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What Does A Mattress Pad Do

Mattress Pad Vs Mattress Coverthe Best Of Both Worlds

Why use a mattress pad? Here’s why!

Are you still contemplating the difference between a mattress cover and a mattress pad? Stop, please! Apples and oranges are not the same.

There is a place for both mattress accessories in your bed. To maximize your sleep, hygiene, and mattress shelf life, theyre an incomparable pair. Lets take a look at the primary differences between the two products:

Mattress Pad

  • Can aid in the removal of sweat from the body.

However, there are some sleep advantages that are shared by both products:

  • Regulating the temperature of a space.
  • Prophylaxis against allergic reactions.

Pads are generally better for your sleep, while mattress protectors are better for your health and the quality of your mattress. Together, they make a winning team, as well as a good nights sleep.

Price And Other Details May Vary Based On Product Size And Color

  • Best mattress pad

    Oct 27, 2021 – 4 RecommendationsBuying a whole new mattress can be a huge hassle, especially if yours is fairly new. To save yourself the stress and hassle, consider buying a mattress pad that can fit over your current mattress, giving it the look and feel of a new mattress with all the same comfort benefits. Here are some of our favorite mattress pads on the market!

  • What To Consider When Purchasing A Mattress Pad

    Mattress pads are designed to solve different problems, and that can at times make it hard to do easy apples-to-apple comparisons among them. To get to the bottom of which mattress pad is best in your situation, review the following factors and consider which are your highest priorities.

    PriceFor the majority of shoppers, theres no getting around cost as one of the deciding factors when purchasing a new mattress pad. To streamline your shopping, it makes sense to start by setting a rough budget so that you dont spend excess time looking at options that are out of your price range. The most basic mattress pads can cost around $20 while higher-end models can cost $300 or more.

    WaterproofingIf you want the most hardened defense against liquid spills, you need a truly waterproof mattress pad. On the other hand, if you rarely have food or drinks near your bed, a water-resistant mattress pad may be enough for you. To make sure a mattress pad is waterproof, look for details about the actual layer, usually made with vinyl or polyurethane, that creates a barrier against liquids.

    Quality MaterialsDurable and dependable mattress pads are composed of high-quality materials. Companies that invest in smart designs and solid components tend to win much higher praise from customers. In considering the construction of a mattress pad, you may also consider whether its important to you if it uses natural, organic, or eco-friendly materials.

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    Do I Need A Mattress Pad Or Mattress Protector

    Do I need a mattress pad or mattress protector for my new Casper, Tuft & Needle, Leesa, Saatva, or other online mattress? This is by far one of the most common questions I receive on my blog, and its long over due for a quick question and answer post.

    First off, its important to note the differences between mattress pads and mattress protectors.

    Benefits Of Mattress Toppers

    How Long Do Mattress Pads Last

    People turn to mattress toppers for additional support when they find their current mattress unsatisfactory. Many people who suffer from back pain find that using a mattress topper aids in pressure relief. Mattress toppers are affordable, and made from materials that are known for making the body more comfortable during sleep.


    The extra layer of cushioning relieves pressure points in the body that are usually under stress during sleep. Using a mattress topper will help relieve back pain and muscle aches.


    If youre unsatisfied with your current mattress, you might not need to toss and spend hundreds of dollars on a new mattress when a mattress topper could be the answer.


    Many mattress toppers, made of memory for or latex, are known for contouring to the body. Certain types of mattress toppers are also great for regulating body heat.

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    What To Look For In A Cooling Mattress Topper

    When shopping for these or other similar cooling bedding, you can try to look for clues as to the cooling components used, as well as language describing whether the item is a mattress topper, protector or pad. On the packaging, for example, you might find that the product design includes an aerated feature, which helps promote a cooling airflow throughout the product, or that the top layer is infused with a cooling gel. It may also say something about copper, graphite or charcoal being utilized, each of which act to absorb and draw heat away from the body, then dissipate it elsewhere.

    Memory foam, while usually known for trapping heat, might be described as infused with a certain cooling element to create a new heat-wicking innovation. Phase-change material, which liquifies and turns cool when placed against something hot, then once comfortably cool, returns to a solid state, may also be used. While each of these has a certain cooling proficiency, a topper integrated with a combination of them would actually be ideal.

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    Think About Your Needs

    Ultimately, youâll want to consider your needs as well as thickness. If you have small kids, then getting a mattress protector gives your kidâs bed added years of life. For kids with older mattresses, you can pair a mattress protector with a new topper too. Give the whole room a makeover with a new set of kids’ bedding for a fresh look they will love.

    For new memory foam mattresses, you may not want a pad or a topper. A mattress pad can help take away some of the firmness of a memory foam mattress, while a mattress protector increases the longevity of your mattress investment. Older mattresses get a facelift with a topper. This is an economic way to feel like you have a brand new bed. Overall, consider whoâs using the mattress and how old the bed is to choose the right mattress pad for your bedroom.

