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What Is A Breathable Mattress

So What Is Your Baby Actually Breathing

Breathable Crib Mattress – Newton Crib Mattress Review

Breathable crib mattresses introduce a new concern. Is the air inside the mattress actually safe to breathe? Sadly, many breathable crib mattresses contain flame retardants, VOC off-gassing, and are susceptible to mold, mildew and other microbial growth. With Naturepedic, you get ORGANIC and BREATHABLE! Naturepedic never uses flame retardants or harmful chemicals. Plus, you also get an easy, practical approach to keeping your baby’s sleep environment clean and hygienic. Naturepedic was founded on the principles of chemical safety and that mother nature provides the safest, healthiest materials available. With Naturepedic, you don’t have to sacrifice these great qualities for breathability.

Top 10 Best Breathable Crib Mattresses For Your Baby

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It can be frightening to be a parent. The thought of our baby alone is scary. However, at night, we tend to leave our baby by themselves in their crib. For this reason, we highly recommend that you purchase a safe and superb mattress for your baby.

An excellent option is a mattress that is firm, yet breathable and allows your baby to breathe even when they are face down. A superior breathable mattress can help you to rest assured that the baby is safe.

As parents, we must do our research to find the best mattress. Sure, most manufacturers make claims and guarantees regarding the legitimacy of their mattress quality. However, it’s up to us to be diligent and investigate these claims so that our baby doesn’t end up with a low-grade mattress.

We know it can be difficult but, don’t fret because we are here to help you. There are some essential features to look for when purchasing a mattress for your crib.

Not Our Favorite Baby Crib Mattresses

These baby crib mattresses have one or many of the following issues: polyurethane foam is present which means its made of mostly petroleum, has Certipure certification which means they are using polyurethane foam, uses fire barriers that contain fire retardants, doesnt have any waterproofing inside the mattress which means it could potentially be collecting mold, doesnt have any 3rd party certifications at all, or uses nanotechnology. Some of these brands were tested by Clean & Healthy New York & The Ecology Center and were found to have toxic chemicals inside.

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Safe Sleep Policy And Carbon Dioxide Rebreathing

Today, SIDS experts and Safe Sleep Advocates believe many SIDS deaths are caused by infants rebreathing their exhaled air, carbon dioxide. In fact, this is noted in the American Academy of Pediatrics 2016 safe sleep policy. The AAP Safe Sleep Policy titled, Recommendations for a Safe Infant Sleeping Environment is used by all safe sleep organizations and advocates.

Looking at the following quotes taken from the AAPs Safe Sleep Policy Statement, do you think a breathable crib mattress is worth it?

There are no studies that demonstrate a direct prevention of SIDS or suffocation by the avoidance of rebreathing carbon dioxide. However, this is the hypothesis the AAP Safe Sleep Task Force uses to make the majority of their safe sleep recommendations. For example, back sleeping and using a firm crib mattress with a tight-fitting sheet.

Lack of gold standard studies

Some will argue, there is no evidence a breathable mattresses is safer or will make any difference. If this is the case, the same has to be said about a firm crib mattress, back sleeping, co-sleeping, and the majority of the other safe sleep recommendations. The fact is, no gold standard studies exist in reference to SIDS prevention. Unfortunately, in order to have this type of scientific evidence, unethical testing would have to be done.

How rebreathing occurs

What Board Certified Pediatricians Say About Sids & Prone Sleeping

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It seems pretty obvious to us that breathability mattresses are simply not needed because babies should not be placed on their bellies during the times that SIDS is most commonthe first three months of life. Babies start to gain the function of being able to roll over on their bellies at about 3-4 months and that is when rates of SIDS plummet. So as long as you are abiding by the advice set out by your doctor, who takes their queues from the American Academy of Pediatrics, your baby should not need a breathable mattress.

