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What Is A Good Affordable Mattress

Sleep Positions And Why They Matter

Best Cheap Mattresses 2022 (Top 8 Budget Beds Online!)

How you sleep impacts what type of mattress youll be most comfortable on, so before selecting a mattress we recommend identifying what sleep position you prefer and basing your choice off that. It may not seem that important, but sleeping on a mattress thats not well-suited for your preferred sleep position can lead to pain and discomfort, not to mention low-quality sleep. Weve covered various sleep positions and selected mattresses suitable for each of them.

  • If you find you rest most comfortably on your side, check out our guide to the best mattresses for side sleepers.
  • Lying on your back is a healthy way to sleep, read our picks for the best mattresses for back sleepers to find the best fit.
  • Stomach sleepers generally prefer firmer mattresses with plenty of lift to keep their hips and midsection supported and the back in alignment. In our guide to the best mattresses for stomach sleepers, we selected some of the firmest beds with ample pressure relief, perfect for this sleep position.
  • People who toss, turn and change positions throughout the night are called combination sleepers, and they require a bed with plenty of responsiveness that allows them to easily shift we suggest checking out the best hybrid mattresses to find a perfectly bouncy bed.

The Best Cheap Mattresses 2022

ByClaire Davieslast updated 29 July 22

The 5 best cheap mattresses to help you sleep better for less

Cheap mattresses are a great way to increase your sleep comfort without spending much money. They come in a variety of types, from memory foam to hybrid, with prices starting from less than $130. So if youâre shopping for the best mattress for all types of sleeper but on a very small budget, these top-rated affordable mattresses are the way to go.

Weâve done the research on this yearâs most popular models and can tell you that the best cheap mattresses are made by Siena Sleep, Zinus, Lucid, Allswell Home and Brooklyn Bedding. But while theyâre cheap in monetary terms, each of these mattresses punches above its weight when it comes to comfort and support.

Yes you’ll be sacrificing some of the luxury features and materials found on pricier options, but each bed in our affordable mattress guide will help you sleep better on a smaller budget. When choosing the best cheap mattress for you, think about your biggest sleep issue because we have rated each mattress based on how they can improve sleep for different types of sleeper. Also look for a mattress trial of at least 30 nights – this is the average time it takes a person to get used to a new bed.

Trial Period & Warranty

Trial period and warranty length are important factors to consider, especially when choosing a budget mattress. Select a bed offering a 100-night or longer sleep trial. If your new bed isnt comfortable, youll want the option of returning it.

Similarly, budget mattresses with 10-year warranties are safer investments than budget beds without warranties. An affordable mattress with a generous warranty policy is typically well-made, and will be replaceable if it starts sagging quickly. Since premature sagging is a risk when purchasing a budget mattress, a good warranty policy is a nice quality assurance measure.

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What Makes The Casper Original Stand Out

  • If you suffer from back pain, this bed may alleviate strain and pressure.
  • The Casper contains the companys proprietary AirScape foam. Because it has small holes throughout, this material feels especially cool and breathable.
  • Because of its high-quality materials, the Casper mattress should last for many years to come.

Read our full Casper mattress review.

When people think about the best mattress for the money, its natural for price to be a high consideration. The Dreamfoam Chill is the most affordable mattress on this list, as its currently priced around $474.00 for a 6 Queen-size. If you want to save a lot of money and still get a comfortable memory foam mattress, this bed should be a good option for you. Consumers can also choose from 8, 10, 12, or 14 models. Each has a different firmness thats ideal for different types of sleepers.

Im Not On A Strict Budget Why Should I Buy A Lower

Best Cheap Mattress Topper

A low-priced mattress can be a great option in certain circumstances for certain buyers, even those who dont have to bargain-hunt. You might want to purchase a budget mattress if you need to furnish a guest room, if your child needs a new bed, if you’re sending a kid off to college, or if you need an extra mattress.

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‘s Best Cheap Mattresses

If youâre looking for a highly rated affordable mattress with a fantastic brand pedigree, then the Siena Memory Foam Mattress is the best choice for you. Why? Because Siena Sleep is owned by Resident Home, the parent company of Nectar Sleep, maker of the best memory foam mattress in America. So the Siena has a lot of research and development behind it to help you sleep well at a fraction of the cost of comparable beds.

In fact, like the Nectar the Siena Memory Foam is constructed of five layers, including a soft-touch cover and non-shift base. This affordable mattress also places a focus on breathability, just like the Nectar, so you should sleep a little cooler. That said, if you really struggle with overheating weâd recommend the Brooklyn Bedding Chill Mattress .

Considering how cheap it is, the Siena Mattress still uses three layers of foam, including responsive memory foam that adapts to your body. That means it will slightly hug your curves to cushion your back, arms and legs, but without sucking you in. And as befitting a medium-firm bed, it uses a 2â layer of dense polyfoam to boost support in addition to comfort. This layer is where youâll find a series of âripplesâ that allow the foam to breathe.

