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What Is A Hotel Mattress

Four Seasons Custom Ultra Plush Simmons Four Seasons Mattress

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What is the Four Seasons hotel mattress? The Four Seasons hotel chain uses a Simmons brand hotel mattress. The Simmons Four Seasons Mattress is definitely a highly sought-after bed.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts notes this on their bedding website:

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts has long been famous for its quality beds. We understand better than anyone that a great nights sleep leads to vitality and wellness and that it all starts with a luxuriously comfortable mattress. Thats why weve spent 50 years in partnership with the best experts and in consultation with guests to perfect our mattresses

You can purchase this Simmons Hotel Mattress directly from each local Four Seasons Hotel. Just give the local hotel itself a call or read more about the program here.

Are The Mattresses Used In Hotels The Same Throughout The Chain

While beds like The Hampton Bed ® manufactured exclusively by Serta® for Hampton Inn Hotels and the Marriott Bed by Jamison can be found companywide, which is not always the case. Smaller brand hotels like Drury Inn, Drury Suites, Drury Plaza Hotel, and Pear Tree Inn by Drury are likely to use locally built mattresses such as Denver Mattress, Co., Campbell Mattress Co., Justice Mattresses, and others that typically cost less for consumers and may even offer better quality and comfort.

Do Hotels Use Soft Or Firm Mattresses

Most hotel beds have medium-firm mattresses, which fall roughly in the 5-8 range on the 1-10 mattress firmness scale. Medium-firm mattresses often strike the optimal balance of support and pressure relief for back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers alike, which is why theyre an ideal choice for a hotel with a constantly rotating clientele. Back and stomach sleepers still get the firmness they crave, while side sleepers can get the body contouring and give in the mattress necessary to accommodate bony shoulders and hips digging into the mattress.

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Mattress Toppers Increase Cushioning

Some hotels add a mattress topper on top of the regular mattress to offer an extra layer of cushioning and comfort.

Mattress toppers can adjust the firmness level of a mattress and protect the mattress from wearing out prematurely.

Some mattress toppers are even designed to be placed on just one side of the bed when two sleeping partners have different firmness preferences.

Crowne Plaza Serta Perfect Sleeper

Hotel Supreme Mattress

This mattress is the cream of the crop. Scientists designed the Crown Plaza Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress to help with some common sleeping problems that most people have: tossing, turning, being too hot, being too cold, disturbing people next to them, and rolling off the mattress. Its comfortable, but there are better types of mattress on this list. It can be purchased at Sertas website: For the latest prices on this amazing mattress click below:

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Hotel Bed Myths That Should Be Put To Sleep

Hotels claim their beds are amazing. Not all of their guests agree.

At least that’s what two recent surveys and some of this column’s readers say. Hotel beds are average at best, and plenty of guests complain about bad sleep when they’re on the road. The fix: You have to be really picky about where you stay if sleep is a priority.

A new hotel guest survey by found that nearly 81 percent of travelers say a comfortable bed is the “single-most important” feature in a hotel room. Yet of the top-ranked hotels for mattresses, none was a member of a major hotel chain. The highest-rated property in the mattress category is the Holiday Inn Resort Panama City Beach, which has a terrific beach but is hardly a five-star hotel.

Another study by concluded that most chain hotel mattresses were “unremarkable.” For example, the famed Marriott Bed is manufactured by the same people who supply mattresses to Motel 6. All major U.S. hotel chains source their mattresses from four companies. Of those, Serta, Simmons and Sealy scored just a 74 out of 100 on Consumer Reports, and the fourth, Jamison/Solstice, is unrated.

Don’t believe the surveys? Then just talk to your fellow hotel guests.

Jay Marose, a writer and publicist, recently checked into a Los Angeles chain hotel.

So let’s dispense with these three hotel sleep myths:

How to sleep better in a hotel

Christopher Elliott is a consumer advocate. Contact him at or visit

Westins Heavenly Bed Best Innerspring Hotel Mattress

When staying at Westin Hotels, guests will rest on the Heavenly Bed, an exclusively designed mattress for use in their guest rooms. This mattress is 7.25 inches thick and the box spring is 5.5 inches thick, giving it a total height of 12.75 inches.

The Heavenly is an innerspring mattress with a quilted pillow top for maximum comfort and breathability. Each spring coil is individually wrapped, or pocketed, in a durable material to increase longevity and pressure relief.

Additionally, pocketed coils help reduce motion transfer so guests are not disturbed by their partners movement. The added coil support around the perimeter makes sitting on the edge of the bed easier and more comfortable.

The Westin Heavenly Bed is available in five sizes, including twin, full, queen, king, and California king. You can purchase the mattress and box spring as a set or individually.

Although this mattress does come with a sleep trial, it does come with a 10-year manufacturers warranty to protect your investment and to ensure it remains supportive for many years. The Westin Heavenly Bed can be purchased directly on their website.

