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What Are The Dimensions Of A Rv Queen Mattress

A True Hand In Glove Body

Mattress toppers for RV bed – queen size in two pieces

Memory foam actively molds and contours to the shape of your body no matter what position you sleep in. It responds to both pressure and heat, acting to evenly distribute weight and provide ample support. A common description of memory foam by first-time users is that you melt into the mattress.

The Sedona Deluxe Rv Mattress

The Sedona RV Mattress

  • Great option for those who like a slightly firm mattress
  • Free shipping within the 48 states

Manufactured by USA-based Mattress Insider, a leader in affordable, high-quality RV mattresses, the Sedona RV Short Queen deluxe mattress is our best in budget pick. Starting at just $199, this mattress offers a LOT for the price tag.

As a budget-friendly option, we found that the Sedona was surprisingly comfortable as compared to some of the higher-priced models, and outperformed cheap non-USA made RV mattresses by a mile.

Although its not the best fit for everyone , we feel like it is a great all-around short queen that is worth consideration.

The Ultimate in Pressure Relief and Support

The Sedona features a deluxe firm core, utilizing a proprietary foam blend to provide a firm, supportive feel. Ideal back sleepers, this mattress is perfect for those who find the plush melting into the mattress feel a bit too soft.

Contouring and Supportive

No mattress from Mattress Insider would be complete without the use of rapid recovery foam, uniquely engineered to quickly adapt to changing positions and movements in bed, virtually eliminating that stuck in place feeling common with traditional or cheap foam.

Organic Cotton Cover

Highly Customizable

CertiPUR US® Certified Foam

The Sedona, by contrast, uses organic materials and CertiPUR US® Certified Foam guaranteed free from harsh chemicals, ozone depleters, and heavy metals.

The Best Rv Mattresses

Off-Road Bedding specializes in sleep products for RV owners, but the ORB Performance Hybrid Mattress is a bed that is also suitable for traditional bedroom environments. The mattress hybrid construction balances support and comfort for an optimal sleep experience.

What Its Made of

The mattress is constructed with two comfort layers of adaptive polyfoam, followed by a memory foam transitional layer. These components, along with a support core pocketed coils, create a sleep surface that alleviates pressure and feels highly supportive at the same time. Customers can choose between three firmness levels for their mattress: medium soft , medium firm , and firm .

How It Performed

The medium soft option conforms the closest, making it best suited to side sleepers and people who weigh less than 130 pounds. The firm feel at the other end of the spectrum does not contour very much but provides excellent stability for back and stomach sleepers and those who weigh more than 230 pounds. The medium firm feel is a good middle-of-the-road option for people who want a balance of conforming and support. For those who own RVs, the mattress is available in three sizes: RV queen, RV king, and RV short king. You can also choose from the six standard mattress sizes if youd rather use the mattress in your home.

Lab Notes What Our Testers Thought

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How Can You Make An Rv Bed More Comfortable

RV beds may seem uncomfortable because theyre usually smaller and thinner than the average mattress, but they dont have to be.

Choose a high-quality mattress for your RV. Some RVs have built-in mattresses that you cannot easily remove, and if so, use mattress toppers over them for extra comfort and support.

Dont forget to use high-quality pillows, sheets, and blankets to meet your needs and preferences. After all, even with a great mattress, the accessories can make or break your comfort at night.

Short Queen Mattresses Have Cuts In The Corners

Tochta Custom Mattresses: The Best RV Mattress &  Custom ...

Many camper owners make the mistake of trying to fit their home mattress into their camper. Often you may have to install the bed by one of the wheels, which wont fit well with the mattress.

Regular queen mattresses are not made to be cut into or uneven so that you could damage your bedroom mattress.

A short queen has these cuts already built into them to account for the wheels of your camper.

RV Mattress Upgrade! Best sleep weve had while RVing! > > Check out the video below:

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What Is A Queen Short Mattress

A short queen size mattress is designed to suit most recreational vehicles, trailers, and campers. It is 60 inches broad, much like a conventional queen bed, but it is only 74 inches long to meet the restricted amount of available space in the room.

