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Where Is Puffy Mattress Made

Who Is Puffy Mattress For

Puffy Mattress Review (2021) – Want to Sleep on a Cloud?

The Puffy Mattress is best suited for:

  • People who need little comfort material to sleep soundly. This category includes lightweight and medium-weight people who love sleeping on the side.
  • People whose normal sleeping position is on their back. The mattress provides the comfort and support needed when sleeping on the back.
  • People who love foam mattresses.

Will My Weight Affect The Mattress Feels

The Puffy Mattress is designed to provide more comfort and support to all body weights. However, if youre a heavier person, youll always feel that the mattress is a bit softer. Your body is likely to press through the different layers of the mattress so it wont feel like a firm.

If youre a heavy person and weigh more than 250 pounds, you might feel more comfortable sleeping on the Puffy Mattress. It wont feel too firm as the weight of your body will press on it.

Petite and lightweight people are better off choosing a mattress that feels softer across the firmness spectrum in this case the Puffy Lux. A rather firm mattress might feel too firm for them so it will be a little uncomfortable to use.

Who Owns Puffy Mattress

The CEO of the online mattress company Puffy is Arthur Andreasyan. Puffy started with their famous cooling Cloud Comfort memory foam mattress called the original Puffy mattress, and nowadays, they have the premium model, Puffy Royal, and the most popular, the Puffy Lux. And according to CEO Arthur, what makes Puffy stand out is getting expert opinions and doing their own research when developing Puffy mattresses.

To further prove the quality and success of Puffy, you can find Puffy mattress awards on their website. Various sources like Forbes, CNET, Sleep Matters, Sleepopolis, Health, Best Mattresses Guide, Mattress Clarity, The Mattress Nerd, Healthline, Mattress Advisor, and Best Mattress Picks call Puffy the best mattress in various categories while also ranking on their lists.

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The Puffy Lux Mattress

The Puffy Lux Mattress adds a fourth layer on top of the three youll find in the Puffy Original Mattress. The fourth layer boasts Body Adapting Dual Cloud Foam. This high-density transitional comfort layer adds enhanced spinal support for a restful nights sleep. The Puffy Lux 12-inch Mattress offers medium-plush comfort and includes a washable mattress cover. This mattress is suitable for all sleep types and is a better option for those who require more support.

Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress

Puffy Mattress Review: Does it Live up to the Hype ...

Extra plush foam makes this Casper’s softest hybrid mattress yet. With seven zones of specialized support, this mattress is not too plush, and your spine should stay aligned all night. The cradling comfort foam combines with two layers of perforated cooling foam that promotes air flow and prevents heat trapping.

Like the Puffy Lux Hybrid, the Casper Nova Hybrid bed is constructed with a mixture of coils and memory foam. Both beds are also 12 tall and are a good match for back sleepers. The Casper Nova is a bit firmer than the Puffy Lux, making it preferable for lightweight and average-weight stomach sleepers.

The Casper Nova has a thicker cover that reminds us of sweater material, so its certainly not cool to the touch. But it incorporates two Airscape layers that offer breathability, and the pocketed coils that make up the base add support and temperature control. Casper beds also tend to be great for motion isolation, and the Casper Nova is no exception. Thats great news for co-sleeping couples!

See our full Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress Review to learn more.

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What Are The Puffy Mattress Ratings

The Puffy mattress ratings are based on our firmness scale of 1-10. We have listed our firmness rating for the mattress below.

Puffy: 5.5/10

The Puffy ratings for health, mood, comfort, lifespan, and material quality are listed below.

Health: 4/5

Puffy mattresses should improve health by providing better sleep quality and duration. Puffy should enhance sleep quality and duration by reducing joint pain. The contouring comfort foams can help ease joint discomfort. Puffy earned a 4 out of 5 because this brand will likely not work well for many back or stomach sleepers.

Sleep is directly tied to physical and cognitive health. When you have a good night of rest, you have more physical energy and better concentration. Adequate sleep can improve immune function, reducing your risk of illness or infection.

Mood: 4/5

Puffy should boost your mood by providing better and longer sleep. Puffy earned a 4 out of 5 because this brand may not allow stomach and back sleepers to wake up as refreshed.

Poor sleep quality and duration are linked to negative mental health side effects and can cause you to feel more irritable. When you get optimal rest, you should be in a better mood.

Comfort: 4/5

Puffy should feel comfortable for most side sleepers and lightweight individuals because their products are in the medium or plush firmness range. However, those who carry significantly more weight and people who sleep on their back or stomach may prefer a brand that offers firmer mattresses.

Sleeping On The Puffy Original Mattress

When we are back sleeping on the Puffy Original mattress, it is offering a fitting balance of comfort and support. Our hips sink through the comfort layer, but the transition layer keeps them from sinking in too far. Also, the top memory foam layer is providing nice contouring, taking the shape of every curve of our bodies.

Side sleeping, we are feeling some pressure on our shoulders and hips again, the top comfort layer is not extremely thick on the Puffy mattress. A good deal of side sleepers could feel some significant pressure when they are side sleeping on the Puffy, and this could make for an uncomfortable night of sleep.

