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Does A Murphy Bed Need A Special Mattress

You Might Like The Tuft & Needle Mattress If:

What you need to know about a do-it-yourself Murphy bed!

You sleep on your back: Its important to choose the right mattress type for your preferred sleeping position and this bed is good for people who sleep on their back. The Tuft & Needle Mattress has a bouncy, responsive feel that will keep your pelvis properly supported and aligned in this position.You want to sleep on top of your mattress, not in it: While memory foam provides a cradling sensation that you slowly sink into, the Tuft & Needle bed has a different feel. Youll sleep on top of this mattress instead of inside it.You switch positions a lot in the night: If you move around in your sleep, a quick-responding mattress like the Tuft & Needle should serve you well, as the bounce allows you to roll over without feeling stuck.You want cooling technology in your mattress: The Tuft & Needle bed has a moisture-wicking cover and uses cooling gel to prevent you from overheating. If you struggle with staying asleep because you often get hot at night, this should provide a welcome change.

The Tuft & Needle bed has a top layer made with three inches of polyurethane foam, which feels similar to latex. Under that is a 7-inch supportive foam base that absorbs motion and provides firm support for the sleeper.

This bed is medium-firm and should suit people of all body types and sleeping preferences. The top layer of the bed feels soft, yet springy, and youll notice the firm support of the foundation fairly quickly when lying down on the mattress.

Consider Size Of The Bed When Choosing The Right Mattress

The first thing you need to consider when shopping for a mattress is the size of your Murphy bed. The best part about a Murphy bed is that you have options when it comes to size. Murphy beds come in all sizes, from a twin all the way up to a king.

One thing to remember when choosing the size of your bed is how much space you have in your home. While Murphy beds can fold up, you will still need the floor space to support it. You will also need to know how many people are going to sleep in it.

If its just you, a twin or full sized bed would suffice. For more than one person, you will want to up the size to a queen or king.

Is It Cheaper To Build A Murphy Bed

Most Murphy bed companies make their wall beds out of cheaper types of wood to make more profit. If you want to buy a good quality wall bed, get ready to pay thousands of dollars! When you build your own wall bed you can use a high-quality wood for a fraction of what it cost if you purchased a readymade wall bed.

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What Materials Are Murphy Beds Made Out Of

The next step after knowing what is a murphy bed , its also important to know what murphy beds are made out of.Great question!

Murphy beds are most often made out of plywood and metal operating hardware, but you can choose from a variety of materials to ensure your beds durability and aesthetics. As an example, the Murphy beds offered by are made of 3/4 particle boards with industrial cores. This material is superior to its commercial counterparts in terms of density, elasticity and resistance to rupture. This particular company also combines it with a melamine coating to increase protection against scratches and abrasion. Due to their unique construction and the cost of installation, murphy beds are expensive.

If you are into DIY, you can substitute various materials to make your Murphy bed easier on the budget or better in quality. A smart move would be to repurpose old cabinets and fit them with a movable bed frame. Another idea is to create a simple wall bed by using medium-density fiberboard, brad nails, wood fillers, traditional hinges, and magnetic clasps. A system of this kind can be found on the website and only costs about $150. If you have the time and energy to make your own Murphy bed, the skys the limit when it comes to choosing your materials and hardware.

Can I Use My Mattress In A Wallbed

Here Are the 11 Types of Beds You Need to Know


This might be the single most common question concerning a Wallbed or Murphy bed. The quick answer is yes, as long as its the right height and weight, but that simple answer may not be what you really want to hear. As with most things, a little education can go a long way in helping you make a more intelligent decision. Let me explain some issues that you may experience when using your own mattress and some simple solutions. In the end, youll certainly be able to make a better decision about what you actually want.

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Measure Your Existing Murphy Bed Mattress So You Know Its Dimensions

Make sure to measure your mattress before you dispose of it. Know the exact dimensions of your mattress and get a cover with matching dimensions to protect your old mattress from dust and infestation. Then get a storage bag with adequate dimensions and store your mattress inside. Heres a simple mattress storage bag for $20 from Amazon. Make sure that the wrapping material covers the mattress tightly and completely.

Tip 1 Evaluate If Your Murphy Bed Mattress Needs Replacement By Noting Any Lumps Or Sagging

There is no way to prevent a mattress from deteriorating over time. On average, mattresses last 8 to 10 years.

As the mattress nears the end of its lifespan, you will start noticing signs of wear and tear such as sagging, lumps, and deteriorating coils. The constant motion when you open and close a Murphy bed causes the mattress to lose its support. After some time, your mattress will conform to the shape of your body, making it difficult to roll around or sleep in a different position. This can make you wake up tired and uncomfortable, with stiff and sore muscles. If your dust allergies are getting worse than before, this is another indication that your mattress may need to be replaced.

