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Wayfair Throw Pillows For Couch

Give It A Fresh Coat Of Paint

At Home with KA: Trendy Throw Pillows Haul & Decorating with Wayfair

“A fresh coat of paint can transform a room from dull to bright,” said Marco Bizzley, certified interior designer with HouseGrail.

The cost varies by how large your room is, the type of paint you use and how many gallons you need, but Bizzley said this project can usually be done for a few hundred dollars.

How To Assemble Albany Park’s Sofa

As someone who isn’t the best at building furniture or understanding the tiny written instructions, I was fully prepared to feel stumped after I opened the six boxes. I called my sister to assist me with the unboxing process. As visual learners, we watched the assembly video available on the website on loop until we understood how to put the sofa in place rather than read the instructions. We were relieved to find that tools weren’t needed!

The sofa is modular and I decided to play around on how it could fit in my living room. We arranged the base first and realized we should’ve marked which back frame and armrest belonged to each base. There are metal attachments under each that have to be snapped into place. You’ll know if you chose the wrong arm or backrest if there are gaps between like a puzzle. Underneath each base are metal attachments to connect the sofa to ensure stability and the sofa won’t slide whenever you sit down.

Great news All Access members! Albany Park is offering an exclusive discount on their sofas and sectionals.

Bring In Some Greenery

Adding houseplants or flowers to your living room can instantly elevate it.

“Plants are an inexpensive way to upgrade your living spaces,” said Stefan Bucur, founder of The Rhythm of the Home. “They add fresh greenery and a lively presence.”

Be sure to purchase some stylish planter pots, too.

“Upgrade the pots and stands from the store plastic container,” Bucur said.

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Affordable Ways To Upgrade Your Living Room

Living room furniture can be pricey, with sofas and couches costing upwards of $1,000. But you can switch up the look of your room without having to replace the staple pieces.

GOBankingRates spoke to interior designer pros to get their tips for upgrading your living room on a budget. Here’s how to give your space a whole new feel without breaking the bank.

Change Out Your Throw Pillows

Wayfair Basics Wayfair Basics 18"  Throw Pillow &  Reviews

“Throw pillows are magical,” Modica said. “Grab some in a few colors and patterns that match your color palette in your room, fluff them on your sofas and chairs, and you’re set.”

Modica recommends six pillows minimum for sofas, four on loveseats and one or two on chairs.

“A well-placed throw blanket tossed across the arm of a chair or sofa also looks great — and is useful too!” she added. “If your room is too blah or matchy-matchy, this is an easy way to give it more personality. I love to shop HomeGoods for budget pillows and throws, where I can get great pillows for $20 to $30 each and blankets for $25 to $35.”

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My Thoughts On Albany Park

I love entering my home and admiring the berry blue color of the sofa. I was very curious to find out how it would fill my living room and I’m not disappointed. The design is attention-grabbing without feeling like it is the focal point of my living room. It honestly makes the room look bigger! Plus, my old couch didn’t have enough room to seat frequent guests even with a matching accent chair. If your living room has limited space, the brand also offers smaller sofas that you can build upon in the future.

Albany Park Kova L-Shape + Ottoman

Care and Maintenance: You definitely have to fluff the pillows and cushions after sitting to maintain the look of the sofa, but it’s not a major lift or inconvenience. If you host movie nights often, the cushion covers can be removed and vacuumed.

Comfort: I thought the couch would more of a “cloud couch” style but the feather-fiber blend is supple and firm. It doesn’t feel like you’re sinking when you sit down or as if the sofa isn’t supportive. You can easily lay down and read a book without feeling uncomfortable . I would also suggest committing to preparing a throw-pillow shopping spree to fill up the sofa. Albany Park includes side and back cushions but I like adding throw pillows to add color and a plush feel when lounging.

Overall, I’m happy to share with my guests that the sofa they’re obsessing over arrived in a box, hassle-free.

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Shop For Thrifted Furniture

If you do want to replace some of the larger furniture items in the room, buying used or thrifted pieces can help you stick to your budget.