California Queen Waterbed Insert

California Queen Waterbed Insert dimensions are typically 58″ x 82″. The average length of California Queen Waterbed Inserts are 82″. The average width of a California Queen Waterbed Insert is 58″.

The Pros and Cons of the California Queen Waterbed Insert


  • The California Queen Waterbed Insert fits perfectly into your waterbed.


  • California Queen Waterbed Inserts are not available.

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Small Single Bed Size Or Cot Bed Size

Small Single or Cot mattresses are designed to be used by one person. The average height of a small single is 75 inches. The average width of a small single is 30″.

The Pros and Cons of a Small Single Mattress Size


  • This size is a great option for a toddler which has outgrown a crib.


  • The Small Single Mattress is 9″ narrower than a Twin.

Should I Buy A Mattress Or A Mattress Topper What Is The Difference Douglas RV Mattress Review

This is a great question, and one that many RV and camper owners ask themselves while shopping for a replacement mattress. The answer to this question comes down to what the issue is with your current mattress. Is your current mattress too firm, or is it no longer providing the support to keep you comfortable? If your mattress is too firm, a topper is a great option they are specifically designed to make a firm mattress softer. However, if your current bed is no longer providing support, a topper will not help. In fact, putting a topper on a non-supportive mattress can make the issue worse!

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Zinus Sleep Master Memory Foam 8 Inch Rv Mattress

If youre in for the long haul, the Zinus Sleep Master Memory Foam 8 Inch RV mattress comes highly recommended. It offers astounding comfort via BioFoam that molds the bodys natural shape leading to a refreshing feeling as you awake. Apart from that, the mattress is also layered with pressure-relieving comfort foam and high-density base support foam to guarantee stability and durability. It comes with a 10-year limited warranty. If your campers got extra legroom, a 10-inch variety is also available. See here.

Mobile Innerspace Truck Sleep Mattress

Not all RVs are built for kings or queens. Lets leave it at that. Luckily, Mobile InnerSpace Truck Sleep Mattress is designed to address just that. Made for tough times on the road, this reversible mattress is as versatile, low-maintenance and comfortable as if youre at home. While its main market is designed for professional truck drivers, this easy-to-install mattress-in-a-box also makes a great RV mattress topper to offer comfort and support as you sleep. It can also be rolled and then, used as mattress for guests at home. So versatile! Check it out here.

An RV mattress calls for more comfort and adaptable design than regular home mattresses. For one, weight and size matters a lot to such a space-challenged moving home. Apart from choosing the right RV mattress, you may also want to invest in high-quality sheets and pillows, too. Such comfort will eventually improve a tenfold when the right thread count and pillow quality is picked. All in all choosing the right RV mattress with the right accessories can lift your RV bedroom to a place of Zen.

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Twin Bed Size Orsingle Bed Size

Despite Twin being in the name, twin-sized mattresses are intended to be used by one person.

The Twin mattress dimensions are the smallest size available for adults and children, not including toddler and infant size. This makes it the perfect size mattress for a young child who has grown past the need for a toddler mattress. Twin mattresses are also great for those in adolescence or single adults. Due to its smaller size width and length, it is common in dorm rooms and spaces where more than one mattress is in place. Twin mattress dimensions are smaller and more affordable than larger mattresses.

Their small size means theyll fit well in most spaces. Its an immense size for growing kids to give them enough space to sleep and grow without taking up so much space in their room. Its also the most common bed measurements found in dorms due to their compact but comfortable size, though it’s a bit short for some college students. Because of that, a lot have switched to the Twin XL.

What Is An Rv Mattress And Why Is Size So Important

InnerSpace Luxury Products RV Camper Queen

An RV mattress is a mattress that comes with the purchase of an RV. Many RV manufacturers will list an RV as having a king bed or queen bed without specifying the actual measurements. Why is this important? Because that mattress that comes with your RV will probably be uncomfortable, and youll likely want to replace it.