Stomach sleeping, the Puffy Original is not supportive enough, especially under our hips. Our center mass is dipping into the mattress, and we can feel some growing pain in our lower backs.

See our best mattresses for lower back pain and sciatica.

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What Makes Puffy A Great Choice Of Mattress

  • The Climate Comfort foam layer of Puffy mattresses has advanced temperature and humidity-resistant materials that don’t react to heat, cold, and humidity. This comfort layer keeps consistent the support for a comfortable night’s sleep no matter what the temperature is.

  • The Cooling Cloud Memory foam disperses heat away from your body. Puffy’s Gel Infused Foam increases airflow 8x more than standard foam mattresses keeping the mattress surface cooler. Puffy moves heat away from your body for a night of better sleep.

    The memory foam relieves pressure points so you don’t toss and turn as much, plus it reduces motion transfer so your partner will not be disturbed you during the night

  • Puffy’s Firm Support Layer provides 99% better responsiveness and four times the support of other standard mattresses. You will get the underlying support to enjoy the top comfort layers all adding up to excellent sleep. The Puffy Lux has a spring base that adds bounce to the sleep experience.

  • If you prefer a more plush feel, try the Puffy Lux with its Plush Dual Cloud Foam. This additional layer adds contouring support to you for more relief on your knees, shoulders, and hips. The Puffy Lux base has contour-adapt coils for added stability and a soft bounce.

    Support & Comfort: Good

    Puffy Mattress Review – Should You Buy It???

    We should start right off by saying like other foam mattresses similar to The Puffy, it is unlikely to be supportive enough for very heavy people .

    This is due to its thin, relatively soft, all-foam construction, which will allow heavy body parts to sink deeply, causing spine misalignment and the likelihood of fully compressing the comfort layers and coming to rest on the firm high-density support core.

    In saying that, the level of support for people lighter than this is good. The memory foam comfort layer and polyfoam comfort/transition layer do a good job of allowing the body to sink where necessary while contouring, cradling, and keeping the spine supported and aligned.

    Well see how this support and alignment differs by sleeping position and bodyweight further on.

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    Suitability For Back Sleepers: Great

    While some of a mattresss suitability comes down to preferences around firmness and feel, a lot of it has to do with the requirements determined by both bodyweight and the sleepers preferred position.

    Back sleepers in the weight range that The Puffy Mattress is designed for should find they are excellently catered to.

    While at only a medium, it is not the firmest mattress, but back sleepers will find more than adequate support and spine alignment especially lumbar support which for back sleepers is vital to ensure the hips dont sink too far, putting the spine out of alignment.

    Puffy Mattress Topper Overview

    If youre currently on the lookout to get yourself a new mattress topper, we think the Puffy Mattress topper would be a suitable choice for you. Its both made with excellent quality and sold for a reasonable price.

    Today, weve come up with this review to help you examine all the details about the Puffy Mattress topper.

    Weve laid out all the details to help you realize if this topper is worth your money. If otherwise, you may be better off with other brands.

    Puffy is known to be a privately held company famous for its service, quality, and generous charitable acts with a mission to provide direct-to-door sleep products for everyone to afford.

    Along with its flagship mattresses, Puffy also offers bed frames, foundations, adjustable bases, beddings, pillows, comforters, mattress pads, and mattress protectors.

    And of course, they also offer mattress toppers will be the center of our review today.

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    Puffy Vs Purple Original Mattress

    The Puffy and the Purple Mattresses differ in the way they are constructed. The Puffy Mattress has a layer of memory foam placed on another layer, which acts as a transition point. The Purple Original Mattress uses a gel grid as a transition layer instead.

    The difference in the layers gives a separate feel for both mattresses as the Puffy Mattress has a balanced feel, while the Purple Mattress feels more squishy. Both of them are supportive and offer good comfort for the sleeper.

    Theres a difference in firmness, as the Puffy Mattress is much firmer than the Purple Mattress.

    If you want a more breathable mattress, the Purple Mattress is your best option. It allows for proper air circulation and releases more heat giving you a much cooler sleep experience.

    They are similar when it comes to price, a supporting base, and excellent customer service with friendly company policies.

    Construction And Materials Comparison

    Puffy Mattress Review [2021]

    The materials and construction methods used in any mattress help determine its comfort, durability, performance, and price. The typical all-foam mattress is made from multiple types of foam, generally variations of memory foam and polyfoam. Memory foam is typically softer and conforms more to pressure, and might be infused with other materials engineered to provide additional benefits, such as temperature regulation. Polyfoam tends to be denser and less pliable, and gives the mattress structure and support.

    What makes mattresses different from each other is the configuration of the foam layers, as well as the design and materials used for the cover. Well break down how the Nectar and Puffy mattresses are constructed and the materials they use.

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    What Are Other Available Topper Alternatives

    If you prefer a mattress topper with natural and organic materials, you may want to check the Avocado Mattress Topper.

    Premium materials make this topper, such as organic cotton, organic wool, and natural latex.

