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Where Can I Try A Purple Mattress

How Do You Choose A Good Mattress

Everyone Will Want to Try Your New Purple Mattress

Finding the perfect mattress is a tough endeavor. Choosing the best one for your bedroom is important, as it could make or break the quality of your sleep for the next ten years or so. No one wants to spend money on a mattress that doesnât work for them â so where should you start looking? And how?

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Casper Vs Original Purple Mattress Comparison

The Casper and Purple mattresses vary significantly in their construction. The original Casper mattress features an all-foam construction and a Zoned Support system thats firmer near the middle of the mattress and softer near the head and foot. As noted above, the Purple is primarily constructed from the brands proprietary hyper-elastic gel polymer.

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These construction differences produce very different feels. The original Casper has a balanced foam feel thats responsive and bouncy. As weve discussed, the Purple has a squishy-yet-firm feel thats also bouncy and responsive.

These mattresses also differ slightly in terms of their firmness levels. We ranked the Purple at 6.5/10, while we ranked the Casper a touch firmer at 7/10.

The mattresses are most similar when it comes to price. Depending on discounts and coupons, both mattresses should cost around $1,000 or so for a Queen size.

Who Should Get The Casper?

  • Folks who like a balanced foam feel
  • Back sleepers
  • Light- and medium-weight combination sleepers

Who Should Get The Purple?

  • Hot sleepers because the Purples materials allow for more airflow
  • Folks who want a more durable mattress
  • Heavier-weight side sleepers

Curious about the Casper? Learn more in our in-depth Casper mattress review.

What Is Purple Mattress Where Can I Try The Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattress, or simply The Purple, is an all-foam mattresswith it does not have springs, and uses Purples exclusive grid layer that makes use of the term hyper-elastic polymer. The layer, also known by the name of Purple Grid Layer, is composed of a comfort layer and a support core that is made out of a polyfoam.

The Purple is available at one firmness levelmedium-firm and is available in a variety of sizes that are delivered directly to your doorstep. This is in line with the growing trend in DTC which is a direct-to-consumer mattress companies with lower overheads to improve the quality of the mattress itself.

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You Might Like The Purple Mattress If:

  • You get hot while you sleep. The Purple bed’s design offers a massive amount of breathability and should help you sleep cooler and more comfortably.
  • You want a very bouncy, responsive bed.
  • You sleep on your side, back or stomach. It works for all sleeping positions, unless you weigh under 145 pounds and strictly sleep on your side.
  • You love Purple’s commercials and are open to being adventurous with your new bed.

The Essential Purple Experience That Supports Your Back And Budget

Gizmo Kids Linden Purple 2
  • Two inches of breathable GelFlex Grid to cradle pressure points like hips and shoulders while keeping the rest of your body fully aligned.
  • SoftFlex knit cover designed to let you feel the complete instant response of the GelFlex Grid.
  • GelFlex Grid support paired with our two-layer original foam base to give you outstanding, soothing sleep.
2â Hyper-Elastic Polymer material in Purple Grid Non-toxic polyethylene copolymer powder coating
Middle Layer 3.5â 1.8 lbs density polyurethane foam
Base Layer 4â 2.0 lbs density polyurethane foam
29% Viscose 67% Polyester 4% Lycra
Non-Slip Bottom 100% Polyester stitchbond with non-FR coating
Fire Retardant Non-Toxic Knit Barrier
Basic Care Spot clean with mild detergent . Machine wash/dry not recommended.

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Sleeping Positions For Purple

Whether you sleep on your side, stomach, or back or a combination of the three we think youll be just fine on Purple:

  • Side sleepers. Youll feel the pressure relief under your shoulders and hips, but the remainder of your body should feel as though its floating on top of the bed.
  • Back sleepers. You should get a weightless-like experience, where your body feels buoyant.
  • Stomach sleepers. Similar to back sleepers, you should feel buoyant, as though youre just floating there.
  • Combo sleepers. We really like Purple for combination sleepers for two main reasons. Firstly, its able to handle all the sleep styles. Secondly, it has such a responsive profile that rotating positions takes next to no effort.