When you go to put that new king or queen mattress in there, youll then likely notice that it doesnt fit.

Now, a good mattress isnt cheap, so this scenario can be frustrating. This is why its important to check actual sizes, as they can vary from RV to RV!

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How Do I Know When Its Time To Replace My Rv Mattress

You will know its time to replace your RV camper mattress whether its a sofa/bed mattress, foldout couch, or designated RV mattress when it displays one of the following signs:

  • You wake up with neck or back pain/discomfort
  • You get a better nights sleep on a different mattress
  • Your allergies flare up after sleeping on your current mattress
  • Your mattress may have been contaminated
  • Mattress has an unpleasant odor
  • Youve begun sharing your sleeping arrangements with someone who doesnt like your current mattress
  • Your physical needs have changed
  • Old mattress

The Most Important Things To Discuss With Any Rv Mattress Supplier

The Return Policy ScamWhat happens if you dont like it? Can you return it?

Unfortunately99% of rv mattress return policies are completely useless and Ill tell you why. Most RV mattresses come compressed and rolled in the factory so that they can be shipped via UPS/Fedex. This avoids the oversize charges.

The mattress arrives looking like a piece of rolled up carpet and it expands out to anywhere between 5-8 inches in thickness once its opened. Once you unpack it, despite what any mattress salesman tells you, its IMPOSSIBLE to get them back into that box.

To return it, youll end up needing to buy a flat pack mattress box and youll need to use a freight carrier . Generally freight charges range between $300-$800 for a typical queen rv mattress. Upon discovering this, youll find its more cost effective to just keep the mattress.

Fortunately, has found a way to offer a 121 day money back guarantee and to get around this issue.

Part 1Within the first 30 days, if you dont like it, you can donate it to any non-for-profit , fax us a copy of the receipt, and youll get a no questions asked 100% refund.

Part 2After the first 30 days, if you still decide you dont wish to keep it, well help you get a custom made mattress bag that will enable you to use an ordinary vacuum cleaner to recompress your mattress. This gives you the ability to ship via UPS/Fedex and avoid using a freight carrier.

Details about this policy can be found on the product pages.

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What To Look For In An Rv Mattress

The following factors are the most important things to look for when purchasing an RV mattress. Mattress companies will sometimes use misleading terminology or exaggerated marketing claims to sell mattresses. This can be confusing and overwhelming for customers looking for an RV mattress. Focusing on the basic details of the mattress and how it performs will help shoppers pick a high-quality mattress that best suits their needs and RV lifestyles.

Why You Can Trust Mattress Advisor

RV Bed Sneaky Trick, Save And Use Your Full Size Mattress

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity in our product reviews and other content by incorporating real customer feedback, empirical testing and objective evaluations. Our results and recommendations are never influenced by the commission we may receive from brands, and products we receive are never guaranteed a positive review.

In the next section, well do a deeper dive into each choice of our list to help you find the most comfortable mattress for your travels.

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Short Queen Rv Mattress

You may also sometimes see this mattress size referred to as RV queen or RV Queen Mattress. The short queen mattress also differs from the queen size mattress youre used to at home, measuring five inches shorter at 60 by 75 inches. With this kind of bed, you can sleep two adult sleepers fairly comfortably without taking up too much valuable space. The shorter length makes it easier to squeeze into tight spaces, while also making it a smidge lighter than the standard queen size mattress you sleep on at home.

Can You Use Regular Blankets And Sheets On Rv Mattresses

If your RV mattress has the same dimensions as another standard mattress size, its fine to use regular blankets and sheets. For RV-specific mattress sizes, its better to look for blankets and sheets made for RV sizes, and you can typically find these at RV mattress retailers, camping stores, and sporting goods stores.

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Are Rv Sheets Different From Regular Sheets

Since most RV mattresses are different sizes than standard mattresses, RV bed sheets are different from regular bed sheets. Most retailers who sell RV size mattresses will sell corresponding bed sheets for you to use. Another option is to use sheet clips to secure standard size sheets to your bed, but that might be more of a hassle.