    Although, its sold double the price of the Puffy mattress topper. But, it is still reasonable considering the standard of materials its made of and the quality it offers.

    Why Purchase A Puffy Mattress

    While the Puffy mattresses are excellent, they are best suited to certain types of sleepers.

    The Puffy Lux ought to be a better choice for side sleepers who need more comfort, and the Purple Royal ought to be a excellent choice for those seeking a higher end mattress.

    We really liked the Puffy’s mix of pressure relief and support. We believe it would help to alleviate the aches and pains that some people today feel while sleeping on a mattress that isn’t hard enough for their sleeping style.Puffy utilizes an infusion of a cooling gel so that you sleep cool. And the stain proof cover makes this mattress a excellent choice for everyone.

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    Value For Money: Good

    While The Puffy is not anything out of the ordinary when it comes to technology or materials that would justify a high price tag, its middle-of-the-road quality and price tag make it about average in terms of value for money.

    However, the deep discounts that are often available boost The Puffys value for money and we would not advise buying one at full price.

    Ratings by Sleeping Position

    Puffy Mattress Plant Locations Updated Review 2018

    Puffy Mattress Review – Is It A Good Mattress?? (2021 UPDATED!)


    Made by hand made in the USA, Puffy mattress is widely regarded as one of the most comfortable mattresses available.The mattress has two layers, which have been created using only the highest high-end materials to provide the sleepers with a comfortable and restful sleep. Puffy Mattress Plant Locations Updated Review 2018

    The Puffy mattress isnt only seen as a top product however, it is also a top brand because of its dedication to social problems.

    The company offers mattresses to children. These include new mattresses, and mattresses that were returned.

    Puffy is known not only for its quality and customer service. They are also known for their acts of kindness, and their willingness to share. Puffy can currently be credited with as an Aby the Better Business Bureau, as of the time of this writing. When it comes to quality of service, Puffy enjoys a 5- star rating from about 85percent of its client base.

    If Youre looking to buy an affordable yet memory foam puffy mattress, its a great option. Puffy Mattress Plant Locations Updated Review 2018

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    What Are The Sizes Of Puffy Mattresses

    There are six Puffy mattress sizes available. Mattress size refers to the dimensions of the mattress, specifically the width and the length. The sizes of Puffy beds are as follows.

    • Puffy Mattresses
    • Puffy Mattresses
    • Puffy Mattresses
    • Puffy Mattresses
    • Puffy Mattresses
    • Puffy Mattresses

    The biggest Puffy sizes are the King and California King. The smallest Puffy size is Twin. People who weigh more than 200 pounds should choose a Queen, King, or California King to accommodate their frame. People over 6 feet tall should get a Queen, King, or California King. People who are under 6 feet tall can get any size. However, if they sleep with a partner, they should get a Queen, King, California King, or Split King.

    1. Twin Size Puffy Mattresses

    A Twin Puffy mattress measures 75 inches by 39 inches. The mattress thickness ranges from 10 to 14 inches, depending on the model you choose. The Puffy is 10 inches high. The Puffy Lux is 12 inches high. The Puffy Royal is 14 inches tall. The people who should buy this size are children, teenagers, and adults who sleep alone or have minimal space.

    A Twin mattress should work well for individuals who do not have a very tall or wide frame. If you prefer to spread out when you sleep, you will probably want a larger size, such as a Full mattress. The average price of Twin Puffy mattresses is between 899 and 1,649 dollars, and the model you choose also affects the price.

    2. Twin XL Size Puffy Mattresses

    3. Full Size Puffy Mattresses

    For How Long Will The Puffy Mattress Serve Me

    Considering the type of materials used to construct the top layers, the transition point, and the support base, we can estimate the durability to be five to seven years. Despite your weight or sleeping position, the mattress should be able to last you this long or more. If at one point you find out that the mattress is not very comfortable and causes you to experience back pains, you should consider changing it, whether it has crossed this time frame or not.

    Its important to note that this duration is just an estimate. The company has not been around long enough to determine an average lasting period. The estimate was made considering other factors such as the material used to make it, the users average size, and how often the mattress is used.

    The company offers favorable return policies and warranties that can help you get the mattress replaced or repaired if there are inconsistencies or defects. The best option is to contact the company as soon as possible so that you can get the services fast and even enjoy some discounts. For example, any defects on the mattress within the first 10 years can be replaced with a new mattress at no extra cost.

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    Is The Puffy Mattress Topper Really Worth Your Money

    With its price starting from $175 for a twin size, this mattress topper is priced at a mid-level point, which will suit a lot of customers.

    This cover offers an excellent breathable bamboo material and even provides 2 inches of memory foam for a very reasonable price. So its safe to say- that the Puffy Mattress does give you your moneys worth.

    Basing from comments we found in the customer reviews section of the Puffy website customers generally think that:

    • This topper offers high-quality sold for an affordable price
    • Excellently changes the feel of the mattress to be softer or firmer

    Although, it may seem a little suspicious that the website only offers 5-star reviews for the topper.

    We do think it would be best for companies to give out a wide range of customer experiences to help people decide better.


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