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What Are Gel Foam Mattresses

Best Gel Mattress For Pressure Point Relief

Idle Gel Foam Mattress Review (2020) – Will Side Sleepers Like It?

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

  • Type: gel hybrid
  • Height: 13 inches

Designed with supportive gel pods in ergonomic zones, the Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress is made to relieve aches and pains. The company says the three layers of perforated, gel-infused foam help you sleep cool, while an innerspring system offers stability and lift.

All foams used in the mattress are CertiPUR-US certified. Reviewers compare it to sleeping on a cloud.

The mattress has a 100-night sleep trial, a 10-year limited warranty, and free shipping and returns.

  • Type: gel hybrid
  • Height: 9.5 inches

The Purple Mattress has a unique gel grid system to cradle pressure points, support the spine, and help you sleep cool. The dual-layer comfort foam is made to add durability. Its all wrapped up in a soft, stretchy knit cover.

The Purple Mattress has a 100-night sleep trial with free shipping and returns, plus a full 10-year warranty.

More than 26,000 reviews on the Purple website with a 4.5-star rating overall mention the mattresss comfort, support, and pressure relieving properties.

Opening A New Gelfoambed

Gel foam mattresses offer a calm and soothing sleep experience, helping you rest comfortably and wake up refreshed.

Our company has been helping customers sleep better for nearly 30 years. We make gel foam mattresses with Halcyon foam, delivering the personalized support and pressure relief of traditional memory foam beds with a cooler, more responsive sleeping surface.

Choose from the Venus Halcyon Plush Comfort Mattress or Miranda Halcyon Medium Firm Mattress, which balance comfort and support with layers of specially engineered foam. Available in standard and RV mattress sizes, they’re compressed into a box for easy shipping.

The mattresses are 100% made in the USA in Tacoma and Sumner, Washington, and are certified by CertiPUR-US® , so you’re assured the materials you’re sleeping on are safe and nontoxic.

The Halcyon Foam Difference

Our gel foam beds are designed with Halcyon foam, making them one of the best bed in a box mattresses. Halcyon technology takes traditional memory foam to new levels, interspersing gel particles throughout the foam. These microscopic capsules create a supportive air system that’s designed to help you enjoy comfortable, uninterrupted sleep.

Personalized Support

Halcyon foam is soft enough to adapt to the contours of your body to provide comfort, with flexible layers of support to help your spine stay in natural alignment.

Pressure Relief

Temperature-Neutral Sleeping Surface

Motion Isolation

Gel Foam Bed Designs

Mattress Sizes

Does Gel Memory Foam Really Sleep Cool

    Memory foam is one of the most popular materials used in modern mattresses. It offers a soft yet supportive feel that many people fall in love with. However, traditional memory foam has a reputation for sleeping warm, as it tends to trap body heat. Because memory foam allows for deep contouring, surface airflow is also limited, which further compounds the heat buildup. To reduce this issue, manufacturers often use cooling gel memory foam. But what is gel memory foam, and does it actually work?

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    The Douglas Gel Foam Mattress

    The Douglas is a medium-firm mattress specifically designed to eliminate pressure on the key pressure points that are responsible for much of the aches and pains that come with sleeping on a bad mattress.

    It is constructed to adapt to any sleeping position which is great news for couples where each partner has drastically different sleeping positions. Whether you sleep on your stomach, your back, or your side, you will be able to get comfy and feel supported with this mattress.

    Some of its best features include its moisture-wicking cover which means no more waking up in a pool of sweat on summer nights! Combine that with the layer of cooling gel foam, and you will stay both dry and cool through the night.

    The Elastex foam layer that is below that also deserves some praise. It offers that perfect blend of responsiveness and support that you look for in a standard latex mattress, but it is not made of latex! That means it is better for the environment and it is a great choice for those with latex allergies.

    Whats Most Important To Consider When Buying A Memory

    Classic Brands Cool Gel 10.5"  Memory Foam Mattress ...

