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Where Can I Buy Mattress In A Box

Allswell Offers More Competitive Prices Than Most Of The Gen Z Bed In A Box Brands As Well As Instagrammable Hybrid Mattresses With Luxurious Features


Delivery: Free, with in-home setup and mattress removal available for $149.

Returns: You get a 100-day trial, with free returns.

What makes them unique: All Allswell mattresses are made of a hybrid memory foam/coil blend with advanced features like cooling gel, edge support, and a quilted top panel.

Get the Allswell Hybrid Mattress for $265+.

Leesa’s Mattress Comes In Foam Or Hybrid Versions That Are Medium

Pricing: Starts at $449.

Delivery: Free. There is also white-glove delivery available for $150, with in-home setup and mattress removal included.

Returns: You get a 100-day trial with free returns.

What makes them unique: Leesa donates one custom-made children’s mattress to a family in need for every ten they sell.

Get the Leesa Hybrid Mattress for $934+ and the Studio Mattress for $449+.

Making Your Mattress Feel At Home

Mattresses usually arrive a few days to a week after an order is placed. Although the cartons are compact , they can be heavy, ranging from 60 to 150 pounds, and difficult for someone to wrangle alone.

Shipping is often free, but for an additional fee almost all these companies offer white-glove delivery, similar to the services offered by a traditional retailer. Casper charges $75 to $100 to move a mattress into a bedroom and set it up, and an additional $50 to remove the old one.

A mattress-in-a-box, which is usually foam, is compressed and rolled or folded before shipping. If youre setting it up yourself, follow the steps outlined by the manufacturer. If you bought a bed frame or platform, put that together first.

Because it can be heavy and unwieldy when fully open, the mattress should always be taken to the bedroom where it will be used while its still in the box. Once you take it out of the box, Regan says, put it on your box spring or platform before removing the plastic.

Some will be wrapped in multiple layers of plastic others have only one, Regan adds. You can use scissors or a knife to open them, but take care not to puncture the mattress.

Once the wrapping is removed, the mattress regains the volume that was lost when compressed for shipment. It can take a few minutes to a few hours for it to regain its full shape.

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What Type Of Mattress Doesn’t Need A Box Spring

To decide whether you need a box spring, figure out what type of bed frame you have. If you have a traditional bed frame with no slats or support beams, you’ll need a box spring for support.

These bed frames are supportive enough that you don’t need to add a box spring:

  • Reinforced metal frame: If your metal frame has support wires or beams running across it, it likely won’t need box spring. The metals supports offer enough structure for the mattress.
  • Platform bed frame: Platform beds get their support from either a solid piece of wood or built-in slats. These beds are closer to the ground and may have built-in storage.
  • Adjustable bed frame: Adjustable foundations are designed to change the angle of the head and foot of your mattress. These beds won’t work with a box spring since it needs to be able to manipulate your mattress directly.
  • Nolah Original Best For Couples And Light Sleepers

    10 Best Mattresses You Can Buy Online

    If youre a light sleeper thats easily woken by the feeling of your bed partner moving around then the Nolah 10 Original mattress could be the perfect mattress in a box for you.

    Because the all-foam design is superb at dampening both vertical and horizontal movements throughout the mattress to reduce the chance of you disturbing each other as you get in and out of bed and shuffle around during the night.

    But even if you sleep alone, the Nolah Original is a fantastic medium firmness mattress that uses an alternative to memory foam so that you can get excellent pressure relief and stay cool without getting bogged down as you try to switch positions.

    Learn more in my full Nolah mattress reviews, or check out the summary below and click the button to check out the specs on the Nolah sales page.

    Recommended For

    • Couples superb motion isolation and no springs make this a quiet mattress that absorbs movements very well.
    • Side sleepers the pressure-relieving qualities of the foam can help to remove the pressure points on your hips and shoulders in the side sleeping position.
    • Front and back sleepers the medium firmness and high-density base foam can help to keep you in good posture and guard against sinkage.
    • Lighter weighted sleepers the compression afforded by the foam can allow you to sink further into the materials if youre a lighter sleeper under 150 lbs to experience deeper comfort.


    More Benefits

    • 100% made in the USA for better quality control.

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    Mattressfirmcom Is The Largest Specialty Mattress Store In America Think Of It As An Enormous Warehouse Designed To Match You With The Best Mattress For Your Sleep

    Pricing: Starts at $199.99.

    Delivery: Free, including tracking information. They also offer four levels of premium delivery services starting from $24.99 if you want your mattress set up for you, if you need your old mattress removed, or if you have a very short delivery window.

    Returns: They offer a 120-night trial with a $99.99 return fee.

    What makes them unique: They have a super wide selection that includes air mattresses and crib mattresses. Shop all their bed-in-a-box brands here.

    Get the Beautyrest Plush Pillow Top Mattress for $349.99+ and the Serta Perfect Sleeper Sapphire Canyon Plush Pillow Top Mattress for $1099.99+.