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    Mattress Pad Vs Mattress Topper

    When it comes to a mattress pad vs. mattress topper, the widespread confusion seems natural, since the terms are often used interchangeably and are used to mean the exact same thing!

    However, a mattress pad is a thin piece of material that is placed on top of your mattress to adjust the firmness, whereas a mattress topper is an often an upgraded thicker version of the two. Both are designed to make your mattress more comfortable and in some instances to protect it, without the use of a mattress protector, which can sometimes make noise.

    Think of it this way. Mattress pads and mattress toppers are brother and sister, and mattress protectors, on the other hand, are a cousin of the two. These three kinds of bedding products are specially made to enhance your comfort while sleeping, and improve the life of your mattress. However, pads and toppers are basically the same in what they offer compared to what a mattress protector can do.

    Did you know: The secret behind keeping your bed well-dressed is a Bed Skirt. Heres 5 tips to elevate your bedroom ambience.

    Types Of Mattress Toppers

    Setting Up The ChiliPad – How To Install The Temperature Regulating Mattress Pad

    Mattress toppers offer greater protection from wear and tear, but the materials they contain may not be effective in blocking spills and stains.

    Memory Foam Mattress Topper

    Memory foam mattress toppers are popular for contouring, pressure point relief. If you are waking up with body aches, a memory foam mattress topper may help you. Theyre also available in gel memory foam.

    Latex Mattress Topper

    Latex toppers are responsive and provide additional support to your bed. Natural latex is hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites, bed bugs, mold, and mildewa good option for those with allergies.

    Wool Mattress Topper

    Wool mattress toppers are soft and supportive and excellent at regulating temperature. Wool keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer by wicking away moisture.

    Featherbed Mattress Topper

    If you want the cloud-like fluffy feel of a pillowtop mattress, then featherbed mattress toppers are for you. Pillow top mattresses may feel matted after prolonged use, but featherbed mattress toppers can be shaken and fluffed up periodically for prolonged use.

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    How Do I Clean My Mattress Pad

    It is important to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer about how to clean any specific mattress pad. Laundering a mattress pad in the recommended way can extend its longevity and keep it from wearing thin or losing its waterproofing.

    In general, mattress pads can be machine-washed and dried on gentle or low-heat settings, but the optimal way of cleaning a mattress pad will depend on its materials.

    What Is A Mattress Pad

    A mattress pad is placed on top of a mattress in order to alter its feel and/or shield it from liquids, accidents, and dirt. Mattress pads are usually 1 to 2 inches thick at most, which is why they dont drastically change a beds firmness level. They also arent meant to offer significant pressure relief, but they can make a bed feel more plush.

    A mattress pad can be made from synthetic or natural materials, or a combination of both. Precisely how a mattress pad changes the feel of a bed depends on the style and type of material used in its construction.

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    How A Protector Benefits People:

    Waterproofing: Many mattress warranties will be voided if people stain their mattress. Encasing ones mattress in a waterproof protector will help keep it free from water damage and potential stains.

    People probably think that they are a neat and tidy person who wont spill anything in bed. Let this be a gentle reminder that mistakes and accidents happen. Using a mattress protector could potentially save people some serious cash.

    Preventing Allergens: Protectors provide a barrier that prevents dust mites and other allergens from collecting in the mattress. This will increase the longevity of the mattress and make it a healthier place to sleep.

    Protect Against Bed Bugs: Protectors also provide a barrier against the dreaded Bed Bug. Bed Bugs are tiny insects that feed on human blood . Needless to say, you dont want them setting up shop anywhere near you let alone the mattress.

    Temperature Control: Some mattress protectors come with specialized fabric and materials that help breathability and temperature regulation while people sleep.

    Providing Additional Comfort: Protectors come in a wide variety. Some offer added quilting or fabric that adds a soft layer in between the mattress and the bedding.

    Mattress protectors come in a range of prices, some for less than $10 and others that cost hundreds .

    Check out Mattress Claritys mattress protector reviews here.

    The Difference Between A Pad Topper And Protector

    Do I need a mattress protector or pad?

    Before you buy your next set of monogrammed bedding, take your sleep system to the next level with a mattress pad, topper, or protector. Each of these three items is different and serves a unique purpose to make your nightâs sleep the best it can be. Mattress pads are thinner and more like a fitted sheet. Pads are best used to protect a new mattress or keep the same firmness and feel as your current mattress.

    Mattress toppers add a little extra. These are typically thicker and can transform a mattress to be more comfortable. These are well-suited for those who might not want a new mattress but want a different feel to their current bed.

    Lastly, a mattress protector is like a mattress pad, but it encompasses an entire mattress, not just the top. Protectors are used to keeping your mattress free from bed bugs, dust mites, or big spills. Handy for a childâs bed, protectors are great to extend the life of your mattress.

