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Where To Sell Second Hand Mattress

It Starts With Building Rapport And Includes Asking Early About A Shoppers Budget

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This is the second in a series of my interviews with Devin McNeal, who is general manager of three Ashley HomeStores, two Four States Furniture locations and two Americas Mattress stores in northeast Texas . I used McNeals mattress selling approach for the two months I worked on the floor at the new Americas Mattress in my hometown and found it to be tremendously effective.

There are lots of selling systems out thereMeet, greet, qualify and othersand there is nothing inherently wrong with them, but McNeal has boiled the approach he teaches retail sales associates down to only four steps. The real difference is that these steps encourage interaction, build rapport and allow real discovery of a shoppers situation and needs. Because of the open-ended, conversational style, RSAs are given more latitude, yet the approach also places a burden of responsibility on them to be well-equipped with product knowledge and communication skills, feel a genuine concern for shoppers well-being and, most importantly, believe in the products they offer. Otherwise, as McNeal says, an RSA would be a con artist. Harsh, but true.

McNeal envisions the four steps as being like a funnel, with the top of the funnel as the vital starting point. Once step one is completed, the successive steps fall into place, resulting in the closing step being a mere formality: No manipulation or pressure needed.

Things To Consider Before You Sell Used Mattress

A lot of people, when moving onto a new mattress, often ask the questions, âCan we sell our old mattress?â or âHow to sell used mattress?â Well, the answer is âyes,â used mattresses, if in good condition, can be sold at a very reasonable price. All those people who cannot afford the luxury of buying new mattresses are always on the lookout for second-hand mattresses in good condition. Make sure to consider the following selling a used mattress.

Mattress Age and Brand

Most mattresses have a life of about 10 years. If you are going to replace your mattress before that time, chances are, it can be sold off at a good price. If you have its warranty and original papers, proving the life authenticity of the mattress, it can be sold at an even better price.

Similarly, brand name makes a lot of difference. Used mattresses with reliable brand names can be sold off at higher prices than usual because consumers are already familiar with its qualities.

Mattress Care
Choosing a Selling Venue or a Suitable Shop

Second-hand shops are the best venues for selling used mattresses, provided they are in good shape. But you will get the least margin from these sales as these shops will keep their profit share too. Another possible place for selling your mattress is social media. You can advertise your mattress on different websites for sale or put them up in social groups.

Check State Law

If You Want to Donate Your Used Mattress Read Where to Donate a Mattress

Can I Spray Lysol On My Bed

When used as directed, our Lysol® Disinfectant Spray destroys 99.9 percent of the germs that may be found on the soft furnishings in your house. This products distinctive cap thoroughly covers vast areas without over soaking them, making it ideal for soft surfaces such as ornamental cushions, mattresses, sofas and other similar items of furniture. To use, simply spray the product and leave it to dry naturally!

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Things To Consider Before Selling

It’s not really ethical to sell a bed that’s not in good condition. If it’s one of the highest rated mattresses you can rest assured that it will last for a decade and still be in good condition. Here are some tips to increase the lifetime and sell value of your bed.

  • Use a mattress protector from get go
  • Don’t let your pets play in bed, they can ruin your mattress and sheets
  • Don’t let your kids jump on it
  • Wash your sheets regularly
  • Rotate on a regular basis
  • Don’t spill anything

Always Use Bed Sheets

We buy second hand beds

Sleeping on bare mattresses is the latest trend among Millennials and young people. But that is a big no-no if you have any plans of selling your mattress in the future.

Lying down on your sheet-less bed exposes the mattress to body oils, dirt, grime, and sweats. For pet owners, this makes it easy for your mattress to attract pet dander and other sources of stains.

This habit cannot only lead to an abnormal depreciation of your mattress, but it can also make it completely unsellable. Who do you think would be interested in paying for an overly stained and stench-filled used mattress?

Have you read the article we wrote about sleeping without bedsheets? to find out the top reasons why it is a terrible practice.

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Use A Mattress Topper Or Pad

Mattress toppers or pads are a must-have for extracting maximum value from your second-hand mattresses. Toppers or pads protect the mattress from making contact with your body as you sleep.

This provides insulation against exposure to dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells, sweat, and stains. For the best results, we recommend that you choose waterproof mattress pads or covers especially if you have young kids at home.

Besides, buffering your mattress also protects them from showing signs of wear and tear such as sagging in the middle.

Always keep in mind that the right mattress pads and protectors can keep your expensive mattress in a mint condition many years after purchasing.

Have you checked out the article we wrote about finding the right mattress protector on the market right now?

Best Time To Sell A Used Mattress

Speaking from a qualitative point of view, if youre looking to sell a used mattress, a good time to sell it would be before it is completely ruined or nothing can be salvaged from it. If it crosses a certain standard, even if it is allowed to be sold, youll feel guilty about the quality of your product, and eventually your business.

