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How To Measure Mattress For Deep Pocket Sheets

What Is The Size Of A Deep Pocket Sheet

How to measure the thickness of your mattress..

If this is the case, look for depth terminology listed as “standard,” “deep” or “extra deep.” Standard-pocket sheets typically fit mattress up to 12 inches high, while deeppocket sheets are designed for mattresses 15 inches high. Extra-deep fitted sheets are for mattresses 16 to 22 inches high.

Subsequently, question is, how do I know what size bedding to get? Measure the Height: Measure, in inches, from the bottom, where it rests on the box spring, to the top of the mattress including any pillow top. If necessary, repeat for box spring. Measure the Length: Measure the length, in inches, from the head of the mattress to the foot of the mattress.

Accordingly, how many cm is a deep fitted sheet?

Bed Sheet Sizes Chart

73 in x 85 in x 15 in 185 cm x 216 cm x 338 cm
Flat Sheet 111 in x 114 in 280 cm x 290 cm
73 in x 80 in x 15 in 185 cm x 203 cm x 38 cm

What is the deepest pocket sheets you can buy?

The 4 Best Deep-Pocket Sheets

  • The Best Deep-Pocket Cotton Sheets. California Design Den 1,000 Thread Count Pure Cotton Sheets. $94.99.
  • The Best For Extra-Thick Mattresses. CGK Unlimited Extra Deep Pocket Sheets.
  • The Most Elegant Pick. Southshore Fine Linens Deep Pocket Sheet Set.
  • If You Just Need A Fitted Sheet That Stays Put. Empyrean Bedding FItted Sheet.
  • Other Practical Benefits Of Deep Pocket Sheets To Consider

    Deep pocket linens have plenty of benefits, including some that might extend the life of your mattress. As the deep pocket sheet should cover the entire surface area of the mattress, it should help protect it from dirt and bacteria while saving you the trouble of constantly readjusting your linens. For children who play and jump around on the bed, this could help keep them from getting dangerously tangled up.

    For adults, few things are less sexy than having to keep tucking in a sheet while youre trying to enjoy quality time. Deep pocket sheets also tend to be pulled tighter, meaning a less irritating gathering of material while youre trying to get comfortable.

    Linens that are too small for the mattress often tend to tear and shred on the corners due to strain. As deep pocket linens are made for a snug but not strained fit, they may last longer and save you the frustration of frequently replacing your bedding.

    The material, color, and depth can range widely for user preference, but we feel that going for a deeper pocket than usual is never a bad idea.

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    Why Are Deep Pocket Sheets Beneficial

    Deeper than your standard size sheets, deep pocket sheets provide the room you need, especially in the pocket area of the sheets that align with the corner of the mattress. To accommodate mattresses that are thicker, have a topper for added comfort, or have a built-in pillow top, deep pocket sheets easily glide, and stay, over the mattress eliminating any unnecessary struggle to force the sheet to fit. Not only does it look nicer when your sheets fit, but it adds that extra comfort you are seeking when youre finally able to lay down to snuggle in for bed.

    Things to know about deep pocket sheets:

    • They typically measure in at approximately 15 inches deep.
    • If your mattress requires extra deep pockets, they would measure in at anywhere from 16-22 inches.
    • Deep pocket sheets can be found in a variety of fabrics ranging from flannel, sateen, cotton, and beyond. Quality and material used is not affected by sheet depth.
    • You are able to find deep pocket sheets to match your decor as they come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.
    • No matter the size of your mattress, you should be able to find deep pocket sheets that will accommodate it.

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    What Size Mattress Needs Deep Pocket Sheets

    If your mattress is between the 12-inch to 22-inch range in depth, a customer will likely need a deep pocket fitted sheet set bedding. In order to buy the right deep pocket sheet set for your mattress, its important to measure the height of your mattress to make sure the sheets fit.

    Especially if you have a pillow-top mattress or have a mattress topper, knowing the right depth of your mattress is important before you shop for your purchase.

    In order to do so, start by placing a large straightedge on the highest part of the mattress, so it sticks out past the edge of the mattress. Then, ensuring the straightedge is completely horizontal, press the object down so it makes an indent on the mattress.

    The indent the object makes can then be used to measure the distance from the bottom of the mattress to the indent using a tape measure of a yardstick.

    Its also important to keep in mind your mattress size when determining if the sheets will fit correctly. Whether your mattress is a queen, king, California king, or twin size, each mattress will have a different mattress height with different bed sheet requirements.

    What Is Considered A Deep Pocket Sheet

    Sweet Home Colletion 1800 Thread Count 4 Piece Deep Pocket ...

    There are a couple of qualifiers that set deep pocket sheets apart from other sheets on the market. Deep pocket sheets typically measure between 16 and 22 inches in depth. Therefore, any fitted sheet with a pocket of 16 or over is considered a deep pocket sheet.

    Deep pocket sheets often have elastic bands around the bedsheets hem that help them stay put on your mattress, making the process of making your bed easier.

