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What Is Tulo Mattress Made Of

Tulo Mattress Reviews And Testimonials

tulo Mattress Review (Medium) & Coupons 2019 – Mattress Firm Bed in a Box | Memory Foam Mattress

Reviews are the best way to decide if the product you are looking to buy will suit your needs. Knowing the details will help you choose from so many possibilities and similar products out there.

Tulo is active on social media, and its famous for listening to the suggestions and complaints, thriving to make their products better. The use of titanium-supported memory foam makes the mattresses durable.

All Tulo mattresses are highly rated online. However, the Medium Tulo mattress currently has the most positive reviews. Even though all the products are made as hybrids, this firmness level suits most sleeping preferences.

The positive feedback mentions that products are offered at affordable prices compared to other brands. Regardless, it doesnt affect the quality of the products.

Almost every Tulo hybrid mattress review confirms that these all-foam mattresses are suitable for many types of sleepers. Even though it is a perfect choice for people who prefer softer support, more couples have stated that they often choose a springier firmness level over memory foam surface. A couple of Tulo mattress reviews mention the need for a mattress with sturdier edge support. However, they all agree that springs are very comfortable and offer something for all sleeping preferences. Each product comes with its suggestion on the best sleeping position, depending on the firmness level.

Innerspring Vs Hybrid Mattress

An interconnected grid of coils is protected by a sheet of wool or padding in traditional innerspring beds. A coil system serves as the foundation for both hybrids and innersprings. Innersprings have a thinner comfort layer of cotton, polyurethane, or memory foam.

Hybrid mattresses combine coil mattresses sensitive support with memory foams comfortable sinking feel.

Wondering what size you need? Check out this size guide for standard mattress sizes.

Is There A Tulo Mattress Coupon Or Discount Code

Mattress Firm is almost always running sales in their stores and online. They discount Tulo quite often as well. You can check for current promotions. It would not at all surprise us to see you get $100 off or more. Thats how these mattress brands work. They set prices a bit high to leave room for deals.

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Do You Share Your Bed

If so, youre in luck because Tulo offers three different mattresses , each with its own level of firmness. Plus, each Tulo mattress comes with a foundation layer meant to provide ample support at the base and reduce motion transfer throughout.

If you share a bed, we recommend looking into the Tulo Medium or the Tulo Firm, as both options provide a bit more support than the Tulo Soft, which is ideal for side sleepers. Plus, the Tulo Medium and the Tulo Firm will support more weight because their lowest foam layer is high in density.

Is The Tulo Mattress Right For You

Tulo Mattress Reviews (2020)

In conclusion, we would like to sum up our review by quickly reiterating what could make this brand the best mattress for almost everyone side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers.

Tulo mattresses are available in three firmness options, offers a 120-night in-home trial period, and a 10-year warranty against defects. This mattress is also highly affordable, successfully dispels heat, practically eliminates motion transfer, is supportive, and provides superior pressure relief. You can even test it in person at Mattress Firm. If you prefer one with above-average edge support, remember to choose the firm version. Its worth noting, too, that the mattress cover is easily removable and machine washable. Tulo aims to please all sleepers, and we think they have done a really good job without having a high price point. This is why we highly recommend Tulo mattress.

Now that we have reached the end, we hope our Tulo mattress review was informative, helpful, and straightforward. Whether you decide that Tulo is the right choice for you or not, wed love to hear from you. Please share your comments below. Happy shopping!

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Best Affordable Tulo Mattress: Tulo Liv Mattress

The Tulo Liv mattress is their most affordable option: a thinner mattress that, they say, doesnt sacrifice on quality or features. The mattress has a one-option comfort level and though Tulo doesnt specifically disclose how firm this comfort level actually is, user reviews seem to suggest the Tulo Liv has a medium-firm feel suitable for the majority of people.

Choose How To Purchase

We offer two easy ways to pay for your tulo: Choose predictable monthly payments with SetPay*, or pay with your credit card.

*Subject to credit approval, offer available online only .

the size of your mattress shouldnt be the only thing you can control when shopping for a place to rest your headLulu Chang Digital Trends

tulo isnt just a mattress or a bed in a box. tulo is the future of mattress commerceRyan Monahan

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Overview And Unboxing The Tulo Mattress

Heres a video overview of the mattress

A queen size Tulo retails for $650. It comes compressed and roll packed in a box like the one below. As you can see, this box was a little damaged but the mattress wasnt.

When you open the box you get a nice greeting from tulo and a letter opener. Over the years I have developed a nice collection of these.

Heres a picture of the mattress right out of the box. Once you cut the plastic it will start taking in air quickly.

One thing I noticed is that this mattress sprung into shape very quickly. I think thats because it was manufactured recently. Mattresses that stay compressed in a box longer, take longer to recover but that wasnt the case with the tulo.