According to Dr. Manasa Mantravadi, a board-certified pediatrician & mom of 3 young kids,

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Is A Breathable Crib Mattress Worth It

Is a breathable crib mattress worth it? They range in price from $249 up to $600. We are hearing a lot more about the benefits of Breathable Crib Mattress. But is a breathable crib mattress worth the added cost?

Breathable crib mattresses hit the consumer market in early 2000. Prior to breathable mattresses, crib mattresses were made with a core material with a fabric overlay. Popular core materials include polyurethane foam, memory foam, cotton, wool batting or other plant based fibers. Also, they have a vinyl or waterproof cover to prevent the fill from becoming contaminated.

Is The Cover For A Childs Mattress

If youre buying a hypoallergenic mattress cover for a child who may wet the bed, youll want to protect the mattress further. Hypoallergenic mattress covers arent waterproof. Consider placing disposable or washable waterproof bed pads, also called overlays, either underneath or on top of the hypoallergenic mattress cover. For babies, youll find waterproof hypoallergenic crib mattress protectors that are fully encased.

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What Strategies Are Traditionally Used To Combat Memory Foam Heat Retention

Since memory foam mattresses are the best mattress type available for pressure relief, people have looked for easier solutions to cool down the foam without compromising the foam integrity itself. This includes strategies like eliminating excessive blankets so some of your body heat can radiate up away from the mattress or using an unobstructed bed frame so that some heat can escape down through the foam itself, but unfortunately, those solutions do not work well, since in order to keep the memory foam dense enough to provide the proper support, air will never travel as freely through it as we would like. Another popular approach you’ll see today is adding a cooling layer in an attempt to block heat transfer to the memory foam. Gel is a popular springy material you’ll see included as a top layer on some memory foam mattresses and pillows. While these approaches will provide you with a slightly cooler night’s sleep, the truth of the matter is none of them are very efficient at actually stopping heat transfer between the part of your body touching the mattress and the foam underneath.

Additional Toxic Chemicals Added To Mattress

Snuggle-Pedic Mattress Review – Do You Need a More Breathable Mattress?

We also found that several brands are using this breathability marketing angle as a way to get away with adding more toxic chemicals to their mattresses. As consumers are getting wiser to the inherent problems of toxic fire retardants and PFAS chemicals, they are demanding less of these contaminants. But in terms of breathability, you will need waterproofing in order to keep microbes from forming so chemicals are added to accomplish this. We found more fire retardants and potential PFAS chemicals added to breathability mattresses than other types.

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The Benefits Of Breathable Mattresses

Breathable mattresses have several benefits for babies, including

  • Preventing trapped heat and regulating your babys body temperature
  • Stopping your baby from sweating and keeping their mattress dry
  • Improving airflow and reducing the risk of re-breathing
  • Drying quickly if there are spills or vomit, therefore reducing the chance that bacteria will grow in the mattress.

Allows Best Air Circulation

Certain crib mattresses have been designed with air-permeable materials to reduce rebreathing of expired gases, in the event that an infant ends up in the prone position during sleep, and these may be preferable to those with air-impermeable materials. With the use of a head box model, Bar-Yishay et al found that a permeable sleeping surface exhibited significantly better aeration properties in dispersing carbon dioxide and in preventing its accumulation

American Society of Paediatrics

The net design breathable mattress is as air-permeable as they can get. Period.

This has proven impact on babys health and safety- a great resource for further reading is our new blog post on “SIDS safe mattress- bursting the bubble”

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Mamavation Community Members Complain Of Mold Inside Breathable Mattresses Without Waterproof Covers

Mamavation received some complaints about mold developing inside some breathable mattresses, so we set out to search out the community to see if there were other examples of possible mold. And sure enough, we found them .

The story went like this. One mom started washing her mattress more often and lived in an area that was prone to mold. She didnt notice the black spots inside the mattress until after several washes, then started noticing black and dark brown spots . When she contacted the company and showed them the pictures, they told her the plastic rayon fabrics were being burned at the factory, which was why they had black spots, and there was no problem but they were happy to replace the mattress. They also wanted the mattress shipped back to the company. But the odd thing was she did not notice those spots during several washes before. This got our attention.