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    Main Types Of Deep Pocket Fitted Sheets

    Deep pocket bedding comes in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of materials and styles. Because so many brands have begun to make their linens with deeper pockets, you dont need to settle for just fit alone. Well guide you through the important considerations.


    Cotton is easily one of the most common materials for deep pocket sheets. If you want your bedding to keep you cool, it might be the right option for you. Cotton is extremely breathable and depending on the weave, it can provide the crisp feel many expect in their linen.

    Cotton may not be warm enough for all climates and could be better suited for summer bedding depending on how sensitive you are.

    View Our Guide:Best Cotton Sheets


    Another popular option for sheets, microfiber is famous for providing easy maintenance, soft texture, and a versatile nature. Microfiber is similar to cotton, though it tends to be softer than a low thread count cotton and may be cozier in cooler weather. There is no clear answer on which texture is better, rather it depends on personal preference.

    If your sheets are going to get lots of mileage and washes, microfiber would likely be a great choice.


    Embroidery is usually around the edges of your flat sheets and pillowcases, though you may find it across the entire surface.

    Egyptian Cotton

    Egyptian cotton is different from traditional cotton because it is made from finer fiber which tends to have a higher thread count.


    Why Is A Restful Environment So Important

    It may seem like just lip service to hear the importance of getting a full night’s rest, but there is a lot happening within your body that requires adequate sleep. Each night, the vast majority of adults require approximately 7 hours of sleep. The process of sleep is physically and mentally restorative and has benefits that reach far beyond just the 7 hours of sleep.

    Knowing the factors that can influence your ability to rest can help you adjust them to support the maximum amount of rest possible. Here are some ways to eliminate external interferences getting in between us and our best night rest:

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    What Are Extra Deep Pocket Sheets

    The first step toward finding the right fit for your mattress is understanding the terminology. Most linens are under 15 inches in height, which can be problematic for luxury model mattresses or those who prefer to sleep with a thick mattress topper. To stop the fitted sheet from popping off on the edges, some companies create a deeper pocket at 15 inches.

    While these are deep enough for some mattresses, others need more room, which is where extra deep pockets come in, at 16 inches deep and up.

    What Is A Deep Mattress Versus Standard Mattress

    How To Measure Your Bed For A Fitted Sheet

    When we talk about the depth of the mattress, you are measuring how tall the mattress is excluding the box spring.

    • Standard Mattress Depth = 7 to 9 inches
    • Deep or Pillow Top Mattress Depth = 10 to 15 inches
    • Extra Deep Mattress Depth = 16 to 22 inches

    Adding a thick foam topper to mattresses has become increasingly popular.

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    Will Full Sheets Fit A Full Xl

    No, you cant use different sized bed sheets for different mattresses. Fitted bed sheets, especially, need to be the exact size of the mattress, or else they might rip or ruin the elastic. Similarly, using too big of a fitted sheet only causes annoying bunching.

    Although a flat sheet wont rip or stretch on a bigger mattress, a full size flat sheet is too short for a full XL bed.

    The Ultimate Bed Sheet Sizes Guide

    Youve fit two corners of the bed sheet over your mattress and tucked them neatly underneath its weight. Now you have to finagle the final two. Even when using all your strength and trying to get them to stretch far enough, the sheets dont fit. You bought the wrong sheet size.

    Luckily, this problem is easily solved. If youre shopping for new sheets, there are classic bed sheet sizes you can reference. Shopping second-hand? You can quickly measure the sheets to be sure they will fit. Our guide breaks down the best sheet sizes for any bed.

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    Depth Of Your Mattress

    Before purchasing sheets, make sure you know the depth of your mattress. The depth of your mattress is the thickness and size of your mattress from top to bottom. This is very important to know when shopping for new sheets as it may alter the fit of standard sheets. Mattress depth can be categorized in the following ways:

    Standard Mattress: 7 to 12 inches high Deep Mattress: 13 to 17 inches high Extra Deep Mattress: 18 to 25 inches high

    Once you solidify the proper sheet size for your bed, the following guide will help you pick out the perfect, cozy bedding for a great night of sleep!

    Don’t Forget About Your Linens

    Deep Pocket 4 Pieces Pompoms Fringe Bed Sheet Set,Twin ...

    If you currently have a standard sized mattress, you’re going to need new linens to fit your extra-deep one. According to Levine, you will want to make sure your new sheets to have a “bonnet construction,” which means the elastic runs all the way around the length of the fitted sheets . “It’s also important for the elastic to be strong and fit tightly, so that the sheet does not pop off during the night,” she explains. Find them online by searching for “deep pocket fitted” sheetsand you should make sure they indicate they will fit mattresses that are 16 inches or greater.

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    Do I Have To Have An Extra

    You can use a deep pocket sheet on any mattress however, the fit will vary depending on the thickness of the mattress.

    If your mattress is considered slim or its depth is below eight inches, a deep pocket sheet would be a very loose fit and while it definitely wont ping off in the middle of the night you may still struggle with uncomfortable bunching. This is because there will be a lot off excess material. In this instance it would be best to stick with standard fitted sheets.

