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Where Are Slumberland Mattresses Made

Slumberland Mattress With Divan Beds

Slumberland Amore Mattress Review

Divan beds are the answer to most bedroom conundrums. Whether youre looking for additional storage or a style that will never go out of fashion, a divan is the bed for you. Our Slumberland mattress and divans can be customised to your specific requirements.

Simply select the mattress and divan base bundle option to access the custom divan widget. Choose your favoured colours, storage options and headboard to receive the best divan bed for your sleeping requirements.

Slumberland Mattress Sale Mn

When it comes to online mattresses fewer seem to stand out with unique appeal. Nonetheless, the Mend Mattress is integrating a variety of attributes that make it stand apart in a sea of the same. With a specialized smart yarn cover, exchangeable comfort layers and hybrid build. This 12 hybrid style mattress uses a mix of 2 premium foams with a flexible coil system for optimal support. As well as a wonderful price and fantastic benefits beyond.Slumberland Mattress Sale Mn

The Mend mattress is a hybrid, foam and spring mattress created by a husband and wife from Charleston, South Carolina. This mattress was developed to provide exceptional pressure relief while still maintaining ample edge support.

How Can I Make My Slumberland Mattress Last Longer

There are a couple of things you can do to extend the life of your mattress, including:

  • Buy your foundation and mattress as a set, as your mattress will perform at its best when it is paired with the correct foundation.
  • Rotate your mattress occasionally according to the recommendations laid out on your warranty card .
  • Invest in a waterproof, high-quality mattress protector. This will make sure that your Slumberland mattress remains dry, stain-free and dust-free while preventing dust mites.

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Should I Go Home With A Slumberland Mattress

Slumberland produces an extensive range of mattresses with various support systems, from plush to firm. When deciding which mattress to buy, it would be wise to consider the design most important to you, whether it should include a pillow-top for additional softness or durable side support for a firmer edge. In the high end price range, you can find Slumberland mattresses Dorset and Somerset that feature Aloe Vera infused foam, which is used for soothing qualities. Other collections boast individually pocketed spring coil systems for comfort.

On average, consumers spend around $1,000 on mattress, with most Slumberland mattresses sitting quite comfortably in this price bracket. To see how Slumberland compares to other brands, check out our customer reviews and ratings, which can provide you with an understanding of where Slumberland thrives and where it perhaps falls short for Aussie consumers.

Should I Buy A Rollo Mattress

Slumberland Heated Mattress Topper Double with 2 Controls ...

Its time now to complete this Slumberland Rollo mattress reviews guide and share my final thoughts with you. I think that Slumberland did a great job with this range and the majority of them present great value for money. I would pay more attention to the Hybrid and Hybrid Duo Plus options as they are well-built and you will get more value for your pounds.

If you have any questions about this guide, feel free to contact me via the contact page and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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How To Choose A Mattress

It all depends on the level of support you need, how much space you have and your budget. Simply decide on your desired type and firmness, the size that fits your bed and how much you’d like to spend.

Different comfort materials give their own unique feel. If you want to ease pain points, choose a pressure-relieving memory foam mattress. For a luxurious, fresh feel, try natural fillings. Those with allergies should choose a hypoallergenic anti-allergy option. Want something tried and tested? Check out our award-winning range.

Choose from our wide range online and get your best night’s sleep ever. If you need more advice, contact our fully-trained team and we’ll be happy to help. With fantastic deals, you can find the best value mattress without compromising on comfort.

What Is The Mend Mattress Made Of

When it concerns mattresses understanding the layers and build goes a long way with just how the bed will work. This mattress is a hybrid bed that integrates steel support coils with foam comfort layers to make a 12 thick bed that uses a total of 3 layers, plus the cover.

The top comfort layers are made from two layers of spring-foam that are responsive yet contouring. Giving you a total amount of 4 of foam comfort on top. These resilient foams are interchangeable and come in a soft, medium and firm feel. Producing a bed that offers a much more personalized feel to your needs.

Last is the base layer which uses 8 of flexible support coils to create the solid and precision support foundation. This not only creates the core layer of support but also a durable platform for the comfort layers to work optimally. All together these layers operate in combination to give a supportive mattress that is also ideally comfortable.

The Mend mattress cover makes this mattress much more distinct. Not only is it soft and breathable but likewise uses a smart yarn that has a lot of added advantages. This innovative material uses bio-active minerals in the yarn that is not only toxin-free using no harmful materials, but likewise helps your body recover quicker and even help with your skin by keeping it younger and smoother.Slumberland Mattress Sale Mn

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Slumberland Vs Sealy On Reddit

Slumberland and Sealy both do not have enough reviews on Reddit. However, the reviews that we found are quite basic, lacking any details and stuff.

But lets see what this person says about Sealy mattresses

Not bad but not too promising either!

