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What Are The Different Mattress Firmness

Who Are Medium Mattresses Best For

Plush mattress, firm mattress and pillowtop mattresses – What’s the differences?

Keeping your sleeping position in mind is crucial when deciding on a mattress.

While your comfort level is dependent on personal preference, medium and medium-firm mattresses are better for some sleeping styles than others.

Let’s take a look at the best types of sleepers for medium and medium-firm mattresses.

Are Firm Beds Uncomfortable

No, firm beds should not be uncomfortable so long as they are compatible with your sleeping position and size.

When you get a new firm mattress, it may initially feel uncomfortable, especially if you were previously using a softer mattress. In this case, we recommend continuing to use your mattress for at least 30 daysthe average adjustment period for a new mattress.

If you are still experiencing problems with your firm mattress after 30 days, its likely best to replace your mattress with something softer.

All About Mattress Firmness

When purchasing a mattress, one of the first steps is choosing a mattress firmness level that suits your needs. Mattress firmness can be confusing, however. What one person feels is luxuriously soft may feel uncomfortably firm to someone else. While mattress firmness is somewhat subjective and dependent on personal preference, it is important to choose a firmness level thats suited to your sleeping style and personal preference. Otherwise, youll suffer from more than interrupted sleep you could develop problems such as back pain.

In short, mattress firmness refers to how the mattress feels when you first lie down on it. Does it push back and feel stiff, or contour and cushion your body? Even though individual preference is subjective, there is a numerical mattress firmness scale to help you understand what to expect when you lay on a particular mattress. The scale runs from 1 to 10 and covers the three common mattress firmnesses: soft, medium, and firm.

In this guide, well discuss the mattress firmness scale, mattress firmness levels, and what firmness rating works best for different sleep preferences and body types.

To learn even more about what to look for in a mattress, check out our comprehensive Best Mattress guide.

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Consider A Mattress Topper

Adding a plush or down mattress topper can help fix the uncomfortable feeling of a mattress that is too firm. Its the closest layer to your body and can be a cheaper and easier alternative than changing your mattress altogether. Mattress toppers come in a variety of materials and thicknesses, from down to memory foam to cooling gel, and they can greatly improve the comfort of your mattress.

If Youre A Side Sleeper

Mattress Firmness of Different Mattresses ...

Side sleepers have a very specific requirement due to their sleeping position pressure relief. This is because when lying on your side, the bodys weight is concentrated in two main areas the hips and shoulders.

The hips and shoulders are bony and hard, and when on the side, have a relatively small surface area in contact with the bed.

This means there is a lot of pressure on these two areas, and this pressure can build up to the point of becoming extremely uncomfortable.

So, side sleepers need a mattress with a soft enough surface that will conform to the body, especially the shoulders and hips, while having enough support to distribute body weight evenly, taking pressure away from the hips and shoulders.

Aside from pressure relief, firmness needs to be at a level where the spine is not out of alignment due to being too firm and not allowing enough sink.

Softer mattresses are better, but they still need enough support to compensate for any sinkage. Mattresses in the Soft to Medium-firm range will be best for side sleepers.

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Good Middle Ground For Couples

If you sleep with a partner who has a different firmness preference than you, a medium or medium-firm mattress can be a game-changer.

If one of you wants to go firmer and the other softer, a medium mattress provides a good middle ground to keep you both happy, comfortable, and sleeping well throughout the night.

Medium Soft Medium & Medium Firm

  • Firmness Level 4 6 in the mattress firmness scale
  • Support & Conform: Provide adequate and stable, support without sacrificing surface comfort·
  • Life Span: These ones outlast softer models· Less durable in comparison to Firm or Extra Firm beds.
  • Suitability: Suitable for people who weigh 130 to 230 pounds and sleep in multiple positions·
  • Price: Possess fewer cushioning layers in comparison to their counterparts which are pricey and softer. Price-points for these beds are on par with industry averages.

