur-Cloud Dual Breeze is the most effective cooling pillow we tried.

    The Tempur-Cloud Breeze Dual is one of a handful of Tempur-Pedic bedding products that the company claims tout cooling abilities. The full line-up includes a handful of other pillows, and even a mattress.

    The Dual Breeze is made from a solid piece of medium-firm memorya material known for its tendency to retain heatcovered in a zippered cotton case. The secret to its cooling is a layer of Tempur-breeze gel on both sides of the sleeping surface. A customer service representative couldnt clarify exactly what the gel is made from or how it works, but I can honestly say it really works.

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    Best Pillow For Heavier Sleepers: Tempur

    Marten and I both agree that the TEMPUR-Cloud Cooling Pro pillow in the Hi Profile style is going to be the best match for heavier sleepers for several particular reasons. At 6.6 in height, its the tallest option and it also offers one of the firmest and most dense cores, ensuring it will give enough support no matter how much pressure is on the pillow.

    Not to mention, its fantastic for back and side sleeping for heavier individuals and its also made from great quality durable materials, so it should last for years.

    My Cooling Sleep Trial Experiences


    The cool feel of the gel layers truly is noticeable upon laying your hand on the pillow. Knowing that gel absorbs body heat through conduction, I was curious to see how well this effect would last through the night in a warmer room in theory a warmer room would also begin to warm the gel through this same conductive process. I rarely get warm through the night, and ran a series of tests using differing room temperature variables, as well as differing thread-count and fabric choices to see how much of this I may notice when a less breathable cover was used.

    My Trial Room Temperatures Variables

    I generally keep my room right around 72 degrees through the use of air conditioning and ceiling fans. I made sure to sleep a few nights at this temperature, and also to allow my room to heat up through the afternoon by turning off the AC. These trial nights fluctuated in the lower 80-degree range- which wasnt horribly uncomfortable when at rest, but did create a much more humid environment than I am usually used to within the house.

    My Trial Thread Count Variables

    I also used a cotton/poly blend microfiber pillow case that has a 750 thread-count weave within both temperature trials to determine if the cooling was, in fact, interrupted with the use of a heavier material.

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