Signs your mattress needs to be replaced:

  • Sagging
  • More backaches than before
  • More stiff and sore muscles than before

Make sure to also take a look at some additional tips on Murphy bed mattress size, frame size, and bedding.

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Best Organic Murphy Bed Mattress

  • Type: hybrid
  • Firmness: firm

This is the ideal choice if you want to sleep soundly knowing youre helping the environment. Its certified organic and made with Global Organic Textile Standard -certified wool and cotton. They also offer a 1-year trial period and a 25-year limited warranty .

FYI: Reviewers say this one is ideal for back sleepers. If youre a side sleeper, you might wanna consider adding the optional pillow top for an extra touch of softness but keep in mind that the pillow top makes the mattress 13 inches thick, which might be too thick for your Murphy bed. So double-check your beds size requirements before buying.

What Mattresses Can Bed Used With Murphy Beds

Do You Need SPECIAL MATTRESS For An Adjustable Bed? // A No Bull Guide

You can really use any mattress style you prefer with a Murphy bed. As long as the bed frame depth and overall size of the bed frame can support it. Having mattress options help to make Murphy beds very desirable among those who are looking to downsize.

The mattress you choose to sleep on is such a personal decision. This is because everyone has their own special preferences when it comes to how they want to sleep. While some prefer firm and shorter mattresses, others love a deep soft style of sleep.

Here are the most preferred types of mattresses that can be used with Murphy beds:

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Additional Considerations And Costs

  • Murphy beds can be used every day as a regular bed. Some may need to be re-tensioned after years of use and have the mattress replaced every 8 to 10 years like a standard bed.
  • Murphy beds hold up to 2,000 pounds when they are properly installed. This is one reason why opting for a manufacturer-installed model can be beneficial.
  • Alternatives to wall beds include sofa beds, futons, trundle beds, and bunk beds. While sofa beds and futons convert into other furniture when not in use, they take up space. A wall bed folds out of the way.
  • Murphy beds tend to be more comfortable than sleeper sofas or other convertible beds. They use a real mattress instead of a thinner version meant to be folded up.
  • If you have your bed delivered as a kit, shipping costs can be high. This depends on the bed size and shipping distance. Some manufacturers include shipping in the cost, so always ask.
  • Wall beds are meant to be built into the room they are used in. While it is technically possible to remove it from the wall and take it with you, this could be expensive, damage the wall, or require re-tensioning of the bed once reinstalled.

Different Trundle Bed Types

Trundle Bed comes in many types. You will find a number of designs and models. These types include:

  • DayBed: This bed is encompassed by a headboard on its 3-sides. A DayBed can be utilized as a Sofa sometimes. The body of the DayBed is made with metal. All you need are some pillows and metters to use it.
  • Sleigh Bed: As the name appears, Sleigh works as a Sleigh. This type of bed has a taller frame than any other Trundle Bed. It is best for congested places. Some Sleigh beds are found which have a pre-installed Trundle Bed.
  • Panel Bed: This type of bed has similarities with the Bunk Bed. The trundle bed can be placed inside the parent bed. This Panel Bed has great durability. In a Panel Bed, you will find the trundle bed in the lower part of the floor.
  • Captain Bed: A Captain Bed has more storage options than any other Trundle Bed. You can put different knick-knacks inside the parent bed. You will find three additional drawers in Captain Bed with a Trundle bed.
  • Bunk Bed: A bunk bed is suitable for three people. This type of bed is mostly used for children. Before buying a Bunk Bed, make sure there is a ladder on it for easy climbing.

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What To Consider Before You Buy A Murphy Bed Mattress:

Murphy beds have a fold-up design that allows you to store them up against the wall and out of sight, so shopping for a mattress will be different than it would be with another bed type. Here are some considerations you should keep in mind before choosing the best mattress for this style of bed:

Size Measurements: Most Murphy beds should fit mattresses up to 11 inches in height, although this may vary for some folding beds. The best way to ensure you pick the right mattress height is to measure your bed for yourself before you choose your new mattress.

How Often Youll Use it: You might want to choose the materials of your next mattress based on how often youll use it. Foam beds do well with frequent use on a Murphy bed, whereas they might start to lose their even shape over time folded up against the wall. An all-foam mattress can still work with infrequent use, but youll want to fold the bed down and give it a chance to expand every so often if youre just using it as a guest bed.

Comfort: Again, your Murphy bed likely wont come with a box spring, so your mattress will need to be comfortable enough to work on its own. This is the main reason we selected medium-firm beds for this article, as theyre known for providing the level of support most people do well with.

Keeping all of these factors in mind before you make your purchase will ensure you end up with a quality product that fulfills all of your sleeping needs.

Do Trundle Beds Need A Special Mattress

Murphy Bed Mattress

Having a Trundle Bed in your home means it saves your space and gives you an extra bed. In a Trundle Bed, there are two kinds of bed one is kept underneath the upper bed. You can use these two beds at the same time.