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Choose A Selling Venue

In most cases, mattress owners will not be able to sell their used model to a brick-and-mortar retailer. These establishments usually prefer to exclusively sell new mattress models. In the event that a brick-and-mortar store agrees to purchase a used mattress, the resale price will typically be quite low.

Community-based websites, forums, and social media pages can also be valuable resources for used mattress sellers. Many allow users to post ads directly on their sites. Sellers can supplement their digital advertising with physical postings in local newspapers and on bulletin boards throughout their community.

Before attempting to sell a mattress to an individual purchaser, here are a few important considerations:

For more information about mattress types and prices, please visit the guides listed below.

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Why Should You Never Buy A Used Mattress

Second Hand Bedding

Since buying a new mattress can drill a hole in your wallet, you may be tempted to go for a second hand one. However, used beds most of the time are worn out, damaged or unsanitary. Even if you find a quality used mattress, it still has its downsides. Lets explore these.


When it comes to second hand mattresses listed online, images can obscure internal damage: the mattress might be crooked, some of the coil units might be broken, it mightve been mishandled or transported improperly, and so on.

Be carefulsellers are usually biased toward the good and might cover up the bad and the ugly. Our point is that you might get what you pay for when you arent buying a new mattress.What makes a good mattressis the certainty that itll deliver comfort and optimal support. If hidden defects somehow compromise that, it can be a source of all kinds of troubles.


The majority of second hand mattresses are already worn out, so dont expect them to last as long as new ones. A quality mattresss usual lifespan is 7-10 years, so if you buy a 5-year-old used mattress, itll probably last for just another 2-5. Before buying, youll need to factor in its past tenure. If the previous owner is honest about it, youll probably only have a short time of decent sleep left on it. Usually, you cant even be sure exactly how old a mattress is when you purchase it.

Hygiene risks

Ageing material and technology

No warranty or return policy

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Selling Used Mattresses: How And Where

For entrepreneurs, any loose end is an opportunity. With todays needs changing, and our mindsets, along with it, a venture that would have been considered foolish once upon a time, is one that can make our life today. One such enterprise that has the potential to develop into something big is the business of selling used mattresses. People change their mattresses from time to time, depending on the quality of the mattress used, to avoid back pains and affiliated ailments. And, as they say, with one mans garbage being the treasure of another, it is up to you, if you wish so, to be the middleman in the deal and facilitate the change of possession who does not want mattress anymore, to someone who needs it.

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How Much Should You Sell A Used Mattress For

The first step while selling a used mattress is to decide how much to sell it for. Obviously, by the end of the process, the price would have fluctuated quite a bit and you might or might not have sold the mattress at the price you thought, but that is the first step, nonetheless.

The price of a used commodity is half the price of being sold, as mentioned before. However, used mattresses are not something people very willingly or enthusiastically buy. On average, a used mattress is sold for about 20 percent to 30 percent of its original cost. And if you manage to actually sell it for this ratio, you might as well consider it a win. Although, it is not easy and depends on the condition of the mattress.

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What Do You Need To Consider

While it is possible to sell a used mattress, it might require a bit of research. Bill Fish, Managing Editor of tells House Beautiful, âselling a used mattress can be difficult, as there are different laws in each state as to the legality.â also warns that the âsale of used mattresses is subject to far more regulation than most household items.â

In many states, a used mattress can be sold if it meets certain labeling and processing requirements, like professional sanitizing, if being sold in traditional retailers, thrift, secondhand, or consignment stores. Other states, however, only allow components of a used mattress to be sold . In any case, proper research into local laws and requirements is a must.

You might also want to consider if your mattress is even in good enough condition to be sold in the first place. Your 10-year-old mattress youâve had since college probably isnât sell-worthy, but a mattress that has been used sparingly and has been maintained well might be. âIf you have a relatively new mattress, but might not like the feel of memory foam, or dont feel the mattress is right for your body type and sleep preferences, then it could be a good time to sell,â says Fish.

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How Do You Sanitize A Used Mattress

We buy second hand beds

You can sanitize a used mattress in a few ways:

  • Use a Hand-Held Steamer. The steamers heat can kill more germs and eliminate dust mites, dirt, and debris.
  • Use an Antibacterial Spray. Lightly spray the entire mattress with a product like Lysol. Just dont soak it.
  • Try a Liquid Cleaner. Follow the directions on the bottle.
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    Is It Illegal To Sell A Used Mattress In Wisconsin

    Is it illegal to sell a used mattress in Wisconsin WI: No, but the condition must be clearly labeled. Is it illegal to sell a used mattress in Wyoming WY: Contact your local department of health. In many states, the law for retailers to sell used mattresses typically expects used mattresses to be clearly labeled.

