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Can Purple Mattress Be Used With Box Spring

Findings Of Purples Unique Layer

Casper vs Purple Mattress Comparison – Which Mattress Is Right For You?

Heres what the layers look like. The bottom two layers are really just for support. What makes Purple unique is the top layer. So, what is the Purple mattress made of? The Purple mattress is made of a hyper elastic polymer grid that collapses when exerting a certain amount of pressure. The grid will provide support and pressure relief where need while maintaining a cool sleep environment.

The first night of sleeping on this mattress was wonderful. This is truly a unique sleep experience in large part because of the Smart-Comfort Grid. You get a sort of floating sensation and the grid conforms to all your pressure points while providing support where you need it. Heres what the grid looks like:

This is also the most breathable mattress I have ever tested. If your major concern is sleeping hot, then get this mattress. It beats all the competition hands down. The Purple ranks extremely high in point elasticity. That means it will collapse where needed without affecting the other parts of a mattress. A traditional inner spring has low point elasticity, think about how you feel your partner moving around. The best example of the Purple point elasticity is their egg test where it rapidly adjusts to the pressure exerted by the egg.

Heres a video illustrating how each layer works:

Heres how it handles motion transfer:

How Is It Different From What Is It That Makes This Mattress Different From Usual Mattress

Purple comes in various sizes from twin to California King. It also provides that landmark cushioning that their distinctive fabric technologies give. The Purple grid is the most fundamental aspect of the features that make Purple a special mattress as it functions similar to memory foam, however it provides an even more responsive bounce. The mattress is constructed using a grid which allows airflow to flow through the spaces between the foam, regulating temperatures without degrading the overall cushion.

Construction-wise, each mattress has a 2 inches of Purple exclusive grid that is over a 3.5-inch Polyfoam layers. This is further supported by four inches of polyfoam with high density, the standard for all foam mattresses, to create the full cushions shape and structure.

This construction is enhanced by a polyester-viscose blended fabric that helps regulate temperature and provides a great cool feel. Expect each mattress to measure around 9.25 inches tall and thick enough to fit most body shapes and suitable to most sheet sets.

To put it into the terms of a layman, look for a mattress thats semi-firm for a reasonable price while delivering quality and advanced materials. Moreover, Purple comes with several variations, including Hybrid, Hybrid and the Hybrid Premier. Mattresses that are accustomed to coil support are able to choose hybrids to get a similar experience upgraded with Purples proprietary technology.

Purple Bed Review And What You Need With Your Purple Mattress

Purple bed review

Ever since that spunky Goldilocks hit YouTube looking for the perfect mattress, the Purple bed has exploded in popularity. It was popular within months after its Kickstarter launch. Why? Purple took an otherwise boring topic of mattresses and like bed itself, transformed it into something hip and new. Their ads are infused with fun and positivity, not with scare tactics or pressure like you get from visiting a mattress store or from old school mattress sales.

After all their motto is: NO PRESSURE. Not on your joints, your pocket book or from mattress salespeople. You do the research, read the reviews and then have a chance to sleep on it at home before you commit fully. Too bad we cant do that with our spouse!! Ha ha!

Purple mattress ships to you free and has a 100 night return policy and 10 year guarantee. It has become a much loved brand so fast and is rated in the top 10 best foam mattresses by Consumer Reports magazine. Theres a reason its one of the best-known online mattress brands. Read on for a Purple bed review.

Note, the new Purple mattress is here but dont worry theyre keeping the original! They came out with 3 new beds in 2018 each with a higher profile , a redesigned breathable cover and springs.

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Is Dreamcloud Good For Back Pain

According to the National Institutes of Health, back pain is one of the most frequent health problems of our Society. Its projected that 8 out of 10 Americans suffer from occasional or chronic back pain issues . If youre one of those folks who suffer with back problems, youll be wondering if your mattress might be the reason.

The answer of sleep specialists to this question is absolute: the mattress you choose is decisive when it comes to alleviating your back-pain problem. Though most experts do not recommend a particular brand, they recommend that the back-pain sufferers follow some general tips.

DreamCloud is your best bet to ease or avoid backpain

If youve got a pain in the trunk, you need to buy the firmest mattress you can find, right? Not so fast winner! Although that was the frequent sense, there is in fact no solid research that confirms it.

Experts in Spine-Health indicate its very important to balance back pain relief with comfort. You may select a mattress thats hard, you can feel a bit of relief from the back pain for some time, but you could suffer from joint pain or pressure. The experts also suggest that a mattress thats medium-firm term could be the best choice to find that balance.

Dreamcloud is a mattress that is worth trying. In actuality, there are lots of people who have already tried it and state that the DreamCloud has helped them a lot to ease their back pain:

A Lot of People Tell Their Experiences With DreamCloud

Best Mattress For Hot Sleepers

Priage 9

Overheating is a common complaint with a lot of mattresses. Thats because memory foam which many mattresses are made of, responds to body heat. At first its comforting and hugs your body tight. Later it feels suffocating because its trapped your body heat and theres no escape. Then you toss off the covers and wake up in a sweat. Thats no fun. Again, the design allows for airflow not just because it has some fancy mesh fabric. Theres airflow between the columns of the purple polymer and the cover is mesh so its breathable.