Choosing The Right Mattress Company

Before buying a value mattress from an unknown brand, do your research and read reviews. Weve carefully vetted all the brands in this roundup, and a good way to vet a brand youre unfamiliar with is to check the warranty and trial period. Longer trial periods and warranties are signs youre getting a reliable product. You can also interact with the brands customer service team. A responsive, transparent team is a sign that youre dealing with a reputable mattress company.

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What Makes The Dreamcloud Stand Out

  • Due to its high-quality construction, the DreamCloud suits sleepers of varying weights.
  • Lightweight people should feel the soft comfort layer, and heavier folks sink in to feel notice more support at the bottom.
  • With a 365-day trial period and lifetime warranty, youll have plenty of time to test out this bed.

Read our full DreamCloud mattress review.

What Makes The Nolah Stand Out

Best Cheap Mattress 2020 – Top 5 Affordable Beds!
  • The Nolah is a good choice for couples. With great motion isolation and solid edge support, you shouldnt be disturbed by your partners movements and should make full use of the mattress surface.
  • The cover is breathable, and the AirFoam is designed so that it shouldnt trap heat like traditional memory foam.
  • Because this mattress is softer than average and has excellent contouring capabilities, its highly recommended for side sleepers.

Read our full Nolah mattress review.

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Regular Use Or Guest Bed

One of the first things you should establish is who the bed will be for. Will it be regularly used by you, or will it be meant for a guest bed? A regularly used bed is worth paying extra for a higher-quality mattress with lasting durability. But, a guest room or as a temporary sleep surface it might be better to save yourself money by choosing a low-cost option.

Regular Use

For regular use, a higher-quality bed will be more comfortable and durable. Typically, this type of bed should last between 8 to 10 years at a $700 to $1000 price range and include longer warranties. We highly recommend a quality bed for plus-sized sleepers, couples, and those with health problems.

Guest/Temporary Bed

Guest beds wont have the same wear and tear like a regular bed. So, why pay extra for something you wont be using?

Second, if youre a single person who just moved into their first apartment or are attending college, you wont have space for a large, luxurious bed. All you need is a basic mattress with adequate support and comfort.

As a warning to our readers, never settle for the cheapest mattress option.

Cheap beds will have low-quality materials with a lifespan of five years if youre lucky. You may end up paying more by replacing that cheap mattress when it breaks down then if you had paid extra for a quality bed.

Why Its The Best Mattress For Hot Sleepers

Traditional memory foam tends to trap body heat and lead to sweating. Luckily, the all-foam Bear combats this with a Celiant cover, a breathable material that may help promote blood flow and muscle recovery. The memory foam comfort layer contributes to its cooling nature with an infusion of graphite gel.

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The Best Cheap Mattress 202: Affordable Beds For Under $500

This years best cheap mattresses to help you sleep better for less

A good cheap mattress can help you sleep better for less, and these days there are quite a few to choose from thanks to advanced mattress technologies trickling down to budget models. Some are made by brands that feature in our best mattress guide, while others come from smaller companies you may not have heard of but are well-rated by existing customers. Our selection of top-rated affordable mattresses all cost less than $500 for a queen size, and they come on a trial basis so that you can test yours at home to make sure it really is the best option for you.

Choosing the best cheap mattress for your body and sleep is no different to taking your pick of more expensive models. Over the years at Toms Guide weve tested a wide range of mattresses and recommend that you factor in your sleep position , body type, whether you share a bed, and any health needs you have. For example, if you struggle with overheating, look at the Brooklyn Bedding Chill cooling budget mattress below.

Many of these affordable mattresses are often on sale too, making them even better value for money. Weve included todays cheapest price beneath each product, along with any relevant mattress sale offers worth checking out ahead of the 4th July mattress sales. Lets now take a look at this years best cheap mattresses to help you sleep better for less.

How Much Does A High

 10 Best Cheap King Size Mattresses for 2020 [Definitive List]

A higher-end mattress can still be relatively affordable, with many of the best mattresses under $2000 featuring a number of innovative comfort features. Some of them are even around $1000 or just a little over it, particularly if youre looking for a well-made memory foam mattress. High-end hybrid and latex mattresses cost more due to their material costs.

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Best Organic Mattress In A Box: Avocado Green Mattress

While well-rounded, the Avocado Green Mattress doesnt quite cater to everyone. The mattress stood out temperature-wise. It was consistently cool, even on hot summer nights, and our tester never woke up overbaked.

Lab testing confirmed that its among the coolest mattresses weve tested. It was also just comfortable. Its not the same comfort offered by the Leesa and other top picks, but it gives sleepers a cozy feel that our tester enjoyed.