Other community members have complained of smells coming from inside similar mattresses, however, they did not take any pictures or notice what looked like developing black mold.

According to Dr. Tanya Altmann, a board-certified pediatrician, best-selling author, and founder of Calabasas Pediatrics: Id recommend replacing any mattress where you see or smell mold.

Either way, it seems like its a breeding ground for different types of issues, including mold, bacteria, and other microbes for your infant to breathe in while they are sleeping on this permeable mattress that is not waterproofed.

First Things First: What Is A Breathable Crib Mattress

Lullaby Earth Breeze Breathable 2

Its exactly as its name suggests: a porous or permeable mattress that allows the passage of air throughout the surface and the interior. This property comes in handy with babies who defiantly prefer to sleep as they wish and sometimes do so with their face to the mattress which puts them at great risk of SIDS i.e. sudden infant death syndrome. To alleviate this, parents need to be on hand to ensure their babies sleep on their backs at all times but a breathable crib mattress offers a hassle-free solution that allows your baby to sleep however he/she desires without worrying about suffocation. The mattress allows for the free-flow of air even when your child has his nose tucked in below the surface.

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Naturepedic Organic Breathable 2

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Naturepedics Organic Breathable crib mattress is a waterproof innerspring mattress with a firm, 252-coil innerspring. This mattress comes with Naturepedics breathable mattress cover, which lays on top of the mattresss waterproof cover.

Choose this breathable mattress if you prefer the feel of an innerspring core to a polyethylene core. Since it does have two stages, one side will be firmer for your newborn and the other side is a little softer to provide more comfort for when your baby reaches the toddler stage.

As always, Naturepedic crib mattresses contain no flame retardants, latex, perfluorinated compounds , polyurethane foam, soy, vinyl/PVC, phthalates, or formaldehyde. Their mattresses are made in Ohio by master craftsmen and truly made with care.

  • Made in the USA
  • Fits standard size cribs approximately 27 1/4 x 51 5/8 x 6
  • Firm
  • Waterproof mattress using safe, food-grade polyethylene
  • Breathable mattress pad goes on top of the waterproof mattress to maintain hygienic standards
  • Dual-stage mattress design allows the mattress to grow with your child
  • Seamless waterproof edges to prevent exposure to dust mites and provide extra support

Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling Mattress Protector


Who it’s best for:
  • Breathable construction ensures adequate cooling and temperature control
  • Waterproof membrane protects against spills and stains
  • 30-night trial period and 3-year warranty
  • People who typically feel too warm using waterproof protectors
  • Those with mattresses up to 14 inches thick
  • Shoppers looking for a protector with a trial period

Use this SleepFoundation.org link for the most current discount on Brooklyn Bedding products

Many waterproof protectors sleep a bit warm because their polyurethane membranes absorb and trap body heat. The Luxury Cooling Mattress Protector from Brooklyn Bedding bucks this trend and lives up to its name thanks to breathable composition that includes proprietary TitanCool fabric, which draws heat away from the surface to help you stay comfortable.Fortunately, this does not diminish the protectors ability to safeguard against spills and liquid damage.

The protector is also hypoallergenic and can effectively stave off dust mites, bacteria, and bed bugs. Since the corners are elasticated, the protector can be pulled snugly over your mattress like a fitted sheet. The recommended mattress thickness is 11-14 inches.

To clean the protector, simply machine wash in cool to warm water and then tumble dry on a low setting. Six sizes are available ranging from twin to king and California king, ensuring compatibility with any standard mattress dimensions.

Most Comfortable


Who it’s best for:

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The Dark History Of Rayon Isnt Something A Crib Mattress Company Should Brag About

Rayon, even when made from plants, undergoes a very intense chemical and mechanical process to get it from solid tree bark to soft fiber. This process includes sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfide viscous liquid that is later spun into thread using sulfuric acid. The process is so toxic, its not even allowed to be made in the United States because of how rayon workers and the environment is exposured to toxic chemicals.