Do Trundle Beds Need a Special Mattress? Yes, the Trundle mattress should be 6 to 8 inches thick in size and it must be thicker than the parent mattress. The size of Trundle mattress depends on the size of trundle frames and space between the floor and Trundle Beds.

Since the comforts of Trundle Mattress depends on various little things you need to be aware of when purchasing. It is complex to pick out the right kind of mattress. Lets see which actual things you should know for choosing a special mattress for your Trundle Bed.

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Safe Materials And Certipur

Different industries have different regulations and certifications. Foam has the CertiPUR-US certification which is designed to give the seal of approval to safe materials and properly constructed foam.

The CertiPUR certification means that bedding has met the standards set out by the company for durability, content and emissions among other things.

Their website describes the criteria they work to, and what you can expect from a mattress with their certification as:

  • Made without ozone depleters
  • Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants
  • Made without mercury, lead and heavy metals
  • Made without formaldehyde
  • Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • Low VOC emissions for indoor air quality

You can see how using mercury, lead or other harmful materials can cause huge issues if you are sleeping on it every day. It is better to be safe than sorry!

Murphy Door Bed Frame

Murphy Bed Depot sells a murphy bed frame that mounts to the floor.

This bed frame is vertically mounted and comes in all bed sizes. Mattress support can be purchased with the bed, or you can build your own mattress support.

The base twin bed model will cost you about $300.00, while the supported king size bed will cost you about $600.00.

Youll also have to buy mattresses with these beds as well.

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Mattress Firmness & Comfort

Medium to medium-firm is the ideal option for a murphy bed mattress. This firmness level has the versatility and accommodates most sleeping positions. It can provide comfort and support.

Murphy beds do not have a built-in box spring thus, your comfort totally depends on the mattress. So, while shopping look out for the difference in firmness to get the most comfortable one.

How Much Is A Murphy Bed Cost

DIY Murphy Bed without expensive hardware!

How much is a Murphy bed cost? The average price of a Murphy bed is between $800 and $1500 for a high-quality frame in a twin, full, or queen size. However, Murphy beds can be as cheap as $454.99 and as expensive as $8199.99 depending on the quality of the materials and the features included.

Are Murphy beds expensive? Murphy beds are so expensive, when compared against other more traditional beds, because of the complexity of their design. All of these costs can add up to much more than a typical bed but, for the high-quality, functional design, many believe its worth the price-tag.

Is a Murphy bed worth it? Reason #2 Murphy beds have thicker mattresses and are practical for every day sleeping If youre looking to repurpose a spare guest bedroom which will mostly be used as your home office, but dont want an uncomfortable bed, the Murphy wall bed wins hands-down.

Is it cheaper to build a Murphy bed? Material: Just like Ikea furniture is cheaper than Restoration Hardware, Murphy beds that are made from poor materialsthink laminate, MDF or particleboardare going to be cheaper than made-to-last models.

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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Murphy Bed


Cost to install a Murphy bed varies greatly by region .Get free estimates from handymen in your city.

  • Added a section on what Murphy beds are.
  • Added subsections to the Murphy bed prices by size section.
  • Added custom Murphy bed costs.
  • Added a Murphy beds pros and cons section.

For small spaces and rooms with multiple uses, a wall bed can be a big help. Murphy beds are designed to fold into a cabinet on the wall when not in use, saving space. They consist of a closet or cabinet, which can be plain or elaborate, for the bed to fold into.

The average homeowner spends between $2,000 and $4,000 on a Murphy bed. Installing a double or full-size Murphy bed with pistons in a solid wood cabinet with adjacent shelves costs around $3,000. A twin-size Murphy bed installed without shelving can be completed for around $1,500, while a king-size Murphy bed, installed with shelving and a table, costs closer to $5,000.

You Might Like The Layla Mattress If:

You want cooling technology in your bed: The Layla Mattress uses cooling technology to prevent sleepers from getting too hot at night, including a proprietary ThermoGel® material in the cover, which pulls heat away from the body.You sleep with a partner: Like most memory foam beds, the Layla Mattress really excels at isolating motion. No matter which side you choose to sleep on, you and your partner should be able to move around freely without disturbing each other too much.You want to sink into your bed: Since the Layla Mattress uses memory foam in its design, both sides provide cradling pressure relief. If you want to sink into your mattress, rather than sleep on top of it, youll appreciate this.Your back needs a break: Memory foam is known for easing aches and wildlife animal in the body. If you suffer from pain or soreness in your back , this bed just may give you the relief youve been craving.

The Layla Mattress is 10 inches in height, meaning it should fit well with your Murphy bed. It comes with a moisture-wicking, removable cover that you can easily take off and wash.

Under the cover is a copper-infused memory foam layer which provides contouring support and cooling. Next is a 2-inch layer of egg crate-shaped foam that encourages airflow and regulates temperature, followed by a firmer foundation layer and the 1-inch top layer of the Firm side of the mattress.

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