This hybrid mattress has hundreds of coils sandwiched between two layers of latex. Its springy, responsive surface responds quickly to pressure or weight. Latex tends to be cooler than memory foam and doesnt yield a sinking, molding, or cradling sensation.

While it has some plushness, theres less give than you’d expect and it won’t compact beneath body weight. While springiness might be too much for some, its an excellent option for people who prefer the feeling of coils and dont want to sacrifice plushness completely.

The Avocado Green Mattress holds more certifications than any other we’ve tested. Its roster includes three certifications for organic materials and components one for forest management and sustainability and four for safe ingredients and limited off-gassing, including Greenguard, which is known for its strict criteria. Avocado is also a Certified B Corporation, meaning its business practices meet certain environmental, social, and community guidelines.

Other Expenses To Consider

When budgeting for your new mattress, consider other potential costs, such as:

  • Bed frames and headboards. Will you also be purchasing a new bed frame, or perhaps a new headboard? Factor these into the total cost.
  • Bedding. If youre upgrading to a bigger bed, youll also need to purchase new sheets, a comforter, and possibly a new mattress topper or pillows.
  • Box spring. Find out if the mattress requires a box spring. Not all mattresses do, but they can add to the cost.

If youre purchasing a mattress for the first time, here are a few common questions you may have.

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The Best Types Of Budget Mattresses

The majority of models sold today fall within one of five categories: hybrid, innerspring, latex, airbed, and foam. These categories are fairly consistent in terms of general construction and materials. However, every individual model offers a unique design and you will notice significant variations within each mattress type. In this next section, well take a closer look at each mattress type.

The Most Like A Traditional Mattress: Saatva Classic

Best Cheap Mattress – Our Top 10 Affordable Beds!

The Saatva Classic in Luxury Firm is a delight. Our tester loved the firm sleep surface that allowed her to snooze comfortably on her stomach and side. Softer mattresses make it difficult for stomach sleepers to avoid strain in the lumbar spine.

The Saatva also has unsurpassed edge support. The springs are the same across Saatvas three firmness levels. However, the foam layer varies in density across the firm, luxury firm, and plush options. This helps you get the mattress that will best fit your needs.

Saatva offers a 180-night trial. Its not the longest weve seen, but its certainly adequate to figure out if the mattress is the right fit. Another final perk? The company does all of the heavy lifting for you: The price includes white-glove delivery.

  • Materials: The Saatva Classic pairs a 3-inch piece of foam with coils. The mattress also has a piece of support foam thats a fraction of an inch tall in the middle of the bed.

  • Delivery and packaging: White glove delivery. Just open the door, and a team will get the mattress set up for you. You can even elect to have your old mattress and box spring removed.

  • Trial period: 180 nights

  • Return protocol: Contact the company and it will facilitate the return, but youll be saddled with a $99 processing fee.

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Trial Periods And Warranties

Most mattress companies offer warranties, and most online mattresses come with a sleep trial. While these can be helpful and save money, make sure to have a firm understanding of the fine print. Some warranties are voided without the proper foundation or care and some trial periods dont include free shipping. If people dont enjoy the product, they may have to pay to return it.

Why Its The Best Mattress For Couples

The Laylas memory foam build makes it especially good at absorbing motion. This means that if you sleep with a restless partner, you shouldnt feel too much of their tossing and turning at night. It sleeps cool for a memory foam mattress, which can help prevent couples from overheating. The high-quality materials make this a durable option, but the most unique part about the Layla is that its flippable, with a soft and a firm side.

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What To Look For In A Budget Mattress

Before browsing whats available, know what to look for in a good quality mattress. Many dont know what to look for and end up purchasing a popular model.

This can be a mistake since there isnt one perfect bed for everyone. Each person has their own wants and needs and should look for a mattress based on their own preferences.

Other Mattresses We’ve Tested

Best Cheap Mattress Topper

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to curate our best lists, including hundreds of mattress testing hours to find out which beds are truly worth your money. Our CNET Sleep editors are the ones who curated this best affordable mattress best list, as they chose their top favorite cheap beds from the 100+ they’ve tested. With that being said, they’ve also included a few more mattress options below that could also be up for consideration.

Bear mattress: The Bear Original mattress isn’t the cheapest bed we’ve come across, but it offers a great value. It’s made with graphite-gel memory foam so it doesn’t retain heat like older types of memory foam mattresses used to, and it provides that signature hugging feel memory foam has become known for. One of the best parts, in my opinion, besides the budget mattress price, is its Celliant-infused cover.

Celliant is a type of material that absorbs your body heat and disperses it back into your body as infrared energy. Long story short, it’s supposed to boost circulation and oxygen levels in your body, helping you wake up with more energy. It’s best for people who weigh under 230 pounds, and its medium to medium-firm profile is most ideal for back, stomach and combination sleepers.

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