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Where Can I Buy The Purple Mattress

The Best Memory Foam Mattresses You Can Buy Online

Nectar vs Purple Mattress Review (2020) – Which Should You Buy?

Weve slept on and group-tested dozens of mattresses, reported on their components, interviewed experts, and determined the best for every budget.

Were not sure how well this mattress will hold up over the long term, especially given that we dont have any data to confirm the durability of the proprietary Purple Grid top layer. Some owner reviews complain about sagging and quality deterioration. That said, the middle and bottom polyfoam layers seem fineat 1.8 and 2 pounds per cubic foot, respectively, theyre right in the range of what experts believe to be durable. One staffer and his wife who have owned the Purple for just over three years are still happy with theirs. Hes around 180 pounds, and his wife is about 130 pounds, and they havent yet noticed any problems with body indentations or sagging.

Back Sleepers & Stomach Sleepers

Back sleepers also need plenty of support for your lumbar region and a bit of pressure relief. For heavier sleepers, you may prefer a firmer mattress as Purple could feel too soft, and these sleepers could end up sinking too much into the bed. If you are between 130 and 230 points, this is the best option for you. Still, preferences will definitely vary from one person to the next.

The problem of support is getting more prevalent with stomach sleepers. Theyll definitely require an even more firm foundation to avoid the build-up of any pressure points that can strain shoulders, necks, as well as lower backs. Being a stomach sleeper who weighs more more than 130 pounds will definitely require more firmer mattress.

Why You Should Trust Us

As Wirecutters senior staff writer on the sleep team, Ive spent hundreds of hours researching and sleeping on mattresses. Ive also visited mattress factories to learn how quality beds are made, and Ive interviewed experts in materials science and the mattress industry. For this review, I analyzed owner reviews to spot trends in what owners seem to like and dislike about the original Purple and Purple hybrid models.

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Why Would I Buy A Bed Ive Never Touched Or Laid On

Purple and other online mattress companies realize youre taking a chance purchasing a bed youve never laid on before. How do you know its a good bed for you needs?

To ease your anxiety purchasing something youve never laid on, Purple offers a 100 night risk free trial. If before those 100 nights you dont like the bed, Purple will pick up the bed free of charge and give you a full refund.

So whats better? Buying a bed you lay on for five minutes at the mattress store or buying a bed with a 100 night full refund option? Once you weigh the options its an easy choice.

Is Tempur Pedic Mattress Worth It

Rolled Up Queen Purple Bed Mattress Sample In A Box

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding to use a TempurPedic mattress. TempurPedic mattresses last longer than most other brands, so the value of the mattress only matters if you want to keep the mattress for a longer period of time. You need to know if you like the memory foam feeling.

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Hybrid Premier 3the Ultimate No Pressure Mattress

Whats in the Mattress:

50% more Purple Grid than the Purple Hybrid for more plush pressure cradling

Sleep Surface:

3 Purple Grid | Weightless No Pressure Support

Grid Support:

Responsive Support Coils for enhanced No Pressure Support

Mattress Cover:

StretchMax Top with ultra-breathable side panels

Can You Flip A Tempurpedic Mattress

Most mattress manufacturers recommend turning the mattress over every few months. However, Tempurpedic mattresses cannot be returned. These mattresses are designed to stay in their original position and not wear out. If you notice your mattress getting wet in the middle, it’s most likely your mattress.

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How Comfortable Is The Purple Mattress

Averaging 4.4 out of 5 stars from over 21,000 reviews, Purple customers have a lot of good things to say about the comfort of their mattress on Purples website. Some customers write that their Purple mattresses have helped them sleep through the night and relieved joint and back pain. Some more critical reviews say that the mattress is too firm and doesnt allow freedom of movement.

Is There A Purple Mattress Topper

Purple Mattress Review – What YOU Should Know (Before You Buy!)

In a nutshell, no. At the moment Purple doesnt make a mattress topper, probably because its mattresses are so good and so affordable on their own that you dont need to supplement them with a topper.

If you are looking for something to protect your new Purple mattress though, we would recommend looking at the Purple Mattress Protector . Theres also a specific Kid Mattress Protector available for the Kids Mattress.

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Do Purple Mattresses Sag

Although the Purple mattresses contain some sturdy materials and the company states the Purple Grid will stand strong after ears of use, its not impossible for the mattress to sag. The most likely reason for the mattress to sag is an unsupportive foundation. The warranty information states that mattresses are only eligible for coverage if they are used on a firm, flat, non-spring foundation.

How Does The Purple Bed Feel

The Purple bed looks and feels more like a gel or silicone-like material, unlike any type of memory foam or poly foam. The top layer is laid out in a grid formation, which creates a bunch of tiny squares across the beds surface. The polymer material is extremely soft, flexible, and responsive. In fact, Hyper-Elastic Polymer can be stretched to 15x its original state. Try doing that with foam and see what happens .

