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Where To Buy Dormia Mattress

What Are The Benefits Of Latex

Best Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Latex is a unique material that is more similar to rubber than foam. When added to the top layer of a mattress, latex can be too firm but when added underneath other foams, it increases overall durability without compromising comfort. At Dozy, the latex we use is aerated which allows for direct airflow into the pocket coil section and helps regulate heat within the mattress overall.

Who Buys A Dormeo Mattress

Dormeo Octaspring became well-known in Europe due in part to its sales infomercials, unique foam spring system, and multimillion-dollar ad campaigns. In Canada, however, these marketing benefits may not have translated as the mattress was introduced on the other side of the Atlantic. Due of the high price point over $2,000 more than made-to-order online brands the typical Dormeo buyer is either: not very price sensitive or motivated to invest heavily in their mattress. They are also likely to consider brands like Tempurpedic and Beautyrest Black. Dormeo customers may also be inclined to negotiate a lower price with their salesperson or delay their purchase until a large seasonal sale.

For Canadian shoppers, the in-store test is even more important. Unlike with most online mattress brands, Sleep Country issues a $50 fee for those who wish to exchange their mattress after purchase. In-store credit is the only option for returns customers who are choosing between Dormeo Octaspring and another mattress may wish to try the one with a full refund guarantee first.

Can I Get A Refund If I Dont Like One Of Your Products

You may return or exchange an item within 25 days provided the product is unused and in its original, unopened packaging. You must provide your original sales receipt and the invoice emailed to you at the time of purchase.

Opening any packaging voids your ability to return the merchandise, however, you are still more than welcome to make use of our 125-night comfort guarantee.

All refunds and exchanges are subject to management discretion.

For more information, check out our POLICY page

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Yaasa One Hybrid Mattress Review

Extremely comfortable mattress

I tried another online mattress brand before this and did not like it at all. It was an all foam mattress and slept very hot. Im a bit of a bigger guy so I tend to sleep warm but I was extremely uncomfortable before. The Yaasa ONE has the hybrid springs which feels better for support and I dont sink in. The top quilted Gel cover keeps me feeling great. Highly recommend this mattress.-Greg F

Review from Sleepopolis Logan Block

POSITIVESOne of my favorite features of this bed is its tremendous bounce, which is likely to keep the sleeper on top of the bed.This buoyant lift could also make it a great fit for combo sleepers who need to be able to move and change positions throughout the night.The mattress is also compatible with the brands adjustable base, so could be fantastic for those looking for a little extra mobility.YAASA ONE COMPLAINTSAs far as cons are concerned, the biggest detractor is the beds weak edge support, which minimizes its overall usable surface area.Additionally, the Yaasa ONE slept hot, which surprised me as I found the original Yaasa slept quite cool.

The Proof Is In The Sleeping

Dormia Memory Foam Mattress

Dormeo® is one of the world’s fastest growing sleep brands. Delivering natural breathability, superior support, and luxurious comfort all while maintaining environmentally conscious sourcing and manufacturing. Browse our wide selection of Dormeo® mattresses, toppers and pillows to find your perfect sleep-solution.

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Great Pressure Relief Capabilities

Pressure points are specific parts of your body that, when they come in contact with the mattress, experience the biggest amounts of pressure. Most commonly, these parts would be your shoulders, lower back and hips.

High-end mattresses can help you avoid and, possibly, cure this issue. You see, many people who suffer from pressure point formation sleep on an old, worn-out bed. Doing so means that your spine probably isnt properly aligned to the surface of the mattress, and you end up in strange,exorcist-like sleeping positions at some point in the night.

Following that, since the pressure from your body isnt appropriately dispersed throughout the bed, it ends up focusing on some specific points, such as those mentioned above.

Most of the time, memory foam mattresses are going to be the best option in helping you keep your spine properly aligned. This material conforms and contours around your body, providing .

Dormeo mattresses do exactly that, but with much greater efficiency.

The super-unique foam coil design allows the Octaspring mattress to be much more correct and specific when it comes to contouring around your body curves. This is especially important for heavier people, since the bed in question shouldnt showcase any particular signs of sinkage .

So – if youre used to waking up all sore in the morning, and this causes some sleep issues and restrictions at night , customer Dormeo mattress reviews would likely point to the Octaspring as being a great option.

Edge Support Where To Buy Dormia Mattress

You wont have to fret about that with an Eco Terra mattress. The coils do an outstanding job of offering assistance from the centre of the mattress all the way to the edges. In basic, hybrid bed mattress tend to provide much better edge support than innerspring beds due to their pairing of springs and foam.

Practically all brand-new mattresses give off a faint odor when opened, however those smells are nothing to be worried about. Many natural latex mattresses dont give off a pungent off-gas like artificial bed mattress. Eco Terra has a scent instead of an odor.