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Why Does Firmness Matter

Some people may just take it as a given that firmness is a key consideration when shopping for a mattress. But we know that our readers often want to go deeper and understand why, so lets delve into the big reason for why firmness matters: comfort.

Its hard to overstate the importance of comfort. An inviting, cozy mattress plays a huge role in getting a good nights sleep. If the first thing youre thinking about when you get into bed is how uncomfortable you are, its unlikely that youre going to sleep well. Additionally, having a welcoming mattress plays a role in your broader sleep hygiene. Experts recommend developing a routine around sleep that includes a sleep environment that induces relaxation and peace of mind. Having a comfortable mattress is a big part of forming that sleep environment.

Comfort also matters because it can play a role in whether or not you wake up with aches and pains. If you spend hours every night in an uncomfortable position or trying to contort your body to get comfortable, its typically only a matter of time before you start feeling the effects. An uncomfortable mattress is also probably not providing you with the support you need, increasing the risk for back issues and consistent soreness in the mornings.

When Choosing Mattress Firmness For Lower Back Pains How Do You Go About It

Choosing the Right Foam and Mattress Firmness

There is still a need to complete the mattress firmness for lower back pain list. It is not the same for all prices or mattress firmness for lower back pains. In addition to frequency of use and your budget, the type of mattress firmness for lower back pain you choose will play a role in how much you spend.

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Does Memory Foam Always Mean Soft

No. Memory foam can come in a range of firmnesses. Firmness is determined by what is known as the foams Indentation Load Force Deflection, known as either IFD or ILD.

This is not a measure of the foams density, as the same density foam can have different IFD.

IFD/ILD is measured using the force in pounds required to compress a foam sample by 25% of its original height.

The lower the IFD, the softer the foam, and the higher the IFD, the firmer the foam is. Base foams typically have both higher density and higher IFD, while comfort layers will have lower IFD.

First What Is Mattress Firmness

Mattress firmness refers to the hardness of your mattress. It is how you feel when you lie down on your mattress.

Do you sink in or lie right on top of it? The materials of the mattress might hurt you, or they might adjust to the contours of your body. So, knowing how you feel can help you understand the firmness of your mattress.

Your mattress can be soft, medium-firm, or firm, depending on its rating on the firmness scale.

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Common Questions By Consumers

1. What is considered to be the BEST firmness level?

As mentioned above, not all of us are the same and what works for one person may not work for others. There is no a clear definition on how to choose the mattress of the right firmness level.

Your personal preference as well as your age, weight, gender, what you enjoy during sex, sleeping position or style, and budget all should be taken into consideration when choosing the right firmness level.

If you have doubts, then choosing some of the universal comfort models may provide you with the balance of comfort, responsiveness, contour, and support that will help you sleep better at night.

2. Is firmness the same as support?

These are two separate terms that are very important when shopping for a new mattress. Firmness refers primarily to how the mattress feels when lying on it, while support is how effectively it keeps your spine in alignment and alleviates pressure points.

3. Should I consider price and lifespan when shopping for a mattress?

Yes, you should, and there are different brands that offer excellent mattresses within your budget range. Always check the construction and materials first as well as the customization options available.

As for a lifespan, regardless of what model you have, it is recommended to replace your mattress after seven years.

4. How can I try out different mattress models?

Best Mattress Firmness For Preferred Sleeping Positions

Different Types Of Mattresses Firmness

So how do you choose the perfect mattress firmness? One of the easiest ways is by figuring out what your ideal sleeping position is. Yes, it really is that simple.

Do you sleep on your side most of the time? Or, do you sleep on your stomach or back? If you’re not sure, you could be someone who happens to take turns sleeping in all three of these positions.

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Normal Variations In Density Ild And Recovery Time For Natural Dunlop Latex Mattresses

What different companies produce can vary a great deal. Whether we are evaluating density, ILD, or recovery time, the numbers will change from one piece or layer to another, but also within a layer from side to side and head to foot . The height or thickness of a latex layer also varies by manufacturer.