    Aging Materials And Technologies

    Now, aging materials and technologies arent a problem for all used mattresses, since you can find newer beds. However, some can be a decade or two older and contain outdated technology, such as an innerspring foundation or traditional memory foam. Newer mattress companies stay up-to-date with the best sleep technology and include all sorts of materials for optimal comfort and support.

    An innerspring mattress is noisy and prone to breakage. Its newer alternative, the hybrid mattress, is more durable, quiet and provides better pressure relief. Traditional memory foam gets very hot and wears down quickly, so most companies use plant-based or gel-infused memory foam for enhanced durability and coolness.

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    Determining A Reasonable Price

    When selling a used mattress, it is likely that you will get a much lower price than its original retail value even if the mattress is barely used and in like-new condition.

    In such case you can try selling it for some 70-80% of the original price. However, if you are unable to sell it for that much, you should consider reducing the price even further.

    Factors that affect the condition of the mattress include:

    • Indentations or sagging in certain places
    • Splits or cracks in the sleep surface and coils or other materials protruding through the surface or side walls.
    • Loose threads, broken zippers and other issues with the cover
    • Signs of physical destruction such as cuts, scrapes, burns, stains from food or bodily fluids.
    • Lingering smells and odors
    • Buildup of dust mites and other allergens.

    Besides the condition of a used mattress, there are other things that can affect its resale price such as the mattress age.

    The average lifespan of a mattress is from 6 to 10 years. So, a mattress that has been used for a few years only or less will cost significantly more than one that has been used for longer.

    Also, a mattress that has been slept on every single night may also sell for less than a barely-used mattress from a guest bedroom.

    In addition, if your mattress has been used with a topper or mattress protector, it will be in much better shape than one that has not been used with these accessories.

    Golden Insights Into Mattress Prices

    Second hand bedroom set || Used sofa set Second hand Mattress for sale low price in Pakistan

    Going inside the minds of mattress shoppers reveals retailers are leaving money on the table in many transactions, according to a BSC survey We will call it mattress gold. Its the gift to retailers of helping them close more sales at higher prices. And that will bring golden benefits to their stores and websites in

    read the better sleep council blog

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    How To Sell Used Mattress In 3 Easy Steps

    If youre curious about how to sell used mattress with success, this three-step guide is here to help you! We will talk about practical tips to avoid issues and ensure that buyers will want your old bed. Remember that its not enough to know where to sell, but also how to sell your used bed.

    We can do many things to a bed we no longer use, but for those who want an extra income, selling it would be the most useful. However, you cant just post your used mattress online. If you want to know more, continue reading.

    How Much Can I Sell My Queen Size Bed For

    Generally speaking, a used mattress will command a resale price that is roughly equivalent to 20% to 30% of the original product price. If a mattress originally costs $1,000, then expect to resell it for $200 to $300 if the original cost is $2,000, then the resale price will probably fall between $400 and $600.

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    Research Applicable Laws & Regulations

    First off, understand that the sale of used mattresses is subject to far more regulation than most household items. In most parts of the US, used mattresses are allowed to be resold but they must meet certain labeling and/or processing requirements.

    Used mattress sale laws are regulated on the state level, so youll need to check for specific regulations in your local area. Some states require that mattresses be professionally sanitized before being sold. Most states require that used mattresses be properly labeled as used. Others disallow the sale of used mattresses, but allow for the sale of certain components of the mattress. Still others have very few, if any, regulations.

    If your state allows retailers to sell used mattresses , see if there are any used mattress stores in your area. If so, selling your bed to a retailer will likely be your easiest route. You wont get as much for it as you would selling directly to a buyer, but there will be far less hassle involved.

    How To Make An Outdoor Bed Mattress In 6 Easy Steps

    We buy second hand beds

    How to make an outdoor bed mattress? Making the most of your old mattress is a brilliant idea.

    Putting it up as something that works outdoor would be perfect.

    Seeing a mattress, sofa, or any other things inside the house is too familiar. It would be fun to innovate something that could also be part of your exterior.

    Most of us walk inside the tour house to rest and relax. I thought that there are times where laying down inside is too dull.

    So, I have thought of ways to have good air to breathe, a comfortable space to lay in, and a breathtaking view of nature comes in.

    Making an outdoor bed mattress is no joke.

    There are many things to pull off, but then, a new experience is worth the try.

    Have you ever thought of putting up your bed outdoors to have a good view, breathe some fresh air, and feel the bliss of nature?

    Well, if you havent, this article might change your mind.

    This activity or project could be helpful, and it is beneficial.

    When you have a good quality mattress and go for an upgrade, you cant just throw the old one if it is still usable.

    It would help if you thought of ways to innovate it.

    You can make an outdoor bed mattress if you would like.

    Follow these steps, and I assure you everything will be worth it.

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