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Will Rooms To Go Remove Old Mattress

Local Schools Churches Or Community Theaters

BedPlanet Mattress White Glove Delivery & Old Mattress Removal

If you have old computer desks, tables or chairs in good condition, some local organizations may be able to put them to good use. Many schools, churches and theater departments operate on small budgets, and may be able to use your old furniture for an upcoming event, meeting or show. When in doubt, it never hurts to ask. Give your community organizations a call to see if they have a need for your gently used items.

Delivery Terms And Conditions

If Mattress Warehouse fails to provide you, the buyer, with an actual or estimated delivery date, or fails to deliver the ordered product within two weeks of the estimated delivery date, you may:

  • Cancel the contract and receive a full refund or credit equal to your deposit
  • Modify the contract by selecting another product
  • Negotiate a new delivery date with Mattress Warehouse

However, if Mattress Warehouse cannot cancel the order with the manufacturer or supplier, Mattress Warehouse is not required to allow you to exercise these rights and will not allow you to do so.

The delivery fee includes delivery of merchandise, placement in the room of your choice, and the removal of shipping materials. It does not include assembly or setup of merchandise or removal of old bedding.

Any and all requests of the delivery driver must be made during the delivery. Please understand the driver cannot return to the premises post-delivery if the wrong setup directions were initially given to the driver by you or the responsible person you designate.

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Get Furniture Hauling Help Today

Do you need to get rid of an unwanted couch or old dresser? Are these large items difficult to recycle or donate on your own? Get some help and have your junk furniture hauled away today. No matter what condition the furniture items are in, LoadUp disposal services will professionally haul everything away and handle all the heavy lifting from in or outside of your home and still stay contactless. Our safe, reliable and touchless furniture pick ups are the easiest way to get rid of old furniture responsibly in your local area.

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How To Haul Away A Mattress

  • Use a waste disposal service: Mattress hauling is part of waste disposal. You can call a dumpster rental or waste disposal service that will pick up and haul your mattress for you. Prices vary, and youll have to do some extra work, like wrapping it tightly in plastic, if you suspect your old mattress has bed bugs. .
  • Have your new mattress company haul your old one away: Many mattress companies will haul your old mattress away to recycle it when they deliver your new one. This is by far the easiest option since you wont really need to do anything other than pay a small fee for the labor involved in removing and hauling away your old mattress. Here are some things to know:
  • Generally, the fee is under $30.
  • Some companies will haul your mattress away for free as an added incentive to have you purchase your new one from them.
  • Best for local moves.
  • Many online retailers dont offer this service.

Furniture Stores Offering Old Furniture Removal

Twins Putting Themselves to Bed

There are a few furniture stores offering haul away service when you purchase a new piece of furniture from them.

However, many dont remove your old furniture, even when they deliver your new furniture.

Below you will find information about businesses that offer old furniture removal services and other ways you can get rid of old furniture when the furniture store wont do it for you.

Furniture Store
Does not remove old furniture
Does not remove old furniture
Does not remove old furniture
Does not remove old furniture
Will haul to curb, one-for-one
Does not remove old furniture
Removes sleep sets only, one-for-one
Removes sleep sets only, one-for-one $25+
Does not remove old furniture
Does not remove old furniture

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Mattress Warehouse Is Locally Owned And Operated

Serving our customers for 30 years, Mattress Warehouse opened its first store in November 1989 in Frederick, MD. The first Mattress Warehouse store was located in a mere 1200 square foot area and the first warehouse was a self-storage locker! Times have changed and we now have more than 250 convenient Mattress Warehouse store locations and we continue to grow.

Every time you shop at a Mattress Warehouse store location, youre supporting local business with local sales staff, helping to boost the economy in your home town. Because were locally owned and operated, we also try to utilize other local businesses when choosing companies to work with this keeps our small towns and communities active and healthy!

Our products

Mattress Warehouse carries the largest selection of quality name brand bedding Serta, Sealy, Stearns & Foster, TEMPUR-Pedic, Kingsdown, Aireloom and more. Our professional sales staff can find a mattress for any type of sleeper that is comfortable, supportive and affordable we have a mattress for everyone!

We dont just sell mattresses

We offer a wide selection of sleep products too! We carry pillows, sheets, mattress protectors, bed frames, platform beds and more. No matter what your sleep experience requires, we can make sleep happen for you!

Financing is available

Hire A Junk Removal Service

A junk removal service will send professionals to your house to determine the cost of removing your furniture. If you agree on the price, they will load up your items and haul them away. This is a good option for getting rid of a couple big-ticket items on the spot. But because junk removal prices are often based on the total volume of your items, it may not be the best choice if youâre working on a full home cleanout or an ongoing junk removal project. Do your homework before hiring a junk removal company for your furniture disposal.