We know what you might be wondering. How does it feel to sleep on a Purple Bed? Honestly, pretty weird at first. We like to compare it to a huge Dr. Scholls insert. Some people love it, some people hate it.

What really makes Hyper-Elastic Polymer special, though, is that its also really supportive. You kind of get the best of both worlds with the Purple mattress. Its soft, comfortable and pressure relieving, yet its also able to support all types of sleepers.

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Is A Sleep Number Bed Worth The Cost

The Sleep Number bed is definitely worth it if you want a mattress that especially suits your sleeping style. Their high-quality construction also makes Sleep Number beds a good long-term investment. Are Sleep Number Beds Good? Sleep Number beds are ideal for people who have back problems and want to adjust the firmness or need a durable mattress.

Overview Of Purples Reviews

Comforthome Queen Size Quilted Mattress

Purple has been making the best mattresses since they debuted in 2015. With the addition of the new hybrid mattresses, Purple now has an option regardless of your preferred firmness or favored sleep style.

It appears Purple gets positive reviews across the board, with reviews mentioning their great products and customer service. Specifically, positive reviews suggest their Purple bed sleeps cool and relieves aches, pains, and pressure points. If youre a combination sleeper or tend to sleep hot, you may want to choose a Purple bed for its unique hyper-elastic polymer technology.

Negative reviews of the mattress mentioned it is not the best choice for lighter individuals because lighter individuals do not have the body weight to sink into the hyper-elastic polymer grid. Additionally, some customers had negative opinions of the feel of the Purple Grid, mentioning its a different feel than what theyve been used to in a bed. If youre a fan of a more traditional mattress feel or have a smaller body type, the Purple probably isnt for you.

We hope our guide has helped you decide if Purple offers the best mattress for your sleep needs. If youre still on the fence, check out our other mattress reviews to learn about different brands and mattress types on the market.

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What Do Purple Mattresses Cost

Purple makes the Original Mattress in seven sizes from a Twin to a Split King, with prices varying based on size. The basic model, which combines the Purple Grid and poly foam, gives you the weightless feeling and support thats signature to Purple.

Heres pricing information for the Purple Original Mattress:

Purple Original Mattress Size

*Pricing as of 04/29/2020

Used Purple Mattress: Where To Find One Near You

Do you want to learn where to find a used Purple mattress? Here’s our quick guide to finding one for a great price. Even though they may be in like new condition, they’re sort of like a car. They lose value as soon as they’re out of the box. That means you can score a deal you can find used Purple mattresses for sale locally and nationally. Which Purple mattress should you get?

You can often find the original Purple and the newer Purple hybrid models listed for as much as 40% off!

Note: we may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

You can get a great deal on a used or pre-owned Purple mattress, if you know where to look. Most of the time they’re in really good condition.

People don’t want to jeopardize their refund and it’s a lot of money, so for the most part, they will keep their Purple mattress like new. I sold my original Purple mattress to upgrade to one of the hybrid mattresses. It had a Purple mattress protector on it the whole time. After 3 years, it still looked new with no stains, tears or visible wear. But most of the used Purple mattresses are within the sleep trial, so less than 100 days old.

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Mattress Types & Materials

The most significant selling point of these mattresses is their scientifically-engineered Purple Grid, made from hyper-elastic polymer. The hyper-elastic polymer grid is advertised as the worlds first no pressure surface and is designed to increase airflow throughout the mattress, relieve pressure points, isolate motion, keep you cool while you sleep, and be resistant to allergens.

All of the materials used in their beds are CertiPur-US® certified, which means theyre free from harsh chemicals and low on VOCs.

In addition to the Original mattress, Purple has released a collection of hybrid mattresses containing a pocketed coil system. These new mattresses are called Purple Hybrid and the Purple Hybrid Premier The design of each of these mattresses does not vary drastically, but the firmness varies from bed to bed. Below, well break down the layers of each mattress.

What Is The Difference Between It And The Usual Mattress

Purple Mattress Review ( Casper and Nectar Mattress Comparisons!)

Purple comes in different sizes, starting from twin size to California king, and provides the distinctive cushioning their unique fabrics provide. The Purple grid is a foundational aspect of the features that make Purple a special mattress as it acts like memory foam but gives an even more responsive bounce. The mattress is constructed in a grid system that allows airflow to pass through the spaces between the foam, thus regulating temperature without sacrificing its overall comfort.

In terms of construction, every mattress has a 2 inches of Purple exclusive grid that is over a 3.5-inch polyfoam layer. This is further supported by 4 inches of polyfoam with high density, a standard in most full-foam mattresses to provide the complete cushion form and form.

The design is enhanced by a polyester-viscose blend fabric that helps to regulate temperature and gives an excellent cooling sensation. Expect each mattress to come in at roughly 9.25 inches high and thick enough to fit most body shapes, and applicable for most standard sheet sets.