    There are, in fact, two things to consider when buying a memory-foam mattress. First and foremost is comfortwhich typically depends on how well a mattress keeps your spine aligned while still offering good pressure relief. Second, its important to consider the density of the foam, which is a good indicator of a mattresss quality and longevity. Generally speaking, the denser the foams that make up the bed, the more durable and supportive that bed will be. If you weigh less than 200 pounds, look for a memory-foam density of at least 3 pounds per cubic feet if you weigh more than 200 pounds, aim for at least 4 pounds per cubic feet.

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    Types Of Gel Memory Foam

    As with most types of products on the market, different companies have put their own spin on the manufacturing of gel memory foam products. For example, some mattresses incorporate a gel pad layer either on top or beneath other layers of the product. It can also be poured into the foam mold as it sets or even placed within the layers in bead form. Its worth mentioning that a gel-infused product can often offer higher cooling properties as beads often warm up to body temperature and then cease to offer the same degree of temperature regulation. This is more often the case when the gel beads are located in the upper comfort layer.

    Should You Buy A Gel Memory Foam Mattress

    There are many gel memory foam mattresses that are great products, with excellent customer reviews and good performance ratings. However, in most cases, its not specifically the inclusion of gel memory foam that makes these mattresses a good choice.

    In other words, gel memory foam is likely not a feature that you need to specifically seek out. It appears to offer minimal, if any, cooling benefit over traditional memory foam. So, whether or not a model uses gel should not be a major factor to consider when choosing your next mattress.

    If you are concerned with a mattress sleeping too warm, its best to choose a hybrid model, or even a high-end innerspring mattress. These mattress designs will almost always sleep cooler than foam beds, since the metal coils allow for increased airflow, which helps to dissipate heat. If you are someone who sleeps hot, a hybrid mattress will likely be the best option for you.

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    A Few Pros & Cons Of Memory Foam Mattresses

    • Weight adaptability: Similar to a weighted blanket, a memory foam mattress adjusts to a users weight. It adapts to the way you sleep whatever your sleep style, the mattress takes that shape, while supporting your body.
    • Durability: with proper maintenance and care, you should enjoy this mattress for at least 10 years.
    • Motion isolation: Viscoelastic material found in memory foam enables the mattress to isolate a sleepers motion. Two people sleeping in one bed can toss and turn independently. Your movements will not affect those of your partner or the other way around.
    • Costly: Compared to different types of sleeping pads, memory foam mattresses are expensive .
    • Sensitive to temperature changes: Memory foam is a good conductor of heat. Users might experience discomfort depending on the weather.
    • Softens with use: After years of prolonged use, the mattress becomes soft, leaving a user without support and comfort.

    Best Hybrid Cooling Mattress

    Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review (UPDATED)

    If you enjoy the breathability and bounce of spring, but dont want to compromise on comfort, the Coolmax Deluxe 1000 Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Mattress features a layer of individually encased springs topped with a luxuriously cushioning memory foam topper. By mixing springs and foam, the mattress offers increased airflow for comfort without overheating.

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    Do Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattresses Really Keep You Cool

    Joe Auer disclosure page

    Anyone shopping for a new mattress will quickly notice that there are more options to choose from than ever before. Memory foam mattresses are one type that has grown increasingly popular. This is, in part, thanks to their ability to contour to your body and provide great pressure relief.

    However, consumers report one persistent and troublesome feature: memory foam mattresses sleep hot. Foam is a sensitive conductor of human heat that traps heat for longer than the average spring mattress. Plus, when you sink into the mattress, you really feel that heat around you.

    Thats why some companies have innovated the types of foam they use in their memory foam mattresses, incorporating elements like a copper or gel-infusion.

    You may be skeptical and wondering: do gel-infused memory foam mattresses actually sleep cool, or do they still trap heat like conventional memory foam mattresses? Keep reading to learn.

    What Are Pocketed Coils

    Pocketed coils improve upon the open coil system of a traditional innerspring bed. In a classic innerspring, the coil support layer is a network of springs wired together to make a mesh that supports the comfort layer and the sleeper.

    Pocket coils arent interconnected. Rather, theyre each wrapped in individual sleeves made of fabric or foam. This construction allows for greater durability and less motion transfer than the more traditional open coil system.