– Offers a scheduled removal of your furniture. – Best for removing a few pieces of furniture.
– No heavy lifting involved. – Price is subject to increase upon arrival.
– Cost of furniture removal increases per item.
– Must be present for pickup.

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Are There Additional Fees For Business Deliveries With Special Requests

We take great pride in our delivery program but realize that business customers have needs that differ from residential customers. We are able to meet most sidemarking and timing requirements through our specialized business delivery program. We can also deliver your order to multiple locations. Additional fees will apply for business services outside of our standard delivery program.

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Get Rid Of Old Furniture With Loadup Junk Removal

Mattress Disposal & Mattress Recycling (How Junk Removal Experts Recycle and Sell your old Mattress)

Because getting rid of the old furniture when replacing it can be such a hassle, many people to solve their problem.

In most cases, you would use a junk removal company if you have bulky items to get rid of that wont fit in your garbage bin or several items of small, miscellaneous junk.

Hiring a junk removal company is like hiring movers, except your old patio furniture gets taken away forever instead of being taken to your new home.

Junk removal is by far the easiest option for getting rid of bulky junk items such as old furniture. Junk removal companies have one thing in common: they pick up and dispose of things that people no longer need, want, or have room for.

This makes junk removal the perfect solution for getting rid of old furniture when the furniture company you are buying from doesnt offer that service.

Looking for top-rated furniture removal?BOOK A PICKUP

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Founding Of Rooms To Go

Rooms To Go was founded in 1990 by Jeffrey and Morty Seaman after selling Seamans Furniture. They opened the first Rooms To Go in Orlando, Florida on September 7, 1990. Rooms To Gos founding concept was the sale of whole room packages, using the slogan: Buy the piece, save a little. Buy the room, save a lot! Furniture was offered in predesigned rooms, targeted at consumers looking to save both time and money, without sacrificing quality, when shopping for home furnishings. Jeffrey Seaman envisioned a different merchandising approach that reflected his experiences as well as successful trends in retail, not necessarily the furniture business alone. This included trends such as bright, colorful stores, large glass walls, and a friendly atmosphere. Seaman was comfortable sharing authority and information leading to the assembly of his executive management team. Throughout this time, Morty Seaman took on an advisory role to his son which Jeffrey Seaman has said was essential to the early success of the company.

White Glove Furniture Delivery Service

Your search for “furniture stores near me that deliver” ends here. Finding the right piece of furniture at the right price is challenging enough. Still, if you cannot find an affordable furniture delivery service for the item, it can be a dealbreaker. At Mor Furniture, we know you want stylish furniture with convenient, timely, and well-priced delivery options. When you shop with us, you know that all our pieces of furniture can be delivered to you at affordable prices. We even have free delivery for many items in our stores. We are committed to offering our customers the lowest possible price on every item. We are also committed to providing furniture transport that is good value. When you purchase from us, you can select our white glove furniture delivery service.

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Tips For A Successful Delivery:

  • You or someone over the age of 18 MUST be home to receive your delivery.
  • Have all rooms ready. Existing furniture must be moved and the pathway to the delivery area must be clear.
  • Remove all fragile and valuable objects from the delivery path.
  • Notify your salesperson of any special details such as apartment building number, security gates, elevator use or street access restrictions. Provide any special instructions for rural areas and mountain homes. Our truck may not be able to get close to your home.
  • Be sure to measure your room and your furniture! Measure doorways, ceiling heights, staircases and basement access. Some furniture will not fit down stairways or through door openings or around corners. Our drivers will not force items where it cant go and risk injury or damaging your home. Our Space Planner is a great tool to start with.
  • Have pets is a secure place away from the delivery area.
  • If you are moving or closing on a new home, do not schedule your delivery until you have keys in hand.
  • Have driveways and sidewalks cleared in the event of recent snow.

We want your delivery to be a pleasurable experience. These tips will make your delivery go smoothly and flawlessly!

AFW highly recommends our Platinum Delivery Service for larger orders such as sleeper sofas, bedroom sets and other heavy, bulky items.

7 days. After 7 days we will refund your credit card and cancel your order.

10:00 am 10:00 pm 7 days a week.

  • Valid drivers license
  • Payment Financing & Lease

    Residential Waste Systems The Ultimate Spring Cleaning ...

    What forms of payment do you accept?

  • In store and online: We accept debit and credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, as well as Progressive Leasing lease-to-own and Weekends Only gift cards.
  • In store only: Cash, personal check, Wells Fargo financing
  • Online only. PayPal Credit is a payment option that can be used at checkout online.
  • Can I apply multiple Weekends Only gift cards to the same order?

    Yes, you can!

    Do you have any lease-to-own options for purchasing?

    Yes. Progressive Leasingâ is an excellent lease-to-own payment option that you can apply for online shopping or apply for in-store shopping. Learn more about Progressive Leasingâs lease-to-own program.