Mattress companies add gel or other features to cool a mattress but heres the problem: most are memory foam. They might feel cool to the touch but wait until you fall asleep. You can add gel and it will help but memory foam by definition will get hot. Purple has zero memory foam. It is truly temperature neutral. The grid system allows airflow and theres not a layer of foam next to your body that can trap heat and keep you too warm.

Low Motion Transfer

The famous egg test demonstrates this well motion doesnt transfer. The egg doesnt break. You can add a lot of disturbance and eggs just absorb into the mattress undisturbed. Thats the same with you. If your partner has crazy dreams or just likes to wake you up for no reason by the sheer weight of their body turning, you have nothing to fear. Again, this is why this mattress is best for couples.


Also, dont forget that Purple has a payment program so you can pay as you go.

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Why Should I Even Use A Box Spring

You could be saying, Hey, you just told you box spring is outdated. Why am I worrying about it?

Because the foundation or box spring also absorbs impact when its properly installed. Maybe you like to literally jump into bed. Maybe youre clumsy and have been known to literally fall into bed. In that case, the box spring sits between your mattress and its foundation. Without one, its you hitting the mattress and the mattress hitting the floor and nothing else.

Purple Platform Base Headboard

The Home Life Premiere Cloth Headboard is a linen platform bed with slats. Made of premium polyester linen, this headboard and base provides sturdy support. It comes in a variety of shades to fill the décor of any space.

With sturdy wooden slats that allow for better support, this platform base doesnt require a box spring. The modern design is perfect for a variety of bedroom styles. Also, the headboard is great for the Purple mattress.

This bed frame and headboard is made to be used with your Purple mattress for many reasons. Since it has a modern and simple design, it will last you many years of comfortable sleep and a supportive foundation. We really liked how easy this platform base and headboard was to put assemble.

This product is known for its affordable price tag and its high-quality materials. We enjoyed its simple yet modern design. It is made with premium polyester linen and the solid design provides sturdy support while you rest.

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How Long Do Box Springs Last

Box springs typically last 8-10 years. Although, this is only if they are properly maintained.

If the bed squeaks a lot, that is a sign that the coils in your box spring are getting worn out and you need to replace it soon.

Excess damage can occur if a box spring is not properly placed on the frame or if the frame itself doesnt offer enough support in the center of the box spring.

If the top of the box spring begins to sag, that is also not a good sign. Look for bends and listen for creaks. If you can see or hear any problems from the outside, the damage is probably worse on the inside.

Is A Bunkie Board The Same As A Box Spring

Do You Need A Box Spring?

To start from the very beginning it is important to ask the question, what the heck is a bunkie board? And no, we are not talking about something created in Bunkie, Louisiana. We are talking about something that you can put under your mattress that is becoming a popular alternative to a box spring. As Mattress Warehouse describes a bunkie board, bunkie boards are usually about two inches thick and made of wood, and they offer support for the mattress without adding to the existing bulkiness or height of the bed, and is created to fit on the bed slats .

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What Is The Purple Grid

The Purple Grid is the signature feature of Purple mattress models. Its a proprietary gel foam that Purple dubbed Hyper-Elastic Polymer. When something is hyperelastic, it implies that it can be considerably stretched in various directions and still return to its original shape. A polymer is simply a chemical compound made with repeating systems. When it comes to the Purple Grid, the polymer is formed into a lattice pattern and, yes, its purple.

Utilized in medical equipment, such as wheelchair cushions, the squishy Purple Grid can now be found as the leading layer of Purple mattress models.

A 2-inch-thick slab of Purple Grid is also used in the Purple Double Seat Cushion, a pick in our guide to the best ergonomic seat cushions. Senior staff writer Melanie Pinola explained the cushion as sensation like a gelatinous Belgian waffle, but in an excellent way the Purple Grid makes the cushion both soft and helpful .

The Purple Grid supposedly bestows a range of advantages to your mattress model, also, consisting of pressure relief, support, breathability, durability, and toughness.

Bed Frames That Do Not Require A Box Spring

Unless the mattress warranty tells otherwise, the answer to the question do you need a box spring? with the following bed frames is NO.

If youre using any of these bed frames, its not necessary to add box spring :

  • Solid platform frame. It plays the same role as the base and provides a stable base that makes sure your mattress is not sagging prematurely.
  • Platform frame with slats. Different from a solid platform frame, it uses slats to form the base for your mattress.
  • Adjustable frame. Its quite evident that box spring would not work together with an adjustable bed frame and would only interfere with its functionality.
  • Reinforced metal frame. Reinforced frames add additional support from side to side and make sure that the weight of your mattress is distributed evenly.