The Best Tulo Mattress By Sleeping Position

Tulo vs Casper | Which Bed In A Box Is Best?! (2021)

Everyone has their own preferred sleeping position: back, stomach, side, or combination. While no bed is perfect for every type of sleeper, there are certain mattresses that are better suited for your sleeping style than others. Depending on your sleeping position, here are our recommendations from the Tulo line:

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How To Choose Your Tulo Mattress

Tulo offers a Which to choose? quiz on their website that recommends the best mattress option for you. It asks about your sleeping position, your major sleep concerns , and what size mattress youre looking for.

Though the quiz asks about your major sleep concerns, the mattress recommendation is based solely on your sleeping position.

Tulo Mattress Review: 2021 Guide To The Tulo Mattress


Their products are of a premium quality yet theyre priced in the mid-range price bracket. Over the years tulo has earned the respect of professionals in the mattress industry with their continued devotion to quality, comfort, and customer satisfaction.

Today we are going to take look at tulo and see what theyre all about. Were going to analyze the materials used in their products, review them impartially, and answer some questions you should be asking.

Lets get started.

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Tulo’s Trial Warranty And Shipping Policies


Tulo mattresses can be purchased at They can also be purchased at Mattress Firm brick-and-mortar locations throughout the U.S.


Tulo mattresses are shipped compressed in a box by FedEx Ground to addresses in the continental U.S. only. No shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or international addresses. Shipping is free.

Additional Services

Tulo does not offer White Glove delivery as an option on their website, but customers can call 238-4220 to inquire about options for old mattress removal.

Sleep Trial

Tulo offers a 120-night sleep trial. The company does not require a break-in period, but does request that you try the mattress for at least 30 nights. If you decide its not for you, there are no return shipping or restocking fees.


The company offers a 10-year warranty covering defects in materials or craftsmanship. Tulo will repair or replace the mattress if a defect arises.

Key Components Of Tulo Mattresses

Tulo Mattress Review

While there are slight differences between the 3 variations of the tulo mattress , they are all based on the same design and the same materials. Theyre all hybrid products that combine various layers of different kinds of foam. This allows them to create a final product that has their combined strengths, with less of their weaknesses.

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Tulo Mattress Review Conclusion

At the end of the review, we will summarize the pros and cons of the Tulo products and why you should consider this brand as your new bed at home.

With the three firmness options of the Tulo mattress, many people can find the mattress that will meet their needs. Whether you are a side sleeper, stomach sleeper, back sleeper, or combo sleeper, you will find the right bed for you. Tulo can accommodate everyones sleeping needs at a lower price.

When compared to most memory foam mattresses, a Tulo mattress is more affordable. With its low price and free shipping in different areas in the United States, more people will have access to quality and affordable mattresses.

If you want to try their bed, it is widely available, and you can find it easily in an area near you for a trial period. Testing the different mattress firm levels will help you determine the right bed for you before you can finalize your order.

Aside from ordering online, the physical stores of Mattress Firm also offer comprehensive options for their customers. If you opt to purchase your new mattress, you can visit the nearest store, and they can arrange a same-day delivery for your purchase.

For back sleepers and overweight sleepers who prefer the stomach sleeping position, many would highly recommend the Comfort Series. But for those overweight back sleepers who are looking for a comfier foam, we highly recommend the Liv.

Up to

What Is The Tulo Mattress Made Of

Since the Tulo is committed to providing the maximum support and comfort through its bed, it uses innovative new technologies in delivering its latest mattresses.

The beds cover uses knitted polyester and Tencel fabric that comes with a reinforced polyester elastane blend material. With these materials, you can expect a durable covering that will stand the test of time.

The top layer of the bed comes with 2 of thickness and uses some of the cutting edge ideas we have mentioned above. The titanium particles and high-density cool flow ventilated memory foam works together in providing comfort and support while maintaining the coolness and ventilation of the mattress.

The Tulo mattress next layer is a breathable 1.5 of memory foam. The function of this layer is to keep your mattress fresh and well-ventilated while you sleep. There is a minimal chance of overheating with your bed.

The third layer of the mattress is also a memory foam but will work on resilience. It comes with a high-density memory foam that helps in minimizing material fatigue and reducing surface compression. To sum it all, this layer helps with the overall firmness and durability of the mattress.

The last layer is the 4.5 foundation layer made with a more high-density foam so it can provide a stronger base and more robust support for the top three layers.

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What Is The Tulo Mattress Weight Limit

There are no significant weight concerns when it comes to the weight limit of the brands mattress. Because of the Medium option and support the core of the bed, any sleeping types and preferences will enjoy enough pressure relief and spine support. The weight limit of the mattress is 1000 pounds, so you dont have to stress yourself when it comes to using this bed.

What Is Tulo Best For

Tulo Mattress Review (Also vs Casper Comparison)

Now that you know everything about Tulo, it would also be great to know what its best for!