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    Mattress Toppers And Mattress Protectors

    A mattress protector keeps the mattress clean and hygienic. Some protectors are waterproof and others act as a barrier to allergens and irritants like dust mites, pet dander, bed bugs, stains and sweat.Mattress protectors offer little cushioning or support, but they can be placed over the top of a mattress topper.

    What’s The Difference Between A Cooling Pad Cooling Protector And Cooling Topper

    Since I wanted to check out the cooling components of each , let’s start by clearly defining the difference between mattress pads, mattress toppers and mattress protectors.

    When you buy a brand-new mattress, a mattress protector is in order. It isn’t thick, but it gives the bed an additional thin layer of comfort plus waterproof protection from damage and staining.

    A mattress topper, on the other hand, is often thick, typically between 1 and 4 inches, designed to give greater comfort to a too-hard, aging or otherwise less-than-perfect bed surface when you don’t want to buy a whole new mattress. Since it’s expected to be thicker, the topper can be found with a range of materials in it, such as memory foam, latex or down.

    Finally, a mattress pad is similar to a protector in that it’s thinner, offers a slight bit of additional comfort and is usually integrated into a sheet or fitted with straps to help hold it in place on the mattress.

    To find the best cooling toppers, or protectors and pads with cooling properties, be on the lookout for heat-wicking or dissipating qualities, graphite, cooling gels or beads, or other components specifically included for cooling off the sleeper.

    They can usually be found in different sizes and used in a variety of settings including dorms and campers.

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    Mattress Pads Vs Toppers: Which Should You Buy

    If you are looking for a quick and easy upgrade for your current bed, then both mattress pads and mattress toppers are up to the job to different extents. While pads are more portable and easier to care for, they provide less in the way of support and are instead designed to create a more plush surface to sleep upon.

    So if you want to radically alter the comfort and feel of your sleeping surface, then a topper is the way to go, as these can make a big difference if your existing bed is too firm or too soft.

    A thicker model also protects your bed against wear and tear more than a thinner pad would, but the latter are a niftier solution if you need to quickly add warmth in the colder months or you need to freshen up a guest bedroom on a budget.

    To increase your in-bed comfort, make sure you have the best pillow for your sleeping style too. And if youre dealing with anxiety or restlessness in bed, take a look at our weighted blankets guide to learn how one could help you sleep better.

    Mattress Pad Vs Topper: How To Figure Out Which One You Need

    Why you should use a mattress pad & what to look for in your next one!

    When it comes to mattress pads vs toppers, both are designed to transform your bed to better suit the way you sleep, but they do so to different levels. There are also key differences when it comes to price and how long they last for . Even the best mattresses sometimes need a helping hand in terms of support and comfort, which is why people often turn to a topper or pad.

    The best mattress toppers are usually thicker than mattress pads and are the better option for boosting sleep comfort. But pads are cheaper and are a good value option for a guest bed that isnt slept in so regularly.

    Here we compare mattress pads vs toppers, looking at the benefits, common materials, design and prices to help you figure out which one you need.

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    What Is A Mattress Topper

    A mattress topper is a more substantial layer of material that is meant to noticeably change the firmness level of a mattress. Toppers can be anywhere from 1 to 4 inches thick and are made from a variety of materials. Unlike a mattress pad or protector, toppers arent usually intended to protect a mattress from liquids or other contaminants.

    Toppers are generally made in the six standard mattress sizes. Some toppers are designed to simply rest directly on top of the mattress, while others have elastic straps to ensure a secure fit.

    Fix Your Fitted Sheet

    With the topper in place, youre ready to add your sheets back on.

    For the best results, make your bed with a deep-pocket fitted sheet. This way, it will be able to stretch all the way to the opposite corner without tugging one side upward. Most deep-pocket sheets can accommodate a mattress thats up to 22 inches in height, while normal ones can stop as short as 11 inches.

    Carefully stretch the fitted sheet on top of the mattress topper. Once all four corners of your bed are secure, tuck the fitted sheets into the side of your mattress.

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    Mattress Pads Vs Toppers: Materials And Design

    • Toppers are normally made from foam, latex and wool
    • Pads are normally made from cotton, feathers, wool and foam
    • Both are fast and simple to fit over your mattress

    Mattress pads and toppers come in the same standard sizes as mattresses and are designed to sit squarely on top. Most attach with corner straps that tuck under the mattress, while others attach in the same way as a fitted sheet. This stops them shifting around as you sleep.

    What are they made from? When it comes to materials, there are plenty to choose from, depending on your needs. If you want something soft, try a pillow top pad, which are typically made using softer fibres like feathers and cotton.

    Looking for added firmness? Then go for a latex topper because these feel firmer and will support your posture better than a sink-in pillow top cotton and feather pad. Latex is also hypoallergenic, making it suitable for people with certain allergies.

    Foam toppers are excellent for pressure point relief and often include cooling gel. If youre looking for temperature regulation, organic wool will serve you well all year round, keeping you snug when it’s cold and cool when the nights are warmer. See our best organic mattress guide for some great beds that use wool and latex.


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