    Note it isnt just hybrids that have pocketed coils. Many innerspring mattresses also now feature this technology. They might have an entirely pocketed support layer, or they may combine the open coil support core with a transition layer of pocket coils.

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    How Much Do Gel

    As with every type of mattress, price varies greatly depending on the size of mattress and the brand. These mattresses, like the pads and toppers, come in twin, full, queen, king, and California king sizes.

    Many brands produce gel-infused mattresses. The most popular is Serta iComfort line, which includes toppers as well as mattresses. Other brands like Lucid, Sealy and many more also offer these types of mattresses.

    Gel-infused toppers cost anywhere from about $50 to approximately $350 and beyond, depending on the brand and size. Gel-infused mattresses cost between less than $150 to nearly $5,000.

    Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

    Contura Comfort Temp 4"  Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper ...


    • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
    • Trial Period: 30 days

    The Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress combines premium pressure-relieving memory foam with a high-density cool gel memory foam for the perfect balance of softness and support. This mattress is supportive, but has enough give to fully conform to your shape. This combination alleviates pressure where you need it most, so you get a good nights sleep and wake up pain-free. The gel layer also helps regulate body temperature so, true to its name, you sleep cooler and dont wake up sweaty. Heads up: Unlike other mattresses on this list that come with an extended trial period, this mattress is covered only by Amazons 30-day return policy.

    What the Reviews Say: Buying a mattress on Amazon may be different than what youre used to, but the vast majority of reviewers are happy they rolled the dice. I was very nervous and skeptical about buying a mattress online. My husband and I spent so many hours looking and testing different mattresses, writes one five-star reviewer. After a week of having the bed I can now say that I am 110% satisfied with the mattress. I havent slept this good in a long time. This mattress changed my views on memory foam…This one is so worth it!

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    Gel Foam And Memory Foam Mattress Faqs

    1. Which provides the best support a memory foam mattress vs. a gel foam mattress?

    It is important to understand that there is not a great deal of difference between the two. When you compare a gel foam mattress vs. memory foam, the only genuine difference is that the gel mattress is no more than a memory foam mattress with gel beads mixed into the memory foam. Support depends on the density and thickness of the memory foam layer, not on any added gel beads.

    2. What are gel beads and how exactly do they work?

    Gel beads have been described above. They are beads that contain a gel that absorbs heat to change from a solid to a liquid state* within the gel capsule. This cools you as you sleep. The gel inside the bead, or capsule, then reverts back once you are up and the mattress reverts to its normal state.The material making the gel is known as a phase-change material. When the material reaches the temperature at which it changes phase from solid to liquid, it absorbs a lot of heat without actually changing temperature. This is just like solid hail or snow absorbs a lot of heat to melt it, but the temperature of the water involved remains around the 0C level. When you get out of bed, the temperature around the gel foam drops, and it reverts back to the solid-state. The gels involved liquefy and solidify at higher temperatures than water does.

    3. Can the gel beads be uncomfortable to lie on?4. Memory foam vs. gel foam mattress: Which offers most support?

    Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress: Zoma Mattress

    Our top recommendation when it comes to gel memory foam mattresses is the Zoma Mattress. When designing their original mattress, Zoma focused on promoting restorative rest and limiting sleep interruptions.


    Cooling gels, cutouts, and a ventilated cover make this a good choice for people in warm climates or with high body temperatures.

    The Zoma Mattress contains three layers, wrapped in a breathable AirCloth cover:

    • 2 inches of gel memory foam
    • 2 inches of Reactiv foam
    • 7 inches of Support+ foam

    Zoma Mattresss gel memory foam is set apart from the rest thanks to their unique Triangulex technology. The added triangular cutouts increase the mattresss contouring ability in the shoulder and leg areas. The cutouts also make it easier for air to slip through the surface and remove unwanted heat.

    The second layer of Reactiv foam adds latex-like responsiveness to the mattress. The extra responsiveness helps the mattress adapt to your every movement. Thanks to Reactiv, you wont sink too far into the bed when you lie down or feel stuck when you move across the surface.