When zoned latex is manufactured, densities are changed by the placement of more or fewer baking pins in different parts of the mold. The pins project up through the liquid latex solution, carrying heat. More holes will make the resulting area of a layer softer and less dense, and fewer will make it denser, therefore firmer. For example, there may be denser zones to support the greater weights of shoulders and hips, and less dense zones for the lighter head and feet.

Which Degree Of Firmness Should I Choose If I Struggle With Herniated Discs

If you suffer from a herniated disc, then choosing a mattress with the right support is of enormous importance.

It is important to immediately relieve pressure and ensure that the spine always remains in a healthy alignment.

In order to achieve this, your mattress of choice shouldnt be too firm or too soft.

For most people, soft or medium-firm mattresses in the H2 or H3 range should be good.

However, it may also be helpful to discuss this with your orthopaedist, who will be able to give you valuable tips.

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What Mattress Firmness Is Best

Its important to remember that there is no best firmness, and the most comfortable mattress varies from person to person. However, if youre struggling to determine which firmness matches your needs and sleep style the most, medium to medium-firm mattresses are considered to be the best options since they evenly blend firmness and softness.

Mattress Types And Firmness Levels

What’s the Difference? Firm vs Plush vs Pillow Top Mattresses!

The firmness of a mattress depends mostly on the type of mattress it is and what its made up of. Most modern mattresses are made up of either one or two or all of the following: memory foam, latex foam, or innersprings.

These days, mattress companies have come to rely on technology to create proprietary foam and foam alternatives. The ubiquitous innerspring mattresses of yore have paved the way for hybrid mattresses, which combine foam and spring coils, which are usually individually pocketed for better motion isolation. Thats not to say that the innerspring mattress has lost its allure there are still some staunch fans out there.

While each mattress type can be engineered to be either firm or soft, certain foam types such as latex or its derivatives or alternatives tend to be more responsive than any other type of foam. This means that they bounce back fairly quickly, much more so than regular memory foam mattresses. Latex mattresses, such as the Saatva Classic tend to skew slightly towards the spectrum of softer mattresses.

When you combine foam and spring coils, you get comfort from the foam comfort layers and support from the springs. Springs are naturally, well, springy and also tend to be more responsive compared to an all-foam mattress.

Memory foam mattresses are probably the most popular mattress of this day and age. Traditional memory foam hugs and cradles the curves and contours of the body and helps relieve pressure while providing ample support.

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Eco Terra Mattress Firmness

Why doesnt Eco Terra offer the ability for people to buy a soft mattress, or an extra-firm mattress? Because a soft mattress tends to make sleepers sink really far into the mattress, and extra-firm mattresses offer very little give when it comes to essential pressure point support.

This is why Eco Terra has chosen to only offer medium mattresses and medium-firm mattresses, as these two firmness levels are easily able to accommodate the majority of the population’s sleeping needs.

Additionally, latex mattresses are extremely durable and comfortable. The organic materials are breathable, and offer quality sleep for all kinds of different sleepers, regardless of sleeping position.

How Do I Tell If My Mattress Is Too Firm Or Too Soft

There are a few ways to tell if your mattress is too firm or too soft.

If your mattress is too soft, you might wake up sore in the morning. You might toss and turn throughout the night. Additionally, you might have trouble getting out of bed because you sink in too far. If you are a stomach sleeper, you will notice neck and back pain, if your mattress is too soft.

If your mattress is too firm, you will not receive proper pressure relief. You will have aches and pains, and you might wake up feeling tired, and unrefreshed. A good mattress should contour to your pressure points, even if it is just a little bit. No pressure relief whatsoever indicates that your mattress is too firm for you.