    Please note, we are unable to accept Weekends Only gift cards as payment in conjunction with Progressive Leasing lease to own.

    â The advertised service is lease-to-own or a rental- or lease-purchase agreement provided by Prog Leasing, LLC, or its affiliates. Acquiring ownership by leasing costs more than the retailerâs cash price. Leasing available on select items at participating locations only. Not available in MN, NJ, VT, WI, WY.

    What do I need to have with me to apply for financing or lease-to-own?

    Do you offer layaway?

    We do not offer layaway. You must pay for items in full at the time of your order, either with one of our financing options or another method of payment.

    Why is my credit card getting declined?

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    Rooms To Go Return Policy For Showroom Sales

    RTGs return policy for showroom sales can be pretty harshyou cannot return an in-store purchase once it has been delivered to you!

    When youve already paid for a showroom item, but its yet to be delivered, you can cancel the sale only within 48 hours of purchase .

    In case its past 48 hours of purchase and the merchandise is still not delivered, you can cancel it, but RTG will only refund you for 80% of the amount paid.

    Considering the strict guidelines and tight return window, be extra prudent while making a showroom purchase.

    Is Ashley Furniture Or Rooms To Go Right For You

    Selecting furniture is a big decision. Since it requires an investment on your part, it’s smart to seek out the company whose service, style, purchasing, delivery and warranty options fit your needs. While comparing Ashley Furniture vs. Rooms To Go highlights many similarities between these versatile brands, it also reveals specific strengths that can help you make your final choice.

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    How Much Does Furniture Removal Cost

    Trying to budget for your junk removal project? Furniture removal costs can vary greatly from location to location, but the price to get rid of furniture is generally determined by:

    • The number of items youâre getting rid of.
    • The total volume of your load.
    • Whether you use a furniture removal service or dump it yourself.

    Visit Any Of Gallery Furnitures Three Convenient Houston Area Locations Today


    Gallery Furniture also offers you the convenient option of tracking your furniture delivery! Our delivery tracker tool at https://www.galleryfurniture.com/truck-tracker.html makes it easy to prepare for the delivery of your new Gallery Furniture purchase. Still, Gallery Furniture will give you a 4-5 hour window of when the GF delivery team will arrive and will call you within 30 minutes to an hour ahead of delivery.

    Learn more about our incredibly fast and convenient same-day delivery service from some of our amazing Gallery Furniture customers who were satisfied with their same-day delivery experience:

    We are extremely satisfied!!!

    The delivery drivers went above and beyond to get the couches through our door…it was a tight fit, but they got it in.

    You are always welcome to pick up your new furniture and electronics at the Gallery Furniture warehouse, located at 6006 North Freeway in Houston. Our employees will make sure your furniture is wrapped and protected for transport, and they’ll gladly load your purchase into your vehicle for you, carefully securing it for your trip home. We are 100% focused on delighting you and your family members, and creating the easiest and most memorable experience possible!

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    Were Taking Care So You Can Sleep Soundly

    Your comfort and safety are our top priorities and at the heart of every decision we make. Here are some of the steps we are taking to ensure the products you love will be delivered in the safest way possible.

    • Fast & Free Shipping

      Orders typically ship within 1-3 business days from our Canadian warehouses. We offer free shipping to every Canadian province.

    • Health and safety measures

      Our manufacturing, warehousing, and delivery partners are committed to strict sanitization procedures, including frequent hand washing and truck sanitation.

    • Signature-free delivery

      Our couriers do not require a signature on delivery. If you select evening delivery , make sure you are home at your scheduled time for all other delivery options, your package can be left safely on your doorstep for you to collect at your convenience.

    • Our team is here to help

      The Endy Dream Team is working remotely and will continue to provide you with exceptional customer service via phone, email, and live chat.

    Thank you for your loyalty and support.

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    Out Of State Delivery

    For Out of State Delivery Information, please visit our website here –

    Not only does Gallery Furniture offer Houstons most exciting and family-friendly furniture shopping experience, but also promises the highest standard or care and service possible and that includes our world famous same-day delivery service. When you buy today, Gallery Furniture delivers your quality purchases to your cherished home within 3-4 hours!

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    Best And Fastest Mattress Stores Delivery Options

    It used to be that you had to wait weeks or even months for a mattress delivery. Youd go to the mattress store, try out a bunch of mattresses and then order your favorite. When it came time for delivery, the delivery drivers would bring the mattress to the bedroom, set it up and haul away the old mattress.

    Times have changed.

    Today, you can get same-day mattress delivery from your local stores and even a few online retailers. If you cant get same-day delivery, you may find next-day mattress delivery or free delivery, both of which are great options too.

    Weve located the top mattress stores offering the best mattress delivery options nationwide.


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