    Support+ foam provides the upper two layers with a durable foam base, extending the mattresss expected lifespan. The Support+ foam also evenly distributes bodyweight, limiting pressure build-up.

    Every foam layer is certified safe by CertiPUR-US®.

    A queen size mattress is $799 and includes free shipping, a 100-night sleep trial, and a 10-year warranty.

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    The Endy Foam Mattress

    The Endy Mattress offers a unique triple layer design that provides full support and comfort for a great night of uninterrupted sleep. The combination of open-cell, transition, and support foam materials is a truly innovative construction that is suitable for a wide range of sleepers.

    Whether you toss and turn or stay in place, you will have the balance of support and responsiveness you are looking for here. And if you and your partner sleep differently, that will not be a problem. Their movement will not disturb you thanks to the motion isolation quality of the open-cell foam!

    There is also good news for the eco-conscious or sensitive noses out there! This mattress is certified CertiPUR-US so you will not get that factory chemical smell that comes with other brands. Since some people can get migraines for chemical smells, this is a definite plus!

    • No break-in period before you can return the mattress
    • Made in Canada
    • 10-year warranty and 100-night sleep trial is shorter than most of the other mattresses on this list
    • Only one firmness level of Medium Firm

    Save $50 On Your Endy Order By Using Code: SUSTAINABLE50

    Best Gel Mattress For Couples

    Douglas Mattress Review | Gel Memory Foam Mattress | Canada

    The WinkBed

    • Type: gel hybrid
    • Height: 13.5 inches

    This gel hybrid mattress can tick off all the boxes: cushioning comfort, dynamic support, temperature regulation, and reduced motion transfer for those who .

    The mattress has four firmness levels to choose from at no extra charge, plus easy firmness exchanges.

    WinkBeds offers a 120-night sleep trial, a lifetime warranty, and free shipping and returns.

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    What Is A Gel Memory Foam Mattress

    This is the big question. This mattress is merely an infusion of gel into a memory foam mattress to improve its functionality. This mattress is a combination of both gel and memory foam, which gives it users better sleeping posture, comfort, reduces heat, and other benefits just for you.

    The first time this kind of bed was produced was in 2011, with a specific design to keep the body temperature down so you can enjoy a healthy and rejuvenating sleep. The gel that is infused into the memory foam acts like a cooler that helps to keep the body temperature low. So in other words, the gel is a coolant that regulates the body temperature.

    What To Look Forward To

    Were testing a new round of sub-$400 mattresses to replace our budget pick. Were testing two new hybrid mattresses: the Zinus Green Tea Hybrid and the Wayfair Medium Hybrid, and we are retesting the 12-inch version of the Linenspa Memory Hybrid Plush. We will also be testing two new foam mattresses: the Wayfair Medium Memory Foam and the Tulo Memory Foam Lavender, and retesting the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam. We plan to update this guide soon with our results.

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    No Mattress Works For Everybody

    Heres the core truth about mattresses: Its impossible to find one that works for everybody. The best any mattress can do, our experts told us, is feel amazing for a small group of people, work well for some people, and do okay for the majority of people. Comfort and support depend on a host of different factors, including your weight, your musculoskeletal health, your bodys temperature gauge, and your personal preferences, to name just a few.

    The only generalization we can make is that, to a certain extent, you get what you pay for. The higher-end mattresses weve tested typically offer denser foam, more layers, and a smoother transition from top to bottom. However, when weve looked within each price category , weve been hard-pressed to find a runaway winner or loser. In other words, an $1,800 mattress may often have more fans than a $600 mattress, but a $600 mattress doesnt necessarily beat out a $500 mattress. We cant claim that any of our top picks are the most comfortable for everyone by any stretch. Instead, we focus on models with a broad enough appeal and a good price for the quality of the components offered. We also prefer companies that are transparent and specific about the materials they use. After all, how can customers confidently plunk down $1,000 or more if they dont know what theyre getting?

    Most foam mattresses claim to be medium-firm , but our tests and other reviewers have found a huge range within that middle.

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