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Dormeo Mattress Reviews: Pros

As with any other mattress review, well start off talking about Dormeo from the positive aspects of the bed in question – believe me, there are quite a few of them to cover!

That said, its important to mention that, while the company deals in many different mattresses , in this Dormeo mattress review, well be focusing on one, single model – the Octaspring mattress .

Why? A few reasons, actually.

First of all, judging from all of the customer Dormeo mattress reviews found online, its pretty evident that this particular model is one of the most sought-after beds that the brand has in stock. This is due to the products unique technologywell get to that.

Another reason is actually a bit more simple – the rest of the mattresses that Dormeo has in stock are quite straightforward. They showcase most of the expected features of that particular type of a bed, and its thus simply a better idea to talk about that one product that stands out of the rest.

And believe me – the Octaspring is truly Dormeos crowning gem.

Any Information On Dormia03 Jul 2013 1: 01#6

New Okimat 3 Adjustable Bed Motor.
  • Posts: 4

shirleyuguest wrote: Phoenix,I’ve heard from several sources that it was unwise to buy memory foam manufactured outside of the U.S.A. Here are a few Dormia Luna mattress I’m looking at has its foam made in China. Classic Brands customer service claims that all are CertiPUR.US. To quote from their email to me:“Per our conversation I am confirming that the memory foam and base foam used in Classic Brands mattresses contain certified flexible polyurethane foam, certified by CertiPur-US. Below is the link to the CertiPur-US website that shows Classic Brands listed as a company that offers products that are certified through their program.“For some reason, when speaking Classic Brands customer service rep, she didn’t want to specify Dormia Luna, saying that the fact they are shown/linked on the CertiPUR-US site should be enough. However, red flags come up for me at the rep’s reticence, especially when CertiPUR’s site states:Please be aware that while some companies only offer products with certified foams, other companies offer certified foams in certain products or certain product lines. Ask to be sure.Here’s a direct link to the site:ADMIN NOTE: *Removed 404 link|Archived Footprint: What do you think, Phoenix?Thanks,

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Dormeo Mattress Reviews: Cons

Medical conditions such as insomnia or sleep apnea can greatly impact your overall healththats pretty clear. While the Dormeo mattresses arent going to help you cure those issues, they can surely help alleviate their symptoms, as long as you choose the best mattress for yourself.

Having said that, this is something thats probably impossible to do without seeing the full picture, right? Well, in order to solve this issue, we need to take a look at some of the more negative customer Dormeo mattress reviews.

Comfort Is Worth The Price Tag: Dormia Delivers

I have owned a King-sized Dormia 10″ memory foam mattress for 3 years now. While initially I was hesitant to spend so much money on a mattress, I can now say that it was money well invested. I no longer wake up feeling stiff and achy. This mattress is excellent both for side-sleepers and back/stomach sleepers . After 3 years, this mattress looks and feels just like it did the first day we owned it. After getting used to this mattress, I don’t think I will ever be able to go back to an inferior spring mattress. Now, when I travel, I find myself eagerly anticipating my arrival home so that I can sleep on my own bed. As a fairly frugal person, investing so much money in a mattress was a difficult decision, but seeing the high quality of this mattress, how much it has improved my sleep quality, and how well it has stood up over the past few years, I feel assured that it was well worth the money spent.ComfortExcellent for both side-sleepers and back/stomach sleepers. Firm, not overly ‘squishy’.SupportIt contours to your body, but doesn’t cause you to sink.FirmnessJust the right level of firmness while contouring to your body.DurabilityHave used it every night for 3 years and looks and feels just like the first day we owned it.


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Why Are There Not More Coils In Your Best Model

The quality of coil count is measured using the number of coils in a standard QUEEN size mattress. On average, coil count ranges from 800-1200 pocket coils per QUEEN size mattress. A mattress with less than 800 pocket coils is less durable, over time it loses its ability to disperse weight and pressure, or contour to the curvature of your body. A mattress with more than 1200 pocket coils becomes unnecessary and doesnt increase comfort or durability in any significant way.

Where To Buy Dormia Mattress 2021 Online

Replacing an Old Dormia mattress.

Looking for Where To Buy Dormia Mattress

Many shoppers are drawn to bed mattress made with natural, organic, and sustainable products but are worried about price. Eco Terra set out to build a natural, economical mattress and the outcome is the Eco Terra mattress The business solely offers this latex hybrid mattress, which is made with organic cotton, natural wool, Talalay latex, and upcycled steel coils.