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Hilton Beds: An Exercise In Luxury

Few places can boast such comfortable accommodation as Hilton hotels. That much is a given. A big reason for this is the sleeping experience. People feel extra rested after sleeping in a Hilton hotel.

Sure, the all-around premium experience contributes to this, but their beds are whats doing the heavy lifting.

But how do Hilton hotels achieve this result?

What Mattresses Do Hotels Use

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Five-star hotels will do anything they can to enhance your comfort at night, so they tend to invest in luxury mattresses. The specific brand and model of the mattress depends on the hotel chain, and while you might not be able to find the exact mattresses your favorite hotel uses, most are commercially available, which means you can replicate these premium home-away-from-home beds in your own home. For example, the W and Davenport use the Helix Luxe Dawn mattress.

Some hotels that use proprietary or custom mattresses also sell this bedding directly to consumers. For example, you can buy the Ritz Carltons luxury Sealy Posturepedic mattresses, or Four Seasons bedding. You can also buy a Kimpton mattress or any of the bedding used at Marriott hotels. Mattresses from other hotel chains may also be available on Amazon, such as the Sheraton hotels mattress.

Finally, most upscale hotels will disclose the specific type of mattress they use, so you can call them up and then get your search underway.

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Hilton Mattress Best Pillow Top Hotel Mattress

The Serenity Mattress is an innerspring bed designed exclusively for use in Hilton and Doubletree Hotels. If you want to bring this bed home with you, you can also purchase it on Hiltons website.

The Serenity Mattress has a 2-inch foam pillow top to cushion and protect the joints from pressure points. This topper is wrapped in a soft, quilty cover with ventilation channels to improve air circulation.

Instead of traditional spring coils, the base features pocketed coils to absorb shock and reduce motion transfer. Extra coil support around the perimeter provides further stability and protection against sagging. Plus, with a sturdy perimeter, it is easier to get in and out of bed.

The Hilton bed is available in five different sizes, including twin, full, queen, king, and California king. It comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty and delivers in 4 to 6 weeks. This mattress is also two-sided, so it can be flipped to prevent wear and tear.

The Box Spring Bed Frame

A bed frame can make getting into and out of your bed much easier. It also adds a nice decorative touch to the room and helps hold up the mattress so you can enjoy it for years without sagging or feeling like youre sleeping in an indentation from when our parents used their beds as trampolines.

Sertas box frames provide the best sleeping experience by providing sturdy support and eliminating bed bounce. This is the least necessary part of the bed. If you have a bed frame that isnt too old, you can afford to keep it and save the money.

But if youre renovating your bed, then get a Serta box frame. Itll go perfectly with your new setup and provide an outstanding sleeping experience.

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Why Do I Sleep So Well In Hotels

Many readers have reported to us that they love the sleep they get in hotels. There are several possible explanations for this, so we’ve listed them here in order from most likely to least likely.

The bottom line is that when you talk to someone who has the right mattress for them, they invariably say that hotel mattresses are one of the things they like least about sleeping in hotels because no matter how nice the hotel is, the mattress is never is good for them as the one they have at home.

Does The Mattress Come With A Box Spring

Serta Perfect Sleeper Hotel 14.5â? Double

Many hotels offer mattress and box spring bundles, allowing customers to purchase both at a reduced rate. Some require customers to purchase both, while others offer a mattress only option. If you already have a box spring that is in decent shape, then a standalone mattress may be the most cost-effective option.

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What Mattress Firmness Is Used In Hotels

Is there a way to find what mattress firmness e firmness do hotels use? ? With most hotel mattresses, the average size is between 5 inches and 10 inches. For the most part, this mattress is ideal for sleeping in, including side, back, and combination versions. Additionally, it can also fit the needs of a broad range of individuals.

Reasons Why Hotel Mattresses Are So Comfortable

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  • If youve ever slept on a hotel bed, then youve probably noticed how comfortable the mattress is.

    But why are hotel mattresses so comfortable?

    Hotel mattresses are comfortable because they use high-quality hybrid spring memory foam or latex foam designs for exceptional pressure relief and support along with mattress toppers, soft sheets, fluffy comforters, down pillows, and pristine room décor to create a comfortable ambiance.

    The rest of this article goes into more detail to explain how hotels make their mattresses so comfortable, how you can make your own mattress as comfortable as a hotel mattress, and the exact mattress brands that hotels use in their rooms.

    Looking for hotel-level comfort? Then I personally recommend the Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress because it contours to the shape of your body for outstanding pressure relief and postural support.

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    Are Hotel Mattresses Made Differently To Domestic Mattresses

    In short, yes. But perhaps not in a way you might expect. While the way they are made, comfort-wise, maybe similar to domestic mattresses, every mattress used in a commercial setting must go through rigorous testing.