According to Author Blanc of Fake Silk: The Lethal History of Viscose Rayon, throughout most of the 20th century, viscose rayon manufacturing was inextricably linked to widespread, severe and often lethal illness among those employed in making it. He goes on to testify that regular exposure to high levels of carbon disulfide has been shown to damage the nervous system and for the workers in viscose rayon factories poisoning caused insanity, nerve damage, and increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

Not exactly the vision I got when they called it reconstituted wood pulp.

Use Naturepedics Breathable Mattress Cover With An Organic And Waterproof Crib Mattress

Newton Baby Breathable Crib Mattress Review / Peace of Mind for Parents!

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You can get the best of both worlds by using Naturepedics breathable crib mattress cover on an organic crib mattress. This works by making the mattress cover breathable but doesnt require the core of the mattress itself to be breathable. To me, this is a nice option because it allows you to have a waterproof organic crib mattress that your baby can still use into toddlerhood, but use the breathable mattress cover under the age of 1.

Naturepedics Ultra Breathable Crib Mattress Cover has an organic cotton cover over breathable polyester mesh fabric. Use this with a waterproof organic mattress.

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The 8 Best Waterproof Mattress Protector Reviews & Guide 2021

LUCID Waterproof Mattress Protector. Buy from Amazon. Another hypoallergenic mattress protector is the LUCID Waterproof mattress protector that is also made of noiseless and comfortable cotton terry surface. The cotton fabric is backed by a polyurethane membrane that keeps water or liquids out of the mattress.

What To Consider When Purchasing A Mattress Protector

Well explain the top things to look for when selecting a mattress protector. These criteria can affect the comfort, performance, convenience, and level of protection.

PriceA mattress protector is just one component of your sleep setup, so selecting an option within your budget is important. On average, mattress protectors usually cost between $50 and $100. However, this will vary based on their materials and construction. Some protectors with additional features, like padding and/or cooling, may cost more, while more basic protectors often cost less.

When assessing the cost, you should also consider the level of protection. Even if the initial price seems high, a mattress protector that significantly extends the life expectancy of your mattress could ultimately save you money. Similarly, protectors with cooling features and padding frequently cost more, but they often do the job of both a protector and a pad or topper, so they may be more affordable than purchasing two separate components.

WaterproofingWhile not all mattress protectors are waterproof, most are. A waterproof protector may be ideal for children prone to accidents, anyone who tends to sweat, and those who like to eat or drink in bed.

Cooling PropertiesSome protectors are built to cool the sleep surface. They generally use special cooling components, like phase change material or eucalyptus fiber. These options may appeal to hot sleepers and those living in warm climates.

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Reasons Why A Breathable Crib Mattress Is Good For Your Baby

The average baby is only awake seven hours in a day with rest of the hours dedicated to amassing as much shuteye as possible. It is no wonder babies are always smiling and upbeat! Who wouldnt be after hopping from one dream to another all day? Anyways, since babies spend most of their early life within the confines of a crib an essential question arises on how to pick out the right crib. However, that is usually the easy part. The hard bit is determining what sort of mattress is best for your little one, the answer to which is a breathable crib mattress. Here are some of the reasons why.

The Effects Of Breathable Mattresses And Breathable Pillows On Our Comfort And Health

Soft Breathable Mattress Pad Cover, Diamond Quilted with ...

Most latex mattresses and latex pillows dont suffer from problems regarding breathability and durability. This is because that type of bedding contains the breathability feature, which increases the durability of the bedding. Non-latex bedding builds up heat and moisture that lead to material degradation and wear. These products are simply very vulnerable to environmental stress. Body weight, heat, and humidity affect the non-breathable fabric of the non-latex bedding, by compressing prematurely and creating an uncomfortable, unsupportive, filled with body imprints, and sagged mattress and pillow.

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