Therefore, if while reading this article, you answered the question – do you need a box spring? negatively, these bed frame options are exactly what you need.

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Can A Dreamcloud Mattress Be Used On A Box Spring

DreamCloud Mattress For Backpain

Are you suffering from back pain? Youre not sleeping well because of that?

If so, allow me to tell you some facts


No matter how old or new your mattress is, your bed might be a supply of pain to your own back.

If its too soft, it is likely to get a pain in your back. When its too firm, it is likely to generate problems in your joints or pressure.

You better be careful, or you and your spouse will suffer health consequences sooner or later.

I recommend you to do something now! If you dont, you will become a part of those 8 out of 10 Americans who suffer from occasional or chronic back pain issues


DreamCloud mattress. The eight layers of special components which make up this mattress, which jointly height 15 inches, will make you and your family enjoy a more peaceful nights rest. And because of this mattress isnt too firm nor too soft, it makes the ideal choice for your back and to your joints.

However, I must warn you: This mattress isnt for everybody. It is a super-premium luxury hybrid mattress. Their price may be as much as $1,299 for the King size. A fair price if we think about what it can do for your health.

What Does A Box Spring Do

Best Box Spring for Purple mattress?

The term box spring is now more or less interchangeable with the term foundation. Both are designed to perform certain functions:

  • Give support and stability to a mattress
  • Create a firm, flat surface on which the mattress can rest
  • Raise the mattress height and keep it off the floor

However, box spring is somewhat misleading since most newer designs have no actual springs in their construction.

Through the 1800s and the early- to mid-1900s, mattress foundations were constructed by placing metal coils in rows on thin iron straps held in place by and connected to each other with thick wire. This construction design was known as bedsprings rather than box springs. While the design served its purpose of acting as a shock absorber for the mattress, it was flawed.

Because there were so many connecting points among the iron straps, metal springs, and wire, the noise factor was significant. And since the coils were typically far apart, the bedsprings began to sag very quickly. Later, as the coils were placed closer together, housed in wooden frames, and then covered in cloth to provide better functionality, the term bedsprings was replaced with box springs.

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Should You Spring For A Box Spring

The short answer is, if you have an innerspring mattress then you might need a box spring. If you have any other type of mattress, then a different kind of bed frame is a wiser choice.

The most important thing to take into account is the mattress warranty. That will tell you exactly what type of bed frame to use. If you can use multiple types, then choose one based on your height and style preferences.

If you want to update your bed frame while being frugal, then go for a platform bed. An adjustable bed frame is the best choice for customizable comfort, but its a more costly option. When in doubt, pick a bed foundation best provides the height and support you need.

State Laws On Selling Used Mattresses

Is selling mattresses illegal? California prohibits the sale of mattress with visible stains. In Texas, the used mattress must be cleaned and has a tag to indicate the mattress is used. Individuals in New York can buy a used mattress. State law differs in every state, contact your local department of health for full details on selling used mattresses law.

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Best Features Of Purple Mattress

Every mattress has been made with revolutionary technology unlike any other mattress in the market, and each product was developed using hardcore science skills and practice.

The Purple Mattress has been labeled as the most comfortable mattress science has to offer because of its mind-blowing personalized comfort.

In addition to this, the Purple Mattress has been around since the 1970s, so there have been many improvements and adjustments made throughout the years to make the mattress perfect.

The main features of the Purple Mattress:

  • The pressure-relieving comfort that allows you to take pressure off of your body while you are sleeping
  • The dual-layer foam base that lets you sleep in any position you want because it supports your bodys natural contour
  • The breathable open grid design that never lets your body sweat in bed

Check this video if you want to see how Purple Mattress is made:

Purple Hybrids Pain Relief

Purple 3 Mattress Review

Pressure relief is closely related to pain relief. It is an indicator of how well a mattress can ease tension at the shoulders and hips. I use a pressure map to check for this.

It sounds complicated but its really quite easy. All I have to do is roll the gadget out and get on board. The map does the rest. The gadget tracks my movements on the bed and generates a colored map of the pressure. Blue areas indicate low pressure, while red areas indicate high pressure.

The Purple Hybrids offer pressure relief.

Back Pain Based on these pressure map results, the original Purple Hybrid is the best fit for sleepers with back pain. The map is blue across the board, but doesnt gap around the lower back the way the Premier 3 and 4 maps do. This tells me the original Hybrid is keeping my weight evenly supported, which is a key to avoiding back pain.

Shoulder pain Based on these findings, all three of the beds are great options for shoulder pain sufferers! These beds should be able to cushion the shoulders and relieve pressure.

Hip Pain The Premier 4 is the clear winner for folks with hip pain. The pressure map of the Premier 4 is almost entirely blue, meaning that sensitive hip joints can be cradled throughout. Can Purple Mattress Be Used With Box Spring

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