The Eco Terra mattress is offered in two firmness alternatives: medium and medium company . Having 2 readily available firmness levels guarantees there is a choice for almost every sleeping position and body type. Resilient latex and responsive coils ease pressure points while keeping the spinal column aligned.

The breathable building and construction of the Eco Terra mattress avoids sleeping hot. Because the mattress is made without harsh chemicals or synthetic materials, it is searched for by eco-conscious buyers. The mattress is handcrafted in California.

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Any Information On Dormia30 Jun 2013 1: 42#2

Dormia is a trademarked brand name for Classic Brands.They make some some good quality and value mattresses but a mattress is only as good as the quality of its construction and materials and the only way to assess any mattress is to know the specific details of all the layers and components in the mattress. The brand is just the name of a manufacturer that builds the mattress and puts the materials inside a cover .. and their label on the cover.The key with any successful mattress purchase is to test for it’s suitability in terms of PPP , compare it to other similar mattresses for quality, value, and likely durability based on the materials inside it, and then to add in all the other objective, subjective, and even intangible factors that are the most important parts of your personal value equation.Each manufacturer or “brand” makes many mattresses that usually range from lower quality and lower budgets to higher quality and higher budgets and the brand name itself is not nearly as knowing how to make meaningful comparisons between them.If you can list the specific materials and layers in the mattress you are considering I’d be happy to let you know my thoughts about it.PhoenixResearching for a mattress?… Be sure to read Click here for if purchasing from Our Trusted Members.For any mattress questions on our forum

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Do The Dozy Mattresses Sleep Hot

All Dozy mattresses have been designed with temperature control in mind. At Dozy, we use a non-traditional channeled quilt that helps diffuse body heat throughout the mattress preventing it from getting trapped in the tufts and pockets. Additionally, our Better and Best mattress models have gel-infused memory foam that reduces heat retention.

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What Our Customers Have To Say

Dormeo is the KING of mattresses!! We spent a lot of time researching and laying on mattresses and nothing compares. The technology they use makes for the most comfortable sleep experience. No more waking up sore or stiff or sweaty. They have found a way to conquer it all. This is the kind of bed you never want to get up from. Its the best of everything. Its firm enough but still plush enough and definitely cozy enough. They also have incredible customer service and truly value their customers. I recommend Dormeo to everyone I know. You wont be disappointed.


This is a comfortable mattress, running a little on the firmer side of medium firmness. It runs cooler than my Delux model Tempurpedic mattress it replaced. Overall, I am enjoying it. After the inflating period, I do recommend walking on it to break it in. I did and it feels a lot better. I have slept well on it and like the support.


The best thing I have purchased in a long time. For the first Time in a long time I get a great night’s sleep every night. I would highly recommend this product and this great service.

Carol Dirom-Holton

The quality of this mattress is amazing coming straight out of the box. The convenient delivery made this process so easy. I suffer from scoliosis and have always struggled with back pain. I am now sleeping better than I ever have before! Cant speak highly enough of this mattress. I am extremely happy with this purchase!

Anna S

Marc Dobson


What Is The 125

rosé on the ground | adaptación en español (karaoke/cover)

At Dozy, we offer a 125-night comfort guarantee on all opened Dozy mattresses. This policy entitles each customer to a maximum of 2 exchanges on their Dozy mattress if they decide it is too soft or too firm. The exchange request must be made after the 60-night break-in period, which ensures the mattress has time to reach its baseline before an exchange is processed. There is no additional charge on exchanges or customizations of the original model. This policy does not apply to other Dozy merchandise including pillows, foundations, frames, etc.

Please review our POLICY page for more information or feel free to CONTACT us in-store by phone or email.

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What Makes One Of Your Mattresses Better Than Another

At Dozy, we recognize that comfort is subjective. While we have done our best to rank our mattresses according to the materials used and the product-specific features, some people will inevitably disagree with our rankings. For example, someone who likes their mattress more firm might actually prefer our good option over our best option and vice versa.

This is why we encourage all our customers to visit one of our showrooms and try the mattress out for themselves to be sure it meets their sleeping needs and is comfortable as well.

What If I Purchase The Wrong Size Mattress

While we recommend that all customers double-check the size of mattress they need by measuring their current one, we recognize that things can happen. All our mattress products can be returned provided they are in their original unopened packaging. If the product has been opened, our mattresses are still protected under our 125-night comfort guarantee.

You can read more about the process of returning and exchanging our products on our POLICY page.

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Why Are Dozy Mattresses Not Compressed In A Box For Shipping

At Dozy, we try to ship all our mattresses the traditional way as compression isnt always possible depending on the materials being used.

However, we also recognize that in-a-box shipping can save a lot of hassle delivering in a tight space or as a single person so we do offer compression on The Essential and The Osgoode mattress models upon request.


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