And this one has something to say about Slumberland Stores

What Does The Slumberland Mattress Range Offer

The Affinity System – Slumberland Harmony Collection

There is a mattress to suit every sleeping style as Slumberland mattresses are available in four different styles. Each one is based on one of the different comfort levels: firm, medium and plush. They all come with a reassuring nine years service warranty and a one-year guarantee. Slumberland is perfect for back and stomach sleepers, the Slumberland Décor Mattress will quickly get you dreaming. It has a firm comfort level with a weight limit of 120kg per person. In the middle of the range is the Slumberland Décor Pillow Top Mattress. It has a medium comfort level, which will lull almost anyone into a peaceful sleep. The Slumberland Décor Pillow Top Mattress has a weight limit of 120kg per person. At the top of the range is the Moonlight Ranges Slumberland Relax and Slumberland Aspire Mattress. With a 130kg weight limit per person, these mattresses provide lumbar support right where its needed, so youll wake up smiling.

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Rollo Hybrid Duo Plus

The Rollo Hybrid Duo Plus mattress sits at the top of their range and its designed for those who like a softer feel. This is a hybrid mattress that combines 2,900 pocket springs with memory foam to create a mattress that is supportive but at the same time equally comfortable. It features a total of 5 layers and measures 28cm in height. The cover is made of a quilted fabric that is made entirely of plastic bottles. It feels soft and luxurious and it has a modern design. On the sides, there are 4 handles that will help you rotate it when needed. Overall, its a mattress with great specs that comes at a reasonable price. If you look for pure comfort, this one can be a great choice.

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When Should I Buy A New Mattress

If you’ve noticed three of the following signs, it might indicate that you need to purchase a new mattress:

  • You wake up more tired in the morning than you were when you went to sleep the night before.
  • When you get out of bed in the morning, you experience pains and aches in your body.
  • There are mattress coils poking out of your mattress.
  • Your mattress is sagging in the middle causing you to roll into the centre of the bed.
  • Your mattress looks uneven and lumpy.
  • The edge is sagging and has collapsed.
  • Your mattress creaks every time you move.
  • Your mattress is over 8 years old.

Ft King Size Slumberland Copper Seal Mattress

Slumberland Esprit Pocket 800 Mattress

Dont let the drop in metal value make you think the Copper Seal mattress is inferior to the Platinum or Bronze Seal. It does clock in at nearly half the price, but the Copper Seal mattress has consistently excellent reviews across the board. One phrase that comes up time and time again in customer reviews is the ever-desirable value for money.

Those pocketed coil springs that make the Platinum Seal mattress so desirable are here in force, all 1,600 of them keeping you in the lap of luxury and keeping partner disruption to a minimum. It cant stop them snoring though Sorry!

The same Rheia foam and EdgeMAX technology found in the Platinum seal are present. Theres also the comforting, homespun feel of natural cotton and felt tufts complementing the knitted surface of the mattress. The natural cotton is also perfect for maintaining a constant temperature, which means you can stay cool at the height of summer and toasty in the middle of winter.

The Copper Seal mattress will make your bed the perfect one to climb into and snuggle up in at the end of a long day.

All of these Slumberland mattresses are manufactured in the United Kingdom and come with an eight-year guarantee. As weve seen, they are all made to the highest specification. Being part of the Vintage range, theyre on trend as if a good nights sleep was ever uncool with the current vogue for a vintage look. Beneath that exterior, theyre at the forefront of ultra-modern mattress innovation and design.

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Do I Need To Buy A Hard Mattress

No, the support of Slumberland beds and mattresses depend on their innerspring system and their core comfort fillings. All beds from Slumberland are manufactured with innovative innerspring systems that are created to provide both support and comfort, so if a softer mattress is more comfortable for you, it will still provide you with adequate support.

Ft King Size Slumberland Bronze Seal Mattress

The Bronze Seal mattress is, like its Platinum cousin, one of Slumberlands Vintage creations. Its geared towards those who like a firmer mattress, as opposed to one you disappear down into. That doesnt mean youll feel like youre sleeping on bare boards 1,800 pocketed springs are packed in with Slumberlands comfort layers. Everything about this mattress is geared towards a refreshing nights rest, keeping you and your dreams afloat.

The Bronze has the added bonus of being available in modern blue or grey colours and having handles, making it easy to move and install . Most of the specialist features that the Platinum Seal has the Rheia foam and EdgeMAX are included too.

Taking bronze doesnt mean you have to miss out on a golden nights sleep. These days its all about the natural and the Bronze Seal mattress is quilted and lovingly endowed with natural fibres like cashmere, wool and silk.

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Slumberland Mattresses For Sale

The Mattress Warehouse offers Slumberland mattresses at a bargain price. Look out for our specials on the Slumberland price and consider our PayJustNow offer. This allows you to get the bed now and pay it back later in three interest-free instalments. You can choose to pay over six weeks, three or 24 months. An added benefit is that each Slumberland bed comes with a nine years service warranty and a one-year guarantee. Apply for a Credit Account.

How Can I Dispose Of My Old Mattress

Taft Sofa Available at Slumberland

We’re committed to protecting the environment, which is why we offer a recycling service to dispose of your old mattress for you.