    The Novosbed Memory Foam Mattress

    The Novosbed is a close second to our top mattress and for good reason. This premium bed in a box mattress offers three firmness levels including soft, medium and firm, giving you the ability to select just the right level for your preference. If you find that after 60 days you do not have the right level of firmness or softness, Novosbed offers a free comfort+ addon which zips right on the top of your mattress to make adjustments without having to send it back.

    This mattress has three layers of foam in addition to the washable cover. The comfort zone of foam allows for air circulation to disperse heat and give you that perfect cool night sleep. Below that, the transition zone is a high-density foam layer that provides body contouring, pressure point relief and movement isolation. This is also the layer that helps reduce that motion between sleeping partners, so you can have a restful nights sleep. Even if your partner is tossing and turning all night. The final layer provides the base support for even bodyweight distribution.

    • Three different firmness levels of Soft , Medium , Firm
    • After 30 days a free comfort+ zipper top add on can be added to achieve the perfect level of firmness or softness
    • Soft and durable washable cover
    • Great support for all types of sleepers
    • 15-year warranty and 120-night sleep trial
    • Foam layers allow for heat dispersal which equals a cool nights sleep
    • High-density memory foam, superb for pressure relief and movement isolation
    • Made in Canada and USA

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    Zoma Hybrid Best For Athletes And Recovery

    If youre an athlete, gym-goer, runner, sporty person, or a business professional that needs to recover fully and deeply every night then the Zoma Hybrid mattress could be ideal.

    Because in addition to being specifically designed for athletes, the Zoma all-foam and hybrid mattresses are actually used by professional sportspeople like Solomon Simmons , Gavin Lux , and Oshane Ximines .

    More specifically, the zoned support and targeted pressure-relieving qualities of the Triangulex gel memory foam can help to improve circulation and increase comfort to promote faster muscle recovery and deeper sleep to help you gain an edge in your physical and mental abilities.

    But even if youre not a professional athlete, the Zoma hybrid is still an excellent purchase if youre just looking for a better nights rest.

    Recommended For

    • Physically active people the Zoma hybrid mattress may help to reduce DOMS by allowing for better circulation by reducing pressure points on your body that may otherwise impede blood flow .
    • Entrepreneurs, business people, and high-performance individuals if your profession requires you to be mentally at your best every day then the deeper recovery afforded by the Zoma hybrid mattress could give you an edge in your field.
    • Front, back, side, and combination sleepers the medium-firm feel combined with the responsive Reactiv foam and the springs makes this a well-rounded mattress that should suit most sleeping positions and styles.


    More Benefits

    We Reviewed Dozens Of Organic Eco

    Best Mattress in A Box To Buy! Top 10 Picks

    Finding an affordable organic mattress can be daunting, but a good nights sleep shouldnt be elusive. We spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping, yet the average mattress contains a cocktail of chemicals and flame retardants.

    In 2021, consumers have more options. A new cohort oforganic and natural mattress brands are shaking things up by giving consumers options that are better for their bodies and the environment. Weve included brands that meet the following criteria:

    • ORGANIC & NATURAL | Each of these organic mattress brands use a range of healthy and non-toxic materials, including natural latex, organic cotton, organic wool, and organic bamboo. None contain harsh flame retardants or toxic chemicals.

    • ECO-FRIENDLY & GIVE BACK | Each mattress brand employs ecofriendlyproduction practices. Many are made in the USA, significantly reducing their environmental footprint by keeping production local. We also sought out brands that give back to their communities by donating high-quality natural mattresses to families in need or participating in other charity initiatives.

    • DIRECT TO CONSUMER | The direct to consumer model allows companies to offset costs by cutting out the middle person, keeping production in house, and selling directly to the consumer online. These companies are innovating ways to offer greener mattresses so you can have a healthy nights sleep regardless of your budget.

    Wishing you good luck in your searchlet us know your favorites in the comments!

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    A Graphite Latex Mattress Designed To Help Boost All Aspects Of Performance

    Recore is an entirely new type of mattress-in-a-box, both in its design and in its mission. While most mattress brands seek to maximize comfort or sales, Recore helps to maximize your overall daytime performance through the latest insights in sleep science. How? By optimizing the conditions necessary for fully restorative sleep. Recore uses performance-grade graphite latex, a SilverCharged antimicrobial cover, and Vortex cooling gel foam. Prices start at $749 CAD.

    Layla Makes Its Mattresses Flippable So That Each Side Is A Different Level Of Firmness Except You Don’t Have To Flip It To Get The Chill Side Because Each Side Is Cool Due To Its Copper Gel Foam Technology

    Pricing: Starts at $599. You also get two free Layla pillows with every order.

    Delivery: Free

    Returns: You get a 120-day trial with free returns. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

    What makes them unique: Their mattresses’ dual-sided quality makes them ideal for sleepers of all kinds. Plus, the copper in the foam cools down the body and also offers antimicrobial protection while you sleep.