“When you’re shopping for used furniture, there are a few things to keep in mind,” said Dan Wiener, founder of Homedude. “First, make sure the furniture is in good condition. Second, make sure the furniture is the right size for your room. Third, make sure the price is right. And fourth, make sure the style of the furniture matches your home décor. Often, gently used furniture can be found at a fraction of the price of new furniture.”

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Add Or Switch Out Your Area Rug

You can find affordable rugs on sites like Wayfair and Overstock, and these pieces can make a big impact.

“A new area rug can change the entire look of your living room,” said Lisa Modica, interior designer and owner of Cherry Tree Interior Design. “It’s a great way to anchor a new color scheme or just change the style of the room. Just be sure to get a rug that is large enough for the room — you should be able to fit at least the front legs of the furniture in your seating arrangement on it.”

Modica said that you can find 9’x13′ rugs for $200 to $300 and 10’x15′ rugs for $300 to $400.

“You can sometimes find great sales and knock $50 to $100 off that price,” she said. “If your floor is in not-great shape, this will have a huge impact on your room.”

Why Trust The Spruce

Wayfair “The Musical” – Commercial 2014

This article was written by Camryn Rabideau, a freelance writer, product tester, and expert on all things home. Her writing can also be found on MyDomaine. She firmly believes theres no such thing as too many throw pillows, and the Wayfair Basics Throw Pillows are some of her favorites for layering. To make this list, she considered each pillow’s size, material, and cleaning requirements.

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Change Out The Light Fixtures

“New light fixtures are great ways to change your room look,” Modica said. “If you have boring light fixtures or not enough light , new and more lighting will make your room feel so much better.”

For high ceilings, Modica recommends chandeliers or pendant lights.

“Chandeliers and pendant lights are dramatic,” she said. “If you want a pendant but don’t have the hardwiring for them, you can find ones that plug in. Just pick up some cord covering at Amazon for $20 or so.”

“Floor lamps in corners that are dark or need task lighting — such as near chairs where people sit — will help your entire room feel brighter — literally,” Modica continued. “New lights can range from $20 to $150, depending on the size of the light. I love IKEA and Wayfair for budget-priced lighting.”

Should My Throw Pillows All Be The Same Size

A. Throw pillows give you the chance to show your personality while adding color and texture to any space, so you can mix and match shapes and sizes as you see fit. If you do purchase pillows of different sizes, its best to stage the largest pillows in the back of the couch or bed and put the smaller pillows in the front. This is ideal for both design purposes and optimal comfort.

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How To Utilize Throw Pillows

Throw pillows may be small, but they can significantly contribute to the design of a space. Some tips and tricks include:

  • Use throw pillows of a certain color to highlight but not outshine the dominant color in the room.
  • Dont be afraid to mix and match colors and designs. For example, if designing a living room, try putting a different style throw pillow on each piece of furniture. However, you dont want to go too far, so try to mix in neutral colors to balance out the visual scheme.
  • You can either mix and match shapes and sizes to play with proportion or go for a more symmetrical look.
  • Throw pillows dont need to make a statement. You can use pillows with neutral colors to help create an understated or calming environment.

How Do I Clean A Throw Pillow

Wayfair Basics Wayfair Basics 18"  Throw Pillow &  Reviews

A. The materials and fabrics used to create throw pillows can vary, so you always want to review the manufacturers recommended cleaning instructions. Always spot test the fabric before using any chemical product to protect the integrity of the pillow. If your pillow has details and embellishments, it is probably best to have it dry cleaned. You want to avoid water when cleaning pillows made from wool, silk, leather or suede.

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Which Wayfair Throw Pillow Is Best

Whether youre looking to decorate your couch, bed or chairs, throw pillows are an excellent way to add style and even express your personality. They also serve a functional purpose by providing a little extra support when you need it.

For the past 20 years, Wayfair has been a trusted furniture and home goods supplier. They have a wide variety of throw pillows available in numerous sizes, shapes, colors and designs. The best is Willa Arlo Interiors Velvet Pillow Cover With Insert because its functional, durable and can liven up any space.

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