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What Is The Best Pillow Top Mattress To Buy

Awara Best Value Pillow Top Mattress


The Awara mattress has everything you look for in a hybrid, Euro-top style mattress: a 9-inch layer of innerspring coils, 4 inches of natural Dunlop latex, and a quilted cover made of organic fibers.

Awara manages to use organic materials and still keep their Queen-size mattress under $1,000. To our knowledge, they are the only company to manage this.

The Awara Organic Hybrid sleeps luxury firm, which means it should provide you with a comfortable sleep whether youre a back, side, or stomach sleeper. A plush Euro Top cover is included on the mattress, made from highly breathable and soft New Zealand wool and organic cotton.

With a 365-night trial, free shipping and returns, and a forever warranty, Awara makes it easy to give their premium mattress a try.

What Are The Advantages Of Pillow Top Mattresses


We cant cover it enough the primary perk of pillow top mattresses is the way it feels. You should look forward to going to bed every night and pillow top mattresses up the ante on comfort. Even on firm beds, you get the benefit of a plush feel.

Pain relief

Pillow top mattresses tend to provide additional pressure relief, which can have real benefits for anyone who suffers with pain. This comes down to a combination of contouring, support, and alignment. While back support may vary from mattress to mattress, side sleepers usually have a long list of compliments for the pressure relieving properties of pillowtop mattresses.

Motion isolation

Pillow tops are prevalent on hybrid bed designs. This combination of individual pocketed coils with this comfort topper is usually highly effective at isolating motion. If you are a light sleeper or if your partner is particularly restless at night this feature will be a real crowd pleaser.

Youre spoilt for choice

Pillow top mattresses come in many different varieties. This means there is a mattress to suit your sleep type, body shape, ethics, and preference. Pillow tops come as an optional extra on some popular mattress brands but, whether you are a side sleeper, eco-shopper, health nut, or simple luxury seeker, there is something out there for you.

Saatva Graphite Mattress Topper

This three-inch mattress topper is perfect for someone with back pain because it has a high-density layer for support with memory foam on top for pressure relief. The graphite infusion helps keep you cool, and it also has thick straps to go around your mattress so it’ll stay in place.If you prefer a latex mattress topper, Saatva has a 1.5-inch version that’s more expensive, but it’s more durable and made of natural resources. It also has a less expensive “Performance” topper that’s 1.5 inches of high density foam for anyone that doesn’t need pressure relief and is just looking to add a layer of comfort.

Best Cooling Mattress Topper

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When Is The Best Month To Buy A Mattress

There are mattress sales all year long, but as a general rule: The best times to buy a mattress are early spring , late winter and any holiday weekends. Mattresses are one of the most heavily discounted items during sales events like Memorial Day and Labor Day, so while you can find great deals all year, you may be able to save some additional cash and/or score freebies during these times.

Is Sealy A Good Mattress For Back Pain

The 8 Best Mattress Toppers to Buy in 2018

The best Sealy mattress for back pain is likely one of the beds featuring Posturepedic Technology. For those looking for serious back support, Sealys new collection is for you. The Posturepedic Plus line consists of high-end beds with zoned back support. They have some of the best specs and features of Sealy beds yet.

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What Type Of Sleepers Should Use Pillow Top Mattresses

Pillow top mattresses are best for side sleepers because they offer extra cushion. Since side sleepers place a majority of their body weight on the hips and shoulders, they usually enjoy the extra comfort of a pillow top more than back and stomach sleepers. Instead of pillow tops, back and stomach sleepers usually like to sleep on firmer mattresses. We typically recommend latex and hybrid mattresses for these sleepers.

Does A Mattress Topper Really Help

A mattress topper helps in two waysit can prolong the life of your mattress and add an additional layer of plushness and comfort. While mattress toppers cant take the place of upgrading a really worn out mattress, they can provide extra support and make a firmer mattress a little more comfortable.

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What Makes The Helix Midnight Luxe Stand Out

  • It has a zoned support system, which is great for side sleepers.
  • The mattress has a plush pillow top and soft Tencel cover.
  • Its 2 taller than the original, so its extra durable.

The Birch mattress from Helix is another latex hybrid, but this model contains Talalay latex, not Dunlop latex Talalay latex is a bit softer than Dunlop latex, but it is not quite as dense or durable as Dunlop latex. The Birch might provide better pressure relief than the Avocado, but it might not last for quite as long.

The Birch also comes with an optional pillow top this will add 3 of Talalay latex to the top of the mattress as well as some fluffy wool batting. Similar to what we saw with the Avocado mattress, without the pillow top, the Birch should be a better fit for back and stomach sleepers and, with the pillow top, it should offer plush comfort for the majority of side sleepers.

Like most latex mattresses, the Birch has a good amount of bounce, so it is an excellent option for those who prefer to sleep on top of their mattress or want to switch positions throughout the night.

What Is The Benefit Of A Pillow Top Mattress

Best Pillow Top Mattress 2021 – Our Top 6 Beds!