The Tulo Mattress is perfect for:

  • Mattress shoppers who are working within a budget
  • Individuals who are between a petite and a medium size
  • For side, back, and stomach combo sleepers
  • Shoppers who would love to have a variety of foam firmness to choose from

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Design Construction And Materials

Tulo mattresses are comprised of four layers of foam which, when added up, measures 10-inch tall. Weve indicated below the thickness of each of the four layers for your reference. As for the cover, it is made from a white woven polyester fabric that is soft, breathable, and easily zips off.

Foam beds are not all made alike when it comes to their composition such as the top layer, internal layers, multiple firmness, and other materials. The foams used in a mattress ultimately determine how well it will function and which traits will be most prominent.

So, what makes up a Tulo mattress?

Check out what type of foam layers this mattress has from top to bottom:

  • Top layer: 2-inch ventilated memory foam with titanium particles infused into the foam material to prevent heat retention and promote cooling
  • Second layer: 1.5-inch responsive firm foam with corrugated peak and valley design to promote airflow throughout
  • Third layer: 1.5-inch strut reinforced foam to add support, reduce surface compression, and increase durability
  • Base layer: 4-inch high-density polyurethane foundation foam layer. This comes in soft, medium, and firm options for customized support

Honest Tulo Mattress Review Video

While Tulo hasnt been around as long as Purple, WinkBed, and many of the other mattresses that weve reviewed, its starting to gain some real steam. And we think for good reason. It comes in three different firmness levels, you can try in-store before you buy, and its offered at a very attractive price point, especially if you hunt for deals/coupons.

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How Does The Tulo Mattress Feel To Sleep On

This all-foam design is meant to help relieve pressure and get you sleeping comfortably all night long. The Tulo mattress is available in three firmness options: soft, medium, and firm. You can try each one out and find out which is best for you and your sleeping habits. However, because each mattress is made entirely of foam, you may experience similar feels regardless of the firmness. If you like being hugged by your bed and that traditional memory foam feel, then you will love the Tulo mattress.

The all-foam makeup will have you sinking quite a bit, with not a lot to bring you back up. Regardless of your sleeping position, this mattress will keep you supported and comfortable. While back sleepers may find this mattress to be perfect for them, the memory foam will cradle your spine and keep it aligned in whichever position you sleep in. If you suffer from back pain or scoliosis, there is an excellent chance that you will find this bed highly beneficial.

In the morning my back felt a little sore & at first I was worried! But it actually felt sore as if my muscles had been worked almost like I feel after a body balancing massage. Turns out this bed has helped my body find its own balance by conforming to me. Ali JS

We bought this in a king-size and the first night we slept on it, the kids came in the bed and I was again stuck in the corner of the bed but it was fantastic! It felt firm but still soft. Rose S.

Best Tulo Mattress For Back Sleepers: Tulo Firm Mattress

tulo Mattress

The last in the Tulo Comfort Series, the Tulo Firm mattress, is ideal for back sleepers or people who prefer a mattress with a firm feel. If you need a mattress that provides total support to align your spine and reduce aches and pains throughout the night, the Tulo Firm might be a good option for you.

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Tulo Vs Nectar Mattress Overview

Launched in 2017, Tulo is a mattress brand that sells products online and at brick-and-mortar Mattress Firm locations. The companys flagship model, known as the Tulo Comfort Series, is constructed with comfort layers of memory foam and high-resiliency polyfoam. The mattress also contains transitional and support layers of high-density polyfoam, and is encased in a cover made from polyester and Tencel lyocell. Altogether, these models measure 10 inches thick. Customers can choose from three firmness levels for their Tulo Comfort Series mattress: medium soft , medium , and firm .

Nectar is another online mattress brand that has been in business since 2017. The flagship Nectar Mattress features a gel memory foam comfort layer, along with a polyfoam transitional layer. The support core consists of high-density polyfoam, and the cover is made with a cotton and Tencel lyocell blend. The Nectar Mattress is considered medium firm , and it measures 12 inches thick.

In this comparison guide, well see how the Tulo Comfort Series and Nectar Mattress stack up in terms of construction, pricing, and performance across different sleep categories. Well also list a few pros and cons for each model and discuss the shipping, return, and warranty policies of both brands. For more information about these mattresses, check out our Tulo Mattress Review and Nectar Mattress Review pages.

Is Tulo Mattress Good

The answer is simple. YES, Tulo is good. This brand of mattress is recommended for the following:

People who want a memory foam but wish to escape with the sleep hot feeling. Shopping for a mattress is one of the hardest things for warm sleepers, especially for those who want a memory foam but not the hot ones. Most memory foam mattresses overheat overnight, and this is a big issue for warm sleepers. Fortunately, you dont have to worry about this concern because of the Tulo foam mattress. You can enjoy the contouring comfort of memory foam with a cool sleeping surface.

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