    All commercial businesses that use beds and mattresses must legally use contract furniture. This furniture complies with Source 5 regulations.

    This test is part of the British Standard 7177, which is a flame retardant test. This ensures the product will not go up in flames should a fire break out.

    Who Makes The Marriott Mattress

    Review of Bed Pillows for Sleeping, Standard Pillows 2 Pack Luxury Hotel

    The Marriott Hotel is a luxury hotel founded in 1927 in Washington DC. The mattress is named after the hotel and was specifically made for the hotel by Jamison. After over fifty years of crafting, designing, and perfecting the mattress, it found its way into the market where people could purchase them.

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    Travelling Makes You Tired

    After a long day of waking up early to get to the airport, a long, uncomfortable flight, waiting for luggage and taking an Uber to your hotel, a nice clean hotel room is a welcome sight. Travelling is exhausting and its no wonder that our first night sleeping after a day of travel is going to be beneficial. You may not actually get better quality sleep in a hotel but since you are so tired, it probably seems that way. In fact, our bodies get poorer quality sleep in a new environment. Its called the First Night Effect. This is a phenomenon where our brains our extra vigilant, even as we sleep because they act as a night watch in an unfamiliar surrounding. So while you may feel more refreshed the day after traveling, chances are you are probably just relieved to be done with it all and you can count on even better sleeping the following night.

    Best Hotel Mattress In Australia

    If you want to know about the best hotel mattress in Australia, then without a doubt, itâs Cloud 9. Itâs no surprise why it stands out because of the posture gel, classic comfort, latex fusion, Visco flex, and many more.

    Cloud 9 is an authentic brand from Australia. In terms of comfort, the mattress nails every corner. The brand’s signature ‘elastic knitted fabric’ cover gives it a divine touch that oozes with quality. It also uses premium foam, and all the layers are eco-friendly and non-toxic materials.

    The spinal support on the mattress is excellent, and it can accommodate anyone. Overall, the attention to finer details and the design make it look and feel premium, and this is one mattress you won’t be disappointed with. Youâll find this mattress in Crown hotels across Australia.

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    Do All Hotels Have High

    The answer is no. Unfortunately, not all hotels can offer the highest quality beds for you to sleep on and some hotels, like 2 or 3-star ones, often purchase the cheapest mattresses that they can find out there.

    Such choice of mattresses usually gives these hotels the lowest ratings and many negative reviews.

    Also, not all hotels see the importance of purchasing highest-quality mattresses and spending so much money. They often buy cheap foam mattresses that need to be replaced every other year or so, in order to provide their guests with at least some sort of comfortable sleep.

    What Hotels Have A Tempurpedic Bed

    Fansace 21ba

    No major hotel chains currently hotels have Tempurpedic beds. There are many regional or local hotel chains that allegedly have Tempurpedic beds, but thus far no major hotel chain has made this a key part of their sleep strategy.

    As a reminder, Tempurpedic beds are a special type of mattress made from unique foam first developed in coordination with NASA. Tempur-Pedic was actually a standalone company however it is now part of the Sealy company.

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    Closing Thoughts On Best Hotel Beds 2021

    We hope you enjoyed this great list of the best hotel beds you can purchase. We all have to sleep! And sometimes that hotel mattress is oh so nice! Honestly, we wish we could take it with us sometimes, right? Well, you cant do that, but with this exhaustive list of best hotel beds to buy, you can get at least get your hands on one. Happy shopping and happy sleeping!

    Whats your favorite hotel bed? We want to know! Drop us a comment, below, or follow share it on social media and and dont forget to follow us on social media including Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and .

    And, of course, if you are interested in more travel tips and travel advice, you might like these great articles:

    Why Are The Hotel Mattresses More Comfortable

    There are several reasons why the average person gets a more comfortable sleep in a hotel, even with an affordable mattress. For one, hotels choose only beds with a medium level of softness. The best mattress supports your entire body, so it maintains a neutral position. Your head, shoulders, back, and feet are aligned when you sleep in a supine position. The ideal firmness wont make you feel any pressure. So, you wake up in the morning, feeling refreshed.

    But one trick that hotels utilize is to change their mattresses often. The average innerspring has a lifespan of 10 years. It means the product is still serviceable during its recommended lifespan. However, the firmness level will drop over time.

    Also, a lot of research goes into the right type of mattress they buy. Experienced 5-star hotel chains do not just open without taking all possible factors into consideration. And this includes the kind of bed they use, a luxury you dont have access to at home.

    Often, people try beds at home depot and buy what they think is the most comfortable. The problem is they only have a few minutes at the showroom to test the mattress out. It is not enough to guarantee that they purchased the perfect one.

    Instead of the mattress, the hotel only chooses the most comfortable pillows, expensive pillowcases, blankets, duvets, and bedsheets. They all combine to give the guest the feeling of luxury while they sleep.

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