If you opt for this, we’ll simply take your old mattress away when we deliver your new one. That way, it will be 100% recycled and none of it will go to landfill. Read more about our mattress recycling scheme.

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Slumberland Premiair Aero Gel Fusion Mattresses

Cooling mattresses dont come much better than this. Handmade, they feature cool-touch fabric and an air ventilation system for consistent air flow and moisture-wicking. If your sleep is disrupted by allergies, these hypoallergenic mattresses are the way to go. Dust mites and bacteria are kept at arms length by the probiotic fabric treatment of the mattress.

The beauty of this supportive mattress lies in its Posturepocket spring system. An effective choice for limiting neck and back pain, these Slumberland mattresses offer exceptional pressure relief and provide body contouring for greater comfort.

Discover Your Preferred Mattress Type And Comfort Level

In our large collection of mattresses for sale, we offer a full range of mattress types. Discover your preference among a wide variety featuring classic innerspring construction, uplifting latex designs, body-conforming memory foam, and hybrid models with varying degrees of support. Everybody is different, and mattress comfort levels are very personal. At Slumberland, we carry a comfort type to suit your desires, whether they lean toward firm, plush, or land somewhere in between.

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Should I Buy A Memory Foam Mattress

If you’re looking for a mattress with additional support and enhanced comfort, Slumberland memory foam mattresses are a great option. A memory foam mattress has the following advantages:

  • Relief for pressure points as the mattress adjusts to your unique shape and figure.
  • Support for each body part as your weight is spread evenly across the mattress. The material supports your lower back and curves to fit your body and allows your spine to lay in a natural position.
  • Reduced back and shoulder pain, which is particularly useful for people suffering from painful joint conditions such as arthritis.

The Verdict: Bensons For Beds Rollo Slumberland Hybrid Duo Mattress

Slumberland Silver Seal 2000 Pocket Mattress

If youre looking for more support from your mattress without losing that satisfying, squishy feel, then this is the mattress for you. Its a great all-rounder than we think will suit most peoples needs.

It arrives neatly packed, takes seconds to unroll and lays flat within a few minutes, a convenient and fuss-free process.

We couldn’t recommend this enough for mild back pain sufferers, as we felt better supported, more comfortable and well-rested after just a few days of sleeping on it, and for less than £600, it left us impressed especially when other hybrid mattresses can cost upwards of £1,000.

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The Slumberland Memory Plus 1800 Collection

The highly-engineered Slumberland Memory Plus collection promises superb support, wonderful comfort and a cool and refreshing nights sleep. Mattresses feature Slumberlands PosturepocketTM spring system, ventilated edge support, breathable memory foam and even a layer of responsive mini springs. The ranges divan bases are beautifully upholstered in a choice of fabrics and are offered with optional storage drawers or spacious under bed ottoman storage. Made in Britain. A Furniture Village online exclusive collection.

Independent Reviews On Slumberland Mattresses

While the company says it is a firm mattress, Paradise is a medium-firm mattress. The triple layers of pocket springs regulate the temperature by improving the airflow throughout the mattress. The innerspring also offer good compression while keeping par with the firmness.

Usually, with innerspring mattress, people expect a certain amount of bounciness. With Paradise mattress, you can expect decent bounciness due to its firmness restriction.

The mattress incorporates Actipro technology. This is the latest in the mattress technology. It uses a natural probiotic for not only a more natural sleep but also resists allergens by neutralizing the bacteria. This also helps in improving the durability of the mattress.

Here are few of the reviews for Slumberland Paradise 3000 Pocket Mattress.

  • Kevin says that the mattress offers him a luxurious feel. Though it is soft, it offers him good support. He was feeling a bit sore in the mornings but with proper comfort and support, it gradually went away. He is on the heavier side but the mattress deals with his weight with no effort.

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Mattress Buying Guide: Take The Stress Out Of Mattress Shopping

Mattress shopping can be incredibly frustrating. With so many online mattress companies, there are more choices than ever before. Plus, most of those choices are now online-only, which means you have to rely on online reviews which, while full of good information, arent a substitute for trying the mattress in person and getting a personalized recommendation.

Before you know it, youve extensively researched five different brands, read 100 reviews, and are still hours away from confidently making a choice.

But what hasnt changed is the positive impact finding the best mattress for you can have on your quality of sleep and overall health.

At Slumberland, we help customers find the right mattress by getting to know issues they need to solve. Are they experiencing lower back pain or do they have a medical condition like fibromyalgia and need advanced pressure relief? Do they sleep hot at night? Is the mattress for one person, or two people with different sleep styles?

This Slumberland Mattress Guide is a distilled version of the experience you get when you speak to a Slumberland sleep expert. And while theres no replacement for talking to an expert in-person and trying the mattress yourself, we hope this helps take the stress out of online mattress shopping.

Our mattress buying guide covers:

Are you ready to try a mattress in person? Visit one of our Slumberland locations today.


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