Are The Purple Hybrids Good Mattress For Heavy Sleepers

Heavy Back SleepersI recommend these sleepers stick the Premier 3 because it is thick enough to last but not soft.

Heavy Side Sleepers: The Premier 4 is a good choice for heavy side-sleepers. These people will find the Premier 4 comfortable due to its thick grid layer that allows for lots of sinkage.

Heavy Stomach sleepers These beds are not recommended for heavy stomach sleepers. They require a firmer bed to provide the best support. One of our best mattresses for heavy people could be a better fit. Where Can I Try A Purple Mattress

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How Firm Is The Purple Mattress

In terms of firmness, honestly, its hard to rate the Original Purple bed given the unique characteristics of the polymer top layer. However, if you really pulled our collective arms, wed say its about a medium on the firmness scale. Overall, the Purple mattress finds a really nice balance between pressure relief and support.

The Purple Mattress Face Mask


Purple Mattress face mask 2-Pack: The Purple Mattress face mask features moisture-wicking Breeze Mesh thats also found in Purples cool pillows. The mask also has a built-in cotton filter. Its available children and adult sizes. . View Deal

Face masks are a part of everyday life now. As a result, Purple Mattress has set out to make the most comfortable face mask possible. The Purple Mattress Face Mask 2-Pack sells for $20. The triple-layered mask is available in kids sizing, small/medium, or large/extra large.

The reusable mask features elastic ear bands that wont chafe your ears. According to Purple, they can stretch up to 400% from their resting size without losing their shape. What makes the mask unique is that it also features moisture-wicking Breeze Mesh from Purples cool pillows. Theres also a built-in cotton filter as an added layer of protection.

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The Nerds Take: Whats The Bottom Line

The Purple mattress utilizes an innovative design for pressure-relieving sleep without the typical heat retention of an all-foam mattress. The top layer is a gel grid that responds to weight, creating a floating sensation and evenly distributing body weight. The level of support is best for back and side sleepers who weigh less than 230 lbs. The bed is responsive and does a good job minimizing motion transfer, so its also a good choice for people who share the bed.

What Is Purple Mattress How Long Can I Try A Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattress, or simply The Purple, is a mattress made of all foam, which means it does not have springs, and uses Purples exclusive grid layer that utilizes the term hyper-elastic polymer. The layer, known as the Purple Grid Layer, is comprised of a comfort layer and a support core that is made from a polyfoam.

Purple Purple mattress is available in one firmness levelmedium-firm and is offered in various sizes directly to your door. This is in line with the rising trend of DTC mattress firms with lower overheads to enhance the product it self.

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How To Test A Mattress In

Shopping for mattresses online is convenient for those who dont have the time to visit. However, you can make the most of getting a bed in the store by knowing how to test it. Purple mattresses are available in their showroom, but you can also visit the nearest store in your area.

  • Consider calling Purples Customer Service for their possible recommendation, so youll know what mattresses to check when you visit the store
  • Research about the mattress model to help you create questions to ask
  • Measure the space in your room to get the ideal mattress size for it
  • Dress in comfortable clothing to help you get the true feel of the Purple mattress
  • We have also created an in-depth guide on testing a mattress if you want to learn more tips and tricks.

    Will Purple Hybrid Work For Most Body Types

    Alok Furnishing Purple Abstract Satin Bed Sheet

    As it turns out, the answer is yes. We think people with lower body weight will be able to get comfortable, as can people with moderate or higher body weight.

    The bed will appear firmer to people with lower body weight and soft to people with higher body weight, but as long as you know that, we dont have issues on the support side of things.