Rv Motorhome And Camper Mattress Sizes

Night Therapy 10â? Pillow Top Spring RV Mattress Only ...

There is no standard size motorhome bed. Its all related to which RV Class, type, make, and floorplan you have.

The most common RV bed sizes are:

  • RV Short Queen mattress 60 inches x 74 inches-75 inches/ 152cms x 188-190cms
  • RV ¾ size 48 inches x 75 inches/122cms x 190cms
  • RV King 72 inches x 75-80 inches/182cms x 190-203cms
  • RV Twin 38 inches x 75 inches/96.5cms x 190cms
  • RV Full 53 inches x 75 inches/134cms x 190cms
  • RV Queen 60 inches x 60 inches/152.5cms x 152.5cms
  • RV Olympic Queen 66 inches x 80 inches/167.5cms x 203cms
  • RV Regular King 76 inches x 80 inches/193cms x 203cms
  • RV Bunk 28-35 inches x 75-80 inches/71cms-88cms x 190-203cms
  • RV mattress topper available in the same sizes as full mattresses

Remember when you shop online to stipulate RV in your mattress selection.

It is essential to get your size measurements right when buying a custom or replacement mattress for your camper or RV. You can do this by measuring the platform where you want the mattress to fit, and remember to allow for comforter/blanket/sheet space . RV mattress replacements are easier on the budget than buying a new camper when the beds become uncomfortable. If you really want the most cost-effective comfort boost, think about getting an RV mattress topper.

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Truck & Rv Mattress Size Guide

Size A: 36″ x 80″Size B: 39″ x 80″Size C: 42″ x 80″Size D : 32″ x 80″Queen: 60″ x 80″RV Queen: 60″ x 75″RV King: 72″ x 75″

When the time comes to buy a new truck mattress or upgrade your RV mattress, there are a few things you need to consider, such as rig size or RV size and budget. Below, we outline the dimensions for eight standard truck and RV mattress sizes to make mattress shopping simpler for you.

Size A

36″ x 80″

Size A truck mattresses are the perfect size for a Peterbiilt 579 sleeper cabin or a Freightliner Cascadia in a single or double bunk configuration.

Size B

39″ x 80″

Size B truck mattresses fit perfectly in the Freightliner Cascadia, as well, and the Volvo VNL 760 or 740 sleeper cabin configurations.

Size C

42″ x 80″

Size C truck mattresses are constructed to fit in some Freightliner Cascadia models, International Truck sleeper cabs, or Kenworth W990, T680, and W900 sleeper cabin options.

Size D

32″ x 80″

Size D mattress, also known as the bunk size, was designed to fit perfectly in cabins with upper bunk options like the Kenworth T680 sleeper cab. Still relatively new to the SleepDog® mattress collection, size D is only currently available in our BigDawg mattress option, which is a 9 memory foam mattress construction.

Queen Size

60″ x 80″

RV Queen Size

60″ x 75″

RV King Size

72″ x 75″

Which size is right for you?

  • Products

What Is A Cutout Corner And How Do I Measure It

Some RVs come with a platform that has four regular corners. In this case, measuring for a mattress should be pretty straightforwardjust take the width and length .

However, some RVs come with a cutout cornera tiny, elevated room or cutout in the wall that requires the mattress to have at least one corner either rounded or cut off. Cut corner mattresses will have five sides and an asymmetrical shape, with one corner, either on the right or left, curved around or cut diagonally to fit the wall cutout. Measuring these can get a little more complicated.

In addition to width and length, youll need to measure the sides leading up to the cutout and the dimensions of the cutout itself. Measure the length from the top of the mattress all the way to where the angled or cut corner starts. Then, measure the length from the start of the cut corner to its end. Finally, measure the width from the left or right of the mattress from the start of the regularly shaped corner to the start of the cutout. That way, youll know the dimensions you need. Also, note the side the cut-out corner is on to make sure youre getting the right mattress.

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