There are numerous reasons why you should choose a pillow top mattress. Thought of as the pinnacle of bedding luxury by many, pillow top mattresses are an attractive option for anyone looking for the finest mattress on the market.

A primary difference between pillow top and memory foam mattresses are just how much emphasis is placed on moulding to the body shape. A pillow top mattress takes the subtle approach, gently absorbing body weight without sinking too deeply, cushioning the user. An incredibly comfortable mattress for couples and single sleepers alike, pillowtops limit unnecessary night time movement and disturbed sleep.

On a similar note, pillow tops are a great mattress option for those with back problems. The cushioned support offered by the supple material is an effective pressure reliver, distributing weight evenly to alleviate the strain on key joints in the body. By doing the heavy lifting so your pressure points dont have to, a firm pillow top mattress can improve sleep quality significantly.

A luxury mattress without the premium price tag, a pillow top bed mattress is an inexpensive choice. Our cheap pillowtop mattresses harness all the quality of a hotel mattress, bringing it into the home at an accessible price.

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How To Choose A Pillow

Theres a wealth of pillow-top options on the market, so its important to know what you value in your mattress before you set out to buy a new one. Do you prefer a standard or Euro pillow-top? Memory foam, latex, or another type of fill? Hybrid or innerspring mattress?

In addition to the pillow-top itself, its also important to consider the benefits of the mattress as a whole. This means weighing edge support, temperature neutrality, material quality, and other factors.

Euro Top Vs Pillow Top Mattress: Whats The Difference

By Geoff McKinnenCertified Sleep Coach

Euro top and pillow top mattresses were created to provide sleepers with a plush yet supportive bed, but whats the difference between the two? Both Euro and pillow top mattresses

Euro top and pillow top mattresses were created to provide sleepers with a plush yet supportive bed, but whats the difference between the two?

Both Euro and pillow top mattresses contain an additional layer of padding to increase comfort, but the application of this layer differs, creating a slight variation in feel and appearance. For example, pillow tops are softer while Euro tops display a sleeker look.

In this article, we will continue to compare Euro top and pillow top mattresses to distinguish the unique features, benefits, and drawbacks of each.

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Is A Pillow Top Mattress Good For Side Sleepers

A versatile mattress style, pillowtops give a good nights sleep to all sleeping positions. As they prevent the user from placing too much strain on their neck, hips and shoulders, a pillow top is a great mattress for side sleepers, providing pain relief and optimal comfort to aid the all-important quality of sleep.

Whether youre a side sleeper or a back sleeper, the best way to enhance your sleep in a pillowtop bed is with a comfortable pillow. Add the finishing touch to your pillow top sleeper by browsing our range of luxurious pillows.

Points To Consider When Purchasing A Pillow Top Mattress

Pillow Top Definition

Before buying one of the best pillow top mattresses, there are a few factors to consider. Every item has its pros and cons, and they may vary according to customers requirements. Hence, be sure to take into account the following:

  • You wont be able to flip it over when it starts sagging. A simple one-sided mattress is all you get since the pillowed layer is only at the top.
  • When the top layer wears out, you should either live with a non-pillow-top or start thinking about getting a new mattress or mattress topper
  • You may find these mattresses on the pricey side. However, there are some cheaper alternatives like buying a pillowed top.
  • Make sure the mattress fits your bed so check the pillow top mattress reviews before buying.
  • If you have a back problem, make sure to get a thick and firm mattress.
  • Make sure you know how to clean a pillow-top mattress regularly. This will keep it in good condition and make it last longer.
  • The warranty offered by the best pillow top mattresses should be at least 8-10 years
  • Check the materials used in the making of the pillow-top. If memory foam is too hot for you, or if youre allergic to feathers/wool, dont go for these options.

Still wondering about which pillow-top mattress to buy?

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Why Have A Pillow Top

A pillow top is added to a mattress to make it softer, plusher. A few pillowtop models are even called “plush top.” It is an added comfort layer, usually ranging from 1″ to 3″ high to make the mattress more comfortable for the user. The firmness of the foam or batting adjusts the firmness level of the mattress as a whole to a customer’s preference. For most models, the pillow top is softer than the mattress, for a few it is firmer, for some it is more of the same. In almost all cases, it adds to the mattress height.A disadvantage of pillow tops is that they are prone to sagging or compression, since they are usually made of softer material than the mattress’s comfort layers. However, there are suggestions online for how to help prolong the life of a pillow top.

Sleep Number Dualtemp Individual Layer

$899.99 $799.99

For sleeping partners that can’t agree on the perfect temperature, these half-size toppers are temperature controlled so you can choose to keep things extra-warm on one side and cooler on the other. A floor unit sends the hot or cool air to the thin mattress topper through a tube. Just note, this pad is pricey and only takes up half the bed. You’ll need to buy two if both people want to control their side, meaning that it could cost more than a mattress. Still, the technology is truly innovative and it’s backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal.