    The 7.5-inch pocketed coils, combined with the Hyper-Elastic Polymer, offers a great deal of bidirectional support. Most people will feel as though theyre floating along this mattress. Its a unique but highly comfortable sensation.

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    Does Purple Do Sales

    Purple does sales, and you can subscribe to their social media accounts to help you stay updated with their coupon codes and sales. You can even contact the company if you want a bulk discount from a retailer. In addition, Purple often has limited-time deals and ongoing promotions that you can check on their website.

    Should I Order Through Amazoncom Or Purplecom

    • A look at the differences between ordering your Purple mattress through the two most popular methods. There are significant differences with the return period, final cost, promotions and how quickly you receive the mattress.

    This content is accurate and true to the best of the authors knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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    Sleeping Style And Body Weight

    Side Sleepers:

    The Purple mattress excels at providing a mix of support and pressure relief to lighter side sleepers. Side sleepers need their hips and shoulders to sink into a mattress a bit to maintain spinal alignment, but not too far, or theyll experience increased pressure. Side sleepers also need a mattress to have a supportive transitional layer so they dont develop pressure points in their shoulders or hips. The Purple has the right mix of contouring and support to relieve pressure in most side sleepers under 230 pounds.

    Heavier side sleepers, on the other hand, are unlikely to find enough support in the Purple. A mattress of a higher firmness level would be a better choice for this group, and more likely to provide them with the firmness and spinal alignment they need. The Purple rates 6 out of 10 in terms of firmness, and heavier side sleepers might prefer a bed that rates 6.5, 7, or higher instead.

    Back Sleepers:

    Back sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds find the Purple mattress provides them enough lumbar support and pressure relief. Most back sleepers in that weight group will enjoy the bed. Some sleepers between 130 and 230 pounds also find a nice mix of support and pressure relief in the Purple, though some might prefer a firmer mattress.

    Under 130 lbs.

    Purple Hybrids Vs Leesa Hybrid

    Try the Purple Mattress at The Sleep Shop in Hudson, NC

    The Leesa Hybrid is similar to the Purple Hybrids and combines foam layers with pocketed coils for support and pressure relief.

    But it is more traditional than any Purple bed, so it could work for those who arent sold on Purples unique feel.

    For couples or back sleepers, the Leesa Hybrid is my recommendation.

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    Average Weight Sleepers 130 Lbs 230 Lbs

    Most average-weight sleepers should find the original Purple to be a great mattress for back sleeping . Side sleepers who are on the heavier side of the spectrum should be heavy enough to collapse the gel grid and enjoy pressure relief around the shoulder and hip, but lighter-weight folks will probably feel that the bed is too firm in this position. Average-weight stomach sleepers should enjoy the Purples supportive nature.

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    What Is The Purple Hybrid

    Lets see what these beds actually are! Im sure most of you want to learn more about that special Purple Grid layer. This is the stretchy purple top layer that gives Purple mattresses their unique feel.

    Below Ill detail the grid as well as all of the mattress layers. It is important to remember that all Purple Hybrids have the exact same construction. The only difference is the amount of Purple Grid each bed uses.

    Cover All these mattresses feature a breathable and stretchy polyester blend mattress cover.

    Comfort Layer Just below the cover is the hyper-elastic, smart comfort grid. This grid is extremely cooling, buoyant, and supportive. While its kind of hard to describe how this polymer material feels, Id liken it to a water bed in that it cradles your body as you move. The original purple Hybrid has 2 inches of Grid, the Hybrid Premier 3 has 3 inches, and the Hybrid Premier 4 has 4 inches. The more grid you have, the more comfortable the mattress is.

    The Purple Grid.

    Transition Layer Next youll find a layer poly foam. This transition foam allows the sleeper to slide through the soft top grid onto the more solid pocketed coil system.

    Support Layer: The bulk of Hybrid Premier or Hybrid Premier mattresses consists of a section made of pocketed coils. These springs, which are very buoyant, help to lift the sleeper higher and further out of the structure. These beds will make you feel on top, as the pocketsed coils and polymer grid create a lot of buoyancy.