    However, if your mattress is a standard thickness or extra-thick a deep pocket sheet would be the best option to ensure you wont have to struggle with trying to stretch out your sheet over each corner or material bunching when you move in your sleep.

    Deep Pocket Sheets With Embroidery Sheets

    Some deep-pocket sheets are available in the market feature hotel-like embroidery at their edges and sides. This kind of embroidery on the sheets makes the deep pocket sheets look more appealing, new, and feel soft luxurious.

    Moreover, you can spread the sheets over your bed without having the need to find any sort of additional bedding accessories like overthrows because their look enhances its beauty. Using an embroidery sheets set is a sure-fire way to add a great look to place into your home.

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    Pillowcase Sizes And Dimensions

    Different pillow sizes are suited for specific bed sizes to ensure there are no gaps between your pillow and the mattress. Pillowcases are approximately the same length as their corresponding pillow, give or take one or two inches, but they are also several inches wider.

    Lets take a look at the approximate pillowcase sizes you can expect:

    • Standard: 20 inches by 32 inches
    • Queen: 20 inches by 30 inches
    • King: 20 by 36 inches
    • Body: 20 by 54 inches

    How To Take The Right Dimensions Of Flat Sheets

    How to measure the thickness of your mattress.(

    When it comes to dimensions of flat sheets, they are mostly up to your taste – you need to specify only the desired length and width. Keep in mind that these measurements should extend over the size of your mattress.

    How much would you like your custom flat sheet to drape? Maybe you want to tuck it all in or let it hang freely? Add those inches twice to the width of your bed, as the flat sheet will cover both sides of your mattress. For the length of the flat sheet, youd need to consider if you need it to go all the way over the footboard or not.

    Now that you have calculated the length and the width of your flat sheet, you are good to go. Then, use the ordering tool to:

  • Enter the desired width of the top/flat sheet
  • Enter the desired length of the top/flat sheet
  • To calculate the price for a top sheet, please enter the desired width and length , then length ) of the sheet itself.

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    Not All Mattresses Were Created Equal

    It’s easy to assume that all extra-deep mattresses are the same, but according to Levine, that couldn’t be further from the truth. “There are so many extra-deep mattress brands that create mattresses with varying thicknesses, differently designed corners , and unique piping,” she explains. The main issue with these types? It can be difficult to find a one-size-fits-all fitted sheet, she adds. Essentially, your extra-deep mattress may not be exactly the same as someone else’s.

    Search For The Sheets

    Search for sheets in the size of your pillow-top mattress. Sheet sizes are available in twin, twin-XL, full, queen, California king, and king. Its important to get the sheets that are meant for your exact mattress twin-XL mattresses are longer than twin mattresses, and California king mattresses are longer than king mattresses.

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    Deep Pocket Fitted Sheets Measurements

    You should always check the depth of your mattress and keep it in mind when considering bed sheets to your thick mattress. Then you decide whether you need deep or extra deep pocket sheets. Here are the common deep fitted sheets measurements that are common and available.

    15 inch Deep Pocket Fitted Sheets: Fully elasticized and fits mattresses up to 18 inches deep.

    22 Inch Extra Deep Pocket Fitted Sheets: Special made fully elasticized to Fit mattresses up to 22 inches deep.

    Why to buy deep pocket Sheets at Wholesale Beddings®?

    • Our Deep Pocket Sheets are created especially for today’s thicker mattresses
    • Extra Deep Mattresses are not common in the market and very few stores offer Extra Deep Pocket sheets at expensive prices while, Wholesale bedding offers high-end Deep Pocket linens at wholesale price.
    • Specialized fitted sheets that can fit mattresses between 10-18 inches deep
    • Sheets that wont rip, Fully Elasticized Pocket Fitted Sheets to not come off
    • High durability Fabrics that Last longer
    • Outstanding customer service
    • Royal Tradition Warrants all its products against all defects.

    Just like regular sheets, Wholesale Beddings® Offers Extra deep pocket sheets in a variety of colors, sheets construction material including bamboo, cotton, and percale cotton. Available in most common sizes queen, king, or California king.

    What Is The Standard Size Of Sheets

    Extra Deep Pocket Fitted Sheet

    Enjoy custom made sheets for all standard bed sizes available on the US market. ALETTA SMIT HOMEWARE has assembled an extensive collection of North American bedding sizes available online.

    You can select any desired bed sheet dimensions, whether you choose from the linen size chart or provide us with specific dimensions. For instance, you can look up what the full size sheet dimensions are for both full flat and fitted sheets. Do you own an oversized bed? You will be happy to know that Alaskan, Texas, and Wyoming King beds are also covered. Youd only need to measure the size of the mattress to request fitting oversized bed sheets.

    Custom Beddings linen size chart is integrated into the online ordering tool to make your shopping easy and smooth.

    Measurements for all products are depicted as follows:

    Width x Length for flat sheets and duvet covers

    Width x Length x Depth for fitted sheets


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