Best Organic Mattress Topper

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How Often Should You Change Your Pillow

Every two years. Surprised? The National Sleep Foundation goes a step further, recommending that you replace your pillow every 18-24 months. Were not judging if youre sleeping on a pillow thats much older than this, but there are good reasons why you should change your pillow every couple of years. The filling can become flat and unresponsive, so you wont be supported during sleep. That can cause neck and back pain down the line.

Changes in your body weight also impact how well a pillow supports you, and every persons pillow requirements change the older they get we simply need more support and comfort as we age.

Older pillows can get pretty dirty too, even with regular washing. Thats because some materials act as a mecca for dust mites, sweat and odors. Wed recommend choosing a hypoallergenic pillow that can either be machine washed , or one that comes with a removable, antimicrobial cover thats suitable for machine washing. You can learn more about this in our feature on how to wash a pillow. To keep the rest of your bed clean, learn how to clean a mattress .

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What Are Pillow Top Mattresses

why buy a pillow-top mattress?

Pillowtop mattresses have started to appear more and more often in bed showrooms offering the allure of super soft sleeping comfort. It is a construction method whereby a layer of sumptuous upholstery is permanently stitched upon the mattress. It gives the illusion of a super deep mattress with a deep soft fluffy topper layer which is on tp of the core mattress.

It is invariably always going to be one-sided. It will invariably be high-loft They invariably tend to look absolutely glorious. The Premier Inn uses a Hypnos Pillow top mattress that we recently reviewed here. If you can grab the top layer of a mattress in your hand and separate it slightly from the core mattress then its a pillowtop youre looking at.

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Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress

Sleeping comfortably with a partner can sometimes be a challenge. Small movements might disturb light sleepers, extra body heat can make for an uncomfortably warm night, and getting your fair share of the comforter is near impossible. While we cant help you solve the blanket hog problem, the Brentwood Home Oceano Luxury can help with the first two problems.

This plush pillow top mattress has gel infused memory foam that remains cool all throughout the night. Not just that, the base layer of coils adds breathability as well as plenty of support for two people. If youre often awoken by your partners tossing and turning, the Brentwood Home Oceano Luxury does a great job of isolating motion, meaning youll feel less of your loved ones movements.

Read our fullBrentwood Home Mattress Reviews to learn more!

Which Types Of Mattresses Have Pillow

Any type of mattress could be constructed with a pillow-top or Euro-top. That said, these layers are most commonly found on mattresses that fall into the following three categories.

Before investing in a pillow-top or Euro-top mattress, take a moment to research the key differences between innersprings, hybrids, and airbeds.

$2,000 to $2,500

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All About Pillowtop Mattresses

Pillowtop mattresses are those heavenly hotel beds you never want to leave. Most shoppers find that pillowtop mattresses combine the best of both worlds overall firmness and stability, with a soft layer of plush cushioning on top. Not surprisingly, Consumer Reports top two Best Buy mattresses in 2015 were pillowtops .

What Is Pillow Loft

300TC Cotton Mattress Topper Pillow Top Cooling Quilted

A pillows loft refers to its height when it is lying flat with nothing sitting on top of it.

Pillows are generally divided into low, medium, and high lofts. A low loft pillow measures 3 inches or less in height. A medium loft pillow measures between 3 and 5 inches thick. A high loft pillow measures over 5 inches in height.

Unfortunately, these measurements havent been universally adopted across pillow companies. Some companies might call their pillow low loft or high loft when it is in fact medium or average in height.

Check actual pillow measurements rather than descriptions whenever possible. Though some companies provide an exact measurement of their pillows loft, many do not.

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Why Is My Mattress Too Hot

The most common reason for your mattress sleeping too hot is the material. If not properly accounted for, pillow-top mattresses can receive a lot of complaints about the lack of proper thermal regulation when they are made of regular foam or traditional high-density memory foam. These materials, in general, lack the proper abilities to dissipate heat but instead, they retain it, leading to a lot of hot nights.

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What Makes The Saatva Stand Out

  • The Saatva comes in two heights, 11.5 and 14.5, but they perform the same.
  • Customers can choose from Saatvas three firmness options: Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm.
  • The support coils offer excellent support, and the micro-coils provide an excellent amount of contouring.
  • The Saatvas breathable cotton cover and airflow-promoting coils should keep the mattress sleeping cool.

Read the full Saatva mattress review

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Helix Luxe Best Customizable Pillow Top Mattress

What sets Helix apart from its competitors is the level of customization they offer. When shopping with Helix, you start by taking their Sleep Quiz and then youll receive their recommended options.

There are six basic designs for the Helix LUXE. The best pillow top mattress for you will depend on two main factors:

  • Your dominant sleeping position
  • Your desired level of firmness
  • Helixs innovative approach allows you to customize your selection based on your personal needs. And if youre not certain which option , go with the Helix Midnight LUXE. Its a medium feel pillow-top mattress designed for side sleepers.

    Helix mattresses have layers of memory foam, high-grade polyfoam, gel Visco, DureDense foam, and wrapped coils. A breathable Tencel cover and a premium pillow-top adds an additional layer of comfort. Helix is also one of our picks for the top 10 most comfortable mattresses.


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