    Get the Layla Memory Foam Mattress for $599+.

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    Avoid Memory Foam If You Sleep Hot

    We talked a little bit about how some mattress materials cause your body to heat up. If youre prone to getting hot at night, you should exercise caution when you evaluate memory foam models. The lower-end options mostly use pure memory foam, which can trap your body heat and make sleeping comfortably a challenge.

    Instead, you can consider either a hybrid or latex mattress. Innersprings with their circulating air are known for sleeping cool.

    But that does not mean that memory foam is completely out. If youre set on it, look for options that have a breathable design or gel or copper infusions that work to draw the heat away from your body.

    Choosing The Right Mattress: The Ordering Process

    10 Best Mattresses You Can Buy Online

    Buying a mattress can seem like a daunting task at first, especially if you suffer from a sleep disorder or have had difficulty finding a comfortable bed in the past. The wonderful thing about buying a mattress online is that companies almost always outline who their mattresses would benefit most.

    Once youve chosen a mattress you think youd like, you can start your ordering process. Most online mattress companies offer a variety of services during the ordering process to make your experience better. If, for example, you would like to pay for your mattress in installments, some companies offer financing through companies like Affirm. Applying for financing usually only takes a few minutes and a couple of clicks during your ordering process. And, you can customize the way youd like to pay.

    Keep in mind that depending on where your mattress is made, it may take longer to ship to your home. Mattresses from the online retailer, Avocado, for example, are all made in and shipped from California. Some companies may offer expedited shipping for customers who want their mattresses right away. Typically, you can expect your mattress to arrive at your home in around 3 to 10 business days. But, you should check the companys shipping information online to confirm.

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    Easy To Move And Setup

    When you purchase a bed in a box, the mattress comes vacuum-sealed in a box delivered directly to your door. This box can easily be maneuvered through the house by just one person. This saves the hassle of setting up a delivery time or trying to find a truck so you can haul the mattress home from the store. Not to mention, a vacuum-sealed mattress in a box is much easier to get up the stairs and make those tight turns than a traditional mattress.

    Idle Hybrid Longest Sleep Trial And Warranty

    If buying a mattress in a box makes you nervous because youre worried about the suitability and quality of the mattress then you should consider the Idle Hybrid from Idle Sleep.

    Because this mattress comes with a sleep trial that lasts 1.5 YEARS and has a LIFETIME warranty.

    This means that you can try this mattress out for more than a year through all 4 seasons to ensure that youre comfortable in a range of temperatures with a view to return it if youre not happy.

    The 18 month trial period also allows you to send the mattress back if you notice premature sagging or body impressions forming, whilst the warranty will protect you against qualifying defects thereafter.

    The mattress itself is double-sided for enhanced durability and a longer lifespan, whilst the medium, luxury firm, and medium/luxury firm options make this mattress an excellent choice for average and heavier weighted front, back, and side sleepers.

    Recommended For

    • Front and back sleepers the medium option should be suitable up to 230 lbs whilst the luxury firm may provide a touch more firmness that can help to guard against sinkage and maintain good posture if you weigh more.
    • Side sleepers if youre between 130 and 230 lbs then the medium option should be suitable, with the luxury firm potentially being better at heavier weights .
    • Combination sleepers the specially designed buoyancy foam combines with the springs to provide the bounce responsiveness required to make switching positions easier.

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    How Do You Know An Online Mattress Company Is Reputable

    Vetting brands is an important step during the mattress selection process. How can consumers tell which companies are reputable?

    A good starting point is the Better Business Bureau , an independent nonprofit organization that reviews individual companies. The BBB awards letter grades based on a number of factors, such as time in business, number of customer complaints, and the companys response to these complaints. Any brand with a BBB grade of B or better should be considered fairly reputable. If the grade is lower, take a minute to read the reasons why an unfavorable rating was given.

    Customer and owner reviews can also be a helpful source of information. However, we dont recommend looking for reviews on the online mattress brands website. Many companies nest negative reviews in hard-to-find areas of the site or arrange all reviews in a way that makes them difficult to sort. Instead, visit online forums and message boards dedicated to mattress topics. The review and comment sections of mattress retailer websites may also offer insights into certain brands. Sites that distinguish verified owners from other reviewers are most trustworthy. Also consider visiting websites that rate businesses based on customer reviews, such as Yelp And Trustpilot.

    What Sets Us Apart

    Best Mattress In A Box Online (Which Bed Should You Buy?)

    At Mattress Firms locations in Joplin, MO, you wont believe how far your budget stretches.

    As Americas favorite neighborhood mattress store, we started as a handful of mattress stores more than 30 years ago in Houston and have since evolved into the nations largest mattress retailer. No matter what your sleep style is, well always have your back, side and stomach, and we wont rest easy until you do.

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