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How Does Mattress Firmness Affect Back Pain Shoulder Pain Or Hip Pain

If a mattress is too firm, it will not have a great deal of pressure relief. A good, comfortable mattress needs to have some give so that it can relieve back pain, shoulder pain, and hip pain.

This is especially true for side sleepers who put lots of pressure on their shoulders and hips. If a mattress is too hard, their shoulders and hips will be pressed upon.

A mattress cannot be too soft, however, or it will offer no support, and the joints can fall out of alignment during sleep.

Plush Vs Firm Mattresses For Back Pain

23cm Single Size Mattress 7.0 Firmness

Back pain is a common issue we often tend to forget about. Feels like we are used to living with back pain, and allow it to remain in the background while dealing with our everyday lives.

Well, one of the most common reasons behind back pain is the unhealthy sleeping posture caused by an unsuitable mattress. Simply said, your back hurts when you sleep wrong.

So, when it comes to back pain, which option is better: plush or firm?

Heres the deal: while many people note that they experience more pain relief when sleeping on softer mattresses, it all comes down to proper support. When dealing with back pain, you need your spine to remain neutral during the night. This will help reduce tension from the vertebrae, support the natural curves of your back, and keep it relaxed.

An overly soft mattress would prevent that by allowing too much sinkage in the hip area. And an overly firm bed wont be suited either. It would distort the natural position of your spine.

In this video, Dr. Travis Stork explains that a proper mattress is supposed to support your body weight while allowing for just enough give to keep the natural alignment of the spine:

So, concerning the plush vs firm mattress debate, Dr. Stork is leaning towards firmer beds rather than soft mattresses.

Heres the kicker: your bed doesnt have to be brick-firm. In fact, it is recommended to find a good balance between firmness and cradling, which a quality medium-firm mattress could offer .

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Which Firmness Is Right For You

So how do you know which firmness is best for you? Some sources explain that finding your personal preference is as simple as asking yourself, Do I prefer a soft or firm bed? While it might seem like a simple question to answer, there are actually a variety of reasons behind our mattress firmness preferences. If you arent sure what firmness level you need, exploring these reasons will help you with your selection.

What Do You Do If Your Mattress Is Too Firm

When buying a new mattress, there is a brief adjustment period before your body is properly acclimated to your new bed. Your mattress may initially feel firmer than expected, though once youve broken it in, it will cushion your body properly. Most mattress companies offer sleep trials for this very reason, so you can get accustomed to the mattress and ensure it suits you.

However, if youve had your mattress for a while and its still too firm for your needs, consider a softer mattress topper. Firmness is based on the top comfort layers of a mattress, and by adding a soft comfort layer at the top, your body receives extra cushioning.

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Soft Vs Firm: Sleeping Position

When picking between a firm and a soft mattress, you should also consider your favorite sleeping position. Why? Because the way you lay in bed determines the firmness level you require for different body parts to achieve a healthy sleeping posture.

So, to help you understand what you need, lets look at the common sleeping positions and their peculiarities:

  • Side sleeping. When lying on one side, your hips and shoulder dig into the surface of the mattress. When its too firm, it can cause too much pressure on the protruding parts. Therefore, side sleepers are advised to pick soft mattresses. However, keep in mind that if you are an overweight user, you may need a Medium bed instead to enjoy the proper support and effective weight distribution.
  • Back sleeping. This position requires more spinal support . Average back sleepers are recommended to pick Medium or Firm mattresses. Petite sleepers would feel comfortable enough on a Medium mattress, while heavier users should go with Firm.
  • Stomach sleeping. Generally, stomach sleepers need firmer mattresses regardless of their weight. You see, in this sleeping position your spine requires adequate support, so any sinkage is now welcome as it may cause unhealthy spinal curves.
  • Combination sleepers. If you switch between positions during sleep, this makes you a combination sleeper. Typically, such users enjoy Medium mattresses the most as those provide a balance between cushioning and support and allow for effortless shifting in bed.


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