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    Who Started Purple Mattress

    Purple has some imaginative names especially twins Terry as well as Tony Pearce, who are material and manufacturing experts, respectively. They utilized both of their knowledge to create modern versions of things they felt required more care in terms of structure and comfort.

    This led to their creation of Floam, a high-tech cushioning fluid used in various items including footwear and medical instruments. The problem of Floam lies in the fact that it was only available for institutional bodies as the price to develop the tech was expensive.

    So the two brothers decided to develop a lower costing Floam and then came up with their own Hyper-elastic Polymer. It is soft, stretchy and durable, the Hyper-elastic polymer quickly became the primary aspect of what makes the Purple mattress comfortable and supple at the same time.

    Purple Vs Purple Hybrid

    Mezzati Bedspread Coverlet Set Purple

    The Purple Hybrid features the original Purple mattresss comfort grid but adds responsive support coils at the core for improved airflow, responsiveness and durability. The Purple Hybrid is a slightly firmer mattress, which leads us to recommend it for stomach sleepers.

    The original Purple is more affordable and does a better job dampening motion, which makes it a better choice for most budget shoppers and light sleepers who share the bed. However, the springy feel of the Purple Hybrid is excellent foradult activities.

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    Which Purple Mattress Is Right For You

    As we conclude our Purple Mattress review, only you know your sleep needs and budget. To recap, heres what you should consider as you explore Purples latest lineup. Remember that mattress feel is subjective, so these general suggestions are only the first step in figuring out which Purple mattress is best for you.

    Looking for something a tad on the firm side?

    Wed recommend trying the original Purple or Purple Hybrid first. While both of these mattresses offer the same cushioning Purple Grid as the other models, their base comfort foam and pocketed coils respectively, create a firmer surface for most sleepers.

    How about something more plush?

    Wed recommend starting with the Purple 3, Purple 4, or Purple Plus. The extra GelFlex material in the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 and 4 creates a softer surface for most sleepers, while the extra layer of comfort foam in the Purple Plus serves a similar purpose.

    Finally, how tight is your budget?

    The original Purple Mattress is hands-down the most affordable option Purple offers. So if you want to experience Purple on a budget, this is your best bet. Purple Plus and the Purple Hybrid are mid-tier options that add additional features for a modest increase in price. Lastly, the Purple 3 and Purple 4 are excellent, top-of-the-line mattresses. As such, they may not be the best fit for those on a very tight budget. While financing options are available, these are premium mattresses priced similar to other top-end brands like Tempur-Pedic.

    Where Can I Try A Purple Mattress Our Purple Mattress Hybrid Review 2021

    Purple Hybrid mattresses offer the same Purple feel but are more durable and supportive. Where Can I Try A Purple Mattress

    The Purple Hybrid mattress is made by the same company that created Hyper-Elastic Polymer, the original Purple bed and the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 and 4. In fact, Purple offers three different hybrid beds, appropriately named the Purple Hybrid , and the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 and 4 . Below, Ill dive into the different reasons why you may want one over the other, and if theyre worth their price in general. Stick around to find out if a Purple Hybrid mattress is the right choice for you.

    Purple Hybrid , also known as the Purple 2, is the thinnest of the hybrid options and stands at 11 inches thick. Its firmer than the other models and is suitable for stomach and back sleepers. Its also the most economical Purple Hybrid mattress.

    The Purple Hybrid Premier is 12 inches thick and has a thicker Hyper Elastic Polymer comfort layer. This makes it feel a touch softer and it is around a medium-firm. Where Can I Try A Purple Mattress

    Purple Hybrid Premier 4 Purple Hybrid hybrid bed is the most expensive, but it is 13 inches thicker and more supportive than the others. Its similar to the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 and has a medium or medium-firm profile. We believe it would suit any body type.

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