To put it in the terms of a layman, expect a semi-firm mattress at an affordable price, while also providing high-end materials and superior quality. Additionally, Purple comes with several variations, including Hybrid, Hybrid and the Hybrid Premier. Mattresses that are accustomed to coil support are able to choose hybrids and enjoy the same experience but enhanced by Purples own technology.

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The Hybrid Models Feature The Following:

  • A thick and plush covering that adds a little extra coziness and sides wrapped with a material to create ultra-breathable side panels.
  • Pocketed coils, individual springs wrapped in fabric, provide responsive pressure support that complements the top polymer grid. According to Purples website, pocketed coils are not a new invention, but are a proven method of damping motion transfer and creating more airflow.
  • A buffer of transition foam around the perimeter of the Purple grid, which provides a more stable and nested feel at the edge of the bed.

How Much Does A Purple Mattress Cost

A Purple mattress can cost between $599 to $2,099. The brand offers the Purple Mattress, Purple Hybrid, and Purple Hybrid Premier. The Purple Hybrid Premier is the most expensive of the three, while the Purple Mattress starts at $599 only.

And if you are on a budget, you can try financing with 0% APR if you qualify. Purple gives you two options to pay, either with Affirm and Splitit. Affirm allows you to get a conventional loan, while Splitit and your credit card can help break up the payments for your mattress.

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Is There A Purple Mattress Discount For Military Personnel

In addition to offering regular discounts and deals, Purple offers a military discount to active, veteran, retired and reservist military personnel, as well as military spouses and registered dependents. This is a 10% discount off any order.

You can claim the Purple mattress military discount after proving your eligibility. Simply click the big green Verify Eligibility button on Purples military and first responders discount page and follow the instructions. If everything is in order, you’ll receive your verified status within 20 minutes.

There’s an evergreen 10% off Purple mattress deal for first responders, educators, and healthcare professionals too, so it’s worth exploring if the only current sale offers you see on the site are free gifts but no money off.

Moving A Purple Mattress Is A Two

Rolled Up Queen Purple Bed Mattress Sample In A Box

Its likely that youll need someone to help carry your new mattress to the bed and lift it onto the bed platform.

Purple mattresses are heavy, especially the larger sizes, which can weigh 200 pounds. When its first delivered, the mattress comes compressed in a big roll with carrying straps on the package to make it easier for two people to carry.

If youre moving, Purple has moving tips on how to wrap and carry your mattress for short and long-distance moves or storage.

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Where Can I Buy A Purple Mattress: Complete Guide

Do not be overwhelmed in answering where can I buy a Purple mattress because well talk about the stores where you can get one. Of course, you can always use their locator on their website, but its helpful to familiarize yourself with mattress stores. This article will also discuss some common FAQs that you might have when considering buying a Purple mattress.

Did you know that Purple even has one of the best queen-size mattresses? If youre interested in this bed size, you can check our in-depth review and find out why Purple made it into the list.

How Do You Move A Sleep Number Bed

Sleep Number bed movements are different from standard bed movements. With a standard bed, you simply lift the mattress and box spring off the frame, disassemble and move items from one location to another to complete the move. However, the Sleep Number bed uses a variable air pump and is made up of many parts.

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Why Buy A Mattress Online

Purple sells most of their mattresses directly to you, the consumer. Purple and popular bed-in-a-box mattress brands skip the showroom and pass the savings onto you. Not only do online mattresses tend to cost less than their brick-and-mortar competitors, but there are other benefits, too.

  • Sleep trials: Online mattress brands tend to offer more generous sleep trials. You may have 100 or 365 days to try out a mattress, and many brands offer free returns. Read more about the Purple Return Policy.
  • Warranties: Many online mattress companies back their mattresses with long warranties. Some brands offer lifetime warranties, something unheard of in the traditional mattress space. Read more about the Purple Mattress Warranty.
  • Promotions: You can shop for discount codes online, ensuring that you dont pay more than you need to.
  • Time: You save time shopping online!
  • Zero pressure: In-store mattress shopping typically involves a commissioned sales person. You dont have to worry about high-pressure sales tactics at home.

Who Makes The Best Mattresses

Purple Mattress Review

The most popular innerspring mattress among consumers between the ages of 18 and 55 is the Saatva mattress. This is no surprise to people who have been looking at mattress reviews in recent years – Saatva mattresses have earned their place among the best beds on the market with rave reviews.

Free mattress

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How Do I Find A Location To Buy The Mattress

  • We have many retail locations where you can experience Purples innovative comfort products. Find all retail locations HERE.
  • If you’re not near a retail location, don’t worry! We offer a 100-night trial with every mattress purchase. If you decide Purple isn’t a perfect fit for you within the 100-night trial, you can send it back.
  • Keep in mind, we ask all Purple customers to spend up to 21 nights on the Purple Mattress before starting a return or exchange. This time will allow your body to adjust to the incredible support Purple has to offer!

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